Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 5, 2014

Where is the Moon Juice Targeting You??

Moon juice

I think I am going to call yesterday Christmas in the land of understanding.  With every connection the understanding and information was just pouring in and expanding with the next person.  I might even say I left the day much more enlightened thanks to the light of the people who showed up on the field yesterday.  But I am actually going to start this sharing with a little bit about the day before (the 3rd.)

The energies on Wednesday were thick, like reading thru a vat of clear molasses.  Even most of the folks who showed up on the field were in a position of stillness, purposely so.  The only clear thing I understood about the energies of Wednesday was what spirit called a day of “Calibration.”  (I want to be very clear here, cuz I even asked, not a recalibration.)

I decided, after months of not doing so, to take a swim in my bathtub meditation and see where I was in relationship to the coming full moon.  I was puzzled instantly.  There was the moon, just the outer edges illuminated, the inside the familiar black but with a weird twist.  There were 8 things dangling down from the center of the moon, spread out like a fan.  The closer I looked at these things, all exactly same shape and size, they were 8 black lifeless snakes.  What the hell???  Of course, to me, snakes represent kundalini, but what the hell ya gonna do with 8 snakes?  My flipping body would blow up trying to get them all rockin in my body.  At least my team gave me a small bit of clarity, they aren’t kundalini like we think of it, but they do represent 8 different life forces.  Huh?  My team told me to just pick one.  I went somewhere in the middle and tugged on what again, seemed like a lifeless snake.  I guess the touching brought it to life, it coiled me up in its body and then the next thing I know, i am going thru a portal in the moon.  And that was it!!  Thats where spirit left me, in the belly of the moon.  What the hell kind of meditation is this!!!????

The only understanding I received with this crazy meditation was that there will be 8 opportunities for new growth in this close to two-year cycle.  My job was to choose a life force and work with it, one at a time, over the course of this cycle.  I did ask what the significance of getting coiled up into the moon meant and their reply its interdimensional.  Since that is where the focus of my work is, that is what I will expand and bring forward thru this cycle.  I have no clue as of yet, what I even chose!!  Ohhh the crazy mystery of life.  My team was tight lipped about anything else.  Dammit.

When I entered the readings yesterday, all I could think of was my crazy meditation, hoping the light of others will give us the understanding of this strangeness.  Boy of boy, I (we) got much more than we bargained for.

It will take me too long to detail each reading and how the information came out and dammit of I didn’t wake up later than desired this morning.  So instead, I am going to put the story together as I understand it, always subject to change with more information.

Thur this entire year of 2014, the sun has been a prominent player in our DNA.  Shooting off the new codes and codecs off from the door way of the purest side of the veil launching its energy into resonant humans.  What I never ever understood before, was the moons placement in it all.  I was shown thru one of the readings yesterday, quite vividly, the pure white codes of the sun goes thru the center of the moon, very much like going thru the eye of the needle and its energy comes out like thread and embeds into the humans who are resonant with each strand of particular energy.  This is done at two times during the moon cycles, new moon and full moon.  Each with a particular energy at that phase.  If we look at it like a garden, the new moon energy plants the codes into our DNA and the full moon germinates, but sometimes, it is reversed.

This is one major reason why so many women cycle with either the full or new moon.  Their hormones open up and adjust for the incoming, expanding energy.  And you thought we were just flushing out a seed!!  lol

Where we are at now with the enormity of this ending cycle, makes this whole last (close to) 2 years make so much sense.  This final of three super moons coming up on the 9th of September is the culmination of all our choices from January 2013.  The calibration the day prior was setting up where and how the moon would release this final blast of moon juice into your body system.   Spirit likens this calibration to a Geiger counter, when you release the old energy, the old thought and old ways of Being in Life, you actually produce a higher level of radiation, very much like the sun.  Pure and atomic!!  Where you are emitting the purest of energies is where the moon is releasing its juice to you.

From the days five readings and including my own from the day prior, there seems to be 5 different sections to this release.  I also want to be very clear, other than what is happening right now and will continue thru the full moon, spirit had no heads up on what this really means to us on the other side.  But they did give us a startling visual to understand it with.  I will share that after I explain the 5 sections.

Starting with mine, there is the interdimensional aspect, being pulled into the center of the moon.

There is the element of being spread across the entire brain area, encompassing the pineal gland as well as the outer consciousness too.

There is the infusion in the sacral and solar plexus, changing or enhancing the the soul direction and your placement in the world around you.

There is the complete absorption from head to toe, thru the pores itself.

There is the blanketing of the entire head (to me it looks like getting oil poured over ya) changing the way you see and experience yourself in this new world.

There is the impregnation of the entire torso, affecting heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra, the “trunk of your life.”

The energy I see coming out of the moon looks like thick oil or molasses.  Thick, black and aware of each person.  Even the way it is released from the moon is unique to each person.  But in this phase, the moon is affecting us, changing us, enhancing us at this time.  It has become pregnant with all the energy of the last 20 months and is expelling a unique elixir based on your radiation.  Light output.

The constant question from all of us is, what are we supposed to do with it?  Spirits constant reply is that depends on you.  It is our job to notice it, acknowledge the changes from within then take it out and play with it.  USE IT!!

They even game me the craziest, might I even add, surprising visual in reply to the consistent question “what do we do with it.”  Suspended right in front of my face was a golden pistol.

gold pistol

Just for the record, the entire gold was gold, but this is as close an image as I could find.  To say I am anti-gun is an understatement, to see one show up right in my face (thank god, not pointing at me lol) shocked me.  But after the second person asked that question they gave a deeper reply of the impact we can and will have on all of earth with this new, pure emotional energy that is now embedded within us.

They said, you can have a fully loaded gun, but if you never pull the trigger, it simply remains a fully loaded gun.  However, if you pull the trigger you release an energy so strong it changes whatever it impacts forever.

Our job, first and foremost, take this amazing energy out and explore it.  Use it in contrast to what we used before.  Feel the vibrational difference and impact.

One client even made mention of the kick back from a gun.  Instantly, I could the energy too, your target may be 3 feet in front of you, but the kickback is next to your face,meaning, what you put out is already in your face.  Choose to never use it, it becomes a potential that never made it to life.  However, when we do use it, it will be a heavenly bullet ripping the veil of illusion and penetrating the truth of Life.  Of course, the use of a golden gun is showing the highest vibration and magnetic expulsion there is in spirit.

My first lady on the field brought a lot of clarity to this understanding, just by her visual.  She was encased in what I thought was a glass box, very much like sleeping beauty, the field made sure I knew it was quartz not glass.  She like many others thru the day, was suspended on this side of the full moon, hovering.  Inside of her quartz encasement was a light blue energy.  The reason she is encased is because she is 2 months pregnant and this must be more gentle on her and the baby than on others who are not pregnant with a new kind of life form (baby.)

I understood the light blue to be Source energy.  Everyone of is a part of Source (god, creator, whatever) and if we do whatever we are being filled to do, creator is the most prominent energy people will feel.  Pure love, unconditional and will serve to allow them to take in whatever you are sharing in the moment.  For this lady in particular, she is also being infused with the new frequencies of the quartz kingdom for use in her practice down the line.

September may seem like a slow-moving month, but it is all gearing up to the golden energy of October.  Ohhhhh…. and there are two more super infusions coming up.  One kinda makes me nervous, lol.  December.  The entire month of december is pitch black and spirit said thru the entire month we will be downloaded with huge doses of energy.  We get another massive blast in March.

Shit, I am barely recovered from August!!

There is so much more to share, but dammit if I didn’t wake up late, so I gave you the short version today.  No doubt, even more to be added/understood tomorrow.

I love you all so much and thank you for showing up in the field so we can all understand what the hell we got ourselves into now!!  I appreciate you more than my words will ever express!!  So do many others around the world!!

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of gooey moon juice to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The LAST super moon special: BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):









  1. Wow, Lisa, this is so amazing! When I read about the golden gun, Tori Amos’s song “Cornflake Girl” started playing in my head: “And the man with the golden gun thinks he knows so much, thinks he knows so much, yeah …” And just for fun I googled it and found that there was a James Bond movie called “The Man With The Golden Gun”. The first sentence that jumped out at me from Wikipedia was that “the film has Bond sent after the Solex Agitator, a device that can harness the power of the sun” So maybe that’s what this is all about, we’re supposed to learn to harness the power of the sun! Symbol language is just sooo cool … *lol*

    re: Calibration: Wednesday I did a shamanic singing session for a man, and after that I felt new facilities coming online in my brain. Today I feel like everything that used to be my past is just gone … it still feels really weird that suddenly there’s nothing where all this “stuff” used to be …

    Love that moon artwork you chose for this post! 🙂



  2. Hey Li li, whoot whoot! Being chill but your visual about the sun impregnating the moon is exactly one of the visuals I have used during sacred sexual practice where the sun, Saboath imbues the goddess within her hara with his solar energy! Have been feeling that dynamic for a while now, as I am very connected to the moon goddess Diana.

    Beautiful stuff…patience for me is key. LOL you know that! Huge hugs! Alex


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  4. Wow! Yes I am getting something huge near the end of October. Thank you for all the pointers and affirmations the visions are new to me but pouring in and you are very much helping me understand them and the fact that I do not have to lose my mind =) ❤


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