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The Headwinds of Change Accelerating and/or Tweaking Your Life Stream!!

winds of change

I was kind of surprised yesterday when I heard my team say that thru the night time of May 5th (5-5) a “strong headwind was released.”  I only heard that because of my query of what the hell us up with this day.  I had the hardest time falling asleep on the 5th, woke up with molasses oozing thru my brain and body, feeling life every movement, every thought was a struggle to move thru.  Then I created a little bitch-fest for myself when my first connection arrived and I couldn’t see jack squat.  Hey!!  But what my second reading arrived, I could see just fine… not much, but what I could see was clear as day.  Then my third was, nuttin.  This is when I just got plain ole frustrated and started bitching to anyone listening.  That’s when the clarity of what was happening arrived and I turned from bitching to ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Headwinds, strong winds coming in and blowing you straight in the face, at least for some (the ones I couldn’t see for,) and for others, accelerating the energy stream of creation.  But not just any old creation… new energy, new movement on this new earth.  Doing something…. ANYTHING, we normally wouldn’t do.  Two prime examples from yesterday

My beautiful architect.  He, like so many of us, have been experiencing a stall in his financial flow.  A period of time to remove the old energy to invite the new.  Money itself is a funny energy system and one of our greatest teachers out there right now.  We have been programmed, even in this “new age stream of thought” that we set our self worth via our prices.  I have always looked at that as bullshit, but hey…. that’s just me.  For me personally, I see the value thru the connections, thru the understandings as well as the outcomes of so many readings.  Money has nothing at all to do with that, at least in my world.  I would rather be inexpensive and connect to a whole lot of people, than be expensive and connect to a few.

In a very similar way, my architect was given the same energy release.  Several of his potential clients wanted to hire him beneath his bids, the prices he see’s as fair for what work would be exchanged.  In his last reading (prior to yesterday) his team said to work with one of the folks who wants to hire him for less, because it will create an energy blow-back in greater and greater ways.  In that reading, I could see it like making soap bubbles when you embark on doing what you love because you love doing it and making so much less about the financial kickback.  Even in that reading, I could see those soap bubbles start to blow back at him, creating even more for him to work with.

The headwinds.  Blowing back in your face.  Giving you more of what you put out in loving service for the joy of what you do and less leaning on the monetary return of what you do.

Of course, like any great evolving story, there are so many unexpected surprises to be had.  You reach out to one place, for the love of what you do, and suddenly, you have other hands reaching out to you, unexpectedly and joyfully.  It’s the energy motion, not so much the place and particular event that really produces rapid outcomes.

(I sure hope I am making what I am trying to say, clear.)

And so when I seen him yesterday, I could see him on a jack hammer opening a major energy source within the ground itself, in his created life field.  What was funny is his jack hammer looked very much like a pogo-stick, with his feet on these slats as he was riding the jack hammer with such incredible balance and ease.  The sparks from the ground were flying all over the place, igniting even more return on his desires: To work more.  Which is not the same as making more money…. but yet, that cannot help but become the outcome.

So when I was able to see for my next client, what I had seen was stunning and exciting.  half of her left field (physical life), had this amazing energy hole in the ground itself.  Altho her hole was completely circular/round, this image is very close to the way I had seen it.  Three separate energies, all moving at different speeds in a clockwise fashion, with the center being the largest and such a deep blue-black and I could feel the depths of its energy within the earth.

 energy emergance


Buy this time, she was number four on my hit parade and the first and third connections I seen nothing at all, my architect was number two on my day’s agenda.  It was after the third one that I asked anyone who was listening… what the hell is up with this day and that is when I understood.

The headwinds that were released is fueling the NEW creation for anyone who put forth new energy, a new approach to their life.  The one’s I could not see, well, the winds are hitting them in the face (so to speak) to alter their course with intensity.  (Now how that happens, I have no idea, cuz I couldn’t see a darn thing!!)

So when I was able to see this lady, I knew instantly she had to have put something new into play in her life.  Sure enough, she said she did exactly that.  In our last connection, she was talking about wanting to change professions.  Right now she is a full-time nurse and had been for a very long time.  Now her desire is to be a make-up artist.  Her nursing job took up all her time and her team said, well, it is up to you to change that.  Make room in your day for your next evolution of life.

Sure enough, even thru the fear that was running thru her, she cut back her work hours as a nurse.  And now a vast energy field has opened up to support and advance her hearts desires.  

If we really sit back and think about it, something… anything shown as a new approach to fuel your desires comes back to you thru the winds of (supporting) change.  

Anything and everything we could possibly desire, is there, in the field of potential.  However, we are the ones that must activate the energy system to arrive.  Keep doing what you have always done, don’t be surprised if you get more of the same.

To take this one step further, one of my connections yesterday, her field was threaded top to bottom, side to side with the most amazing, brilliant strings of colored energy.  Kinda like this, only every facet of color and much thicker:

web of life

I could see in various points of connected string energy, a sudden flash of golden light.  A firing of the DNA light within, when she either met someone in her field of life, or even stepped on the ground as she moved forward in her life.  Moments of intensity, rapid acceleration,  new connections that will open the fullness of each light cell within her new living DNA.

To change the subject just a hair… I find it so amazing that our friends from the stars know, see, understand these huge moments/energies in our timelines.  They must pull back so they do not interfere with incoming energies.  Then, when the energies are grounded in, they can move in and share their energy and wisdom too.  I find it even more interesting and exciting that so many of them have said they do not see us like we see each other (in these dense bodies.)  They actually see our light spectrum, our true bodies.  Thru the light spectrum that we really are, they can equally understand where are accelerating, where we need a little help opening parts of us and the radiance that we really are.  

With all that, they gave us the most amazing (to me) gift in our first ET Sunday soul gym.  Thru their ability to play with our true light and the unfiltered webcam and internet system we gathered in, they showed us not only their presence in our world, but how we look to them as well.  

I have tried to put the entire ET session in the archive files of my dropbox and every time I upload it, the link breaks.  It is not accessible at all.  I even reformatted it several times to see if that made the difference, it didn’t.  So I made little snippets of the sessions, I know I shared on the other day, I want to share another snippet too.  When you look at the part where there are two ladies in the same screen (they just moved to Panama) look at the ET between them.

With work and dedication, we too will start to see each other in the full spectrum of light that we are!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of pure excitement and massive amounts of light energy to fuel your desires,

Lisa Gawlas

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