Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 30, 2014

Looking Back as We Move Forward!


Thank goodness, one more day and we close the door to August.  For me personally, it has been the roughest of months this whole year.  However, as I look back on all the months this year, for the majority of them, I was glad to see them go.  What a biologically rough year!!  I suppose tho, thru the snot and the hacking, it has been equally illuminating.  

I know that we don’t usually look at this time of year in relationship to New Years, but it really does have the feel of New Years, maybe, New Life period is a better term.  But, before we look ahead, lets look back and see what all brought us to here.

The last quarter of 2012, we were in the choice of choices of all collective lifetimes.  We could stay back and play in the mundane world as it was or we could take a blind leap of faith and be the creators of Heaven on earth, more plainly stated, continue the acceleration of the ascension process.

This choice was given to every human on the planet, whether they realized how important a choice they were making, or not.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look out the window into the vast landscape of life to see who made what choice, at least, as far as the public figures go.

2013 presented us with even more choices, as well leapt from one vibrational world to the other, what were we willing to let go of?  Spirit showed us so many of the perks, but they are so pesky, when it comes to the hazards, they can really pull the curtains down on our knowing.  

This letting go process was so huge, we had well over a year and a half to get it done.  Letting go of old concepts, old relationships, old worn out feelings of unworthiness and the like.  Many people experience life changing events, moves to new landscapes, new jobs, new loves, new abilities within themselves.  And even all the new that arrived in 2013, we are being asked to thin out our garden once again.  Make room for the new.

As 2013 picked up steam and we put a lot of new energy into our lives, new thoughts, new ways of being in life, the avalanche of new, never before energy on this earth plane started to be release with the last quarter of 2013.  The acceleration began in earnest.  Our bodies appeared to pay the highest price of these new energies as the cellular structure was forced into change.  With each new release of energy, the stakes got higher.  More thinning of lifes garden, more discarding of the old thought and ideas about life washing out from the brain, and god bless our bodies, even more heightened cellular change.  

For me personally, 2013 thru this present moment felt more like hell inside the body than any version of heaven I might have held.  

Thru it all, there have been the miracles we have created, the opportunities to really live life large, sudden onsets of spiritual abilities, more ways of focusing on the heart center instead of the outside window of chaos.  

This two year period, from the last quarter of 2012 to this very moment, has the been largest, fastest acceleration of Life this plane of existence ever knew.  And we survived it all!!  Do not ever, not for a single moment, think you are weak.  If you are walking and talking at this moment, you are stronger than you have ever given yourself credit for.  Throw yourself a flippin party!!  Cuz YOU MADE IT!!  There is no turning back now.  OK, maybe that is not the best phrase to use.  There are some who are stepping back into a perceivable new life to tidy up old energy.  Don’t dilly dally there, it doesn’t have to be a lifetime event, unless you choose it that way.

Then there are those, so stripped of everything that was/is their life and standing at the edge of the cliff, one foot off and jumping at opportunities that suddenly and even, seemingly out of the blue, are being presented.

Of course, there are those who are desperate for change in their life, but still on the side of terrified to do anything outside of their comfort zone.  For those of you sitting here, hang onto your seats, its going to get more intense.  Think of it like a volcano ready to spew.  You have until the equinox of September 22nd to get out willingly or be spewed out by the forces of nature,

Then there are many like myself, we started stipping down years ago.  Leaving go all that we held close to our hearts and moved into brand new lives and started to work anew.  Twisting, turning, stripping again.  Working out all the details and residual inner karma (which is very different than outer karma) so that when 2012 arrived (not that any of us knew that going in) we would be so pristine that there would be nothing left but to be filled with the new energies.  Someone (many) must break ground first.  For those in this position, you are really going see how grand a genie you kept in the bottle, that is now released (you and the bottle have always been one and the same.)  

I want to make clear as well, there is no ahead or behind in any of these scenarios. If you look at it as a wave of energy, you are in the position of this fast moving wave that you need to be in.  

These three super moons we have lived thru, were truly pressure cookers on every level.  Bringing up every last debris we had to release, some new ones we collected along the way, and prepared us with out new shiny and silky clothes.

We get one last look around thru September, then we solidify the choices (or non choices) and either move onto the next earth, much higher frequency than this current one, or hang out here until May of next year, when one of the cycles within cycles completes itself and new doorways open.  

For me, the first first new action/choice I am making is finding my Jorge.  Today I have my first “real” date since geez, 2007 that was provided by the man-garden of eHarmony.  What is kind of funny, suddenly I became very self aware of my body, my outward appearing body.  Not only has my wisdom expanded since moving to the Jemez, so has my waistline (gulp.)  Here’s hoping he see’s beyond the physical (and even, without my mane intact, yikes, a Leo can sure feel nakkid with short hair!!)

I am so excited to see what we have all produced together as we journey into September, and thank you dear god, on the other side of this last super moon.

I love you all so much, your rock my world on every conceivable level.  Thank you for allowing me to understand and change myself, because of your desire to understand and change yourself!!  We really are ONE!!

 (((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of new adventures and absolute bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Hi Li li! I do hope you enjoy your date and meeting George! Thanks for the beautiful “recap” of the past 2 years. As we move through each now moment we tend to forget how very far we have come along the path! I feel blessed beyond words to have been a part of your sharing for these past two years–it is all about the journey and not the destination, but the different stops along the way can be wicked fun or teach us so much! Big hugs and i think you look so cute with your rockin bob! 🙂 Love, Alex


  3. Sending you a blessing for Wealth & Abundance in every conceivable way 🙂
    Get all dolled up & strut your stuff, baby!
    Here’s a little musical inspiration just for you 😉


  4. Thank you for this message. It was good to remember what happened over the last two years and is STILL happening. I did not know what was happening while I was in it, though. I only just was introduced to ascension yet a part of me knew about it all along. The energies have really been hitting me hard since mid-July. Hoping to hang in there and move past this point and forward.


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