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Blood Moon, Lunar and Solar Eclipses of October.

blood moon

Boy, when spirit said it is going to appear as if September is moving slowly, they weren’t kidding.  Time wise, it is zooming, but all that is happening in  it, energetically and for many, personally, seems to be creeping slower than a turtle.  Even in the readings, we are still in a massive choice point.  Granted the presentation of the field changes slightly every day, but our position in the imagery, not so much.

We have the moon, super large, incredibly textured as if someone took thick acrylic paint and made hunky swipes upwards of gold and bronze, the deep red I had been seeing in this color spectrum of the moon, seems to have faded from my view.  The magnetic button that represents the equinox is directly beneath the bottom of the moon, completely aligned to each other.  I still do not see the ground or earth itself, just the huge round, silver/gold circle with a button or nipple looking thing coming out of the center.  It activates when we step on it.  What arrived new in the imagery is a pole of light that now comes from the bottom of the moon and connects directly over the button of the equinox.  It really does remind me of the transporter area from Star Trek.  Altho it was visible in most of the readings, not one person was in it yet.  The feeling is like we are in our final review, our final choice points of our next grand adventures.  Very much like it happens just before we incarnate into physical life.  We meet with our guides, our council of elders and review all that we need to experience in this life and then encode the frequencies of having those experiences in our DNA, we also must encode those others who will be participants in the various events and experiences we have lined up.  I suppose with something this big, it cannot nor should be rushed.  But let’s get on with it already lol.

Now let me talk about what I do understand with this beam of light, the transporter of you will.  It showed up in the readings the day before yesterday (the 17th) and I could feel the dual energies, the moon releasing downward, the magnetic button of the equinox releasing upwards, cohesion together as one new, emotionally magnetic energy system.  I had the feeling once we made our final decisions, both consciously as well as from the deeper side of the spiritual kingdom (smile) we would simply ooze into this beam of light and the gravitational pull of earth will suck us downwards.  Keeping in mind, I am still seeing everyone just under or alongside the moon itself.  Out of the belly, but suspended in air, in the most important choice points of their (our) collective lifetimes both consciously and unconsciously.  S

Keeping the focus on that beam of light that connected the moon energy to the earth energy I had a feeling when we finalized the decisions we would simply move into the light and start our decent onto the new earth.  Well, I am thinking I went thru mine that evening.  I woke up at 3 am yesterday after a fitful and fractured night of sleep and was wide awake.  A few hours after being “up” my bottom fell out lol.  I cannot recall the last time I had such an intense bowel system release, it went on for hours.  It got to the point I had nothing left to release, phew baby.  Suddenly, it was as if every ounce of energy I had in me, went down the toilet too, I was depleted, exhausted to the max, I laid down on the couch and woke up in the late afternoon.  I still had no energy to do a darn thing, this is the second time this week where my energy was just gone.  However, I became so absolutely aware of how I spent the last two years (more or less) depleted and on my couch.  This is NOT how I am spending this next year, it was so absolute in my whole body.  I fell back into a sound and restful sleep about 8:30 last night.  I feel rested, invigorated and excited this morning.  About what… I have no clue lol.

I do want to make note of what I do understand in my life, in relationship to this massive shift in all of our lives.  When we (ummm, I) think about something massive changing, I tend to look at a particular thing, example maybe like work, living space, relationship, something particular.  However, in looking back over these last several weeks in my own personal life, the change itself has been placed entirely within the relationship with the entire day.  Not one thing, but the Whole thing and slowly making changes with the entirety of my day.  Somethings are the same, like my work, but everything else, changed.  What I choose to eat has changed, what I choose to do when I am not doing anything, has changed.  Even the inner desires are changing, making room, creating a full on energetic space for more of the new to arrive., to continue to unfold as we move forward.

I know so many of us can feel the winds of change blowing in on our lives.  The winds, when we are in alignment and have given in completely to the will of our New Day, the winds blow away any and all obstacles that may be in our way.  IF we are resistant, well, then we learn to jump over obstacles again, which mostly originate in our minds.

Due to my body’s purging yesterday, I didn’t do any readings, but had some great conversations, one especially as she talked about the “blood moon.”  For a moment I was confused, this was the harvest moon and since the readings are still so focused on that, I have not even ventured out to October yet, well, not until yesterday in this conversation.  Then she talked about the eclipse… what??  I had no clue lol.  Even in the readings, we skipped over the enormity of October and got glances in to November, which I still think is strange, but not as much.

On October 8th we have the full moon known as the blood moon and with it comes a total lunar eclipse that will occur in over the Pacific Ocean, most visibly experienced by Hawaii.  Lemuria!!!  Holy heavens batman, this actually makes sense and is in perfect unfoldment with these energies (like it would be any other way lol.)  I also realize where the red of this moon went to… it fused into October’s moon!!

In this collective 3 part super moon phase that we are now (thankfully) out of, its purpose was to strip us humans down and reformat us into the higher, more pure emotional energies that we call Spirit.  Untainted by ego or bias, more magnetic than ever before.  Lemuria lived in an energy field similar to what we are getting our selves into next.  The only difference is in the physical bodies we occupied back in the days of Lemuria, they were not near as dense as the ones we have now.  The lower mind, the ego, nothing like it is now.  In those days, everyone knew their spiritual Self and lived it on earth in relationship to the greater all, FOR the greater ALL.  They didn’t have to “work” at it, it was just the way that story went.  We can look at it as a seed that was planted long ago, for us to remember and eat from in the days we are in now.

So this upcoming total lunar eclipse is moving into the earths shadow to release some serious health food for our planet, the memories, the way of Life from the depths of Lemuria.  Our jobs as consciousness made manifest, is to take it in, then bring it outwards as a living system restoring itself to Love.  This also means taking ourselves out of the shadows and Being the energy, the true system of Light, however that unfolds.

So of course October will seal the deal with a partial solar eclipse on the 23rd.  For the last several years, the 23rd of every month always had an embedded power node in it, reflected as the 23rd, so i am not surprised at this auspicious dateline of lunar/solar energy sealing the deal, the moon magnified with/thru the solar portal of spirit, our sun.  Of course, 2+3=5

So with all of this, at this current moment, it is YOUR job to feel the magnitude of change dancing around you and put it into motion.  Once employed, they (spirit) will reveal more to you than ever before.  (I am taking that to the bank, thank you very much!!!)  However, stay in the state of “I don’t know” well….  I don’t know usually relates to I don’t want to, ignorance with an excuse (hey, not my words here, just so ya know.)  That is no longer going to fly as we cross the threshold of the equinox.

I also want to make this mention (since spirit is on me to lol) that I look and share from what you and I are going thru, the best possible scenarios of this new, intense light spectrum underway.   Obviously we have not crept out of duality and what is happening in the greatest parts of us, is equally putting tremendous pressure on the darkest parts of us too.  We will see more and more people choose exit points during this phase (thru June 2016.)  We will also see the negative emotional spectrum pick up and become more chaotic.  It is more important now than ever for all of us to remember, this is NOT our story any longer.  We have arrived on the new earth with a massive viewing window to the old earth.  They are in as much lesson as we have been coming to here.  Keep your focus, your heart, your energy on building the new and not fighting the old.  That does not mean be silent, but it does mean don’t engage, you pull yourself into their world when you engage in their chaos.

This is going to be an interesting time for sure.  Enjoy the last weekend of this world, make it constructive and diligently employ the new moving thru you!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of pure, radiant excitement to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas










  1. Dear Li li, Whoa! I think we were on the holy toilet together! LMAO! Seriously parallel stuff happening here. The night was fitful and most of the time I was in the future/dream/vision where it was like one of those old disney documentaries about a place or an animal where the narrator is telling you all about it–this was the day to day life existing in the future and it was soooo wicked cool! Then I woke at 6am after only 4 hours of sleep, to the swirl of some old 3D stuff in my mind that my husband had brought up which came to a head when he came home…so done with all the old stuff, but dear bunny is still very much centered and dealing with that and my compassion for him draws me into it…going to start creating the new even if it means “overcoming” the old–I know we are strong enough to do this! LOL…anyway then the toilet over and over and then last night I slept for 11 hours! Feeling much more energized today and filled with a knowing–like with the Nike ad…that we are gonna DO it! Hugs and have a wonderful weekend! Alex


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