Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 5, 2014

The Ship of Dreams, Understanding June.

ship of dreams

Talk about going thru another massive shift!  It is so big I feel like I am learning a brand new language of light.  It seems to be taking me days now to really get some of the bigger and deeper meanings within the connections.  I connected to this beautiful man about June 1st, his visual made me smile, but it wasn’t until the other day did I really get the bigger meaning of it all.  Heck, I thought with each shift we are supposed to be moving (vibrating) faster, seems like I am getting even slower on the uptake.  For that, I do apologize!!

This precious man showed up in his reading sitting on a chair, his feet resting on something I couldn’t see but gave him the ability to lean back in his chair so that the chair was supporting him on its back to legs.  He had a fishing pole in his hand, the line cast out into the energy of June, plunked down in what looks like the middle of June.  He had on this green fishing hat and on its right side was a thing that glowed white, if he was really fishing, it would have been his fishing license.  The relaxation, deep serenity that was coming from this image took my breath away, but other than telling him there is nothing he needs to do right now, I was a stumped girl.  Not any longer!!

It wasn’t until someone posted on my facebook wall and I replied did the bells and whistles of what I missed with him go off inside of me.  I am going to share what I now finally understand and incorporate a couple other readings too.

Recently, I was connected to a lady and as I was trying to understand the deeper meaning of her visual, I heard her team say something on the order of:  You may have stopped energizing your passions and/or desires from the past, but the universal life force has not forgotten at all.  It is now time for things to come together.

Now to take my fisherman, he had already cast his line out into the sea of potential and now it is time to sit back and wait… wait for that bobber to start moving.  This is where it hit me as I was replying about my eharmony fishing expedition lol.  For my own particular example, I cast my fishing line by signing up to that site and filling out my profile was like baiting the hook if you will, now, it’s a matter of waiting until the bobber of my heart starts to stir.  Every morning I get delivered a bouquet of men, which is a really nice way to start my day, but it is also interesting to open that eharmony email and hear and feel, not in this batch.  Mt bobber has been as placid as the stillest of lakes lol.  However, when you have cast out your deepest desires and that manifestation gets closer, you will know it.  You will feel the vibration in your heart and then it is time for action.  With my fishing guy, his team did say when his bobber starts to move (at that time, I had no idea it was talking about the heart energy stirring) he cannot just real in his fishing line, he will have to get up and move towards it.

Now to take my own story and the way our beautiful universe brings you clues about the arrival of whatever you are fishing for in life, a couple of days ago I went outside to feed the birds and there were two leaves on the ground.  The leaves on our trees are all heart-shaped.  Both leaf steams were facing the north, which would be future, the bottom of the hearts/leaves were facing the center of the field pointing towards each other.  What was really surprising, the leaves were yellow.  Our leaves don’t turn yellow until the fall.  But these two… both very yellow, which also represents the soul connection.

So for those who have done all they could to bring their deepest desires to their life, all that is left now is the waiting.  Even if you stopped trying, doesn’t mean the universe stopped listening.

Now, to take this to the complete opposite spectrum, a connection that so boggled me I couldn’t get the hell out of my head thru it all.  A wonderful lady showed up above her field, well she didn’t show so much as this intricately carved wooden ship attached to a hot air balloon of many colors, hovering about her field of June about 10-15 feet and located at the west side of the center of her June.  What the hell could that possibly even mean??  The sound of silence rang thru.  Geez!!  I am realizing that if your visual shows up above the ground, for some reason, I get zero audio.  So I decided to do some fancy rope work lol, I got out a lasso of light, stood at her present moment in her field, and swung my lasso around her ship, hoping to pull it to the ground so I could hear what was being shown.  The moment my lasso of light wrapped around her ship (I didn’t even know I was that talented lol) and I tried to yank her back towards me, there was this reverberation that came back that I cannot say it was unpleasant, but it came with a strong feeling of “don’t do that.”  I let it go.

And away she went lol.

She must have caught some gentle breeze that I couldn’t see nor feel and she started to drift slowly higher and further north as she and I talked.  I kept looking around trying to find her biology, thinking if I could connect to that, I may understand her hot air balloon ship thingie.  She was nowhere to be seen.  The more I looked, the further away her ship was getting.  It went up above the mesa top to the north side, then floated away behind the mesa, I mean OUT of my line of sight.  Hey!!  Come back here, I can no longer see you at all.  Everything turned into a gray screen.  She was gone, just…. gone.

In all my years of reading, I have never ever had someone just float completely out of their own reading.  What the hell??  Where’d she go… WHY did she go.

My field of vision stops at the mesa itself, except I think it was mid 2012 when the connections started showing an ocean on the other side of the mesa.  A part of the mesa became see thru and I could see the ocean of potential behind it.  This became prevalent for a few months, then like this crazy journey, stopped showing up in the readings all together.

This is where we, as humans can really get confused, speaking primarily for this human typing!! lol  Time.  The pesky pesky part of our journey.  Spirit shows up things in 2012 we assume it means its gonna happen in 2012!!  Not so much as we have been experiencing.  In hind sight, I suppose there are times we must start to bait our hook and eventually cast a line out into the sea of potential… and then wait.  And wait.  And wait.  lol

I was so boggled and so flustered that I couldn’t even come close to understanding her visuals or the fact that she floated right out of her reading that I just rescheduled her.  My brain was melting down.  I also knew I had a long car ride ahead of me, it was grocery shopping day.  I had a feeling when I stopped thinking about it, I will understand more.  Sure enough, 30 minutes into my car ride, like a lightening bolt striking land, I understood the whole thing pretty much.  I couldn’t find her biology because it was represented as the ship itself.  The intricate etchings I had seen carved in the wood, was what we can call life lines.  Hieroglyphs, her soul codes.  The striped, multicolored hot hair balloon was her soul energy, together as one.  Off exploring new waters… movement between the dimensions.

I sat there bouncing in my car seat, so flipping excited that this now all makes perfect sense.  I returned to listening to the radio and had to laugh out loud when I realized the song playing in that exact moment was:

Oh, Oh big ol’ jet airliner 
Don’t carry me too far away 
Oh, Oh big ol’ jet airliner 
Cause it’s here that I’ve got to stay 

Goodbye to all my friends at home 
Goodbye to people I’ve trusted 
I’ve got to go out and make my way… 

The fact that she finally put the energy into clearing up her condo to get it ready for sale, her earth action created movement at higher levels, seeking out new experiences, new waters to experience expansion and joy in life.  I so look forward to seeing the rest of her story Friday!!

As these days of June press on, and most people are still on the back side of the energy field I call June, some like my lady above, above the ground itself, still only one person actually in the field of June, I am starting to see patterns now and understanding them more deeply.

There are some of who have done all we can to invite change into our lives, and now we wait with our fishing line in the sea of potential, for the bobber of our hearts to start moving.  There are other groups who is putting the energy of change into their now moment, and the dimensions are shifting to higher degrees of expanded internecine on earth.  And the rarer few (so far) who is in complete alignment with their present moment and flowing in harmony with the incoming inspiration (speaking here of my lady in lady in new zealand that I wrote about the other day.)  One not better than the other, all perfect, purposeful and exciting.

I am really starting to see why we need two full months to fully experience this energy zone, its a slow-moving system that is raining the energy of Shamblaha for those who have aligned with it.  WE are the flowers of shambhala, blooming brighter each day!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ))))) of excitement and patience and soooo much love filled gratitude to each and every one of you, of us, together!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  This Friday in the Soul Gym we will be accessing various past lives to see what spiritual mastery you can bring forward and apply to your life now.  Come join us on the journey:  Also, June’s special:  $5 off 30 minute readings PLUS a FREE June membership to the Soul Gym!!  We are changing on all levels together!! ❤









  1. Hey Li li! Your fishing man and waiting also reminded me of a fishing trip we made to the woods with the girls when they were little. A friend who is an avid fishermen took us and he was so intent on catching something. We cast our lines out and he didn’t catch anything because he was getting frustrated. Sami, at about 8 years old had no expectations, no attachments, she was just loving the act of being in the woods…she had never fished before..she caught 6 fish! Waiting, loving the experience of the now with no attachment to outcome and miracles happen! Whoot! love alex!


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