Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 10, 2014

A Sharing from the Spiritual Parking Garage!

Bird Tribe

I am still very much in “Holy Week” within my biological and spiritual structures.  That is to say, still very much going thru changes and remain voiceless and breathless thru it all.  But the more I allow and receive, the holier this entire process gets.  The one thing I know from the depths of my soul, if it is happening to me, it is happening to you too… if you allow.

There is so much I want to share from these last several days of deep inner silence/awareness, in no particular order (since the days seem to blur into one another at this point lol.)

The second day of being parked in the spiritual garage, I got to witness (that does not mean understand, at least, not at that point) what else was happening to me.  I watched and felt as my team seemed to open a flap of energy just outside the top of my head.  Once the flap was pulled up, I watched as all these spiral energy thingies (that looked very much like this:)



come in from above and land in various parts of the left side of my brain.  I had already seen many spirals in the readings so I did understand that they were serving to opening up new things, what tripped me up a bit, when I seen them in the readings, it usually had everything to do with a persons physical life path.  New things opening up for them to experience and grow with/from.  I was kind of excited to think new things, new understandings perhaps, would be opening inside of me.

I stayed dizzy the better part of that morning, but with such gratitude and anticipation to watch it all unfold.

However, just before this amazing event of my morning, something surprising presented itself.  Before I gave up trying to write a blog and retreated to my couch to concentrate on breathing, I went to that very sacred place I call my holy toilet.  Gotta let some coffee out!!  As I sat there I could suddenly see three Beings standing behind my computer chair.  I recognized their form instantly, what many would call angels.  I was stunned and had to ask, what are you doing here.  Their reply was simple, we are here to help.  Alrighty then!!

I have long ago released my interpretation of angels from the mass belief system of this planet.  The winged ones are actually what we would call ET’s, from another world, another universe beyond our own.

As I made my way to the couch to ponder, I suppose they could hear my unspoken questions… they started to explain a bit more about themselves.  In what we call ancient lore.  We have called these Beings many things over the millennia, “Thunder Beings, Thunder Birds, The Bird Tribes and so on, all one and the same.  They explained how they got those names.  When they emerged thru the portal/gateway it always created a thunderous boom, what we now call the sonic boom.  Tho the friction of their entry also created thunder storms too.  They came at a time when our earth was in great turmoil, to assist.  They appeared in their natural form, most closely related to our raptures (birds) with some humanoid looking qualities.  They left because they started to become worshipped as gods, to this very day really.   And that is all they shared before I got my energy lobotomy that morning.

The day (I think) I had an appointment with my boob doctor to get the stitches out from my double punch biopsy (which was perfectly normal, minus some dermatitis) and I set out to finally get those strings out of my boob.  I depend heavily on my GPS system to get me where I need to go and much to my dismay, my phone had a very strange problem, it was stuck in “airplane mode.”  What the hell?  I turned it off, then on, took the battery out, put it back in, I couldn’t get out of airplane mode to save my life, which of course completely disables the GPS system or my ability to call for directions and considering I had no voice, calling anyone was out of the question anywayz.  I stopped several places to ask for directions, most people couldn’t understand me, I had no voice at all and even my whisper was very raspy and created tremendous coughing.  Thank goodness for one man at Domino’s who actually could lip read and knew exactly how to get me to where I needed to go.  I showed up a half hour late.

When I first got scheduled with this wonderful boob specialist, I felt my body’s reaction to just his name.  I was flushed with this sense of well-being just looking him up on the internet.  In that very moment, every worry I had about my breast, vanished.

When I seen him the other day, something even more amazing happened.  I could whisper to him and not a single cough came out of me.  He, on the other hand, coughed all the way thru our conversation, he even laughed and said he must be empathizing with me.  I replied that it is a miracle that I can talk to you without coughing.  But there was something more happening, and it is so hard to describe… his energy became very relaxed, less doc mode more him mode.   We discussed my bizarreness of my coughing periods.  The months I don’t bleed I get asthma like symptoms and cough my voice out. every single time.  He even asked me that pesky question “do you smoke” I giggled and in a child like reply simply said “of course I do.”  It is in that very moment, something very evident happened energetically.  He just smiled at me and whatever he was going to say about that reply, vanished without a trace.

This is really a profound thing here.  We are so programmed in our bias, in our beliefs, in what so many have told us is true, to think, to expect… that in a moment, a nano-second of true energy exchange, that bias can become non-existent, which for us in body, is a HUGE acceleration of our frequency.  I experienced it just be feeling his name and fully surrendering my worry of breast cancer, and the karmic gift was exchanged within this moment of exchange too.

While getting lost trying to find my way home (still in airplane mode) I felt this amazing pang of intense love for this doctor I will probably never see again, it could have almost been mistaken for that feeling we get when we release we are “in love” with someone, same feeling.

I have not had an issue with my phone being stuck in airplane mode ever since.  But I did take to wikipedia to really understand that mode a bit deeper:

Airplane mode is a setting available on many mobile phones, smartphones and other electronic devices that, when activated, suspends many of the device’s signal transmitting functions, thereby disabling the device’s capacity to place or receive calls or use text messaging – while still permitting use of other functions that do not require signal transmission (e.g., games, built-in camera, MP3 player).  …Signal-transmitting technologies such as Bluetooth and wifi are also disabled in airplane mode, but receive-only technologies like FM radio and GPS still operate if the device is so equipped. Some models disable GPS and other passive features, but this is inconsistent among manufacturers, since these latter functions are permitted on some aircraft and not others. (I guess on my aircraft, it was not permitted lol.)

Instead of being active, you become passive and really open to experience on all levels (except traveling the earth lol.)

With my days still very much in the mode of silence and my nights awake with amazing coughing.  I will not ever complain about the coughing because I can still see and feel the energy changes that are taking place within it.  But even more amazing was the vision I have gotten from the moon in relationship to all this.

Since I started this path in earnest, my monthly cycles have changed its pattern to cycle with either the full moon or the new moon, it remains that way to this day.  As I was pondering why this cough and wheeze is so intense only during the night-time, or really, as the sun sets… I was shown the energy of the moon like an amazing band of translucent energy that moved in from the back of the heart chakra thru the core and out the front of the heart chakra, having emerged from one side of the moon and connect to the other.  The lunar cycles have always been associated with emotion, with the water energy on earth and the effect it has on the tides.  So is true for us.

When we are clear about who we are, emotionally, inside, we are expanded into the next greatest version of our self.  When we are not, we are expanded into the next greatest version to remind us of our true divinity.  Contrast.  We can see it playing out loud in this first half of the three super moon cycle with Israel and Palestine, and with our poor lost (but I still love him) president Obama.  Banging the war drums because at this moment, thats all they know of themselves.  It is what others have told them about themselves and what works and does not work, even tho their (our) history shows how much it does not work at all.  We keep repeating cycles until we finally get it.

This is a landscape of duality and both expressions are honored and loved from the All of the universe.  So as the dark gets darker, the light gets lighter.

I am also finding in this incredible Holy week of change, I am having one day where I can breathe (not talk tho) with ease, and another day not so much.  I took advantage of one of the breathing days to go to the store and get some supplies.  These breathing days are also the days I am seeing and understanding so very much about this precious time we are all in.

On my drive, I started to think about what was happening in my body.  I am in about day 4 or 5 of being down, having rescheduled every day of being down and holding my place in not complaining or feeling bad (well, still working on not feeling bad about rescheduling, but it is not lasting as long as it once did) and something started to overwhelm my whole Being.  True, absolute Reverence.  What my body was going thru, how hard it was working to change, my vocal chords for willingly shutting down so the higher frequencies can impart their energies within them.  I became so reverent in that moment that I took myself by surprise.  I do not think I ever felt exactly like this before.  It was different from love, I could only relate it to something we would see as holy and the feelings we have when we witness and experience something holy.

Suddenly, my mind went back to the very first book I ever read as I started this path:  The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  I didn’t understand a word I was reading, yet there was something about his chapter on Reverence that I kept going back to, still didn’t understand it, but felt its importance.  I know totally and completely understand it and more importantly, live within it, or is it thru it since I am one with my body??

I also remembered some of the readings and the sharings from last month.  That this is a time where we will be experiencing at least 5 individuations of love as a living mirror.  There is no doubt in my heart, Reverence is one of mine.

Over the many years upon this path, I have got to be conscious part of many things.  I have merged with the trees to feel their sap moving up and down their wet living wood, I have been the dirt and felt all its experiences as it rains or becomes dry, when a foot steps upon it and leaves an energy imprint from whatever they were feeling in that moment, to the energy of my computer, my kitchen table but this week presented something new.  To be in complete oneness with the day.  Not what is happening in the day, but with the day itself.  The day itself has no agenda, no anything really.  It simply IS.  However, manythings happen in what we call a day.  Elements gather and express themselves (rain, storms, snow, etc) WE gather and express ourselves (love, silence, war, sex) and it is grateful to be a part of it all.  Imagine that… grateful to be a part of it ALL.

Being a part of the day, I was watching the weather channel and the two hurricanes heading for Hawaii.  This is the first time a hurricane will make landfall in Hawaii in 22 years.  Can we see the energy of the TWO’s here.  Duality.  And then the day shared something profound with me.

We, as a “professed” enlightened species constantly think of weather as cleansing, but yet that very thought keeps us from seeing/knowing what is really happening.  Hawaii, the only remnants of Lemuria that is visible above the sea to this day.  Deep within the sea lives the wisdom, the Light body and its fully (and very different function that we have now) of the days, the many many millennia of Lumeria.  What we perceive as a cleansing is actually a bringing up of ancient wisdom, of energy, of ways of Living beyond what we comprehend now.

We, as a historical “thinker” think something is wrong when energies conspire to do something different and we attempt to stop it.  We do this with our weather, with each other, with our own bodies and so much more.  It is only when we stop thinking we know something (based on past experience or bias) do we allow for the new.  To Live fully and unconditionally in the New (which is not new at all, but the TRUE way of Living.)

There is so much more to share, however, I am slipping back into my garage.  Happy (2 of 3) Super Full Moons to everyone.

With oh so much love and awe and Holiness to and from every molecule in creation, (((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas












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  2. Hello Lisa…The ancient wisdom rose up in me here on the remnants of Lemuria in the mountains spoke to me about our inner stillness..the calm within..the ability to be the mountain, or anything else for that the hurricanes were a whisper in the wind and they thanked us for the ability to do what they do well..bring things up and down….Yes to your open big heart! Heart to Heart Robyn


  3. You are a beautiful and courageous soul! I have only love and respect for you my dear! Thank you for laying it all out on the line for us and making yourself vulnerable. As I read your latest message (something I have been waiting for for days) I asked the question, why does she still do it? Why doesn’t she give up already? So many broken promises for so many of us and yet you continue to preserver and show us an endless journey of strength. Thank you for being you! I love and celebrate you Lisa! 🙂 You are Amazing!! Never give up the fight, (but I know you wouldn’t ever….)


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  5. Hi Lisa,

    I am used to seeing you post nearly every day and hope you are OK.


  6. Huge hugs Dearest Li li and keep on keepin on! 🙂 Alex


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