Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 29, 2014

The Key To August Direct From Source to Your Heart!

key of opening

I wasn’t going to write a blog today, because until about 30 minutes ago, I really didn’t think I had anything to share, well, nothing I understood anywayz.  But with the grace of the mighty, loving universe we are in, I changed my mind because of a “global” visual they had given to me this morning.

Yesterday in the field of readings was literally an energetic wash out.  For every person I connected to, all I could see was incoming energy and nothing else.  All the energy was in my visual at the area we call our near future (which I have a feeling represented today.)  There was no grid, no other thing I could “see” that I could say it means… this.  Just a full on in pouring of energy waves and spirals.

My own self felt very spacy yesterday, like my brains went thru a full on memory dump the night before and were now being stretched like taffy, not allowing me to “see” beyond energy.  I was on the verge of complete exhaustion yesterday, most especially felt when I was connected to other people, once I disconnected, I was ok.

As the day wound down and I was contemplating all the energy waves I had seen thru the readings, I got a little understanding.  The visuals I see, that most of you see, are in partnership with our lower mind.  It (the lower mind) takes the incoming energy and recognizes its patterns to produce the visuals we see.  It does that with our mundane/3D construct, but I had no idea it equally does that with our “etheric” world too.

This morning, feeling much more perky than in the last few days, I wondered what we shall see this day, after all the incoming energy rain yesterday.  Instantly I seen a large yellow key that reminded me of a key on a  baby’s key ring:



There was only ONE key, shaped just like the purple one, only bright yellow.  Soul Key!  I also understood that every human on the face of this precious earth was given one.  As I excitedly waited for my 8am to call me, knowing I would see more of this key and what it means…. my lovely lady became MIA.  I called her only to get her answering machine… dammit!!  I want to know!!  lol

Seems the universe felt that in me, as I went to brush my teeth (there is always something with water that helps with my clarity) I seen this universal key become inserted into the top of every living heart grid (inner grid, not outer.)

So we can look at this to mean, everyone has gotten a key from the largest of Universal dreamers… SOURCE him/her self.  Our job is to acknowledge that we have it, and turn on the energy that has been provided for to use it.

This would make one hellofa great meditation, or even a day-dream.  Simply see yourself in the center of your heart grid and a large yellow key being placed directly into the center top, pull the energy from all around you and focus it on turn that key to the ignited position.  When it is truly in that position, you should feel and see (for those of you who have turned on your inner vision) the energy radiate thru the heart grid itself.

Do not give it mental instruction, please.  You cannot conceive of what your soul is firing up for you, from the heart of the Universal Dreamer him/her self.

This is getting sooooo flipping exciting!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of revved up energy in the heart of Shambhala to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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    • Lisa, I used the Key this morning & it looked as though the four sides of a metal box had suddenly opened, each side dropping and then dissolving. I heard the words “uncontained heart.”
      Thanks for all your great posts! Love and Blessings, Gemma


  2. aS I READ THIS POST THIS MORNING, I BECAME ON FIRE, AND WELL, THIS FIRE HAS SWEPT THROUGH ME FOR DAYS AND DAYS AS THE ENERGY FILLS ME TO CAPACITY AND THEN SOME! I AM LITERALLY ‘SWEATING BUCKETS! LOST 10 POUNDS AND I just looked up and realized that I am in CAPS so it is THAT INTENSE!! LOL!!! Thank you dear Lisa for this simple gift of Love and energy from your heart ♥ oh and the tattoo of the key I have on my body became soooo hot, I had to touch it to make sure I was not literally on FIRE!!! much Love and blessings


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    Ohh, I had so much fun doing this meditation! I will post the results shortly.


  4. Dear Li li, Ahhhh the key to our hearts and I love the thought of not giving it direction and simply TRUSTING our divine beings and higher level selves to bring in our soul’s desire devoid of the 3D construct mentality we are now in. I have been feeling consistently bored with what is going on right now, LOL and that always precedes a huge shift in things. Truth be told we have no clue what is possible for us. My daughter spoke to me last night of the unfathomable universe and it made me “think” that we certainly need to drop the need to “know”…but it is such a human thing isn’t it? Big hugs and hopefully tomorrow we can see some cool stuff! 🙂 Much love, Alex


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  6. […] by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, July 29, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening […]


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