Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 3, 2014

Connecting With the Source of Passion and Life, Inside and Out!


I think we are finally getting served some meat and taters (for you vegetarians, tofu and taters lol) or maybe I am just figuring it out better, either way, I think I got some nuggets for this June/July energy life experience we now got ourselves into!  Of course it took me the span of two days and 10 connections to get here, but here I Am none the less!!

What I really was stumped over, was even yesterday, most was still on the south side of the field of June.  My first man on the field would give me (us) a complete understanding that became utterly clear with my last lady of the day.

My man appeared just outside of June’s energy line, just like everyone else did the day prior.  Only he had a very interesting and (eventually) telling twist.  He was on a ladder that went straight up in the air, nothing supporting it on the left or right sides and this ladder was a cross between wood (earth) and bronze (the alloyed energies of spirit.)  I could see it was dug deep into the ground, my man was moving upwards on the ladder facing south, meaning, his back was to the energies of June.

Even before we connected, I started hearing his team telling me to ask him if he is having fun, if he found his joy yet.  Hmmmmm, it’s a rare moment when I am the one asking you the questions!!  Which I didn’t ask until I became so stumped on his imagery.  Just above the ladder, which was maybe 7 feet tall and it too just stopped, I could see my man suddenly reaching for something that felt like a light fixture and he wanted to change the light bulb.  It felt like whatever was in there before, must have burned out or stopped working.

After some serious pondering while watching him, it suddenly hit me what he was doing.  Think ascension ladder and reaching for the light.  Only now the game completely shifted to the ground level and the only light that exists is the one within us.  We got to here, to this amazing, confusing, sacred place by reaching for that light, climbing the ladder of higher frequencies, now it is time to live it out loud.  The outside light is no longer accessible because it is now apart of who we are.  I now understood why we needed to ask him that question, so I did.  He was as baffled replying to the question as I was having heard his team ask it before our reading.

Fun, Joy, Passion.  This creates the aliveness that is the June/July energy field.  More than anything, I really understood it clearly with my last reading of the day.  A beautiful and fun writer/screen writer in New Zealand.  She is one day deeper into June that we are here in the States, so I was hoping she at least got into June, I wanna see what the heck the big deal is!! lol

If she wasn’t a bizarre sight.  A cross between a mermaid and an inchworm.  I could feel her movement like an inchworm and yet, I could also see the scales of a mermaid body.  I watched as her reading started and she (in inchworm movement) went under the ground itself, under the white-blue pencil thin energy line of the first quarter of June, and move upwards on the other side of this line, now in June, then went right back under the earth and came up on June 3rd, the day she was actually in in her life.  What the hell??   What was even more amazing, she and her field was pretty much devoid of color.  He body resembled the color and texture even of the sand of earth.  The sun bleached sand.  I was absolutely boggled.  What the hell could this possibly mean to her.  The one thing I could understand, sorta, was the inchworm, very connected and fluid on earth.  The mermaid, very fluid and moves with ease and grace thru the emotional waters that surround earth.  She knows how to dive deep into earth and then come up for a breath of air to exhale.

But where is the color???  Why isn’t that pencil line of June filling itself out where she was.  It was still very much behind her, where it has been for every persons reading.

The field was rather stingy with audio most of yesterday, or maybe i had wax in my audio antenna, I dunno, but the audio was far and few between.  I gave up, just like I did with the lady before her.  I had no flipping clue what her reading really meant, what the bizarre yet beautiful imagery really meant to her and how to use it in her day to day life.  I was getting kinda sullen.  Why could I see this so clearly, feel the energy so deeply yet be clueless as to the bigger meaning of it all.

Ohhhh the glorious conversation.  It really is amazing what happens when we stop trying to hard.  She and I just started talking about what is happening in our lives and what we are doing.  She did tell me that she did wake up June 1st and started to write again after being in a sort of writers block for a while.  The story line has been pouring out of her for days now.  While she was sharing her excitement of writing again, and even tho I was now looking at her beautiful face on skype and not the field, suddenly I could see her in the field, more than that I could see COLOR coming from her neck.  Now keep in mind, she was in the early morning of June 3rd, so I had only seen from maybe her shoulders to her head poking up out of the ground.  From the left and right sides of her neck area (think, soul expression) they looked like metallic wires infused with light of many colors.  The wires were not straight at all, some were wavy, some kinked looking, but there was a bunch.  The moment she stopped talking about what she was doing, I could no longer see these colored wires.

And then it hit me!!  Passion, Soul expression making its way into life.  This is what June/July IS all about.  Stepping into your Souls passion and LIVING IT OUT LOUD!  Ok, even if it is thru writing, but that is what she does for a living.

Yet, I was still baffled.  I could see her vibrant, light infused wires (maybe a foot or two long on each side) moving slowly outward (think of the inchworm, he does not speed across the landscape of earth, but yet, with persistence and dedication, ALL-WAYS gets to where he is going.

I could finally see the potential at hand and the bigger understanding of that pencil line of energy that I do know as the Presence of the living god as the energy source on earth.  As she moves deeper into her passion, into her writing, that keeps these wires extending outwards that will connect with the pencil line, with the pure Source of All life and it will send the energy of creation thru her works and thru her.

If we can look at it more like a fuse box.  Your passion is the color coded wires in the electrical box, the Source of All life, which will lay itself out like carpet beneath your feet, will give the energy needed for your Passion to become manifest in Life.

To take this one step further into understanding, she was talking about a couple of screen plays she was working on.  As I once again took my vision off the field in the backyard and faced the computer to see her as she talked, like friends do, suddenly I my whole field of vision was vibrantly out of the left side of my viewing area (representing physical life) and actually was completely set up in my front yard now.  Now until this moment, my front yard has been ET land, but this had nothing to do with ETs really.  I seen myself in a movie theater watching her movie here in New Mexico.  I was so flipping excited.

This is really where creator meets creation and all is one Fluid, Living energy.  Your (our) passion made manifest.  But YOU must turn on the flow of passion, of joy and excitement, that is the birthplace of life.  Co-Creators in the fullest!!

Now, I am going to seem to contradict myself a bit here with my lady before her.  Her reading was so different from anyone elses and I had no way of understanding what I was seeing.  The sound of silence was deafening in our connection.  But the visuals and energy flow… holy cow batman, stunning!!

There was the now familiar energy line of June, but from the south side of the line this amazing arched ladder thing stretched above the earth (about 5-6 feet above) to the midnight hour that connects June with July.  This ladder was made of material that so felt like peacock ore (but smooth surfaced):



This ladder felt sturdy just like rock is.  All I could feel was I WANT ONE in my back yard.  The look and feel of this arched ladder was… beautiful beyond words.  As I was looking around trying to figure out what the hell is this all about, my eyes were taken to the connecting place of June July.  There was an intense ball of light that was on that ladder, so intensely bright I could not see thru it and yet, it felt like her soul Light.

Let me tell you, my questions it overdrive.  and not a sound, not a reply returned to any of my query’s.  Dammit.

So where the heck is my lady, her biology part of her??  Maybe if I knew where she was, I could make sense of this breathtaking view from her soul.  There she was, a massive ball of white light as well, planted, glowing in her East garden.  New beginnings.

It is very important to note that this amazing lady was born with a birth defect that kept her pain body very present in her life and her physical mobility very limited.  Yet, she took up the task of this spiritual journey, while at the same time, doing all she can from the higher aspects of her Self to temper the pain body and move thru her life with joy and anticipation.

Peacock ore is also known as the stone of happiness.  It seems she has an entire ladder made out of this precious stone.  But, equally important too, in a reading I have been doing with a man for the last month or two, that stone, Peacock ore, comes from another world and was brought her to seed the earth a long time ago.  Celestial origins, just like our souls.  The sparkle of Heaven placed solidly in our earth.

The only thing I can understand clearly this morning, her soul is about to gift her dedicated life-stream with the joy and abundance of life her heart yearns for.  How it unfolds will be exciting to watch.

So, let me ask you, what are you doing that is creating joy, passion and fun in your day to day moments?  This has nothing to do with work or income really, but at the same time, when you are working in your field of passion, it is as much play as it is financially supportive.

Don’t hold your self back from any of it.  Take a leap of faith, spring-loaded from the heart of desire.  NOW is YOUR (our) time!!

Focus not on what hurts you, but what enlivens you!!

YOU enliven me, every day, every way and then some!!  Have I told you how much I love and honor and appreciate you lately?  You really do rock my world!!

((((HUGZ))))) of rock solid happiness and joy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas













  1. Loved the reading as always xxxx Had a sneak on google found the following link
    Luv Pam xxx…/crystals-and-minerals-–-peacock-ore-cha…


  2. Dear Li li, beautiful sharing as always! Another reminder to follow our heart’s passion and really amp things up! So many little things in life bring me joy and are passion filled it will be fun to engage in them AND expand our field of spiritual life–a far cry from the old ways of penitence and poverty! Whoot! Thanks Field of Life! We all LOVE you too! 🙂 Hugs! Alex


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