Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 30, 2014

The Living Christ, May 1st and the “Fully Functional New Earth.”



Talk about a day when the gifts keep on coming.  The shine back of this amazing solar eclipse thru each connection of the day, had every cell in my body throwing an information and Ohhhhh…. ah-ha! party.

The first connection of the day, there she was, standing in the light of her expanding glow, and suddenly this spinning energy funnel of white-yellow-gold light appeared just to the left of her left foot.  This funnel started out about 4 feet tall and at its widest opening at the top, maybe the size of a basketball.  As I locked my vision onto her funnel, we got a little time lapsed imagery with it and the revelation just blew my mind wide open!!

Over the next two days (from yesterday morning thru sleep time tonight (the last day of April) her spinning funnel vortex thingie started to get wider, to encompass the left and right sides of her body and energy field, the went up and over her head and created something like a tunnel or wormhole or something like that and spit her out into the energy I am going to call May.  But here is where the news got surprising for me and super exciting too!

From January 1st thru midnight this evening, we have been on a temporary version of earth.  A version of earth that was very purposely created as we released the energy of all the old stuff that got us to here and were completely rebuilt, energy cell by energy cell, for complete alignment for the “fully functioning new earth.”

As we sleep this evening, all of those who have done their inner work, enlarged and infused their spiritual energy into their biology and created life field, will wake up tomorrow morning, May 1st, on what spirit kept calling thru each reading a “fully functional new earth.”

I find it even more exiting, that my lady revealing this amazing and (to me) surprising information, will literally be moving into her new life, her new home on May 1st too.  Talk about being in full alignment with this new enhanced life we are waking up into.  Equally, I am seeing a lot of people doing exactly that.  Using the energy of April to change their lives (and living spaces) completely.

Now if that alone wasn’t exciting (and did I mention, surprising!! lol) my next lady really gave us some more to be excited about too.  I think, at times, I am so busy just trying to keep up with our rapid evolution that I don’t stop to break somethings down.  Well, yesterday, a lot was broken down into deeper, fuller understandings.

My lady had asked me about a series of dreams she had when she awoke.  Three separate dreams of having sex with three separate men.  I had to get excited that I wasn’t the only spiritual slut on this planet (giggle.)  But beyond, another breaking news event I was clueless about.

The energy of the divine masculine and the energy of the divine feminine.  Thru this evolution has been “separate” (more or less.)  Each one going thru a radical phase of wholeness within body.  Men taking up their part, women taking up theirs as well…. both working the energy I call the trinity into wholeness, oneness.

So, with the activation’s of a wholly embodied feminine (my lady I was reading from) she took in, thru the form of spiritual sex (dream-time) the wholeness, three aspect of the divine masculine, into her energy field to create and solidify the full union of masculine and feminine within her energy structure.

I mean, really think about how profound this is, even as we look at it thru the energy of numerology.  You take each energy (masculine and feminine) and each one has its own trinity, its own energy of the number 3 (action and communication.)  In the realm of magnetic attraction, when you fully align your major vibration (example, I am incarnated in the female body, so that is my major vibration) into wholeness with the trinity (mind, body, soul as one fully function unit of expression) then you automatically attract in this moment, the wholeness of the opposite to bind together with its natural counterpart.  Two three’s together make that a 33 vibration.  Christed energy!!  YOU on a fully functional Christed earth frequency.

In our true form, soul or spirit, whatever you want to call that, we are fully and equally imbued with the masculine/feminine energies.  So it makes perfect sense now that I see the fuller picture of how necessary it is for us to be as fully functional as our new earth in our new, pimped out biology.

Let’s take this understanding further.  We enter a fully functional earth as we awaken on May 1st.  For the earth to be fully functional, she too must have imbued in her, the divine masculine.  Lets understand the true profound happenings of this crazy month of April.  The lunar eclipse, the emotional frequency of the divine feminine, pure, ratified, and open to the binding, the wholeness of the masculine energy.

The grand central cross, that was an activation in the quantum DNA field for the openings, the bindings of this holy matrimony and all the strengths, codes, abilities that come with mastering the feminine and masculine body as One Being, no longer separate.

Close this phase with the solar eclipse, the binding of the masculine in all its glory into the open aspect of the emotional female.  The remaining days creates the full solidification of the two, for so long separate, reunited again, as one powerful energy body!!  US!!!!!!!

Just thinking about this has got me all excited again.  The dreamer (female) and the creator (masculine) fused together as one.  Matched in full potential on the new earth.

This, for so many, is going to take a lot of reprogramming in the mind.  For so long we have leaned into the feminine, what many call the goddess energy and really leave the masculine somewhere out in the ethers.  To continue to do this is to leave half of yourself, half of your magic, elsewhere.   and truly, using only half of the fullness of the earth energy for creation.  You can amp up the emotions all day long, but without that creator energy, the divine masculine, well, its like trying to bake a cake and never turning on the oven!

Now is the time to reintroduce the energy of wholeness to every aspect of your life and watch/experience the magic that comes from it.

Speaking of Magic!!!  June and July are starting to present themselves… twin energy months.  A time so huge in our evolution, we need two whole months to experience it all.  Deep blue-violet energy from the start of June to the end of July.  Ascended Masters in body, using the fullness of their soul expression… creating.  No longer incomplete and waiting….

The more whole and full you feel within yourself, the stronger the field of attraction, the magnetic flow back to you.  Keep this in mind with the energies of Divine Counterparts.  Two whole and functional expressions of biology, in form, coming together thru the heart frequencies to ignite the fullness of earth with the very acts of intimacy.

Ya know, I hear this little message with that paragraph:  “When you stop wanting/yearning for something is the very moment you are ready to receive it.”

I am going to close on that note.  Enjoy the final touches on your new, revved up engine of Life… the great is about to get a whole lot greater!!

I love you all so flipping much.  Thank you for allowing me the gift of seeing and understanding thru your amazing piece of the puzzle so we can all see the bigger picture we call Life!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of wholeness to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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