Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 5, 2014

Moving Out of Kindergarten Into the Vast School of Light!!


Ya ever have days that just completely blow your mind from start to finish?  That was my (our) day all day long yesterday.  The connections, the energy thru the connections!!  Holy heaven batman!!  But even more exciting than that, is knowing… KNOWING we haven’t even really seen or experienced the tip of the iceberg in all that we have been able to do thus far!!

For me personally, I have dived deep into the world of energy, especially the human-energy relationship since my very beginning (more or less.)  I have dedicated myself, day in, day out over the last 13-14 years to take what I understand and know how to do deeper and further with each passing meditation and (eventually) clients.  And yet, the news, the information and progression of our abilities being revealed each day, in each connection, blows my freakin mind!!  What it really feels like to me, we just graduated kindergarten!!  We learned our A.B.C’s and 1,2, 3’s and now it is time to learn how to put them all together for greater use!!

What all this equally feels like to me, is being handed a whole new bag of puzzle pieces, and person by person, ET group by ET group, they are starting to be spread out on the table.  Now, to pay attention well enough to start putting them together!!

LIGHT.  Boy oh boy do we have a lot to learn/experience/remember with this awesome thing.  The true building blocks of all of creation, changed only by frequency and use.  The frequency changes the color spectrum of the light, sound changes it even further and the emotion brings it into creation.  But to do this effectively and efficiently, we MUST open all of our receptors, antenna’s if you will.  Working blindly or deafly will no longer cut the bigger experience(s) at hand.

Let’s talk for a moment about something I mentioned yesterday, our multidimensional ports within our DNA.  Just… wow.  Ya know, i have always said, I can travel the multiverse like nobody’s business, and indeed it is true.  But traveling and USING the energy of the multiverse, damn… kinda like floating on the water but never touching it.  Now it is time to touch, use, express into our creation the particles of energy that exist beyond our atmosphere.  Once we start to really harness that energy, it becomes a living part of our world, we start to use that energy within our building, within our technology.

We can try and figure it out on our own, or speed things up and start reaching out and connecting to your friends in the stars.  They have so much to offer us.  OMG is that an understatement.  Just being in their presence speeds up our frequency, which in turn starts to unlock dormant DNA light codes/abilities within all of us.

There are so many understandings coming thru the precious folks who have given me the extreme privilege of being the go between to their star family and friends that my mind is blown with every connection.  But not only that, the intense energy is starting to blow out my electronics too!!  My external mic, died yesterday.  When we got together in the soul gym for ET Sunday… holy powerhouse batman, my internet connection completely dropped twice, had to completely reboot my modem each time and now trying to transfer the sessions without morphing pixelation thru each segment of the video… I just find this all so incredible and intensely kewl!!

ADDED NOTE:  I found a way to get you the energy from last nights soul gym, ET presence.  This is a snippet I recorded from the session:



Anyway, my day begins… I love you all soul very much and am super excited about this expanding, evolving expression we have gotten ourselves into Now!!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy, laughter and expansion to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Hello dear Lisa 🙂 I so appreciate reading your posts every day…Thank you 🙂 I would luv to enjoy 2 readings by you, as offered in your May special.  I would like to pay by credit card if possible, but this feature is not available when booking on-line.  Let me know if this could work. Blessings, Valeriana


    • Hi Valeriana (((HUGZ))))

      First let me say what a beautiful name you have, its like a song. ❤

      Altho I use paypal for payments, they are also my payment gate way too. At the very bottom of the payment screen you will see something like "Don't have paypal" or "Be a guest" click on that link to pay by credit or debit card.

      Thank you so much for you loving energy and I soooo look forward to our connections!!

      More (((HUGZ))) filled with love and gratitude,


  4. Dear Li li, so beautiful all the experiences and expansions! I am in the middle of a lot of changes with the kids school ending and serving family at the moment but looking forward to more free time so I can start to dive into a load more of the information and sharings you have going on because they are all so delicious looking! You looked like a Picasso in that video! Love it! Big hugs! alex


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