Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 12, 2014

Soul Fusion and The Living Field Of Creation.


Wow, what big days we are in!!  What amazing moments of absolute clarity I had over and over again yesterday.  I pray I don’t forget to share a single thing today.  I left off on my sharing yesterday with a teaser about the upper and lower fields of energy and now i know why.  I had so much more to learn and understand before taking that genie out of the bottle!!

To make todays sharing easier to follow along with and understand clearly, I put some very humble artwork together as a reference:


Figures A and B 3 also represent that place I call our “bubble of creation.”  Everything emerges and evaporates thru the bottom circle.  Also, A3 is color orange to represent our connection with physical life.  B3 is colored yellow-orange to represent our connection with heaven and earth as one energy field.  The blue in B1 is pure Source energy, what we would think of as God, Creator, the Presence, pick a name.  The yellow represents our soul energy/connection.

Thru these last several months, on occasion via the field of reading, spirit would say that the state we are in (or have the potential to be in) is fusion.  I thought I kinda got what they were saying, the fusion of body and soul, upper mind and lower mind, but until yesterday, I really didn’t get it at all, at least, in how it is going to work after we (purposely allow) the fusion to complete itself.

I think the give the clearest example of the difference between A and B is, in A our Soul is still a separate energy than our human.  We may even go into meditation to connect with it, since it is not yet a part of our full (in body) energy and mind system.  This also represents those we call still sleeping, not even aware they have the ability to connect, or know there is a soul connected to their human.

What I would have never said yesterday in my sharing but so clearly understand now, even those of us who hear our soul speak without being in meditation, is still represented by the A diagram.  It’s still separate, maybe only by the thinnest thread of energy, but separate none the less.  The little white gap between the upper and lower circles represents that empty space, where the pure energy of spirit can only move thru when the human opens up and calls it in.  Not with voice, but with core emotion.

Then we have B.  This is the amazing time we are in, if we allowed.  If we have let it all go.  There is no way of being fully in the B state having any energy of hanging on.  When we hang on to anything, it is the energy of the lower mind that is the active force in our lives and removes the pure state of potential, the fruits of the soul if you will, out of our created field.  We truly limit our experience, what we can understand, by hanging on to anything.  Be it a thought, a person, a place, a concept, an application, etc.

B genuinely represents Oneness with the blend of human soul alive in body.  You have released all of your lower mind conceptions, expectations and “what if’s” to the full expression and desire of the soul.  This is one time, I am so grateful to be a living example of how this works.  Let me ‘splain (giggle.)

This past Sunday (9/7 to be exact) I was sitting at my computer, a scheduled day off which is actually an uncomfortable place for me.  (Thinking in terms of, I have nothing to do and all day to do it.  I would rather be reading and feeling productive.)  Suddenly and without notice, this energy started to rise up from my core and focused on my Sweating to the Oldies 2 dvd.  Why not, I had nothing better to do lol.  I got my work out clothes on, feeling very much like a stuffed sausage in them, and stood in front of my TV… ready.  I have put this DVD on many times in the past two years and not once completed the 45 minute workout.  My muscles became exhausted and my ability breath became seriously challenged.  I would stop until another day.

This past Sunday was not so very different.  I was 10 minutes in, the place my whole body pooped out, and I stopped the video to catch my breath before we hyperventilated.  I sat for a good 45 minutes when suddenly this surge of energy moved thru me, and I went right back to the video and picked up the rest of the workout without stopping.  Well holy shit!  I did it.  Granted it took me an hour and a half to do a 45 minute workout, but I DID IT!!  Suddenly, I was inspired.  Excited.  Focused on change in the physical body.

Without a moments forethought, I decided to change my eating habits to release some (a lot) of the fat cells that have been stored within my core to move me thru this massive change (the last two years.)

It would take until yesterday to fully realize, this is not just about loosing weight…

I absolutely realize there is a new director in town and my (the human’s) job is to go with the flow of energy the moment it is released in directive and desire.  Monday, I did my aerobics very much in the same way, but completing it eventually.  This energy moved up thru me, a knowing that I need Sweating to the Oldies 1.  I headed to amazon and ebay to see if I can find it in DVD form.  Nope, but in my search on ebay this one video kept glowing at me, literally. “Denise Austin: Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates.”  Since it was only $7 with free shipping and I get the glow, I purchased it and resigned to the fact I will being doing my current routine until I strengthen my lungs.  A couple hours later, again, this very focused, directive energy came up thru me and held walmart in my mind.  fruits and veggies, and a set of hand weights.  Hey!!  Stop it, I still am trying to get my car payment done from last month!!!  lol  But that energy was too strong not to follow thru.  Off to walmart I go and holy flipping shit, in the workout isle, there is my sweating to the oldies 1 video, a 25 YEAR OLD video, there for me to purchase immediately.  So there I am, spending what I had saved for last months car payment.  What the hell!!

So each day now, i am doing my sweating to the oldies 1 without sitting down, still huffing and puffing half way thru, but staying with it for the full 45 minutes.  Yay me!!  lol  I might even put a little brag line in here and say… I am also doing the floor exercises of the 2 dvd until Denise arrives in my world.  Gotta work that core!!  lol

As I explained in my sharing yesterday, when I got out of bed on the 10th, I had no energy because I had no real sleep.  Yet, here is the crazy soul director prompting my human to do the workout.  Geeeeezzzzz Louise!!  I couldn’t and wouldn’t ignore it.

I stood in front of my TV, absolutely exhausted, put my arms upwards and said out loud “OK universe, I really need some extra energy to do this.” and made the motion of pulling all the energy in the room into me.  It worked!!

But yesterday, an amazing day within itself by 1pm, was showing me the bigger picture of this experience.  After my 5 amazing and informative readings, I got my workout clothes on, which is now kind laying limply on my body instead of holding my girls down (giggle) from deep within me, we approached the exercise differently than the previous days.  We focused in on the energy of Richard Simmons (god knows he has a ton) intermingled my energy field with his and created a bubble to keep my body in the same pace with his workout without tiring out too fast.  It was amazing.  We got into the hot and sweaty part, the part my body usually starts wanting out, and we were steady and rocking.  Until my landlady came in and gave me the mail.  Actually, if that was all she did, I think it would have been ok, but she started talking to me, and I lost my rhythm and could not get it back.  After she left I could see the field I had created with this workout collapsing.  It just continued to fall apart and my own energy reduced to about 50% of the pace I had had and we were in the cooling down part by now.  I was shocked and excited at the same time.

I had a very very similar experience with foreplay wayyyyy back in the day with a wonderful man named Frank.  In that intimate union and (for me) deeply in love with him, my lower energy field shot up into my higher energy field and the fullness of the experience was had from my ceiling lol, expanded in every way.  Until the moment he started to talk.  Everything collapsed.

I thought i put the entire experience on my website somewhere, but I cannot find it, maybe it is just in my book.  Don’t know and don’t have the time to look.

However, lets put this into day-to-day use for you.  One of my clients yesterday gave us all an amazing visual.  If you take the A3 circle as your created life field and place your self in the very center of the circle, the left side represents the past and the right side represents the future, the center would always represent the now.  She has this man in her life that does not match her frequency at all, her team at least since this past March kept telling her the best thing she could do is release him from her field.  She hasn’t yet because from the soul side of life, he is her twin flame, but in body, he has not harnessed the soul energy and nervous system of the body to actually “be that” in this created field of life.  But she is a stubborn bugger!!  lol

So in her reading they gave me this visual, which we can all look at and understand for ourselves too.  Going back to the circle energy, and if our focused energy is on something of the past and we will not let it go, it keeps its form in our now and the energy of our future appears still, empty, nothing new.  I so wish I could make a small video of this, you would so get that ah-ha feeling seeing it live and in action.

Moral of the story lol, if we keep focusing on what we have, what we had, how it was 10 minutes ago, good bad, indifferent, we keep pulling that energy to us and leaving the door of the future in stillness.

I went into a meditation yesterday, mostly to see where I am at in relationship to the fiery moon.  All 5 people I connected with yesterday were still working their way to the belly of the moon, meaning, still making choices.  Thats when I fully realized, this too is a wave energy, even tho we experienced the full moon on the earth date of the 9th, what it holds will be there forever.  When you are in alignment with the fires of the new, that is when you drop into the changing chamber lol.  This week, next month, 2 years from now.

So when I seen myself not only out of the belly of the moon, I came out of it that very sunday morning, the 7th, two days before the full moon even happened.  Again, we are reminded we are telling a linear story just to allow the lower mind to follow along, but there is nothing linear about anything except our minds.

This soul fusion is exactly what I have been experiencing since Sunday.  It is so directive, so without a shadow of doubt or moment of forethought.  Another example, my son pocket dialed me early yesterday morning.  When I called him back and asked him what he wanted, he didn’t even know he called me lol.  Then, again, out of the clear blue, or maybe, deep heart, my mouth just started asking him about a test he has to take to get his next contracting license and he didn’t have the money to take it.  This crazy mouth of mine said I will pay for it, it is your job to pass it and get yourself reprioritized in this new unforgiving energy.  In the most firm energy I have felt in talking with him, my mouth started talking to him about budgets, money, responsibility and the assistance I will provide in helping him to achieve it all.  (Really???  Me???  lol)  It was like NOTHING I have ever felt come out of my mouth before, so loving and so firm in expression, phew.

What the hell!! I have my own bills yet to be paid.  Didn’t matter, we got ‘er done.

The readings, holy shit it was like everything sped up, I could barely keep up with all the information and for a change, I understood the information/images.

So, to recap and hopefully I made this clear.  When we are in the position of the A diagram, there is a slight (for some a vast) disconnect from inspiration to action.  It filters thru the lower mind (that white space) and sometimes finds life, sometimes goes back into the vat of potential.

When you are in the B position, there is only action and application.  Very much like my experience with my son, it was only after I got off the phone did I say to my Self, hey what they heck!!  lol  But its all good, I know you must release energy to bring in new energy in every form of life.

Ohhh and I just remembered where I have the sharing of my amazing experience and collapsing field energy sharing at:  Its the first thing you read lol.

Also, lol (like I said, there is just so much to share from understandings that flooded me yesterday, sorry to be so choppy getting it out) the inner prompting of clearing some time for myself (dropping the soul gym, actually taking real days off) was all about this momentous time we are in now.  I now have the time and energy to not only understand the bigger picture unfolding, but be an active participant thru it all.  Wisdom comes from experience… and I am grateful to be neck-deep in it!!

Tomorrow we will talk about how to fully use the B diagram.  For right now, a new day of readings is about to being.


Big, Huge, Bountiful ((((HUGZ))))) filled with so much love and directives from the soul to the fullness of life!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. This is an added note from spirit before I close out.  The fullness of what I am calling Soul Fusion has only been released with this last series of full moon energies, everything, every moment, every experience was leading us up to this totality if we let everything go.  My team can already hear some saying, I have been like this for a long time… not like this.  At least, not before the collapse of the August moon and the emergence of this September one.









  1. Dear Li li! Simply beautiful! What is coming up for me reading this is that the need for trust in promptings goes away because heck, the soul does not need to trust the promptings, the soul knows they are true, its only the human that needs to trust because the human mind is the center of doubt and being let down and not knowing its power.

    Time to put our big girl boots on and know that intuition is simply the souls way of saying–hey, over here, this is the way WE want to go…come along for the marvelous ride!

    Whoot! Hugs! Alex


  2. What wanted to change?


  3. Years ago I came to see the sacred Vesica Pisces symbol to mean the area between my higher and lower “me” (seen as circles), and how this shape is getting bigger as the two get closer … =)

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