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When You Have Given All Your Pearls of Wisdom Away…. <3


I hope y’all have had as great a solstice weekend as I did.  Holy heaven batman. It is so wonderful when you can get your hug on, share with joy and tears and and even just Be without the need to say a word.  Thank you ladies, and gents, for a wonder-full weekend!! (You know who you are… smile.)

On my 8 hour drive to Loveland, Colorado I popped on the audio book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.”  I never finished reading my kindle version and really wanted to hear the story narrated, plus I tend to get lost along certain area’s, so I also wanted to hear what I may have missed.  Keeping in mind, with all the information that has been coming thru in the readings this wild and wacky month of June, topped off with the number five stocking me, and the feeling… the knowing, something is changing… I would really like a bit of clarity on what I am getting myself into now.  There is something about road trips and the right audio-book that can bring so much into clarity for myself.  I got a hellofa lot more than I bargained for!

When Billy started talking about ‘life being your oyster… and you are the oyster and the pearl” and went on to explain what he meant, my inner world opened up to a surprising vision and humbling understanding.

The first thing I had seen were kitchen cupboards suspended in air.  As Billy was talking about the grains of sands, life irritants, it was also made clear to me we spend the first part of our lives collecting those grains of sands, the irritants and store them in our proverbial cupboards until the moment we are triggered to do something with those irritants.  I am sure my cupboards contained an entire beach head.

During the second phase of our lives, we take those grains of sands and start to work them, use them like an oyster would do… turning them into something beautiful, for the oyster it would be a pearl, for us, it would be pearls of wisdom.

During the next phase of our lives, we are to give all the pearls away.

Some may do this entire task over several lifetimes, but for me, my bathtub became my pearl making factory.

In this vision, in the entirety of the understanding unfolding, my cupboards were completely empty.  I have given all my pearls away.  My first thought, a relatively accurate one at that, was: “I have nothing left to give.”  It was an odd, if not uncomfortable feeling.  I have been churning out my story, my understandings, my pearls of wisdom for 14 years.  And now, at this most crucial time in earths evolution, my cupboards are bare.  Well, just shit!!  With as much innocence as wonder in my next question, the field opened the story wide for understanding.  My question was simply… what do I do now?

As days have phases to its turn around the earth, so do each of us.  We have our mornings, our afternoons when the sun is most high, and our evenings, when the sun sets into the night.  I have lived thru my morning and my afternoon and now I start the movement into night.  The end of my day in this form.  My team, without even waiting for my question to come (they know me so well) made it very clear what they meant.

We come to help people remember how to live and live fully.  To take life’s needed irritants and turn it into precious pearls of loving wisdom.  We must also teach people how to die.  It is as precious a process as morning and afternoon in the days rotation of itself.

Until this moment, this expanded, detailed moment of my own evolution, I had my own demands around my personal death.  I have always wanted to check out of this body via the operating table.  No pain at all and quick!!  I have also been very very amendment about staying in this body for a long, long time.  I worked my freakin ass off to be conscious, to perfect my spiritual skills, I have no desire to start from scratch in another body, thru another veil of forgetfulness.

But my father gave me another view of death, one that I consider priceless.  A slow walk into his new day.  Time to say goodbye, resolve unresolved things.  He gave me the privilege of documenting his death process thru his eyes, thru his soul and the amazing beauty that fills it all.  I can do now move into this energy, whenever it comes, with excitement, knowing, and living detail along the way.

My father has been hanging around my a lot lately.  I never gave it a second thought, even tho recently I would see him reaching down thru my ceiling and offering his hand to pull me up.  I just look at him and smile, but never take his hand.

As my team is explaining this next and final phase with emotions of understanding I cannot come close to putting into words, my whole body gave in with such amazing joy, that I took myself by surprise.  I spent the rest of my ride to Loveland, pondering how excited I was to start this new and last adventure within life.  How flipping odd of me!!  I also knew, on my way back home, they would give me the rest of the understanding as I marinated on what they just told me.

I did have another question rise to the surface… what is left to do once you give away all your pearls?  My teams reply:  Experience!  Kewl beans??

Just as I thought, on my way home, a different audiobook that I was (trying) to listen to: What God Said: The 25 Core Messages of Conversations with God that will Change Your Life and the World by Neale Donald Walsch became a blur in the background of my hearing.  Instead, and I might add, immediately, my team picked right up where they left off.  They brought out a fact that I had seen in a meditation some time ago.  My grandson at around the age of 40 in a world that was significantly different from the one we are in now, attaining his place as a leader.  But not a leader as we know them today (like president or something in that vein.)  He is going to need a lot of assistance to make sure he gets to where his life plan needs him to go and by the time he is of his age, I will be an old old lady (ummmm, like close to 90.)  I will reincarnate as a catalyst to make sure he gets the seat he needs in this life at that time.  I will not be related to him, there will be no memory on either of our parts of who we were to each other in this, my present lifetime.

I was also shown my eventual parents just starting to come together in this life.  They were way above me in the sky, walking a wide V towards each other, they have yet to make the connecting point of the V itself.  I knew I had some time under my belt.

This really put me into a place of amazing peace, not that I was upset at all, amazingly, not even a little bit.

My team changed their analogy from the rise and setting of the sun in a day, to the content of a book.  There is always a beginning, a middle and the conclusion.  Everyone of us is our own personal books that are the energy of the akash, the living library, and we all have these sections within our lifespan here, not to mention, many books upon our shelf.

I did not ask those questions one would think I would ask.. the when, how or even gimmie more time lol, instead, the only thing on my heart was my one book that is dangling out there: “The Lost Codes of Shambhala.”  I cannot finish it because I write, I share souly from experience.  Where that book needs to go next, I have no experience with… the conclusion.  But then again, my team did say all I have left is “to experience.”  God knows, I Am ready!!!

The one thing I know for sure, this is going to be one hellofa ride!!

I love you all, soul very very much.  May the energetic button we all step on as we move from June into July be that which brings all your dreams come true!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures to All!!

Lisa Gawlas  








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  2. such a lovely person Lisa..hope one day we meet..peace all my relations


    • I agree about our children..they were one with us before birth..they hold the geometry of the it holds our frequency..we can a light thier being and be with them at any quicksilver, I believe , due to our connection and fix points
      I often felt my Dad came back to me around my son however my dad is still around me so there are so many multidimensional aspects of our family. We are not alone.
      We are all Family of Light, in my opinion by virtue of having the privilege to be born on this earth breathing Her air ( heir) etc, her Nurture. and we are all related in some way so long long ago..We are the container, I feel, that holds the frequency of the Light.
      my son was hurt hijacked from me, altaring him, a few years after he was born to me. To me, 9-11 was an action that spoke of my determination to have my son back from the dark team, and it was enlightening otherwise. My team plays big, our team does play big. you see we Light beings are so valuable and team dark knows us
      Now we are so light, team dark is on their knees, I am sure, if not now, shortly by end of year I am hoping..either way we have no option but to wait till they stop eclipsing the Light; we will see, I for one believe, and this earth will be managed differently by our Family of Light as we are all here in form on this planet, awakened now, thru this veil of black magic spells and hypnotization/synchronization..wake up time hopefully as the earth needs us to take care of Her. We are from so long ago related… I believe its why we say all my relations


  3. Dear Li li, glad you had a wonderful soulful weekend! What a beautiful sharing this is and it coalesces with a lot of what Matt Kahn says that as we awaken we gain wisdom and then we release our need for wisdom and simply experience life. I also see here the workings of leading by example and transmuting the fear of death, knowing it is simply another phase of living and on we go to something different and exciting! Huge hugs! Alex


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  5. […] by Lisa Gawlas, June 24, 2014 – | Thanks to Awakening […]


  6. Yes, Lisa, I just had a similar ‘experience’, another (final?) ‘death of the human ego-personality’. Feels like the final layer to peel off in our Divine Striptease (a la Denise Le Fay) as we approach ‘zero point’ of the Shift. However, I KNOW that our ultimate sacred mission is to ‘transition’ into the New Earth WITH our physical bodies. IF we want to do that, of course, and IF we have consciously purged all the dross out of the body that could cause ‘problems’ upon The Event itself. And I have :-).

    EXPERIENCE IN JOY AND BLISS these final days of Duality then!!! It sure IS gonna be a rad ride, no doubt about THAT lol . . . . . 😀


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