Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 20, 2014

The Dual Power System Culminates with the Solstice Energy


When I heard about the dual hurricane systems that both touched down at the same time in Nebraska the other day, I turned the weather channel on to see what they looked like.   I caught their coverage at the perfect place, they were talking about how they formed and the fact that these two funnel clouds were actually two separate weather systems.  I caught the video visual where one funnel cloud had just touched down and the system next to it was just forming its funnel.  I instantly heard my team say, this is a visible reflection of the energy system we (everyone) were in as well.

Mercury retrograde came in to make the connections perfect, the thing that binds it all together.  Then we had the full moon and solar flares, which was a system in and of itself.  We had a couple of days to breathe and process all that energy and then landed in the 7 day solstice energy.  A double tornado, two separate systems skirting along the same space of time, touching down to earth.

Unlike the actual tornado’s themselves, they do not have to be a destructive force at all.  Quite the opposite, we can use their power, their energy to fuel our lives next adventure.  We can look at this as riding with the tornado energy instead of trying to stay in place or even retreat from it (that’s when things get ripped away from us.)

I am finding that a lot of the folks I have the pure privileged of connecting to in that sacred place called the field of light, so many of them have put the energy of change into motion into their own lives.   Whether it’s seeking new employment, new dwellings, new relationships, new skills or taking old skills to the next level.

It was just so exciting to see this play out in our landscape called life.  With this system on the ground in Nebraska, it took with it the pure energy of a child and an adult, a gift to all of us these two precious and brave soul gave to all of us… the energy trail of a child, to play and experience life from that point of view.  The wisdom of the adult to use for our next, greatest expression of our Selfs.  The twin energy systems in place to harness it all together.  One could look at this as the living trinity, what many Christians call “the father, son and holy spirit.”  What I call the child, parent and soul that binds it all together in one expression… YOU.

What I find really interesting as well, was the way each person unfolded on the field yesterday.  I had read for five women and one man, in that order.  Each female came in as an energy system, each uniquely displayed according to their life and placement within this system, but with some commonalities.  Thru the energy I call the divine feminine, the pure energy of potential was being released during this 7 day solstice event.  The main colors I had seen were all infused with a brilliant white, but there was green (heart expansion) and yellow (soul expansion) most (but not all) had pink (passion) and then the last couple colors depended on how you choose to integrate and USE these other incoming energy systems.  Orange (an expansion of sense of self) or violet (the full use of your whole self.)  The difference in experience would be like setting yourself up to really understand your sense of Self in the world around you (orange.)  This will serve to remove any lingering worthiness issues, or even kick hidden ones up to the surface.  How ever this unfolds, it is there to show you how incredible and capable you really are.  The violet unfolds when you own who you are and life gives you broader opportunities to fully USE your whole system (biology and spirit together) in the created world of amazing life we are living.

The last person on my agenda yesterday was a man, I was excited to see his energy was vastly different from the 5 previous females.  He was a single, large silver boot in the center of his field.  Finding form.  The divine masculine making the dreamer energy (female) visible and tangible in our created world.

He, with all the women on the field, (and every single one of us too) are in the midst of choice.  Choosing, even of from the deep unconscious, how and where we are going to use these enhanced energies, which contain expanded wisdom, expanded if not new spiritual abilities, extra good karma coins, nothing is being held back from a single soul on earth.  It is up to us as to how we use it.  That is when I will be able to see more of your energy system, of the (more than likely unrealized) choices you have put into motion to create the expansion of the REAL on earth we will just call July.

Like with my man, each choice will put different attributes on the ground of his new form.  Right now, he has one silver boot, his right boot, firmly planted on the earth.  A deep emotional connection with the high frequency energy of our beloved mama, Gaia.

Keep in mind, I see this energy’s separately so I can continue to tell the never-ending story of our evolution.  You, each and every one of YOU house both the divine feminine and divine masculine within your life field.  Dreamer and Creator emerging (or not) from the core of your heart out into matter.  Action makes it visible to all, especially to YOU.

On that note, I must close for the next several days.  I had heading to a playdate in Loveland Colorado with four other ladies.  This is my NEW energy, a long and needed playdate with some amazing souls in body.  I will return Monday evening.  I am not bringing my computer with me, so I will not be responding to emails or doing any sharings (save a few on facebook) until I return home.

Have an amazing, energized time playing this is solstice energy.  May you use it to fuel all your dreams come true!!!

(((HUGZ)))) of action and expansion to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have put together a special Solstice Special to take advantage of.  Riding the energy of a twin system, I BOGOed the 30 minute reading special. Plus I am including the powerful (MP4) archives of the Soul Gym sessions of May and June with this special too.  (You may not get the dropbox invite in your email until I get back, but I will catch up when I am back.)  Just click here to take advantage of the 4 day Solstice Special!  Special ends June 24th.)









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  3. Have a wonderful trip Li li and rock it like two hurricanes! I am also on a play date on the solstice spending time with my favorite rock and roll band! Big hugs and see you on the flip side! 🙂 Alex


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