Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 4, 2014

Cooking Up A Whole New Energy System Within!!

energy system

There is such an extraordinary process happening at this moment.  I have been seeing the changes happening in the field, but it still doesn’t give me the bird’s eye view from within the body, well, until yesterday.  I thought I was sick, little did I realize I was preparing for the heaven within!  Even tho i was asleep (I think) most of the day yesterday, I was completely aware of what was happening within and around my body.  But first let me back up to where the understanding and this process started.

About a week ago, I spent two days sweating like crazy.  But the crazy thing, I was primarily sweating (on the first day) on my forehead and my neck.  The second day, it was there plus the inside of my elbows as well as the upper part of my chest.

As I was shown yesterday all the interconnected work that I have been experiencing, that was the start of this upgrade.  The heat was produced from the core energy accelerating, new frequencies coming in and expanding.  I use my throat and pineal gland every day for what I do, so that is the most targeted area  for this expansion.  It will allow me to keep serving (read that as… understanding lol) in the way that I do.  The upper chest is in the area of passion, enhanced passion in new ways.  The elbows are the flexibility within the reach for life.  All working together to bring in so much new.  New growth, understanding, opportunities, connections so on.

However, yesterday, in my complete down time, I actually got to see the cells in the body going thru the changes needed to accommodate the higher frequencies.  As the cells change and vibrate higher, they produce heat.  The body releases the “waste” material thru the sweat glands and the pores.  Man oh man, I was kicking out all my old cell waste to beat the band!!  lol

Then, somewhere between that event and yesterday, holy cow did I get a case of the serious head spins.  To the point I thought I would fall over, and I was sitting down thru it all.  This lasted for hours, gratefully, long after my day of reading was done.  With the cells in the position to receive new instruction, the next to go thru the process was the pineal gland.  It was receiving wave upon wave of new light energy, new codes, new wisdom, all that stuff I keep saying is in the west field.  Now I know where it actually goes in the body!! lol

The night before last, as I was having a wonderful dinner with my prior roommate and her new roommate, my nose started running and I started sneezing.  I really thought it must be some pollen or something zooming around.  We spent a lot of time outside and by the river and with the rains we have had, the Mesa is in full bloom!!

Not so much, once they left, my entire body started an accelerated falling apart process lol.  Well, if felt like it was falling apart to me.  My throat became really sore, the congestion was now thick and steady in my head.  I walked into the bathroom (a 15 foot stroll) and was completely winded.  Rut roh, I remember this, just shit.  I scrambled to remember when my last period was, July went by so fast, I don’t think I bled that month.  Man, I so don’t want to spend my period wheezing again, we won’t even talk about the loss of voice.

I dug out my albuterol inhaler, took two puffs from that peace pipe to make nice nice with my lungs and went to bed.  I swear laying down just allows everything to pool up.  My nose was draining like crazy, my lungs wheezing to beat the band.  I drifted in and out of sleep and spent most of the night blowing my very full nose.

I woke up and felt like I was run over by a mac truck.  My head still super congested, my throat raw, I felt like if I made a sudden move my eyes would just be launched quickly out of my head.  But I am a crazy woman, I was not about to feel defeat with my schedule just yet, I was going to do my first reading and hope the inner storm let up just long enough to see.  Ohh hell no, I proceeded to cough like a wild woman, something I really wasn’t experiencing much of.  I went into voice protection mode.  I rescheduled her, wrote to everyone else on my calendar and explained what was happening and that I needed to reschedule.  Normally I wouldn’t leave the computer until I heard back from everyone and sent them a reply and new reading date, not yesterday.  My head was losing the fight with gravity and it became really difficult to keep it erect.

I tip-toed over to my couch, knowing I would hear the ping of an email coming in, then I could get up and tend to it.  Yeah right.   I didn’t leave the couch until late in the afternoon.  I think I fell asleep, but it was a very aware sleep.

I could feel the energy itself wrapping around my body like a girdle, especially at the waist.  In that moment, I was also seeing one of the readings from the day prior, this expanding white-blue ringed energy that formed like a funnel shape from her feet to way above her head, I did understand that was what I would call the “god energy” merging into her.  Well, now I got to see it from the inside out, forget see it, I got to FEEL it, quite a tight fit let me tell you lol.  As this energy encircled me and squished me tighter, it moved into my back at the solar plexus, talk about feeling seriously bloated.  But I could see this all and much to my surprise, understand it in its process too.

As the energy was exterior, it was this blue-white energy, once it moved into the solar plexus it turned into a gel like yellow-gold that started to change the construct within my core, AKA, my spine.  My entire back started to feel quite unpleasant, but I knew, this was a great thing, if only it felt like that!!  lol

I was suddenly seeing my body in what looked like a large egg-shaped bubble and I instantly heard/understood that this is a very protective bubble that will not allow any other form of energy in as I move thru this very delicate process in my own body.

Let me share how important this understanding was to me, and should be for all of us.  When we see or hear about someone going thru something that looks like the opposite of what we deem “health” we want to send energy to get them back to speed, or feeling better.  If that person is going thru an energy change/upgrade/whatever, it actually creates an interference pattern and can actually stop their process.  If you think of it this way, a butterfly does have to struggle to get out of the cocoon, but if we went in and pulled it out or put the cocoon back together thinking it was broken, we actually, in our desire to be of service, did harm to the butterfly.

In these intense times, it is more crucial now than ever before, to be aware of when to and when not to assist others in their changes.

What I find even funnier, well sorta, I thought i put a post on facebook about my “condition” lol.  I typed it out and I know I hit post.  It never posted.  I can understand why now.  Equally, as I moved in and out of consciousness (Like I said, I am not sure I was asleep, everything was so clear and present, yet my regular reality was not present most of the time.  Strange.)  I was asked by my team to leave my computer and phone alone.  No energy sharing at all with others.  I must stay in this protective bubble until I am finished.  …okie dokie pokie.

And I continued to watch as the new incoming energy merged with my core energy, pushing out thru my sinuses what was no longer needed and allowing room for the new.  The body in complete harmony with what is happening.  I watched as the energy moved up into my chest, into my lungs and the shifting that happens at the alveoli level.  The energy changes that restrict and open the air passages, the tightening and releases.  It is all an intricate part of the process.  Coughing, sneezing, is all doing its part to cohese into the brand new energy spectrum it is becoming.

Yet, we as humans stop it before it has a chance to finish up.  Hell, even I was ready to go to the store yesterday and buy some decongestants, simply because I was over this part of assimilating.  So my team strapped me to my couch in a semi-conscious condition and I didn’t go anywhere lol.

About 4-5 pm I started to come “back to” and felt amazing.  My head was clear, my sore throat was gone, I was still a little out of breath, but hey, now I know why, so I celebrated that too.  I remained in my own energy field for the rest of the day and night.

Ohhh and I did understand too, that this “congestion” was also bringing in (or out if you look at it that way lol) the new platelets of cohesive energy to our next greatest adventures.

We really are designed for ascension if we would just stop being so darned scared of it!!  lol  There are very very important times we absolutely must withdraw from all the energies of others, to allow the delicate process happening within ourselves to fulfil itself.  Inconvenient, yes, but absolutely crucial if we desire the next great adventure to express itself thru and from us!!

This morning I woke up very very late (like I didn’t have enough sleep yesterday lol) but feel excited, uplifted and so in love with my team.  Sadly tho, as my day has already started, I am still sightless.  And I gotta love the expression my team just used with the lady I was on the phone with:  Ya gotta let the pie cool once you pull it out of the oven.

Ohhh I cannot wait to see what you have baked up for yourselves!!  The living Buffet of Life!!  Hey, I seen that in readings last year, hmmmmm…. there is something huge happening to and thru all of us!!

I love you all so much and thank you for being so incredible gracious with me all-ways!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the bounty of love and life!!

Lisa Gawlas





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  2. I am glad you wrote this because I had a similar experience too. I wanted to ask people I know if they also felt the changes energy-wise, but they are of a little or no knowledge at all of what is currently going on in the energy field around us, so I kept it for myself. I felt exhausted, dizzy, out of body, I was so tired I had to lay down in the afternoon, which I rarely do. I was trying to watch the TV but fell “asleep”. Like you said, I was in and out of sleep. When I “woke up” I felt tingling at my crown chakra. I felt strange the whole day yesterday. Then we had a heavy thunderstorm in the evening, with lots of lightening and I felt a little bit better afterwards. I am glad others felt it too! BTW, I am from Eastern Europe. Sending hugs back at you!


  3. Same to me, ended up in hospital, slight differences in chakras and body parts as you say, but really huge release and upgrade, still cuddling now after all and letting the rest heal. Countless thanx for your sharing, and for your joy!


  4. Hey Li li, big hugs to you. I have learned a long time ago to only send energy to the divine inner being of anyone, so they can according to their free will path share it with the human form, or simply nod and say thanks. LOL I have to laugh, but a snifflie laugh because I have been draining and coughing for the better part of three days and sweating to beat the band as well, also feet aches and vibrations…I even said to a friend this morning before coming in here, something big is happening with the pineal.

    As I live with a group of beings, I have done my best to carve out time to simply BE and it is so important to allow the process…going with the flow here–lol the very heavy snotty flow! Much love! Alex


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