Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 5, 2014

Your Breath of Life!


I think for forever we have been so programmed to “breath in the light” to help us along our journey.  How many of us have ever stopped to really ponder that we are equally exhaling the light, or some version of it, all day long.  Until today, I never really gave that much thought.

So long ago, in the innocence of my beloved bathtub journeys, I pleaded with spirit to let me help others to not only understand that there is more to us than ever met the outer eye, but to equally help others to change as I was changing.

What we ask for and how it unfolds rarely is the same as our view of it.  Altho my last 14 years have been dedicated to exactly that, it has taken so many twists and turns along the way that you forget so much of what you asked of the universe.  I wanted (and still do) to understand all I could about everything “energy” as if affects our daily lives.  Altho, I learn so flipping much from each of you, I tend to forget just how much I learn from mySelf too.  To be an active player on the field of life and witnessing what is happening within me is as crucial to my (our) understandings as is the external.  I forget that a lot of the times, today especially!!

Last evening at the stroke of midnight, my lungs started to go thru the change, again.  Wheezy, tight, coughing…  but something was very different about it all, especially with the coughing.  I could feel tones pinging against my vocal chords every time I let out a series of coughs, an inner audible vibration happening with the coughing.  Of course, I was only half thinking this is extraordinary, the other half and more present part of me was thinking holy shit, if this keeps up I will have no voice tomorrow and I would pop in a halls cough drop.  Can I just say, those little things are like magic!!  lol

For hours, off and on, I woke up coughing and wheezing and eventually down right bitching.  All I could think of is my schedule and how I am not going to be able to accommodate it if this keeps up… again!!!  It didn’t matter, my bitching fell on deaf spirit ears!!

When I finally woke up for the day, by brains felt like there were off drifting in a distant sea, my breathing still a bit labored and my body just down right tired.  I just kinda sat here, staring at my computer screen, unable to do much else.

My 8am appointment rolled around and that now too familiar rasp came out of my mouth.  Dammit, I coughed most of my voice out.  We talked for a little minute and I could feel my head getting dizzy with my attempt to talk, but what was so amazing is I could see the light swirling around my head in the dizzy.  That is kinda kewl really!!  I knew my day’s plans were trashed and sent everyone else an email to reschedule.  I sat here just bitching to myself and I could see that swirling light choke up and disappear.  What the hell??

I must have recentered my emotional self, cuz I could feel my bitch mode release and then the entire top of my head became a heat stack.  Poof, a massive release of heat.  That at least provided a little more energy so I decided to use it on bird duty.  The hummer feeders needed refilled, so I took my tired body outside to bring in the feeders, the moment I got in alignment with the feeders I got really dizzy and seen not only swirling white light in my head, there was a little violet in there too.  How kewl is that!!

With bird duty done, I sat back at my computer… and instantly I heard my team say to me:  “You have asked to be able to understand what is happening and yet, when you receive the intimate details, you complain.:  Hmmmmm…. never thought of it that way really.  Ok, I won’t complain.  That must have been the signal my team was waiting for because instantly I could see what is really happening within, the details I just could not get from anywhere else but inside of my Self.

The energy I refer to as the west field, the field of harvest is merging with the energy of the upcoming full moon as a catalyst from this previous full moon and infusing itself into our pineal gland.  The light within all of LIFE is changing.  For a lack of a better way of saying this, it is becoming more of what it is.  Pure Love.  Pure Creation.

As I am getting to witness within myself today, it is coming in in waves, changing the pineal chemical compounds, which of course will trigger changes in all the other glands as all of our chemicals are changed to emit our core energy field.  Equally, it is flowing thru our blood and into our lungs to become the very energy of creation as we exhale.

We are so programmed to take in the light that often times we don’t even think of the energy we release thru the breath, thru our heart and air.  Equally important to understand in these less forgiving times, just because we have made a habit of taking in light doesn’t always mean we have made a habit of LIVING that Light in all we do and say.

Something happened in the soul gym last evening that I had to ponder thru this moment.  We were talking about how we change ourselves and often times the people around us no longer like who we are.  My reply was something like, as long as when I got to sleep at night I am in love with myself and have “DONE NO HARM” …in that energy I could not hold back the tears from my eyes, the welling up in my heart.  I thought what a very strange body reaction to a very innocent sentence.

DO NO HARM in all you think, do and say.  It became incredibly clear when someone, quite innocently, called my cigarettes “cancer sticks” and proceeded to give me her judgement about them.  Not only did I feel the negative energy try to land on me, I also fully realized just how protective this energy that we are in the midst of becoming infused with is as well.  I could see that energy round-up and flood back into her.  All I did was bear witness to this and thought, holy shit!!  Think about the implications on all levels!!

If I am personally choking out my own Light simply by (inwardly) complaining about my day, imagine how it distorts when the energy is anything less than Love outwards.  Including to the very cigarettes themselves, which some body is going to smoke and take in that judgement unknowingly.  (And that is just a small example.)

Even with all of that, I can see what is happening to our plant life.  Think about this, we have an incredible exchange with the plant kingdom, they release oxygen, which we take in and exhale as CO2, which they take in.  There is becoming a super rarefied field between all things.  A network of intense light that will repel anything less than Love.  This network will strengthen as we emerge from the last of the super moons (Sept. 9th) and with one final choice point at the equinox… your/our experience is going to be pretty much heaven or hell (lessons to release the judgement and bias brought forth.)

Enjoy the confluence taking place within each and everyone of you.  Please act/Live responsibly!! (smile)

Now that I have expended every last drop of energy I had within, I am going to take a nap lol.

With webs of Light and pure radiant love, ((((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. Dearest Lisa, This was really helpful and validating ~ still have be with it for some time since I have a tendency to put definitions and limitations on things but this feels magical.
    I had an experience a month or more ago with nature itself while coming home at night under a clear star filled sky ~ gold and white lights flashing within the shrubs, it felt as though I had a community of friends around me and then one day while driving and acknowledging the very lay of the land, the trees, the sky, that same feeling overwhelmed me. It felt incredibly protective and interactive.
    I Love the photo you chose too, breathing Life into and on to the Earth. It feels good to be a place in our existence where we can really give back through the simplicity and purity of our very breath. Love it!!! Thank you sooo much 🙂


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  5. Dear Li li, huge hugs to you sweet heart and thanks for living your journey out loud for all of us to see! When you said that bit about going to bed still in love with yourself and doing no harm, i too got all emotional and said Fuck yeah! 🙂 Much love…Alex


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