Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 23, 2014

Rock Solid On The New Earth…


Every day feels like an incredible treasure hunt.  You being the treasure chest, me being the snoopy one rummaging thru your treasures.  Thank you for being so open, so willing to share the gifts of your soul with all of us.

My first treasure to kick off the day is someone who attends and participates in every soul gym.  I start with that statement, just to reinforce when I say I can be slow on the uptake, my goodness I am so not kidding.

At first, I was kinda worried because I could not see anything out in her created field of life.  Then, with my own soul guidance, I pulled my vision in closer, to the area that is just outside my back door.  The area that I also call due East, new beginnings, the spring of our lives.  There she was on a partially visuable bright yellow arched monkey bar.  Kinda like this (minus the other people lol):



And just like this image, I could only see the small section she was on.  As I pondered where the hell the rest of her monkey bars are, her team chimed in quickly with… as soon as she finishes the rung she is on, the next rung will appear. but not before.  Then I noticed she was on the third rung moving into the arched curve of her monkey bars.  I have always loosely interpreted numbers as Lee Carroll (Kryon) interprets them… the number 3 action and communication.

Then I had to ponder… why are you on monkey bars and not on the ground itself.  Instantly I understood the color yellow representing her soul energy itself, using the strength, wisdom and elevation of her soul for support beyond her day to day life.

I decided to pull her body into my kitchen to see if I could get a snapshot similar to what I had seen the night before, the energy/frequency flow thru her veins.  Sure enough, I did, but what I seen was so unexpected.  My eye went straight to her right hand, gnarled and arthritic looking.  Even the skin was gray and leathery, but just from the wrist to the curled up fingers.  What the hell is that????

Our right side has always represented (in my world) the emotional/spiritual side of our lives.  The shoulder to the fingertips represents our reach for life, right side would be the reach of soul desire in the physical world of creation.  The hands themselves, is our ability to grasp what we have reached for and full it to us. Well, she got a gnarly along the way, to the point her hand itself looked seriously atrophied.

Her soul desires movement, out of the old, into the new.  She has already felt the desire to put her condo on the market, but first she gotta clear the clutter… and has not dove into that adventure yet.

It wasn’t until we finished the reading and I moved to the computer to send her the recording of our session, did her soul hit me over the head (with love of course) of the bigger picture of what I was seeing.  The yellow monkey bars… The Soul Gym!!  She is on it, working it, but not in her day to day life as is needed and desired as part of her soul adventure/movement.

In several of the sessions we have done thru May, one of her main focal points was having the energy to clean up the condo, get it ready for sale… and another day passes without acting on the energy desire.  I think she has a right and left hand like I do, they just don’t play nice together.  My left hand is a slacker, doing as little as possible while my right hand does all the work.  (left, physical life, right, emotional life)  We can do all the emotional exercises we can conceive of, but we gotta bring in the physical life energy to make it all happen… to manifest the energy of soul desires in our created life.

Once upon a time we had months, years to get our act together.  Obviously not any more.  If we are not flowing on the energy of our hearts desires, we are drying up what could have been.

Even as I thought about all this, her team expanded the energy of the number 3.  Expressive action (from the soul level into created life.)  All of a sudden, it made so much sense… all of it, even beyond her reading.

If on this new, vibrant world, the garden of eden, everything has a new expression, so would our numbers.  The garden of eden is ALL about using our soul energy, the soul desires to create the new into physical life itself, so our (my simple) numerology would need a change in expression too.  Dah!! lol

I want to quickly share my next adventure.  Scared the crap out of me at first.  My second reading, a beautiful man in the UK… OMG, he had this creature show up.  He was huge and looked kinda creepy/scarey… until I got to really feel him.  I just called him Rock Man.  He was made out of huge rocks, boulders even.  I could feel the ground itself reverberate every time he put a large foot down on the ground.  What the hell!!!!!!!!

He is the manifestation of the rock kingdom of the true earth.  Eden.  A guide/teacher to help this young man understand his new adventure in assisting this new world create.

I had to giggle as I sat down to play one of my phone video games and never seeing this hero before suddenly I was right back to my mans field:



Only his rockman was made out of the blackest of rocks that shined purple as you looked at him.  Stunning really!!

Then, as I was feeding the birds and grumbling about the moles bringing up so many (once hidden) rocks on the back yard… I once again paused and remembered my mans rockman.

The shift upwards, from deep within Gaia is happening.  Our job is to see the new, connect with it all in a new way, and be the Builders of the new we signed up to Be!!

On that note, my day begins.  I love you all so much, thank you for the treasures you bring each and every day.

(((((HUGZ))))) of rock solid love and play gyms of new adventures!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Huge hugs Li li–if you wanna see a cool rock monster–grignack, watch galaxy quest and laugh your ass off in the process! I have to also attest to something about myself–my right hand does all the work too–as I watched my mother use her left hand all through a life of drudgery, I never wanted to DO anything, I just wanted to BE and now I am seeing that the Being can inspire the Doing and we can get things done in such a lovely fashion if we just start! I cleaned my whole house the other day in such a whirlwind of love and wonder! I have to do my back yard, which is seriously over grown, but I will do it with inspiration, though not allowing my desire to do it go floating on for too long..I feel like its get going or the energy will go…and so, we go! big hugs! Alex


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  5. Left, right, left…I personally tend to switching back & forth when I’m not FULLY COMMITTED to BOTH having/creating a pleasurable experience AND ‘gettin’ er done’…BUT OH! What a difference it makes when you decide to give the task your full attention & intention with both hands working together! No need to think once you’ve decided – just lube er up & let it flow!


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