Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 9, 2014

The Final Super Moon: The Rise of the Phoenix!!

phenix moon

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FULL MOON everyone.  I have never been so happy to see a full moon arrive and embark on leaving its triple month cycle in the rear view mirror.  Altho, I gotta say, this one is so much easier than the first two!  Ok, enough of my personal comments, lets move onto the surprise and yumminess of yesterdays view of the moon from the field of readings.

At first I thought the moon changed places with the sun, it was ablaze with fire.  It was also the first time I ever realized there is an absolute energy signature from the sun and from the moon.  Of course, it makes perfect sense, everything has its own personal signature, but you never really need to discern that when you look up in the sky.  One usually can SEE the moon in contrast to the sun.  But not so much in yesterdays readings, except the fire was a red-orange and very different from the sun.  The moment I started with my “what the hell??” spirit came rushing thru with understanding.  The time we are in now is equal to the rise of the phoenix.  It also became clear that the black disk that has constantly been placed over the moon itself represented the ashes.  Hey!!  Why not tell us this before????  I suppose, in their own, elusive way, they did when they told us about the creamy middle moon, the melt down of our old reality and even our old body.

When my first client showed up and we understood why the moon was on fire, the next thing I had to do is figure out where she was in relationship to it.  Thats when I seen the opening, very much like a funnel open at the topside of the moon, and there she was, excited as a lark, descending into the belly of the moon.  As she reached the inside bottom of the inner moon, the flames engulfed her core, her torso or head was no longer visible to me.  She had her arms and legs spread wide open and that is all I could see of her.  However, at the very bottom surface of the moon, in direct alignment with each foot, this black energy started to intertwine itself and then move directly into the arch of each foot.  Rooting her to the new earth, changing the frequency from the inside out.  This precious lady has put a tremendous amount of change into play in her life over this last year, released a lot of what was not making her happy, not always with grace, but hey, we do get to be human too.  And that is when spirit said she is in that stage where the old has disintegrated and she is becoming anew.  Over the next few days, she will emerge with new wings and all that goes with the energy of the rise of the phoenix.

This was sooo freakin exciting.  I was actually kinda bummed I only had two people on my day’s agenda.  But I have a feeling, we will see and understand more of that today, and today I have a full dance card!

My last reading of yesterday presented a bit differently and really gave us all the wonderful contrast that helps everyone one of us become more aligned with the rise of the phoenix, if that is our desire.  He showed up on the energy line on this side of the fiery moon.  In his hand he had a large gavel and he was trying to break into the moon from the side.  It wasn’t working!!  Having fully understood my first lady of the day, I knew his job was to align himself with the top of the moon, not the bottom.  So I had to ask what can he do.  I seen him release the gavel and the fire energy of the moon started to emit itself out of the soles of his feet, like little rockets that gave him lift.  His job, if he desires to position himself into the belly of the moon and emerge reborn-reinvented, is the align his frequency with the fire.  Meditation doncha know!!

But I cannot discount the very first thing that showed up as we started his reading:

big snake

He had already told me he had done the snake meditation from my sharing.  What I have to smile about with so many people putting their energy into connecting with the snakes (new life force) of their own… the meditation I shared was my personal one.  I so love that you sought out your own new life force triggers.  Y’all are so awesome.  Anywayz…  This big boy suddenly slithers into his east field (about 4 feet away from my back door!!) from the north position (future.)  Future energy coming in to impregnate his new beginnings (that east field) and then it disappeared into the brush that would represent the past area.  We have got to look at the significance of the color of this, really LONGGGGG snake, orange and red (the picture does not show its brilliance, maybe the dirty window I took it thru lol.)  The fiery moon.  One way or another, this energy will penetrate his life, willingly or suddenly… either way!!!

So lets me very very clear on how to awaken, apply these black (hidden agenda) snakes.  Be clear in the energy moving thru you with desire and then APPLY it to your life immediately.  I gave you, I pray, a clear series of examples with my sharing the other day about George.  Well, I realized fully too, that two days ago I started activating my second snake when the energy rushed thru me to start exercising again.  I am an obedient servant, I got my workout clothes on, popped in my sweating to the oldies 2 and began the journey.  I had to take a 45 minute breather 10 minutes in, just like every other time I attempted to do this workout, but the big change for me this time, I finished it once I was past the “beginning to hyperventilate” stage lol.  I also started to realize this is just a bit too intense for this sedentary body of mine.  I went onto ebay looking for sweating to the oldies 1, lets start as the newbie I am.  Couldn’t find it in DVD format, dammit.  But I did find: “Denise Austin Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates.”  It was glowing in my field of vision and since it was only $7 with free shipping, I got it.  I really need to shrink that area!!  I decided to take a hike into the world to get me some veggies and fruit for my new adventure.  I am not going on a diet, but choosing to eat as if I wanted to lose weight (smile.)  I about shit when walmart had sweating to the oldies 1 on its DVD shelf!!  This DVD is 25 years old, but they had it.  I bought it!!  Who cares if I haven’t paid all of last months billls yet, I am investing in me!!!

I did my sweating to the oldies 1 for 25 minutes before I had to catch my breath, went back and finished it and even popped in the 2nd one to do the floor exercises.  Ohhh the muscles I have woken up!!  lol  Today, only 48 hours later, I lost 2.6 pounds AND 1.5 inches off my waist.  My body, my soul, my new life force is overly ready for this make over.

It is only this morning as I sat down to share, especially about that snake slithering thru my mans field.  We either activate the snake with blind motion, or it will be activated for us.  If my body desires weight loss and I didn’t choose to do it willingly, there are plenty of illnesses that could come in and create the same.  By hook or by crook!!

Enjoy the rise and flight of your inner Phoenix!!!

With fiery love wrapped in big ole bear ((((HUGZ))) to ALL, I love you so much!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  LAST DAY to take advantage of super moon/Lisa’s bail out special: BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):








  1. Oh so cool! In my meditations I had a ring of fire come off of the sun, a giant sunflower and was hit by a bolt of lightning. I was a blackened with ash and just shook it off. Lol! Thanks for letting me know what was all about!

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  3. Hey Lisa, over the past week or two my enlightenment process has really taken off. I have seen two tiny black snakes with orange collars. The first, beneath a log, had a brighter orange collar, and the second, about a week later, on the footpath beneath my sacred meditation tree, with a more faded orange collar. What do you think this implies for me? Thanks =) Hazel


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  6. Hey Lisa,

    did you know it’s all on youtube? Dozens of Sweating to the Oldies and Jane Fonda Workout videos! *lol* (I prefer sweating to Finntroll though …)

    Jane Fonda for Beginners:

    Sweating to the Oldies 1:

    And since it seems to be my youtube day today, here’s Rise Like a Phoenix, winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest:


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  8. Big hugs Li li, I love richard simmons for living life out loud! LOL That snake is beautiful. As a college student we used to go on snake collecting expeditions and that looks like a southern corn snake. I have held many wild ones and they are absolutely astounding in their beauty and also great energy readers. The wild ones even will play with you if your energy is chill and they don’t feel danger.

    I also have to laugh at the fact that I was jumping on top of the moon a few days back and that’s where the funnel opened up–at least I knew where X marks the spot!

    Good luck with the loving yourself and caring for yourself. Doing my best here as well! 🙂 Love, Alex


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