Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 3, 2014

We Are At The Docking Station, Do You Know Your Next Destination?


The more I think about it, or perhaps better stated, experience the energies of September thru all the readings, the more it feels like a hub or a port of sorts.  I think I can best explain it like an airport.  We just disembarked from the plane we were on and between now and the full moon on September 9th, our job is to find out next airplane, our next destination.  I am finding, there is a lot of people who have no idea where their connecting flights are because they have yet to decide their next destination.  Others have decided to go back to familiar shores to finish up old stories.  So far, only two people I have read for have put enough energy, enough “inner knowing” out that started to illuminate the energy of the full moon.

This particular time we are in is so unusual it is really taking me some time to really understand the significance of it all and how to apply its importance to our day-to-day life.  I can also understand why the post I put out the other day, “looking back as we move forward,” was so important.

We, as a collective, made a choice to bring in the new earth together.  In firmly committing to that choice, we took a major leap of faith off the old earth onto this new but temporary earth, a way station of sorts.  The moment we made that leap, change started.  Old realities started melting down, our damn (blessed) bodies started melting down.  Our old desires went by the way side.  New inspirations started to come in, new dreams and desires, new opportunities and so on.  But nothing ever felt solid.  That no matter what we got ourselves into, there was something else looming around the corner to experience or let go of.

To put this into my own context, I re-met my father after a 36 year estrangement and watched him go back to Heaven 18 months later.  A beautiful blue-eyed man showed up at my doorstep to awaken the relationship desire within me and yet, he wasn’t really free to be in a relationship fully.  He was a beautiful gift that gave me the clarity of what I do want.  The only really solid thing I can say happened during this time in my world, I put down roots here in the Jemez.  I have been floating from here to there for the last 14 years pretty much, experiencing myself, reclaiming bits and pieces of my soul energy, clearing old karma and now, I Am Home.  But even finding “home,” one can slip into a comfortableness, where you stop searching out the new.  I didn’t even realize how much I had done just that this year, at least, until recently.

As we all entered the last of August, every one of us was expelled from that temporary earth and placed here at the way station.  Everyone of us has a ticket in our hands or at least, tucked into the deeper pockets of our pants, but it is there.  The ticket itself emerged from all we let go, took in, grew in desire, hoped with all our hearts for, and yet, it is our responsibility to walk thru the turnstile that will get us to that place of dreams made manifest.

One of my readings yesterday, really got me thinking how we are being shown this time we are in.  To show up on the field with your bubble of creation in tact, that really needs to be celebrated.  You have put choices and desires into action, into an energy field of coming experiences.  The clearer you are about which turnstile you want to walk thru, the energy of the full moon is already guiding your way.

In the last two or three days, of the 10-15 connections so far, only two people showed up in the field with the bottom part of the moon shining down on their new path in life.  I say new path simply because they were in an energy line directly (6″) beneath the moon itself.  There were even zaps of electricity coming out, powering up their train to their bigger destination.  Others were making their way up to this new energy line and one sitting in review of all that got her to there.

However, there is one that really took me by surprise.  When she showed up, there was no bubble of creation, hell there wasn’t even the moon.  There was just her sitting on the sidelines of her created landscape.  Her position was the southeast quadrant.  Not in the past, but not in the new beginnings either.  Altho her entire reading was flooded with light, there was no movement either, no details, no nothing really, except her dressed as a princess sitting in the position of the “great thinker.”  This is what over thinking anything gets you… nothing.  There is no energy bubble to create with, there isn’t even the energy of the full moon.  There is just sitting and thinking.  This is not the zero point you want to get yourself to!! (smile, hug)

Suddenly, a second aspect was presented in her reading, directly over the place I call the core energy.  This image looked like something out of the Macy’s Day Parade.  A really large, over inflated balloon image of her.  Just floating above her core energy.  I realized this aspect was her soul energy, Over inflated with the vital energy that will take her into her new landscape, her new exciting life, if she would just stop thinking.  Her job now is to be open to the energy, the helium if you will, to be released back into her with inspiration, direction, desire and then to ACT on it.  As the beautiful and divine soul would have it, she is going on vacation tomorrow for two weeks.  Sometimes the very best way to get inspired is to completely disembark from the routine of the hamster wheel and stop thinking things thru to the point of voiding the energy!

So what if you don’t make conscious choices of your own accord?  What I didn’t realize until right now, you will be placed in a choice galaxy (so to speak lol.)  A temporary place when you can finally and fully see the importance of putting action into inspiration.  Think of it this way, you will be presented with all the things you don’t want so you can choose again, inspirationally and put blind trust into motion.

Of course, even when we have made concrete choices and the direction/destination is assured, man oh man there is a lot that was sitting at the bottom of the barrel that rises to the top, speaking of myself of course!!  I have spent 14 years fine tuning, perfecting the connection with my soul and the soul of all life, now I gotta make nice nice with the physical aspect of me, more plainly stated, the expanded body that I am encased in.  Things you didn’t even fully realize that made one insecure and to find that new, unrelenting place of full acceptance, no matter the guise.

Which suddenly brings me to another reading this past week.  This lady showed up with her new energized bubble of creation, and suddenly the front of her bubble unzippered itself.  This really took me by surprise because there was no connection, that I was now getting familiar with, from the moon itself, instead, it just unzipped and this long sexy leg seductively stuck itself out from inside her bubble.  All I could think of was a burlesque show!!  Sexy, strutting, alluring.  I think she is going to really be steaming up the men that cross her path and they won’t even know what hit them.  But isn’t that life itself… always cross pollinating itself with itSelf!!

What was very interesting with her sexy, burlesque attire was the fact that it was a shiny maroon color.  November.  Once again, we skipped right over the energy of October.  But this morning, I am really feeling that October is going to be more of an orientation period, given the choices or non-choices of this moment.  November feels like when the egg meets the sperm and new life (or lack there of) is solidified.

Until tomorrow… go impregnate your Life!!  Or at least, get your sexy on!!

Big (((HUGZ))) of inspired action to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The LAST super moon special: BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):















  1. Lisa, Last I heard you wanted to take September and October off to heal yourself. I went online and rescheduled my Sept 4 10:00am appointed for Nov 4 10:00am, but I didn’t know how to remove myself from Sept 4. Did I do the right thing? If you want me to keep the Sept 4 appointment, please let me know. Thanks, Ellen Wisewoman 541-905-2039 Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 13:22:09 +0000 To:


  2. Dear Li li, LMAO I have to giggle so hard because I was JUST using the sperm and egg metaphor related to having faith in the process and allowing the changes to flow through and putting the brain on the back burner and having confidence in the body to know what to do…

    One thing I will certainly confirm is the feeling of temporary energy–how things seem to be coalescing but only for brief periods. Even the way we “interact” with things and people seem temporary–alliances formed, relationships shifting…change seems the only constant in conjunction with the ever increasing light.

    Big hugs and talk to you tomorrow! Whoot! 🙂 Alex


  3. […] / link to original article […]


  4. ok there is a reply,
    before i go on my way
    firsto thewater
    i wanted to add that
    for me the rising to the higher level correlates with
    alowing sensitivity
    unhandling of others
    and turning each vibration
    to positive to selftness

    there is no deal
    and this has come
    to conclusion

    hence the risingis
    in highteing realms
    of prespective

    which was contradicting
    now all coming into view
    thus different prespectives are implied
    especially that which helps
    further rising as love concours

    so eventually
    this happiness is ours

    if that also opening my space and inviting actual traveling
    i will go

    with love


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