Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 15, 2014

The Winds of Change Are Blowing…

winds of change

What an energy bath we are getting, holy cow even!!  For me personally, it felt like I woke up in a brand new sea of salt water, my eyes stung pretty much all day long, it eased up as the day went on, but man, it really felt like we hit a brand new sea of energy and we went in with our eyes wide open!

As I seen this incoming energy yesterday, thru the days connections, it is special indeed.  First of all, it came in with the shine of the full moon energy, (how did I miss that before! lol)  Plus, it came in on a triple 5 day (5-14-14) (I swear, for as much as I see, there is so much right in front of me that I miss!!)  We cannot discount the 1+4 energy as well, new beginnings (1) as we finish up an earth cycle (4) times two.  Here in goes to the old earth as well as the new earth.  One can ask, if this earth is new, how could we have finished a cycle already.  Well, just think, January thru April… the massive pounding and rearranging our bodies have gone thru (and still lingers on a bit even now.)  If we allowed, we were stripped of the old world energy, reconfigured our mental energy to align with our heart energy (two minds working as one,) our Soul blue prints wiped from our “old life” as we were inlaid with the new.  The very cells of our body changed out and enhanced to the new light frequency of the Garden of Eden, and our expanded abilities that laid dormant until we reached this new earth, started to come online.  That’s one hellofa completion!!

Now take the incredible elixir we are being directly bathed in for this three-day cycle, it is serving to charge up your magic wand of creation (and then some!)  However, this magic wand listens to only one frequency… that of the heart.  The true energy supplier of your whole world, emotion.  All emotions.  Yes, even those very important ones so many think we need to rid ourselves of… like anger and/or fear.  Both instrumental in our ongoing processes.  Even that pesky energy called frustration is quite useful really.  As long as it comes thru the heart of love and not the denser part of the ego.

An example of the genuinely partnered denser mind that knows, understands and even appreciates fear.  Let’s say you meet someone for the first time and suddenly you are filled with the creepy crawlies and want to run the other way.  Trust your bodies warning system.  It is simply telling you that this person (or even a place) is not good for you.  Without the design of the ego, the heart would just play as a willing, loving partner and end up getting squashed thru it all.

The energy of frustration is like using weights to strength build your body, in this case, it would be the unification of your mind and heart together.  Pushing thru the frustration, really does build the bond of mind and heart, strengthening its energy together.  The mind knows matter, the heart knows dreams, the two together build your dreams into created matter.

But there are times our minds like to get out and look into the perceived future, skipping all the details along the way and so often, the ego wants to take the easy way to anything.  Lazy really or maybe, really just afraid of doing the work needed for fear of getting it wrong.  Keeping in mind, at its base/density, the ego is a fear based entity, needed in this precious land of duality.  Without the hearts partnership, encouragement, it will just look at the potential outcome and not ever really pick up a tool of light and go further.

The heart on the other hand, thrives in the field of light.  It dreams and plays and rejoices in all the experiences and wants, needs even more.  Think of the first time you ‘felt” the connection in meditation.  The love, the warmth, the enveloping of pure radiant light, the heart couldn’t wait to get more of that (kinda like me and chocolate lol) and often times, the mind simply says… did I make that up, that couldn’t have been real.  But the more the heart presses on, the more the mind KNOWS it was not only real, it can and will be a partner in it all.

And here we are, partnered.  Powerful.  Playful.

What I got to witness yesterday is simply leaving me breathless.  Activation’s, creations, intersections of higher frequency experiences forth coming.  The days, weeks and months ahead will challenge you, enliven you, strengthen the creational processes of the Living Light that is You/Us.  Partnering not only with the mind and heart within us, but the earth and sky as well and everything in between and even, beyond.  Co-Creation at its fullest.  Pure, unconditional love being the very thread, the fabric that binds it/us all together.

Love is also a key to that electromagnetic pulse that starts the engines of creation humming.  The full spectrum of emotion are the building blocks of our new world coming alive thru us.

Our challenge (or should I say, my challenge lol) is not going back into the memory of what once was, and bringing that energy forward to dilute what will take us forward.  Maybe that is why I seem to be getting a memory wipe every day.  Erasing the emotional charges that once fired thru the memory fields.  Right down now to readings even.  Until recently, if you reminded me of a visual that happened in one of our readings, even if it was years ago, I could instantly call that reading up and remember it in full.  Not any longer.  I am challenged to remember some things.  Even the things that emotionally set my soul on fire… went elsewhere lol.  Even with that, I now hear, we are in a new frequency, a new, super charged emotional field.  What once was a catalyst to get us to Here, did exactly that.  Now we must feel with our new spectrum of emotions and follow the thread of creation to new heights, new adventures… together.

My big question for this moment is… what the heck do I desire Now?  I can honestly say, I have no flipping clue.  In my meditation the other day, I brought in two things that my mind kept remembering… the body of Jorge, surprisingly enough, I could not hold an emotional charge to that and the fractals I was using kept collapsing.  I went into having my car paid off… not even the first charge.  Both obviously coming from my mind and not my heart.

This subject will be the focal point of this evenings Soul Gym, as I said yesterday, I will have the MP4 of the session posted on the main page of my website.  However, I am also challenged at getting the video to not morph, at least the audio is clear.

Enjoy the power of Change basking all things.  Keep the winds at your back and your heart fully open… the game is about to go into overdrive!!A

(((((HUGZ))))) of great adventures to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas
























  1. Well, dah! LOL I jumped on hotmail to ask if I somehow was not getting the recorded Soul Gym from Tues. in my dropbox to see the part I missed and found this message……….you are all over this, Lisa! I woke at about 2 am this morning and, (will try to be delicate here) emptied my gut. Went back to bed, propped up with pillows to take a little meditation time and without any preamble, all 3 guides jumped into their fullest being ever, moving from their general places around my body where I am accustomed to feeling/seeing them, into a mass movement of color/energy explosion! I was stunned since they have steadily and comfortably always held their places where I could access and interact with each as needed. Suddenly there they were, surrounding me with indescribable love and holding me in what felt like a soft, energetic group hug. I should tell you, Molek, Anton and Argo (Argon) made themselves known, one by one, over a period of weeks about 8 years ago as I was experiencing my first, and very exhausting/exhilarating, kundalini rising. Thought at the time it would never end as I visited alternative lifetimes, worked through stumbling blockages at the various chakras, and literally, felt the kundalini “snake” undulating up my spine day after day. What came of it, eventually, were the revealing of my very special guides whom I learned to know and utilize by their differing energies, colors and the vibratory “feeling” of each. Last night, tho, as they came roaring into my space, I could tell something was up and remembered what you have been saying about these dates, 14th through 16th and realized this was something special. Finally, after some time of group hugging and expressions of great joy and love that washed over and over me, I began to feel the old familiar kundalini movement, stirring at the base of my spine. Yikes! My first thought was, not again!, and, at that thought, both Anton and Molek stepped back a bit and Argo (who wants me always to say Argon, when I speak his name outloud, which this kinda is) took my hand and arm and began to pull/lead me (from the left side which is where I always find him) forward. (Maybe I should tell you that Argo is my ET guide, Anton presents himself as a French Monk where he says we had a life experience together, among others, and Molek seems to be more of an Earth guide represented by a Native American being and has been instrumental in helping me connect and speak with the trees, plants, animals like we discussed the Tuesday Soul Gym meeting that only you and I had.) Anyhoo………..wild things happened to me last night……….Over a period of heaven knows how many hours, I experienced life as a jellyfish (!), feeling deeply and intensely the movement of salt water throughout me, the gentle rolling of the current, the slow breathing and wildly joyful movement of tentacles which finally turned into crystal droplets that lifted me straight up, out of the water and into the sky where we joined into the rotation of the stars and planets in a very exciting spiral of energy that thrilled me so much I tried to refuse to leave when Argo urged us to move along. I could go on and on but think I better get all this recorded in my journal so as to remember it all as this kundalini experience continues. Just wanted to say,” hey, why am I not getting the dropbox download and OMG, you warned us about this oncoming energy!” Will join you all tonight for more exercises and discussion tonight unless I get caught up in more craziness elsewhere( LOL and lovin’ it)………thanks for the continued confidence you have in us and the continual urging that “we can do it”! Love, hugs and much light, Judi D. Havens

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  3. Find meaning in the present, in trusting your instinct or soul and what you’ve already found in life that excites you. Do not attempt to know yourself in the future, it is a fruitless endeavor. Stop trying and start living every moment you can to the best of your ability.


    • Actually, I don’t know. Sorry


  4. Dear Li li, Ah so true the energy is completely different! I am also finding my mind erased and can bring up instances from my life in the past if I try hard, but they are like postcards now, with no emotional charge at all, no depth or color, so boring, not even worth the effort–truth be told, thinking with the mind right now is an effort and I simply want to Be and flow…as for what I want? We have discussed this before as two sisters who are pretty much in gratitude about everything in our lives…what charges the heart? brings that little zing? I think that we are ready to create and spread these wings but havent yet had a full peek into what is possible! What do I want? hmmm…instant manifestation! Time travel! Teleportation! the ability to fly or float, a body that can dance and tumble the way I did when I was 13! To wake up in the morning with a HUGE smile on my face and excitement for what the day will hold and a body that will sleep peacefully the minute my head hits the pillow with a gentle smile of gratitude for all the joy that I experienced that day in my space of love! For my family to all live their lives knowing their full power, their full joy…that would be wicked cool too! Fun stuff to think about and create! Whoot! Much love! Alex


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