Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 8, 2014

Shambhala in the Living World.


When my team started to make me aware, download understandings and concepts of the energy I call “Shambhala,” I fantasized about so many things.  How it could be for us, what it would be like to live truly in (the sanskrit meaning of the word) “peace, love and harmony.”   I did understand the pureness of this energy, very much like I understand the Christed energy and have been trying to grasp its use ever since (2007.)

I have come to realize these last few days that my preconceived notions were inaccurate.  At the same time, some of the understandings were accurate.

This water world that is now being presented in the readings, I am starting to understand much more of it.  I can equally understand why spirit is even more selective on the words that come out of my mouth to explain what we are now experiencing, than they ever were.  Equally tho, our teams are helping me to recognize energy I have over looked (in significance) prior to this moment.

Let’s be clear on my personal use of the word “Shambhala.”  Spirit, soul, higher self (pick a name) fully alive in body, living Heaven on earth.  I think our (excuse me, my) concepts of what Heaven on earth is, was very inaccurate.  I am looking at an outside display of this energy, in a way it is recognizable on the outside, but will never been acceptable from the outside.   It can only come thru a human incarnate.  No exceptions, and trust me, no activation’s or attainments will ever ever enliven this energy within you.  It is a state of living.  Of Being on this precious earth.

Let’s talk about this make up of “water” energy I see in the readings these days, the ones that started in the upper atmosphere and created that tsunami of change.  Pure earth energy.  We, as a species love to humanize everything, give ego attributes to things that have no ego, our earth especially.  She is pure spirit, pure love and can never be any less, ever.  We can look at her, and see our own reflected injuries in her and think she needs healing, but again, she is our own reflection.  What you see in her, is what you see in yourself.

She is also much more (energetically) powerful than each one of us humans.  Again, she is pure spirit, pure love.  Like a loving mother, she will take abuse from her unruly children and knows when to put her foot down, or take out the broom and clean house.  We as her children, get scared, thinking she has lost her mind or is so sick she doesn’t know what else to do besides quake and produce storms and tsunami’s and such.  She is and always will be, perfectly Whole.  See her as that and you will start to see yourself as that too.

You, can be no other way than whole at all times.  But often, we looked thru fractured lenses.

She also knows how to keep her house in order.  She has allowed her children to play without limits in one area, then she has to close down that area and open up another area while the other area rests and recuperates.  Earth changes.

We should always do the same within our lives too.  Allow relationships to recuperate, jobs, playmates, ourselves.  But often times, we do not out of fear and stay in one place til sickness or worse, earth death.  Our choice.  Mama will never take our own personal power away from us.  We can, and Do what we want.

Our Grace-full earth.  For those who recognize her wholeness, you set out to sing and dance on her, with her, for her.  (smile, wink)

The geyser I had seen blow upwards to the sky is the loving grace of our earth mama.  Once again, I say, don’t think grace has anything to do with a doormat.  (wink.)

In the upper atmosphere imbued into the water body was the living energy of the pure aspect of our soul.  The God we are.  The pure and rarefied stream of energy that is us, each one of us, beyond the ego mind.  The living fluidness of spirit, of YOU.  The part of you that knows no limitations, that see’s loving potential in all things.  The part that sends loving waves of energy to those who may be in chaos or appear cruel in our perception.  Love in constant motion.  Passion held in the body of grace.

These two living energies give birth to the fearless warrior, YOU.

What I am seeing in readings these days, and has taken me a long while to really understand the placements, the significance of what I am seeing.  Forgive me for taking so long.  This water world of energy is the pure earth and spirit energy circulating your heart, if you indeed have the water energy in your readings.  Some do not, simply because of their choices at the moment.  New choices, coupled of course with action, changes it all.

Hanging on to any outside aspect of the water world, a fear keeping you from your inner center.  Laying placidly on top of the water world itself, lack of passion.  Void of any water energy, to discordant a field to move into (the water that is.)  Living in state of grace, allowing, humility and humbleness in all you do, key!!

I have to say again, because it became so very clear last night in the gym, living in a state of impassioned grace has NOTHING to do with shining up our spiritual abilities.  There are many who embody this energy that are clueless about a lot of things I call spirit.  It truly is a way of Being in this world.  However, not to underscore our spiritual attributes, they do allow us to continually refine and embody more, when applied to our self.  I wouldn’t trade my antennas for anything!! lol

There is something that does happen when you are in the center of yourself, in your pure heart center allowing the opening of the full on 12 strand DNA, it is truly the activation of Shambha-lini (my word there lol.)  I pray I can make this as clear in my words as I understand it as the energy of experience.

But first, lets back up a moment to Kundalini.  The inner activation of your light body.  Your soul energy within your biological housing.  When it is fully integrated into every cell, every thought package within your mind, graceful passion is the constant.  If you still find yourself flickering in and out of graceful passion, work to integrate your kundalini.  Again, no one can do this for you, it as STATE of LIVING.  Of BEing in this world of Matter.

Even when we fully integrate we still need to practice consistency with its power and energy.  Old habits really do die hard.  But the more consistent you are in your energy field, the more fearless you become.  Please do not take that to mean you never have a fear or worry again… not even close.  You just stop holding yourself back from your greater reality of life due to fears.  Face them and do it anyway.  Put on your Nike’s and “just do it.” (Whatever “it” is you desire.)

Holding your place in this graceful passion becomes easy and not even thought about as it becomes a way of life.  For some it may take years, depending on who you surround yourself with.  For others, weeks or months.  There is no set “time.”  It is just practice, practice, practice until it becomes a state of Being.

So, if kundalini is housed within the biology then shambha-lini lays upon the skin.  Truly, that is so inaccurate, but I have no real way yet to explain it fully.

Shambha-lini recognizes with an authentic heart, spirit in another.  Not in mental concept, but so beyond the mental structure to become a full wave of energy itself.  It is more than a knowing, an acknowledgement, it is a Presence and can only be fully experienced between two or more people.  Where kundalini is a solo event, Shambha-lini is a unified wholeness with others.  An emergence of energy that can only be experienced/used/activated within another.

Silly me had this whole concept that it had to come from sex.  I so amuse myself…a lot!!  it is definitely sensual, but far from sexual.  Life impregnating life is so incredibly sensual.  Love is sensual.  WE are sensual Beings.  Shambha-lini cannot be forced or willed, it must come from the depths of the soul thru the body and connect with the other in that same place.

The Shambha-lini energy is so intoxicating, so mammoth in the energy of feeling it will take some time for the physical body to adjust.

Of course, as my precious team, the soul of my heart allows me to do, I understand thru experience.  The pro’s and con’s that go with understanding.  For this sharing, it is beyond a pro.  Let me share…

I have been walking a path with this incredible man, a man who came to my field of light thru his loving wife’s gift of one of her package session (which was really bought for someone else, but they gave it back to her. )  My whole heart recognized the bounty that was in this man and I asked him if I can hold his hand thru his evolution, my gift to him.  And truly, on every level, a gift unto mySelf.

I have watched, felt this man change and merge into his higher Being over the months.  The love, the awe and the celebration I have within myself each time I see/experience any of you grow further into your wholeness does things to my cells I cannot put into words.

To shorten this story and get to the point (smile) his wife sent me an email two days ago telling me they had purchased a new fridge for me and it will be delivered today and that it was her husbands desire to do this for me.  First of all, it took me several hours to get over the shock.  When a body is in shock, even a fantastic shock, it masks what is really being felt.  I went thru a whole lot of emotions, awe, humble gratitude, more shock… and then I suppose when all those other excited emotions found its center… something I never ever ever felt before engulfed me.  I have zero words of description to even say what it is or how it felt.  Thru meditations, thru each one of you, I have thought I experienced the gamut of emotions in this body, but I was severely wrong.

This energy, pure feeling enveloped my entire Being, and the feeling was so overpowering all I could do was cry.  I would have to liken it to being in the Presence of the Presence (God.)  That big, that pure, that overwhelming.

The feeling did not leave, I took it to sleep with me.  I woke up, more adjusted I suppose to its energy, and it isn’t even really a vibration.  All I could think of was being enveloped in thick cream.  My head was a little woozy all day long.  Like being stoned without the noise effects (that buzzing sound.)

It became very very clear to me what I was experiencing was truly Shambha-lini.

The love of God from another’s pure, unconditional, unexpecting heart, to mine.

It really takes the energy system of Namaste to a true experience, When you are in that place within you, and I am in that place within me, we are one.

Until tomorrow…  NAMASTE!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Tomorrow we will talk about the “living world” something spirit said many times in my first reading of today.  ❤













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  3. So totally awesome….congrats on your new refrigerator! Thank you for sharing your heart! I/we feel what you feel…and it is utterly beautiful! 《♥♡♥》


  4. Dear Li li, feeling on what you shared here powerfully. I remember a number of years ago when my husband was out of work and I was leading some classes at our “then” church, the leader came to me and told me that she wanted to pay for all our christmas presents for the kids. I was aghast at that level of giving, but she upped the ante telling me that a good very rich friend of her gifted money every year to her so she could choose a soul who was in need but would never ask for help. She didn’t ask who it was, didn’t want to have them know who she was. it was all anonymous and between these two old abundance fairies and givers of love and kindness. The experience made me feel a wave of love I had not felt before and I think I got a tiny little inkling of how you must be feeling right now–being in the Presence of All that is from a state of grace. Simply beautiful! big hugs and enjoy your new fridge! Alex


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