Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 25, 2014

The Legion of Light on the Ground!

legion of light

There are a few things I left out of my sharing yesterday that I do want to mention here today.  Our perceived future and how to attain our greatest outcome potential.  A generation and a quarter from now… a lot is already happening and more is to come, not because of what someone else “in power” is doing, but because of what we are and will do.  Changing it all.

All the “inner” work we have done to get to here was really for a greater, grander purpose within our collective lives.  It should serve to empower you, free you, free US from the enslavement of our past, of the rules set down by our past and give each and every one of us that have done that inner work, that inner strength building, the courage to do it all differently and most importantly, outwardly.

For the better part of this year, thru just about every reading, the “inner world” area of the fields of life have been almost invisible as the eyes of spirit, YOUR spirit, take focus on the outer world of creation.  That is not to say the inner world is not important, but ya gotta get to a point where you have waxed your car good enough to ride it around town.  But then, there are those who may not want to get their newly waxed, shiny ass cars dirty.  Tough!!  That’s what you are here for!!!!

Altho I was not shown any of the details of our future a generation and a quarter from now (approximately 35-40 years from now) I felt what it was.  Harmony.  A world harmony.  Can you imagine that?  Well, it is already happening.  Even tho our viewing window may look vastly different from what appears to be really happening.  There are people already deep in the trenches creating change.  Not with hate and animosity, but with sheer will and pure determination.

As I took a little potty break, that place I now revere as my holy toilet, opened a great window of understanding.  Some of you may not like this, but it is what it is none the less.  Those “angles” we pray to and commune with, that we have given all kinds of attributes to… are really bits and pieces of our own soul connection.  The Beings that actually came to earth with wings were ET’s.  Our native Americans have the closest remembrance of this wonderful race of celestial Beings, because their faces really do resemble birds.  But we humanize everything, even Beings from other worlds… over time.  Then we give them deity powers and pray to them.  We are an adorable race, with all our quirks.

Those aspects of ourselves, that group we call angels, which ever one you may be aligned to, is the very thing you need to express in your life.  So lets take that one incredible angle so many of us are aligned to.  That which we call Archangel Michael.  This sword wielding, shield holding Adonis of an angel man.  A true warrior of light.  Isn’t that who and what we are all striving to be.  Our sword of truth poking out for all to experience, sometimes, our truth does sting another.  Sometimes tho, we need to cut open an area to allow the old to flow out and the new a place to flow into.  Our shield of protection so that we remain in a virtual protection while speaking, LIVING our truth.

There is this feeling within so many, the avoidance of “hurting” someone because of what we may say, or believe, so we move into inaction for fear we hurt someone.  Please!!  People may take it personally, and that is a really great thing.  Pierce the veil, pierce a clogged artery in the heart.  As we have all experienced, getting to this amazing, empowered place of Here has been akin to ripping off out skin a section at a time.  No one will die from your truth, well, not physically anyway and they may even change into their own greater truth because of your piercing.  Just a thought to ponder… (smile)

The warriors of Light.  Us.  In action.  In the most loving battle for change the earth has ever known.  We are not going to change systems by ignoring them, but by confronting them… together, as the true legion of Light that we are.

So they say there are inventions already created that would allow free energy to be available to everyone.  So why have we not all gotten this invention yet?  Why are we not actively using what is already here?  No one said we HAVE to use costly electricity, or gas, or oil, but we do because we are not familiar with anything else.  Give me another option, I am there.

We all know how incredibly broken out school systems are, and many have chosen to take their kids out of that system and home-school, but what are we doing to change the system all together?  We cannot take a cup of water out of the river and expect that the river will change course because of that.  But start at the banks of the river, we can change the course of everything… anything.

With this change, we must do it from a place of love.  Loving firmness, loving boundaries unto yourself and family, loving action.  Hate, vengeance, that just produces more of the same in what appears to be different ways.  If you cannot love and honor the darkness, then truly, you do not fully understand the light.  They are one in the same.

We can ALL so something.  We MUST ALL do something.  Just look at the people of Colorado, they legalized cannabis.  Not one of us thought we would see its legalization in our lifetimes, but a collective of people came together and made the change and was quick to implement the changes out loud.  Washington state is still getting over their own shock.  But hey, some places take a little long than others.  The important thing is… it has started, because WE made it happen.

We have collectively started a movement, a movement of light.  It will not stop.  You will be demanded to do your part.  Many of us let go of the “free will” of the ego and handed it completely over to our soul, and that alone can get uncomfortable because the soul is a verb, an action word.  We are now the responsible ones to continue this change in earnest.

This has been the template of the first half of 2014.  That moment of leaving the stillness that got us to here behind, as we fit into the new shoes of action.

From the readings, I am seeing there is not a single human not going thru immense change, inside and outside.  July is going to be the trigger that creates action for all of us.  The true legion of Light on the ground, changing it all.  YOU are the angels you pray to, commune with, channel… now get that body in motion, outwardly, in the landscape we call life.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new flight patterns to ALL of us!!

Lisa Gawlas

Sometime ago, a dear friend gifted me this incredible song.  I would like to gift it to all of you today.  May you not only hear the lyrics, but FEEL the power of this song.  In-Joy

I SHALL BE FREE by Kid Beyond:








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    As members of the Army of Light, we’ll set ourselves free!


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  3. Hi Lisa,

    there is a free energy device, it’s called the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator). It generates more energy than it uses. You can find info here:
    or just google the name, and you will find more.

    As for the other thing, I’ve encountered some people lately who thought they were wielding the sword of truth, but they were really just lashing out because they felt triggered, and were not aware of it. I really don’t think we need all this sword-swinging anymore. To stand in your truth, you don’t have to stab anyone – just live the way you see fit and allow others to do the same. 🙂


    • There is a tremendous difference between speaking your truth and intentionally hurting someone by being mean. That is not what this sharing was about at all.

      However, I have seen clients get pissed at what was given to them in a reading, again, people do not have to like what is said, but it does serve to pierce the veil which initially creates anger.

      I do know there are many things out there already invented, if widely distributed, then we can all use them. Thanx for the link!! ❤

      Love ya Zarah, so very much!! ((((HUGZ))))


    • I agree with Zarah. Warrior of light is an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one… Maybe a different term would be more appropriate. Still love ya anyway 🙂 keep it coming!


      • Ohhhh, I had an epiphany as I read your reply Zoe… AA Michael is the only angel I am familiar with, but there are so many others, each with their “assigned” attributes, each with their own special qualities that are needed in this incredible phase of life/light. Perhaps you, and Zarah are holding their energies within you that need expression. Not everyone signed up to be a warrior, otherwise, nothing would get accomplished if they did.

        Big (((HUGZ))) and thanx!! ❤


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  5. awesome truth as always lisa ty:) wow now thats n beautiful musician:)


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  7. Dear Li li, it was prom and graduation for christina over the past few days so just catching up now, what a wonderful sharing! I really resonated with what you spoke about being our truth fully and not dimming our light to make others feel comfortable. I am not here to tell anyone how to live their lives or their path, but I am certainly firmly placed on my divine path and I choose to express that truth and that light!

    I am a warrior and have been feeling strongly the benevolence of that. Let’s look at the other aspect of warrior, not the conqueror, but the freer. Not the one who places in chains but the one who breaks the chains. You said even in this message that if one does not understand the darkness then how can they understand the light–I believe this is the same with the warrior archetype. Look at both sides and see how when you take both the divine feminine aspects of the warrior goddess, diana, artemis, even athena and combine it with the divine masculine aspects the warrior becomes not a conqueror but a protector and a creator of sacred space.

    Big hugs! Alex


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