Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 4, 2014

Living Grace is the KEY to Living Shambhala!


What amazing creatures we are and how incredibly different every single person is.  The sheer diversity, uniqueness of our expression of ourselves, the journey or life expression we are taking, it really does boggle the mind.  Each one a unique expression of creation.  Each one on their own path and yet, everyone one of us so incredibly similar that if you really stop to think about it all, it can boggle the mind.  My mind gets boggled just about every day!!  Especially as I try to keep up with your Light expression, and the unique puzzle piece you bring to our ongoing puzzle of life!  Yesterdays day  of readings was a kicker of a puzzlement to me.

The first two connections showed up pinned to that wall of water, their bubble of creation if you will, in the wedge of the west.  Then, for three of the connections yesterday who presented like this, a big fat red X came up across their body.  Hey!!!!!  Thats not nice.  But as I connected to my third precious lady way down the timeline, she is in Indonesia, understanding…. holy freakin cow did understanding come.

Imagine your entire world begins and ends in a large soap-bubble, your created reality.  From my field of vision, this soap-bubble at mid-point, is all around you, what I call your field of life.  The lower half of the soap-bubble must be within the earth itself, because I only usually see half of this bubble, hence my occasional words of “dome of creation.”

If you really stop to think about this, your whole life is a hologram emerging and changing within the same space, even tho we may have illusions of traveling around the world, maybe even privileged (or brave) enough to go to outer space (think astronaut, I am being literal here.)  Even our days do not really exist, there is no yesterday, there will never be a tomorrow, there is and has always been, only NOW.

The way the energy field of any life, of all life, is designed in this world of matter and the way the incredible brain is designed to experience matter, it appears that there is movement, that there is a concept of “time,” simply because we need orientation into this amazing landscape we call life.  But it is all illusion.  A hologram.

We change the landscape of the collective hologram by changing our orientation point to the energy field.  When enough of us hold a vision that is true in our hearts, the hologram changes (at least, for those who hold that energy.)  With any part of this, there is absolutely no right or wrong, no good nor bad, there is simply pure experience.  There is pure expression of the divine creator appearing individuated as each one of us.

So, it actually (now) makes complete sense that we would see a geyser, a massive tsunami and a U-turn in creation itself, WE are the U-turn. WE have formed this massive tsunami and creating a brand new river of life to swim within.

WE are the living expression of earth and creator (God, the Presence, pick a name lol.)  There is nothing outside of us changing a thing, WE ARE CHANGING IT ALL!!

We have done so much inner work that we have, as a collective, cleared the living waters of life.  We have not only formed a unified vision of ourselves, but in the depths of our hearts, know it can and will Be better, loving, unified.

As we change out the mass hologram (trust me, it is going to appear to take some time for all of humanity to fully realize this new river of life, but then again, time really is an illusion, isn’t it?) we each are doing our part, like actors in a very well choreographed play.

The end of June closed the curtain for a stage change.  The beginning of July shows the stage crew actively setting up the new stage.

Now with all that said (surprise me will ya!! lol) let’s get back to my beautiful lady in Indonesia.  After two big old red X’s, I had already prepared here that I may not see her field.  She was, what I love to call, a virgin upon my field.  She was completely ok with whatever happened… phew!!  When I aligned my “antenna” with her field, I had to squint a few times to be sure what I was seeing was correct.  Her west field was now dark, kinda like the night sky, to her right and left (south and north fields) that element of rotating water field each section, just like I had originally seen the wedge of west energy on July 2nd.  Hmmmm…. something big is happening here.  Maybe because it was 10 pm in her world and only 10 am in my world.  I was excited, I told her no X, lets roll!!  I can so be a big kid at heart!!  I amuse myself a lot.  lol

I looked at the section of her field I call the east, where new beginnings and new opportunities emerge from.  Nuttin.  What the heck?  We get three sections today??  Ok lets figure that out first.  The more I looked at her blackened west field and tried to find her biology in the scheme of all this, I realized she was in that now familiar position of being plugged into her west wall, but she really looked like a huge lump of coal.  No discernible features, just solid and lumpy and pure black, but I knew it was her.  What the hell???

To make the story understandable in my mind (or any of our minds really) our team will take whatever we think we understand and use that.  To this point, for me and her, it was the (inaccurate) idea that diamonds originate from coal.  It wasn’t until I goggled the process of how a diamond forms from coal after our session did I realized that idea is completely inaccurate, but it doesn’t change the understanding of what is happening.  So before anyone gets on me about this, I needed to clear this up before I give you the rest of the understanding.  (smile)

So, this hydro-power is changing not only the bubble of our creation, the holographic energy we experience life with, it is also changing us right now to the smallest molecular level.  We are turning into diamonds, or at least, we will all have our turns at complete surrender and allow the change from coal to diamond to happen.

Can I just say too, I LOVE The fact that good ole Hurricane Arthur, who made landfall as a cat 2 hurricane (duality) at 11:15 pm in North Carolina, is singing our favorite song out loud.  11= spiritual illumination.  1 = new beginnings.  5 = change.  1+5=6 = SOUL PARTNERSHIP!!  Yuppers!!  Even the energy of North is accounted for (future.)

Once we got the whole coal into a diamond understanding, I looked again at her east field, it was a big different now.  Instead of being void of any energy I could see, there was a thin filminess to it.  The more I looked, the more I could see these things inside the thin filmy wall.  Sacred geometry, codes of expansion, this morning, I understand it as the new flower of life.

As I was speed talking (I do that when i get overly excited lol) and praying she was understanding what all this means to her, my inner query was, what happens next?  I gotta give a super huge (((HUG))) to her team, filled with unyielding gratitude.  They let us take a trip outside of the moment we were in, to see the evolution of whatever we were experiencing together.

Suddenly and I might add, quite unexpectedly, her entire bubble of creation was above ground as if on a needle poking up out of the ground, her entire bubble started to move counter-clockwise (keeping in mind, her water walls were still very much spinning rapidly clockwise.)  What the heck is happening here?

As the slight rotation stopped, her east field was now completely aligned in her north direction, what I call future.

As we talked and I am bouncing on excitement over ride, I realized that the filmy substance that made up her east wall was disintegrating maybe?  The next thing I know, it could have been how Dorothy felt in the wizard of oz, the view in her future path was magical.  The strongest element I could see was this massive, I mean MASSIVE yellow flower to her left side.  This thing had to be easily 6 feet in circumference.  I KNEW instantly this is showing her, all of us, Shambhala (garden of eden.)

The feeling, the knowing, the freakin joy that filled me from this… phew!  I cannot even tell you.

There is an understanding that grew large in me yesterday.  Something I recognized in someone else two days prior.

GRACE.  Humbleness and humility.

This is the only real energy, emotion that will fully give birth to the Shambhala world within your creative bubble.

This particular lady and a lady I have been working with for a couple of months, both exude this element like I have never seen before.  Grace.  No ego involved in their view of them self.  This, as I pondered and pondered yesterday, is the crucial key of fully living Shambhala (heaven on earth., garden of eden.)

My lady in Indonesia, and my other lady in Arizona, both see themselves as, for lack of a better way of putting it, evolving, striving to be more aligned with their soul.  Both striving to be more, live more fully within their soul agenda.  To me, they are both true masters incarnate.  Powerful in their energy and as gentle in their presentation of themselves as a flower.

To use the flower analogy, flowers exist, the emit their radiance.  They are not standing up in the garden of life telling everyone they can how beautiful and special they are.  They are simply there, doing their thing.  Grace.

The untempered ego needs to be seen.  Needs to be recognized and even used for its power, its perception of its beautiful self.  And yet, it MUST learn Grace before the garden itself can flourish as it is capable of.

Now to completely change the story, sort of.

I was still reeling from the understanding, the flipping KNOWING that came from my lady in Indonesia did everything change.  Geez!!  Here comes that beautiful man, very much filled with amazing Grace, and changed the whole scene!

As I oriented myself to his field, truly expecting to see an X like I did with the first two people, I was shocked, if not taken aback by what I seen.  A massive flow of water energy, that very same water energy that just kinda left off in the upper atmosphere as June ended, was now rapidly flowing from the ground upwards.  This massive flow of water went uphill to the area I call your dome of creation, but only in south field.  I watched as the other three directions were invisible to my eye and his rapid flow of water went down the center of his field of creation and ran down the lining (think filmy soap-bubble area lol) of his southern hemisphere of creation.

I was so shocked and disoriented from seeing this.  Hey!  What the hell???  I looked around for his biology, maybe I can make some sense of this.  Instead, I got a complete cross between a dolphin and a whale diving in and out of the water flowing up his dome of creation.  He was the dolphin/whale.  To be clear, he was not a dolphin or a whale, he embodied both at the same time.  Hmmmm….  and his visual looped and looped and looped.  I needed this loop to figure out what the heck I was seeing!!

The dolphin and whales carried the energy of our DNA, and he is very much a part of their soul group.  The true architect he is (spiritually speaking) has taken the pure river of life and brought it forward and within him and this new water that is rehydrating the bubble of creation for all, is the enlivened codes of our DNA.  The full spectrum of our DNA.

Like my lady in Indonesia, my lady in Arizona and this precious man truly living the architects role of re-creation, all 12 DNA strands are online.  Living in pure Grace is the only key to this “The God Group” or your divinity being activated. There is no other person, no session or activation from another than can enliven these DNA strands for you.  It is a way of Living!!  If you are not sure what the 12 strands represent or mean, feel free to click the God Group link, on my website is Kryons explanation of it all, which sits so deeply in my heart as true.

My morning is rounding the finished corner before my readings start, but I have got to put this last bit out here too.  I was shocked yet again as my last reading of the day presented herself.  Because she lives in New Zealand and was on tomorrows timeline, I expected (silly me lol) to see more of the first mentioned understanding.  Hell no!!  Instead she left me in a complete mind boggle!!

Her visual opened up on what could look very much like a desert landscape.  No plant, no tree, no filmy bubble of creation.  Nothing except this blue-white funnel of energy that was in her direct center and felt like a reversed tornado funnel.  (Instead of coming down from the sky sucking things up, it was coming up out of the earth, exhaling I suppose.)   As I tried to figure out where my lady was, suddenly and so shockingly, she was spit out of the top of the funnel in the laying down position (not head first nor feet first.)   She could have very well been laying in bed then spit out this funnel as her head, arms and legs flailed with the force of ejection.  She went about 5 feet up and outside of this rapidly spinning blue-white funnel of energy and disappeared.  Gone, just…. gone.  Where the heck did she go??  I still have no clue.  In-between dimensions?????  I rescheduled her for next week, I pray I can see her then and get more understanding.  What was/is really strange, I even tried to go into the earth.  I figured if I can see the origin of this funnel thingie, I could understand what it means to her, nope.  The earth was bizarrely rock solid.

This is going to be a very very interesting month of experiences!!!

On that Note, for those in the USA, enjoy this Independence Day from the past and ties that held you in place.  Set your SOUL FREE to live expansively and humbly out loud!!!  Ohhh heck, let the whole wide world live this way too, not just us 4th of July illusionist!! ❤

(((((((HUGZ))))) of freedom and Grace to all!!!

Lisa Gawlas









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  2. Hi Li li, I have to giggle at how things go and we think we are getting a clue on the direction of things and then more pieces fall into place and spins everything around again! LOL spirit must certainly be having fun! Big hugs to you and happy independence day, freedom seeking sister! 🙂 Alex


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