Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 21, 2014

The God Particle, ShapeShifting ET’s and US!! Game On!!


Divine Timing, not to mention Divine order.  There really is a lot that goes into those tiny little phrase.  I am really seeing it in the evolution of readings, of information disseminated, even with ET connections and the specialties they bring in.  The tiny additions of expanded consciousness, expanded understandings of fragments of truth that we have been absorbing thru the years…  Yes, I meant to say that, fragments of truth.  We are given a little piece of truth and then equally given the time to distort it, put rules around it, sell it, we, as a species do funny things with the energy we call truth.  I think tho, we have finally come to a place within our working collective that we know that whatever we understand today, is simply a fragment of a much bigger picture and before we get the next fragment, we must employ the first one without distortion, not only as a person, but most especially as a collective.  This is why we call it all a process!!

Well, we are in one hellof an exciting process!!  lol

My first lady on the field of ET-ville yesterday (smile), her first session in this arena, OMG, somethings unfold and expand in me all day long.  Her session with her ET family was exactly like that.  Let me share!!!

She had three ships appear in the distant horizon.  I now am very familiar with that placement in their parking area’s.  When the energy on earth is in a state of change, of intensity they cannot and will not come any nearer so as not to distort the energy underway.  I wasn’t surprised at all, given this massive energy flux between the full moon and new moon phase we are all in.  I expected it to end there and we would have to reschedule until after the new moon, but no, not all.  I was so excited for her.  There is nothing worse than waiting excitedly for this new moment only to be told, wrong moment, sorry.

As I looked at her three ships parked in the eastern horizon, suddenly they each started to emit a thick yellow energy beam, all directed into the parking space of my front yard.  When the three beams merged it looked like I was talking to a constant explosion of yellow.  Hey, whatever works!!  lol

They explained that this energy phase the entire globe is in, is liken to being in the zygote stage of pregnancy, where the cells of the eventual embryo are dividing and reforming with the DNA information within its cellular codes.  For them to place their energy into that field, brings distortion.  They went on to explain that when they are with their human (whomever my client is at the time) exchanging the energy from their heart to their human friend, it affects much more than just her, (using her on purpose, I have no men so far in these connections,) and they showed me the energy matrix flowing outwards into the vastness of the landscapes I am on and the person connecting is on.  Let me tell ya, the Jemez is rocking some serious ET energy then!!  lol

The three ships that showed up for my wonderful lady were Acturian, Plieadian and one that I am super challenged to hear completely or spit out my mouth, the most I could get was “Azziz….”  And yet, I knew it was this unpronounceable group that were sharing the information with her, thru the combined energy field of the other two.  Doncha love that our ET’s work in harmony with each other.  I look forward to the day when humans can simply do that with each other!!

I am just going to refer to this group I cannot sound out as Deep space 9, cuz that is all I could think of as they shared yesterday lol.  They did say there were way out of our solar systems in what we would call deep space.  They do not have form as we know it, for example, we incarnate in this human body and have it thru the rest of our incarnation.  They arrive on that planet (at least, I think it is a planet, I really don’t know) and are genuine shape shifters.  That can be formless or shift into any form they desire, at will, without effort.  They come to my lady to awaken that latent ability within her.  She has incarnated on that planet many times in her souls evolution and now she is young enough (in her young 20’s) and yet mature enough to start to process of remembering how to truly change biological cells within the body at will.

Her deep space 9 friends also explained to her that this was going to take a lot of years to learn.  Well they didn’t really say years, but instead gave me a visual of their concept of time as it applies to us.  They showed me a pair of hands together holding some sort of gooey substance and then slowly stretching the hands further and further apart, and this goo became thin strands of energy the further apart the hands got.

It is only this morning that I really get the depth of what was shown to us.  Lets say you’re in a moment of receiving.  You receiving incredible information, it actually lays there all coagulated, meaning we think we have a semi-solid knowing of… whatever.  But we don’t, we have the impregnation of that knowing, that understanding, our job is to take it out, use it, try it, stretch it, get rid of the idea’s you have around it.  They had even said to her, she has a lot of unlearning to do.  Now imagine, she is only in her 20’s so she does not have decades of evolving information to toss out, where someone my age most likely would.

They also gave her an incredible example of what the process will point to.  If we look at each cell of the body like an atom, which of course, they are, and move into the cell/atoms nucleus, that is where it all starts and ends.  But, if we think of the intense complexity of the body itself, each cell group has a different set of instructions, so she needs to learn that part of the cell groups too and how to be in a full cooperative relationship with the nucleus of the cells.  Then they gave me a visual that stunned my understanding, I so got it.  I could see the inner nucleus of a large cell (large for my full vision lol) and the nucleus was glowing with that blue-white energy.  Talk about the true God particle.  Then they gave her the tiniest of an example.  One fingernail.  Moving into the nucleus of the group of cells that make up the right index finger fingernail and changing it from a short nail to a long manicured nail, eventually, instantly.

Let me tell you, my cup was spilling over with excitement.  Can you imagine a world where this is not only possible, but employed as a way of Being.  OMG how extraordinary.  Even as I type that thought out and think about what could be done in the opposite direction (manipulation and control) I strongly get a message back that the cells of Light in our body NOW, ONLY RESPOND TO LOVE.  To engage in a state of pure love without a motive except to share this skill with others as a progression in the evolution of the human, as opposed to use it as a way to manipulate life into your desired creation.  Man, that is even coming out wrong.  Let’s just use a simple example of… I cannot change form to rob you or harm you in any way.  Only to Be the expression of Love in all and any of its forms.

Then, this wonderful and amazing group of ladies I had the pure privileged to dine with last evening gave us something to really feel with.  I was sharing this ET session and the cell understanding that came with it and at the same time, we were talking about out food supply and that pesky (to others, not to me) thing known as GMO.  I know I have said this before, but this conversation really expanded it.  We are Here to be creator gods and learn how to do that, BE that in our tangible world and our quantum world.  So those that have discovered how to splice gene’s of our food are truly employing their ability to change form.  But to you and me, that’s bad.  But if we do it to our bodies at will, that’s good.  It is the freakin same thing!!!  But until we lose our judgement, our negative emotional field around the GMO industry, our own cellular change remains in the realm of potential.

Again, a million lifetimes to get there… or just one incredible one!!

On that note, I must conclude today’s sharing, but there is so much more.  I do want to leave you with a relationship that I am feeling connected with this sharing, the Fibonacci spiral…  hopefully that will be tomorrows sharing!!

With all my heart and all my soul, THANK YOU for giving us all the opportunity to grow and learn thru your own desire to grow and learn.  You, each and every one of you are such an invaluable part of this process and you rock my heart in ways you will never know.  Thank you for trusting me the way you do!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with enlivened god particles to everyone, for all your dreams to come true!!  (With your action of course lol)

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I have just read your post and was very excited to read your reference to Azziz/Azzez. I was reading something on line a few weeks ago and was about to go to Glastonbury with a friend. I came across a reference to the crystal Azzeztulite which you can google and it was discovered by Robert Simmons in North Carolina. I managed to buy a piece and the energy is incredible. I have also been receiving prompts yo reread my notes on the Fibonacci numbers and spiral so abot to do that. Synchronicity at work again.

    Thanks for your posts which I find very enlightening,

    Love, joy and Peace Profound

    Judith Bryson


  2. Oh Dear Li li, YES this is one of the things I have been feeling on and getting excited on through my own personal imaginings of the future—oh to spend the day as a dolphin or to rock long curly hair one day for the fun of it and then the next day short dark hair. LOL what fun to experience the fullness of beingness, to create and then shift it and uncreate and choose what we want in our expression of human beingness…BEAUTIFUL! big hugs and I again agree with your thoughts on the GMO thing. WE get to choose how we express energy and how energy interacts with us! Love Alex


  3. I love you Lisa!!!! Hugs and Aloha from Mother Maui 💜


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