Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 17, 2014

Inspiration to Applied Action!

inspired light

I really tried to get a sharing going yesterday, but my brains felt like they were spread out as far as the sky and I could not harness enough mental matter to complete a sentence.  Naturally, I expected to have a day of rescheduling because in the past, that has been the way of it.  I know quite clearly right now, my biggest lesson is getting the hell out of expectation based on any and all previous experiences.  All 5 readings yesterday were clear, audible and understandable.  That alone is a huge shift.  It’s like my brains came together just for the readings and then went back into space as soon as I was done.  I was grateful and surprised.  The more I understood what was happening via the readings, the more I understood the spaciness, extreme tiredness of my brain waves.

We finally came out of the moon.  Of course, not in the way I expected, again, I know better than to ever expect anything in a reading, but darn that is a sticky point in my releasing of things lol.

The moon’s presence in the readings yesterday actually surprised me, a lot.  For the last several weeks, it has been positioned in the far north (future) quadrant of the field, in the deeper west side of the field.  I really expected the moon’s presence to get closer to what is center or the NOW moment in the readings, and for a minute, it got slight closer until yesterday.  Now it was further away and I was puzzled… for a minute anywayz.

It became very clear that the moon’s energy is in complete alignment with the equinox energy and we are suspended between the two systems.  With that suspension, we are caught in the down flow of the moons energy and the up flow of the earth’s equinox energy, filling us at both ends for the placement on the new, fully energized, functional and excited new earth. No wonder I was spacey!!  The deeper I went into the readings, I could feel this little fever start to hit my body.  Granted I woke up exhausted, even after a full nights sleep and just slipped deeper and deeper into exhaustion as the day went on.  I am very committed to changing my body and drug myself into my workout clothes, popped on Richard Simmons and could barely get my legs moving.  Half way thru, I turned it off and hit the couch and fell fast asleep until about 8:30 last night when I got up and went to bed and slept until 4am this morning.  I feel much more together today!!  Yay.  lol

I am going to wait until tomorrow to share how I seen everyone yesterday.  Obviously we had another massive shift emerging out of the belly of the moon and all the imagery, understandings are not quite filtered out in my understanding yet.  There seems to be 3 different positions/relationships in our release onto the new earth, but I don’t have the clarity of really getting it yet.  I expect (lol, sorry, couldn’t help but use that word) the understanding to fill itself in with todays readings.

I do, however, want to share something that really was strongly in my heart yesterday morning as I looked into the empty space of my yet written blog…


I want to include the many definitions merriam-webster has for this vastly important word (I highlighted two of the meanings for importance in these fast changing times):


noun \ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən, -(ˌ)spi-\

: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone

: a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something

: a good idea

Full Definition of INSPIRATION


a :  a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation

b :  the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

c :  the act of influencing or suggesting opinions

:  the act of drawing in; specifically :  the drawing of air into the lungs

a :  the quality or state of being inspired

b :  something that is inspired <a scheme that was pure inspiration>

:  an inspiring agent or influence

This is how your soul communicates with you, brings the expanded energy for you to get something done.  So many times, we either ignore it, or start what ever is coming thru us and because it may be challenging or that inspiration is not as strong as it was in its onset, we quit and justify our quitting by saying, I tried and couldn’t do it.  Or worse, never even really start because you have declared to yourself you are content without whatever was moving thru you to do.

For the last two years, the collective spirit has been encouraging everyone to work on their natural ability to hear and see beyond the 3D construct we live within.  To see the vastness of energy that is visible to every incarnate human, to hear the direction, the conversation all of that high frequency energy is having with you, whether you hear it or not.

More times than I care to count, I hear from people, I can feel and that is good enough for me.  Maybe so, but is it good enough for your soul??  Mostly it means, I don’t feel like doing that and your soul will not push you to do one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.  Your job as the human incarnate, is to keep the fires burning.

I want to share a video with you that my son recently shared with me.  To me, it is inspiration on steroids.  Something WE ALL should possess and follow thru with as dedicatedly as this man named Arthur did with himself.  Granted, this video is how he changed his body and his health when all the doctors said he can’t… but what if you replaced the physical journey to include your spiritual journey, the dedication and inspiration to the fullness of Self/Soul in body with all its attributes fully engaged in Life:

How many times have you told yourself, or someone else told you that you cannot do (whatever) and you just stopped trying.  I remember my first attempt at meditation, OMG my brain was a train wreck and after about a week of trying (without any real success) I realized why I spent 30 years in depression and on the constant edge of suicide.  Like Arthur did with his body, I did with my mind.    The inspiration within me was stronger than the life I had lived to that point.  I quit life and eventually spent 10 hours a day (broken up in 2 hour intervals thru the day) in meditation.  Healing, understanding, releasing, growing, strengthening my connection with my team, with my Self.  I spent the following 3 years in that state and from that time, just like Arthur, dedicated my life to helping others achieve the clarity that is there for all to see, experience and use, if they get out of their minds.

As time went on (14 years later) I realized that I am a living example of what you DO NOT have to do to achieve a solid and ever-expanding spiritual connection.  The ONLY thing I had to do was change my mind.  Not my food.  Not my “habits” like smoking or chocolate.  Spirit could care less about that… everything begins and ends with what you put into your mind as food and bring out as fertilizer for life to experience from you.  Everything else is just… inert stuff.

When I first started this path of inner stillness, my body was a very fit 140 pounds (I am 5’6″ tall.)  The more time I spent in the pureness of Light, the more Light I brought into my body at first, I didn’t really notice it too much.  Light cells embedding in my biology as fat.  Five pounds a year is not too much to be concerned with or really notice.  Until the years start to pile up.  It didn’t matter how active I was, I was expanding in body and mind.  Somewhere in 2008 there was a surge of energy being released to the planet and in that month alone I gained 5 more pounds.  My body was already up to 200 pounds and this 5 pounds was absolutely unacceptable to me.  I went into meditation and started my bitch session with spirit.  My team lovingly explained that our fat cells in the body are very much like the battery cells in well, batteries lol.  They store the pure energy that is needed and release (and fill back up, think, rechargeable batteries) when appropriate in our personal life.

By that time, I was not only inwardly dedicated to the growth of spirit within myself, I also lived it, worked it 24/7.  I was teaching spiritual development classes, doing spiritual readings via massage, putting out podcasts and so I pulled on my internal power cells all the time.

It surely stripped me of my own vanity.  How often do we see ourselves in relationship to our body instead of our soul.  I surrendered to whatever the “full expansion” of my spiritual connection looked like in body.  I would rather gain 10 pounds if Light weight than ever…. EVER go back to where I started.  Skinny and super dysfunctional and depressed.  My body was actually the sickest at 140 pounds.  I became the healthiest I ever was, body and mind as I was rocking a 205 pound frame.  I am good and even more than that, content and happy with every bit of Me.

Moving into the Jemez was like moving into the greatest marriage ever had.  Content, self-contained and joyful.  I dedicated 10-13 hours a day in sharing, teaching, reading, assisting in any way I can as the energies accelerated as we passed the 2012 gateway.  My expansion grew… in every way.  My team assuring me it is as needed now (the constant weight gain) as it was all along.  *sigh*  I grew into a 222 pound body shortly after moving Here and stayed there until my father passed.

Something happened tho, when my father transitioned November of last year.  I think the only way I can truly describe it as my spiritual journey hit the apex of experience.  As I came back home to the Jemez and settled into my life again, my spiritual connections solid, intact and well, whatever goes that, I realized the time I spent with my dad, the amazing journeys I got to experience with him, put more battery power on my frame.  I was now rocking a 238 pound body.  Ugh.  With each passing day, the contentedness with my body now started to erode, albeit slowly.

May 1st of this year, that intense inspiration that kept me in my bathtub for 10 hours a day, now had me focused on losing the stored fat cells in my body.  Atkins was all lover my mind and I embarked wholeheartedly on that mission.  30 days later, I lost 14 pounds.  30 days later, I attempted to each yet another salad (like the 60th salad in a month) and I could not even chew it.  I was done with that.  With my “doneness” came amazing clarity as well.

I love the Atkins diet, I stayed in phase 1 for the entire month.  Phase one keeps you in a state of “ketosis” where the body consumes fat for energy instead of glucose.  My body may have been reducing, but so was my brain capacity too.  Mentally I was sluggish.  Even the readings were not as peppy and easily understood as before.  After some googling searching I realized just how important glucose is to the brains function.  For MY brains ability to reach and stay in the higher atmosphere of the soul mind.  I ate freely and resumed my full connection with my upper atmosphere.

I do want to add too, that I did attempt several times over this year to start getting more active.  My activity was moving from my desk where I write my blogs and held the soul gym, to about 8 feet away to my kitchen chair where I do my readings.  After my day was done, I was done.  Spent, exhausted.  I gave everything I had in me to give… away.

I continue to be the living example of what not to do!!  I have developed an intimate connection to my full working internal body over this year.  I understand its needs and desires more than ever before.

In August, a brand new, intense inspiration started to flood my whole Being.  Change my day!!  Take days off, release the soul gym duty for now.  Invest in the energy of myself more fully.  I did.  Funny how guilty I felt about it too.  Here I am, sitting on my ass doing nothing when I could be feeling productive doing something like the soul gym or readings on my days off.  But… the energy was too firm to give in to.  I may not like the inspirations that come thru me, often times, I down right dislike it.  But I do it anywayz.  Like putting my body weight out here for all to know.  Yikes!!  lol

However, looking back, I did that with all my dysfunctions too (over time.)  I told you the most intimate secrets of my entire emotional construct.  Hell, I put out my most intimate experiences with sex out there too.  My team is all about transparency I suppose lol.

But let me tell you how amazingly freeing it is when you have nothing left to hide.  It is liberating like nothing else ever.  I own me, lock stock and barrel and love me thru it all too.

On September 7th, as I was sitting at my computer, this massive wind of inspiration started to move up from the belly of my core and pin my “Sweating to the oldies” dvd in my brains eye.  What the hell, it was a day off, had nothing better to do… I got my work clothes on and huffed and puffed for the first 10 minutes.  Like every other attempt I made this year with that video, had to call it quits for the sake of my breathing.  It is difficult to go from sitting down for 2 and a half years to suddenly swinging your body all over the place!!  lol

I sat and caught my breath for 45 minutes, and once again, that inspiration, the winds of change, blew threw me and I got up and actually finished the entire workout.  WOW WEEZERS batman!!  This is NEW!!  This is exciting and motivating.

Sometimes tho, ya just gotta temper the energy moving thru.  5 days in and I am wiggling like a pro, but wanted more breath capacity to do even more.  I read about interval training and it sounded easy.  I hurt my knees.  Not wise at all.  But yet, it opened a doorway for my son to send me the above video along with the insistence I start doing the DDP Yoga.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the youtube testimonials.  I was enthralled with Diamond Dallas Page and his inspiring ways of teaching how to get fit without stressing out the joints.  He reminded me a lot of myself, only his focus is with the body, mine is with the soul.  Time for me to fuse the two together.  I ordered his DVD set and the moment it arrives (tomorrow I hope) I will be switching trainers!!

I am also discovering a whole new relationship with my body.  I am learning how to access the pure energy of spirit and bring it into me for added stamina and fun.  I am also realizing (and hearing) there is so much more happening in this moment than just weight loss and reshaping the body, especially at this most magnificent time of transition we are in.

If you look at the diagram I created a few days ago (click here to see it) and in the B section, I am teaching myself how to bring in that blue area, pure source energy for immediate creation of my needs, my soul desire.  And this… is just the beginning of a whole new way of using Source energy.

With my weigh in this past Sunday, I am down to 217 and lost a collective 4 inches off my body.  Releasing more pure energy into my space.  To tell you how fast this release of pure energy takes on its next form… in my daily life, all I wanted to do was get caught up on my bills and become even again.  Doncha know, my light reached your light an thru the heart of your generosity, your faith and trust in me, I am now even.  I thank each and every one of you, those who signed up for readings, sent donations and those who hold my heart and hand thru our every moment, thank you, I love so much.

What inspiration is flowing thru you in this moment???  ACT ON IT NOW!!!!

I am going to close on this thought:  When you purposely release ANYTHING from your life, you open yourself to receive more than you could have ever dreamed of, in ways you never imagined.

(((((HUGZ))))) of release and magnetic return abundantly!!

Lisa Gawlas

I want to share this little poster my son put on his facebook this morning, it is more than fitting for this moment for every one of us:


While I was looking for the main art for this sharing, I found this too:


Obviously, spirit is on a mission of movement for everyone, each in their own perfect way!!  Rock on!! ❤



  1. Dear Li li, what a wonderful sharing. I wanted to tell you a story of my daughter who I love dearly and who is a bright shining soul. For years she gained weight and I kept my council, loving on her, even while others would tell me and not her that she needed to change. I knew she was experiencing what she needed to experience and as a libra she would find her balance.

    We had gone through periods where we would exercise together but it was always like pulling teeth with her and finally I simply released her to her own path lovingly. Cooked healthy meals, ate only when hungry and drank plenty of water. Danced around the house for exericse and walked when inspired.

    She did nothing for a tiny bit and then one day I saw her weighing herself–I kept my council but sent her love for her path–which included her reading an old book I had called Think yourself thin…she stopped drinking soda–only drinks iced cold water–stopped eating candy and popcorn at the theater–which when you work there is free–and only ate when hungry–did push ups and sit ups before each shower. This weekend she told me she lost 41 pounds all through very small changes and thinking herself thin. She also walks to class at college and so her progress increased a small amount.

    I tell this story not as a recipe for weight loss, but to confirm your comment that once you release something and firmly believe that it can be so, everything will flow as you desire until you make another choice. The energy of soul is there to make miracles happen, beyond what we believe is possible, beyond the normal pathways that things USED to take to come into being. A + B=C is not the same anymore as it used to be. what I think is the KEY now is to love the body unconditionally and treat it with love and respect as a partner in life, not as something we can influence through our will, but as a beloved part of us…this is what my daughter is doing and the results are amazing. I am sure you are loving yourself strongly and using inspiration to lead you to the places that will allow your desire to come true…its possible for us all at this point to be inspired to create or BE whatever we can believe possible–or we can simply suspend belief and then whooot! The sky is the limit! 🙂 Huge hugs! Alex

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