Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 2, 2014

The Living Energy of June-July, of Shambhala!

living light

Of all the things that I realized these last few days, this one revelation took me by the biggest surprise.  It’s not the earth herself that is doing all this “shifting,” it’s us!  Earth was created to house vast amounts of frequencies or dimensions to allow all those incarnate to have whatever experience they wanted to have upon her life system.  Over the span of eons of time, it has been important for us to experience as many frequencies as we could leading up to this extraordinary moment in time.

If we look at it all like piano keyboard, we were all born into middle C, then we choose which other keys (frequencies we were going to explore while in body.)  Lingering on some notes, running from others and learning to play several of the notes together at one time.  This really does lead to the mastery of life.  Not avoiding the various notes, but playing in them, learning them, understanding their uses, potentials and harmonies.

That is not to say the earth herself is not going thru changes, she is knee-deep in menopause, brought on by the music we are now playing.  Maybe we can look at the earth changes as the way mom dances to the music of her children.  She is one talented mother… she often does several dances at once., there are so many pockets of music to move to.

So with these shifts that we are experiencing, we are doing this together.  For those who say I am not feeling it, just wait, your time is coming lol.  The more you pay attention to the higher notes of life and the less you listen to the lower or deep notes, the more you shift within.  The more you see how the world and your place within it really is.  A lot of people will take up residence on middle C, never really exploring except that which they were born into.  They are so important too, and our out job is not to move them out of their comfy note in life, not at all.  Like blockbuster movies, there are always “extra’s” in the movies to give depth and meaning to the ongoing movie.

What we do not see about earth is the massive amounts of dimensions that are all playing out at once.  Where we have other versions of ourselves experiencing different things, all sharing back to the soul consciousness and to each incarnation in body.  This to such an amazing light yesterday when I was doing a session with a beautiful soul who said she was attacked by demons this week.  She told me this in an email and I could not wait to connect with her to hear the rest of the story.  I knew her light field, the notes her soul song plays and she is not in a frequency where demons can just move in and attack her.

When she started to explain that as she tried to fall asleep one evening, she got really restless within the sleep.  She woke up and went to her kitchen, but it was not her kitchen, her husband was not the familiar guy she is married to now, she even had a 6-year-old daughter and yet, she felt like her.  Indeed she was.  She could hear this horrible, nightmarish chanting happening and new they were being attacked by something dark.  As scared as she was, she mustered the light within her, beamed golden energy out of her eyes towards those “demons” and then woke up in her bed that she was familiar with.  This happened twice.  Instantly I knew what happened.  She slipped between dimensions in the “restlessness” and actually went to help the part of her that was incarnated in that life and having that experience.

I became very aware of how the other aspect of her related this experience.  As if an angel came to her rescue and dispelled the dark energies haunting her.  How often do we all do that, we have an experience of “light” and we give all the credit to an angel or Jesus or something other than ourselves.  Our soul knocking on the door of another incarnation of itself to assist that which is needed.

This revelation alone left me in awe for the rest of the day!!  lol  Not to mention, in awe of the incredible power and mastery of my precious lady!

So now, lets talk about this big expanse called June/July.  It seemed to be a mystery right up until June 1st.  Maybe I really needed to read the Billy Fingers book before I got to see the truth of it all, because I know I would have never looked at yesterdays connection like I do now.

In all 6 connections yesterday, the layout was the same.  The start of a circle of light, a blue pencil line of energy infused with that brilliant white light.  The Living Presence of all of Creation.  Some may still call that God or the God Presence.  This circle was only about 1/4 visible and so thin, yet, I knew what I was seeing, at least, eventually lol.  This circle is on the ground, part of the ground itself.

All but one person was not interacting with this energy yet, but the one who was gave me a larger glimpse of the field itself.  She gently pushed a toe onto the energy, the energy line suddenly filled out the 1/4 of the energy field within the emerging circle in amazingly beautiful swirly patterns of blue-white light.  It retracted as quickly as she pulled her toe back.

I had yet another lady who gave us even more understanding about this alive, loving, vibrant energy that is before us.  She showed up as everyone else did, about 2-3 inches behind the emerging blue pencil line.  She had these enormous yellow, gel like butterfly wings that kept moving, constant movement.  Not flapping, more like, rippling.  These wings were so large they seemed to consume her body, I could not see a body at all, just these amazing wings.  But, she never moved, just turned around and around so slowly.  It started to feel like she was in her own Imax theater and what she was doing was looking was that thing, that moment where she can move out of the story that has now ended and desperately seeking the new one.  a place to jump into, or maybe out of.  I also knew she was not going to find it in doing a 360 life review.  I asked two questions at once, where is her body and how do we get her to stop rotating and move into this amazing field of June.  Suddenly, as if on cue, a baby fell out of the wings and landed on her hands and knees facing June.  Crawl forward!!  New life lays in that energy.  But the little girl was scared, she was frozen there, looking desperately for a parent, a protector, someone to guide her, give her permission to crawl out of the old life and into the new, the deep unknown of the new, but I kept feeling she going of her own accord.

I was at a loss, or so I thought.  All I could think to ask is how do we get this child to crawl forward.  I had such a deep belly laugh as I watched the adult I was reading for, the true mother of this child, swing back her leg and kicked the baby in the butt.  That’s one way to get her to move!!  lol  A good ole swift kick to the rear end.  Good thing babies are padded down there with their diaper lol.

So I took a moment to see what would it be like if the mother and child (this too, leads into the trinity: parent, child, holy spirit that is the wellspring of all life) took that leap of faith and moved out of the old into this vastness of new.  Holy heaven batman… suddenly I could see her in the middle of June, this living blue-white energy now spinning itself around her new life like a brand new sweater.  Instantly I got the bigger picture of what all this means to us, dare we take that leap of faith…

Again, good ole Billy Fingers and his Blessed sister Annie brought it all to a level of understanding I wouldn’t have seen quite like this.

As I mentioned yesterday, in the book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” written by his sister Annie Kagan, Billy explains after he was done being the universe (the great expansion) and became this concentrated ball of blue light, he knew the Presence was what we in the human realm would say was about 25 feet above him, a mass of blue infused with living white light.

He explained that when we are born, our mission is to connect with that spark of god, the blue-white light of ALL life, to bring it into us, to expand it thru us.  When we die, that same light becomes a part of us, as if we are wrapped within it (as opposed to it being within us like here on earth.)  Always one with it.

I realized I think on a slight level I completely missed the bigger picture of June/July and now it all makes such amazing sense.  The blue that I had seen making up the majority of the June/July experience is so much more than our soul energy, our soul expression in life, it is the truest of foundations of the Living Shambhala, The Presence of Heaven on earth.

The soul and the God Spark laid out and living as one.  The violet that I had seen (but didn’t as of yesterday, but again we are only in day 1 and even the blue was only as thick as a pencil line) is us.  The biological creations of creator itself, alive in body, alive and aware and partnered in matter.  Taking, creating leaps of faith into the fields of living life.

YOU are the shift of the ages!!  It is ALL happening thru you and NOT outside of you.  Keep in mind as well, YOU are the one you are praying too!!

Are you taking leaps of faith into Heaven on earth, Shambhala, or looking to re-enter an old story line for further understandings??

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with living, radiant blue-white living life!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. June’s Soul Gym agneda is now online.  Come expand with us!!

















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  2. Hi Lisa,

    I just want to say thank you for writing such a unique and inspirational blog that really helps me see different perspectives on this shift. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and really get a lot of joy out of your musings and experiences.



  3. Hi Li li, i have to giggle because last night i was drawn to read Celia Fenn’s works on time travel 101 and 102 when I had not read her works before, but had friends who do enjoy her stuff. She is speaking exactly about all these time spirals we create and how we can jump from one to another as a time traveler when we understand the frequencies, but of course, our souls can know how to do it before we are consciously aware and this is what it sounds like your blessed lady on the field has been doing! that many of us have been jumping timelines to bring the energy in those timelines up to a lovely frequency! Also why we have occasionally been feeling like crap because its difficult on the body once we jump! I am almost feeling like whenever we get a new wave of energy we are literally in a new reality and the other dimensions are dragged along like a bunch of balloons, being infused with more and more energy because of our forward movement and acceptance of this amazing new energy! If you are interested you can check it out: scroll down and click on the links…

    See you in the blue tomorrow! Very excited to connect with you! Hugs! Alex


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