Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 22, 2014

Are You Choosing the Path of Faith or the Path of Your Destiny??


First I want to start this sharing by saying thank you to Judith here on wordpress and Kristen on facebook for introducing me (us) to the crystal known as Azeztulite!  Most especially, I want to thank Robert Simmons  for his sharing of not only the crystal but of the Azez themselves.  I want to include one quote from the link (his name) of his sharing about the Azez:  There are these invisible (to us) benevolent beings, the Azez, who serve the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, and who have awakened certain varieties of particularly receptive quartz, in special places around the Earth. These stones, as they said through Naisha, carry currents of Light which can help us to awaken, to heal, and to dissolve all our old habits of fear, illness, destruction and death. They carry the spiritual pattern of regeneration, and they hold the longing of the Divine Light to incarnate in us here upon the Earth.

I made bold that one part of Roberts sentence for a reason, if we want to live in this amazing body in all its glory and abilities, we MUST get to the neutral place within ourselves around everything, which is the dissolving of all fears to include judgments and bias’.  Fearlessness!!

As this beautiful synchronistic universe does… my past few weeks was a living example of this way of Being in Life.  I pray I can explain my living example to the clarity in which I do understand it all.

When I realized I had something funky growing on the surface of my right breast (emotional, spiritual nurturing) and my hydrocortisone cream was not kicking it to the curb, I looked up scaly oozy rashes on google… and everything that was Paget’s Disease, I was presenting with, even a few lumps and bumps that I had never noticed before in the site area.  Of course, I do not do self breast exams, I never even one thought about having breast cancer… until I discovered Paget’s and the changes in my right breast.  When I read the info on Paget’s, I could feel the energy of truth in my situation.  I knew something was not right in Denmark so I called my Oncologist for a check.

The week between my discovery and my oncology appointment, in moments during my day, I could feel myself leaning to the side of worry and my precious lower mind getting a plan in place… just in case.  Each and every single time I would start to go there, this feeling, pure feeling would happen, like massive love hug from inside my body and outside my body all at once and I would dissolve into that energy and the element of worry left the building.  With these love hugs being so consistent, I decided that if I do indeed have Paget’s, this is something I need to experience in order to know deeper parts of mySelf, my soul.  I am ok with it… most of the time.  lol

My oncologist did not have the right equipment to do the (punch) biopsy needed for my boob, so he referred me to dermatology and I set fire to the path of a breast specialist.  And when I learned who my new boob doctor was and googled him (I love google lol) I was in awe of the fact that he was not only a breast man, but also a studied in dermatology and melanoma.  The three specific area’s I need all in one man!!  God I so love this universe!!

After I met with him and feel in love with him and his nurse, something bigger shifted in me.  That residual worry I teetered with, completely left the building.  No matter what, I knew I would come out of it all wonderfully.  There was a little wait time (6 days to be exact) from the double punch biopsy he did to the day I would get the results back.  What was amazing (to me) there was nothing in me that cared.  I had no worries, no concerns, no leaning to one side in hopes it would be there (like finding out it is benign.)  The neutrality within me was… weird.  New for sure!

But now, let me back up.  During these few weeks, with all the love hugs I was getting from my own body and from my soul team, was information.  An understanding, it was very subtle understanding, but now, I get it all, especially given the last few days of incoming information and understandings.

I knew I was in a major choice point, and depending on where I put my focus, would be the experience I would generate to fulfill the process I was in.  Meaning, if I stayed in a state of worry, even mild worry, my body would produce the outcome of cancer so I could release all that goes with that once and for all.  I was in constant choice, but my whole body and my whole spirit hugged to the side of love, of complete neutrality.  Not by having me think it is not cancer, but by knowing, no matter what, I am love and love is expressed in every conceivable way, to include, cancer!!

I will not lie tho, when my doctor’s office called me yesterday morning to say the biopsy results are benign, I was celebrating.  Less about not having cancer, but because I leaned into the fullness of love and neutralized the outcome.

This goes into the point of what the Azez had said to my beautiful lady, our cells can change in less than a nano-second from one form to another.  I completely understand the intense importance of neutrality now.  To change because you can, because it is a part of who and what you are made of, for the joy of it… not because you don’t like something or some part of yourself.

So, with all that said, the readings on the field started to get interesting yesterday.  Well, hell, they are ALL-WAYS interesting, but the shifts… the evolution of where we are heading, became much more clear to me.

Most of the connections were focused on the area I call your created outer world experience and set up thru this next phase.  Fibrous energy strands that strung from the heart center to the outer grid of your personal creation.  Two of the connections had energy, information coming in from the outer most area of the field, as far to the outer edge of your personal creation that there is.  Both dealing with work issues and personal life changes.  One finally put in her notice to leave the job she no longer loved to focus on her own business.  I could see her soul energy gliding in with a big black umbrella (unforeseen potentials and so much more than that too) gliding her energy into the center of her heart field.

My second lady in this similar position, that was a little more chaotic.  It looked like someone threw a whole can of pick up sticks that were in coming in so chaotically to her inner fiber network:

pick up sticks

Now change the color spectrum of the pick up sticks looking energy to vibrant in color and every color included!!  Every strand as long as pick up sticks, the part that confused me for a moment was the chaoticness of the incoming energy at her edge of her field of creation, then I got it, mostly anywayz.  When we are hesitating with the needed changes in our lives, whether it be job, relationships, living environments, you name it, chaos comes in, it ALL-WAYS precedes change.  When we get a bit stuck in a place, the hurricane force winds come in and push us into the change.  Mt last reading of the day had that element to her, HUGE winds coming in from her south field (past) wrapped around, counter clock wise (opening) her heart field.

The difference between my pick up sticks lady and the windy lady… the first one has see-able options in front of her, she just is not employing them.  She is fully prepared for all teh changes she needs (hence the multi colored long strands fo energy) she just needs to let go and activate the fiber network already in place.  My other lady, hanging in strong to the past that got here to Here and continues to feed it (thinking especially on the debt accumulated) and we all have a choice of let things go, or let the winds of change come in and rip it from my hands.

Of course, the human incarnate could see this as not very nice at all… the soul however, see’s it as the most loving, direct way to cause the change needed for further evolution.

The last thing I want to mention about yesterday was one lovely lady that I read for, her entire field was focused on her heart grid.  It was surprising to me, well at first it was.  The grid energy’s I have been seeing have been golden and very magnetic in frequency.  Her’s was bronze.  An alloy material.  Hmmmm…. at first this confused me (yes I spent yesterday high in the levels of confusion at the start of each reading lol, thank goodness I get it together before we are done!!  Usually anywayz!)

An alloyed energy system from the heart of her creation, entangled with another’s energy field to the point where it becomes a blended energy instead of two individuated power centers.  She see’s a person as her twin soul, and even tho he may very well be that, he is in a body system that still has him in a, hmmmm, lets just say frequency levels below hers and the outcome, consistently is chaos (not beneficial to either person.)  So, in these highly charged times to get the message, the action into play… instead of radiating her own magnetic frequency out into creation, it is presenting as the ongoing lesson to entangle, meaning, the chaos will be louder and stronger in this area.

I know it is hard for us sometimes (a lot of times really, thinking of my own journey to Here) to untangle the extraordinary connection of the soul of another to the incarnate human in duality, in the nervous system and ego system they must, if desired, temper.  Not all beings, no matter how “advanced” they may be on the other side of the veil, do that.  Free freakin will!!  dammit!!

Keep this in mind, when entangled, whether it be to a person, a work place, a neighborhood, whatever, you cannot grow beyond the environment or relationships you keep yourself in.  Until you untangle yourself.

I want to share a quote by Robert Simmons, from the linked page of his sharing above, it sooo hit home with all the incoming information:  “Fate one cannot avoid, but destiny must be chosen in order to be fulfilled.”

Fate is moving thru the lessons set before your path by your soul to completely free you from… whatever, or better stated, enhance your sense of Self beyond it all.  Destiny is choosing to do it another way to fulfil your desires.

Now with all that… here is some things to keep in mind as far as major choice points.  We are still deciding whether we will take the path of fate or destiny thru this new moon phase (the 26th.)  Once we emerge on the other side of that moon (energy system) we will be experiencing ourselves one way or the other thru the next two super moon phases (September 9th… hah!!  9/9 talk about your completion energy!! lol)  Once we move out of that last super moon, we are at a massive cross roads of choice thru the equinox (September 23rd)  Exactly 14 days, some serious 5 energies happening there.  As we make our final choices on how we are going to experience life given all we learned and employed thru the three super moons, we then embark into the highly charged energy of October, which will continue with increased frequency/experience thru mid year 2016.

Ohhhh what an exciting world we live within.  Getting yourself completely in the zero point of neutrality, un-entangled by anything, fully allows the energy of Love in all its forms to come rushing to you to fulfil your destiny with you!!

Which path are you taking??

Ohhhhh, before I close, I had a HUGE epiphany in the soul gym last night.  As we were talking about the god particle and the way the Azez-ians showed me the nucleus of the cell and the white blue energy within it (the true god particle if you will) I suddenly realized how much what they showed me in that cell example is the very way I see our created fields of life.  The heart center, inner core, YOU are the nucleus, the living God Particle of your creation.  The outer world is the place that takes all the information (feelings) coming from your heart center and creates that for you.  YOU give the field instruction thru your feelings, well, at least you can.  So then let me ask you one more closing question:  Are you creating life or are you allowing life to dictate what you will experience.

The choice has always been YOURS!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with excitement and awe to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site.   (4 days left, special ends with the New Moon.)









  1. I just found that I’ve been carrying around an azeztulite in a gym bag for years. 🙂 I checked it out after reading this post to see if, in fact, that’s what the crystal was. In reading about it they say it can only be found in Vermont and North Carolina. Living in Vermont, I now need to find out exactly where to find it. I need to sit on a mother lode of it. LOL. Thanks for the info!


  2. I love the visual of the pick-up sticks. Resonated for me. A few nights ago I had a dream were I spilled some colored toothpicks on the floor. 🙂 Thank you, Lisa, for helping me put the “pieces” together.


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  4. Talk about a beautiful synchronistic universe! When I read Robert Simmons description of Azeztulite “It was a chunky, even clunky-looking variety of the humblest of minerals––quartz,” I just had to share! “Chunky & Clunky” were one of the many nicknames lovingly given to my sister and I by our step brother, Max, when we were kids (we weren’t too fond of it back then lol)…and we are from NC. Hehe. Love you!


  5. Thank you Lisa! I learn so much from you and your journey. You blow my mind on a continual basis! Your last paragraph almost started a reboot of my brain.


  6. Oh what a beautiful sharing Li li and I love love love how you found the thread to the Azez and their crystal elemental here on earth! Loads in this reading especially related to co-creating and being in the energy of others relates to me. What do I choose? Destiny! The work then becomes un-entangling ourselves from the free will path of others while remaining open to love them. When we love unconditionally we can accept their path and also have a divine sovereign path all our own. Beautiful! Hugs! Alex


  7. Thank u Lisa! I am so happy you shared about your health, you’ve been in my thoughts. Love you 💜💜💜


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