Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 14, 2014

Connecting To The Energy of Your Dreams/Desires!


There are so many thing I want to share, but sadly, I woke up late this morning and my schedule too full to even think about trying to write in-between appointments.  So, I am going to have to prioritize without leaving the important things out.

I realize, we, as a human species tend to generalize a lot of things, to the point of diluting the true meaning.  Words like “light worker,” (Being the Light is not the same as purposely using the light.) “Spiritual” (often used to mean religious, very different ball parks there.)  The list can go on, but the one that is really getting diluted these days is Being in the “Now.”  Being in the now is not just about being in your day, your life at the moment, it is truly seeing, recognizing what is available to you, the action points, and moving with all of that (whatever “that” may be.)  Until these last two days, I am not even sure I fully realized the gap, the huge difference between simply moving thru a day and Being in the NOW.

Shortly after I woke up yesterday, I started seeing my first appointment for the day, over and over again.  My beautiful architect.  In this repetitive vision, I kept seeing him dipping his hands in the influx of energy (that is now arriving in full today and will last thru the 16th) and throwing its energy outwards.  Energizing his present and activating his near future projects.  Of course, I really didn’t know what he was doing with those handfuls of energy until I was fully connected to him, but it became vividly clear once I was connected.

We are not passive players in the game of life, not any longer anywayz.  By virtue of the desire in his heart and the action within his life field, he is getting ready to be one very busy, abundant man!!

In complete contrast to his energy field, the day prior, I read for a new lady, and her vision was held steady… I could see two small (still growing) flowers at her left foot.  Both were glowing white, 4 pedals on each flower (a cycle of completion upon earth, since there were two, this would be a completion (potential) of the old earth as well as the new.  The fact that there were two flowers, represents duality.  The true key to being fully alive on this earth, is to use the wholeness of duality as your inner power.

Try as I might, I could not see what the two flowers represented, beyond looking like little flowers and hearing his team saying it is her responsibility to grow them into maturity.  However, her team did takes us back into the fields of this past February, saying, the seeds of desire that was planted back then, is now growing at your feet to be used and matured.

She had no idea so she started asking questions about the future, like, when will she hit the lottery… suddenly something I have never experienced in a reading before happened.  The voice I hear as the field, your team, whatever (it is all one collective voice to me) moved from talking near my ear (which is usually how I hear anything) to being way out in the distance of what we would call the future, no longer in the present field of audibility, but now coming thru a little hole in the upper atmosphere in my neighbors yard… it took me a full day and my precious architect to help me really understand this significance.  A complete distancing from her present moment, the Now, in which case, her team must disengage from the Now and move out in time and await her arrival there.

The point being, if you do not recognize and use what is in your present moment, the energy (not day to day life) of Now, it is given to someone else (there is no waste in this world at all.)  It is also, our responsibility to recognize what we have available as well.  Creators in creating.  Or we just become passive witnesses to the big event underway.

After I understood this amazing difference between these two precious souls, I decided it was time for a meditation of my own.  The first one I have done (in my bathtub) this year!!

What I tried to explain in my very sciency sharing the other day, became crystal clear in use thru my meditation.  Connecting the micro (your spiritual/human self to the macro, your personal field of creation.  The fractal energy interlocking from both sides, and YOU creating the contraction, the pulling in of this amazing creator energy, the expansion releases the energy as your creation itself.  This will be the main focus of the Soul Gym on Thursday and once I have it transferred into an MP4, I will freely hang it on my website to anyone to listen to and use.

The last thing I was want to share today, came thru an ET connection yesterday.  OMG, this first session opened up so many thing inside of me…

My precious lady’s star family, once they presented themselves to my field of vision, came thru as two Indians (AKA Native Americans.)  Making sure she was away they actually came here to earth many many moons ago, long before the Conquistadors invaded this land (America, even tho she is in New Zealand) and took on human form and taught the Indians their language.  The language was Light, frequency.  Using the gift of vocal chords and making the frequency of Light audible.  The ancient Indians started to use this language in their songs, their drumming and chanting.  A true language that has long ago become fractured, no longer what it was and her job (one of) is to bring that audible language back.

They did a lot of work with her vocal chords yesterday, preparing her for her use of the Light Frequency.  We humans, may not fully realize just how blessed we are to have vocal chords, because a lot of ET’s no longer do.  This truly is a gift unto our race and now we must remember how to use it fully.

On that note, my day begins….

I love you all so much, and cherish beyond words your Presence, your ongoing Gift to my (our) heart of expansion every moment of every day!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with active joy and songs of Light!!

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. Dear Li li! Beautiful! To use this energy every day, kinda use it or lose it…infusing our hearts into everything we do, but being in gratitude and expecting more in the next now moment! Whoot! 🙂 hugs! Alex


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