Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 31, 2014

Expansion Into the Wholeness of Self… Or Not!


We are in such a pivotal time within all of our lives.  The power of change is happening from the densest of realities to the brightest of realities.  Those pesky vibrant molecules that come zooming and break things down, removes things.  Chaos always proceeds change.  Our job is to use the energy of change to create something new in its place, whatever “it” is.  Most of us, out of pure habit and falling into the familiar, usually rebuild the old and call it new.

But what if the change is not so obvious, there are subtleties that must be changed too.

May has been a month of visuals from readings haunting me.  Not in a negative way, but once the reading is over, the visual remains with me thru my day, begging to be seen and understood in a broader view.  This happened again two days ago, a beautiful lady upon the field of light.  Funny, she wanted me to tell her what her body looked like, I couldn’t pick her up in my kitchen (which represents the biological life) so I cranked it outside to the middle of her light field, still nothing.  I had already done readings before her, so I knew I was on, but where was she??  I started to  retract my antenna back into my kitchen, to look one more time when I caught I glimpse of something slithering tru my back door.  What the hell is that.  Bizarre is a huge understatement.

There was this pinkish-reddish blob that had the outline of a torso and head and two arms pulling itself thru my back door into the kitchen.  I could feel how much energy it was taking her just to do that.  Talk about self-determination.  Not only did she not have any legs at all, she had zero skin and even her muscles that would be under the skin was more blob like than defined.

I had to also notice that she was coming thru the door the wrong way, well the wrong “traditional” way.  Instead of coming thru the part where the door actually opens, she was slithering in the area where the door hinges were.  Hmmmmm??

She kinda got hung up between being in my kitchen and being in the back yard, the field of light.  Her blobby head became the focus of my attention.  She had no eyes, nothing that resembled a nose or mouth, but yet the head itself was still shaped like a head when this thing really caught my attention.  I really don’t think it was there a minute before, but it was making itself seen in my field of vision.  At first (change that to the first full day) I thought what I was seeing was fascia, the substance that holds muscle groups together.  It was a white color which nicely contrasted the pinkish-red of her blobbiness.  The clearer it got the more I started to understand…

This white fascia looking thing started about an inch back of her hairline and went from temple to temple.  I could see what looked like tendons, but they where the same white color as this thing and the tendons moved inside her temples and connected in the middle of her brain.  With that, I got a feeling of creating a wholeness within the brain (instead of two separate hemispheres working together, there will be one whole brain ability.

This fascia also came down the front of her face triangularly.  It covered her forehead and eyes and nose and the point, which actually created another tendon like thingie stopped just above her upper lip.

Let me tell you, she was the most bizarre sight I had ever seen and could have come straight out of a sci-fi movie.  What the hell does all this even mean??  And where the heck are her legs??

The moment I asked about her legs, sudden her entire field starting from the southeast section moving in a circular direction towards the north had a large variety of legs standing next to each other.  Each one of them was emitting a glow unique unto themselves, but everyone glowed, or maybe better said, had a luminosity to them.  each set unique.  Hmmmmm.  She came here to completely boggle my poor processors!! lol

The legs themselves, from hip to toe is all about your movement forward.  Change the type of legs you use you change your movement forward.  From what was stated in her reading, she has the entire month of June to try out as many legs as she desires to use but there is one set in particular that will make her dance and is in absolute alignment with that thing growing on her head and face.

New approaches, new ways of navigating our way forward.

But what about that thing growing on her face?  It seems to connect the crown, third eye, olfactory gland and mouth/expression together as one muscle group.  I could understand everything except the temple area.  The only thing I came to realize thru my massage years, most people worry in their temples.  But beyond worry there had to be a higher meaning for the temples, i really never got to knowing that explanation.

Thank god for facebook.  The very next morning, a beautiful soul posted this picture:



Holy bells and whistles batman!!  I get it now.  As the day progressed, I got even more of her odd image.  This is not fascia but her true spiritual muscle, hence it glowing white instead of the pinkish-red of the rest of her skinless body.  She has brought herself to a place of true inner strength within her spiritual wholeness and now it is all forming together as one.  When this happens, of course you need new legs to navigate with and it seems June is going to be the store wide selection time.

As I moved my vision from where she was in my doorway and you can even look at that too as being in her doorway of her God self, half biology, half light field, skinless (no sense of identity) and emerging so knew, so expanded in this game of light… life, that to me, she was unrecognizable (visually) and even her spiritual signature was changing, strengthening as she lost the attachment of what she looks like on earth and moved into how she was going to use her wholeness in all things.

But back to moving my vision… there in the middle of the June/July timeline was something on the ground.  It was luminous but had no color to it.  It did have structure tho, something i had seen in years past, what I call a power node, except it wasn’t a node at all.  It was a solidifier.  As her team emphasizes it is “THE” transformation node.

Thru this entire lifetime, and most especially this last year and a half, we have been allowing change to come in and take us to new experiences (or not,) take us to fully use of our whole Light system within the body (or not,)  taken us out of the rat race and placed us (quite uncomfortably) into the expanded reality of Self.  Keep in mind, the “or not” is as much a choice as expanding is.  From the other side of the veil, there is no judgement, no requirement to go any further than you have currently taken yourself.  There are tons of other lifetimes, other realities to incarnate into beyond this one and all souls know that.

Well, there is so much more to this ongoing understanding, but my day begins in a few moments.  I will finish this up tomorrow.  Actually I will back up then move forward.  As I was looking for art for this sharing, I so totally forgot that I had seen my blobby lady days prior… she was in the middle of my living room as encompassed in a yellow cone of light so thick I could not see her.  This closing will kick off my sharing tomorrow.  OMG the things I understand now!!

I LOVE you all soul much, with or without skin!!!  lol

(((((HUGZ))))) of absolute change, expansion or nothing at all!!

Lisa Gawlas







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  3. Hey Li li, wow, you know, I never knew the meaning of the temples either other than a place to rub if I had a headache! What I love about your sharing is the idea of our complete transformation in our brain and spiritual body then needing new legs, new choice points because our old way of doing things simply will not support us…awesome! big hugs! Alex


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