Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 23, 2014

It is Time to Harvest The Fruits of Your Labor.



Now, to pick up on all the things I didn’t have time to share yesterday.  This confluence of energies are truly wet and wild, potent and passionate and easily missable (is that a word? lol.)  Keeping in mind, every one of us is in a unique phase of our own in this massive, life changing energy system that is still underway, do not ever look to your neighbor and think your missing something.  Ever.  For some, the fruits of the previous years labors are starting to become realized, for others, it looks like everything in your life is at a standstill and there is no real place to turn to, for others it almost feels like the need to escape as the energies mount up and seem to be crushing the emotional field.

Even tho the field seems to constantly preach “action” sometimes the best action we can take is focused energy on the desire without trying to force it into our lives now.  For many of us, waiting for right time, right confluence of energy is not our greatest gift, especially if we are seeing movement in others lives and not our own.  Or worse yet, we want change so badly we are willing to force into our lives, even if everything around us seems to be pushing back and not letting your action flow in harmony with results.

From what I can see and understand from the past two days of readings, there are those who have been focused on desires for the past year or two, for those, results, the fruits of your garden are visible and creating the pathway to that outcome.  Action is knocking on your door in unmistakable ways, it’s your job to leave expectation in the background and open the door and dance.

However, the most important thing I want to share today about all this crazy, exciting energy, is for those who feel like nothing is happening, that they are stuck.  A great example was given thru one of the readings yesterday that I hope will help settle those of you who feel stuck or at a stand still.  Imagine you are waiting for someone to come pick you up and take you somewhere.  You go out and stand in the middle of the road, since they must travel that way to get to you.  As you stand there, there doesn’t seem to be a car in sight, the road suddenly feels lonely and still.  What you do not realize is that car that is supposed to pick you up is 2 miles down the road, your vision (nor mine, smile) can see it coming you yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on its way.  It is traveling the perfect speed and will meet you at the exact time (spiritual time, not human time lol) to take you onward to your next great adventure.  This is assuming you have put the seeds of desire in the ground to grow over the last year or two.  Of course, I will give you my own living examples.

About two years ago, thru my meditative world called my bathtub an energy presented itself looking very much like my first true love in this lifetime, George.  As he got closer to me, his form changed a bit and his energy was very spirit as opposed to human, he called himself Jorge.  We met many times over the course of these last two years and the one thing I knew for sure, because he said so all the time, he will present himself in human form when the time was right.  And I waited… and waited… and waited.

About 3 months ago, I became haunted by eHarmony.  I seen it in my email, heard it on the commercials that prior, I never even listened to.  I know when spirit is trying to bang me over the head with a brick, so I signed up to eHarmony for 6 months (a special they were running.)  Over that time, I have had starts and stops with a few guys on that site, nothing that really tripped my trigger at all.  I knew, or should I say, thought I knew (smile) that when I seen this person that would be “Jorge” I would recognize his energy, so far, nuttin.

Two days after I went into the spiritual garage and all my outer connections were down, someone sent me a smile.  At least he was in Albuquerque, so I smiled back and the exchange began.  I made sure in the exchanges to give him a link to my website.  I am not your usual girl and play wildly outside of the box, if he could handle that, god bless him!  Even tho he doesn’t live and breathe the world that I do, he didn’t tuck tail and run lol.  Whats funny, I didn’t even really pay attention to what he name is, I was busy being sick (with the spiritual flu.)  As I started to move back into my… an experience that was so amazing, I am going to change the subject just a bit to share that experience.

After 16 days of being completely down, depleted energetically and sleeping easily 18 hours a day, waking only to cough, attempt to breathe and allow the bodily functions to have their way,  three days ago, at about 4pm, I could feel this energy flow into my body at my back.  I started to see it as well, an effervescent golden like energy that was in the stream of like a garden hose, coming into the place I call the sacral-plexus (the area between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus.)  I could feel it filling me with vital energy again.  Phew… this was a major miracle to me.  I was starting to feel like I would never feel good again.  Thank God I was wrong!!

As I was laying down attempting to find sleep (why couldn’t I have been filled at the start of the day instead of the end lol) suddenly like something out of a cartoon, a waft of energy holding the name George floated from my left side and streamed across my eyes.  What the hell is that??  My soul was not leaving anything to doubt… OMG its my eHarmony guy, his name is George!!  How did I not get that connection before??  I will blame it on being in the garage.  We are now talking about meeting, but we have not even talked on the phone yet.  I threw him my phone number and told him to call me.  He did send an reply asking me what time would be good on Friday, I just never had the chance to write him back and say between 6:30-7pm.

Last night at 6:45 my phone rings and a man says hi, this is George.  I about shit!!  First, I forgot he asked about calling on Friday night and second, since I never emailed him, I figured he wouldn’t call.  The first thing that flew out of my mouth was, OMG you must be psychic too and explained what happened.  We talked for an hour, effortlessly and with no dead space.  That alone is something.  He is coming for dinner a week tomorrow.  This is going to be interesting.

So all of that to say, if you have been focused, planted the seeds where they needed to be planted, THIS is your time to find your field of harvest!!  Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

For those who could not get clear (energetically speaking) this is your time to get clear within.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the energies or the mounting emotions of others, both people and environments, step back, take a clearer look within yourself.  What do you really desire within?  Are you putting action where it is needed or where it is familiar?  Acting for the sake of acting is not really action, often times it is just grabbing at straws and hoping you pick a good one.

We have become utterly and absolutely responsible for all we are doing (and not doing) this is how we not only learn what we are doing correctly, but equally give us the validation that sometimes, the growing season is longer than we expected, but does show up at the perfect time.  For others, you may find you created your own version of GMO’s, desire and fear blended together to produce larger outcomes to be aware of.

Keep in mind, the blow back of this final super moon is solidifying the energies as your next reality, be clear in your desire, your focus and your actions.  We will have one more chance to choose again as we head into the equinox of September, then… we enjoy (or endure) our choices thru May 2016.

Let me mention too, we are always within cycles within cycles, within cycles.  We started a cycle back in january 2013 that will be culminating with May 2015 and yet, embarking on another full cycle October 2014 that will run thru 2016.  When we have learned and absorbed all we needed from any given cycle, it releases itself and never has to be experienced in that way again.  What we don’t learn from, merges with the next cycle and gets larger and more unmistakable in lessons.

Choose wisely, your version of heaven on earth depends on it!!

Until tomorrow, big big ((((((HUGZ))))) of pollinated seeds of dreams come true to All!!  I love you!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Later today (promise, I didn’t get to it yesterday)  I will be putting a special together, something I am fondly calling“Lisa’s Bailout Plan” lol with the BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  I will have it on my website later today, but you can access it thru this link and scroll towards the bottom:










  1. Lisa, I’m so happy for you! I have been following your blog for a few months now. Love and light to you. Good luck with George! Spirit allows finds a way, does it not…


  2. Yayyy….have a good dinner date!! That’s very exciting!

    Also, just when I almost give up on life you come through with the most timely messages! Ugh..I just feel as though nothing is going on right in my life! But reading your blog today gives me hope! Thanks for that.


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  4. All I can say is “Wow”! This is exactly how I am feeling now! I’m so glad that you posted this! Good luck with George!


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  6. Dear Li li, all I can do is smile and giggle along with spirit. Of COURSE his name is George! LMAO…awesome. Making the choice to be observant at this time and see what presents itself to me. This phase of my life (empty nest that is not truly empty as I have a very full divine space of love) has been ramping up for the last 20 years as I made the choice to stay at home and be with my kids. This is my time now, my flowering and my choice within the divine construct of co-creating the next possible and wonderful reality with my family. Rushing it just to feel safe really negates the energy of planting those seeds of desire which included fun, joy, prosperity, vibrant health, increased spiritual connection and gifts…fear really does put the kibosh on the gently unfurling flowers of the field! Huge hugs and enjoy your getting to “know” the new george! 🙂 Alex


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