Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 27, 2014

Opening the Gates of Passion/Creation Within Our Heart Desires!!

unified passion

There are so many incredible things happening under the surface of life itself.  An energy infusion of the bestest kind.  Since the equinox in March, there has been a constant roll out of new energy, coming thru in billowing waves, merging with every molecule in us and around us.  This is changing our very DNA, enhancing it in new, expanded ways.  I can see it kind of like when a sperm penetrates an egg and there is a massive division of the cell structure, multiplying to become new life.  We are going thru a very similar process right now.   However, instead of creating a baby, we are creating a new, rarefied energy field of creation, both around us and within us.

As my own body is physically feeling better and my voice is returning, I poked this crazy antenna of mine out in the field to do a reading on Saturday, all I could pick up was this energy rolling in from the deep west.  It was so intense it was making my lips literally vibrate.  There was a very strong push to it, something that reminds of of the winds rolling across the open desert, but with an electrical outpouring!!  Other than that, my antenna’s were still in the garage, or maybe better said, in the womb of new creation!  lol.

In the wee hours of that night, our sun did its thing.  It released a huge X flair that was so intense it caused a radio black out.  Yup, that’s what I seen and felt coming.  Even in it’s pre-release, I was put down hard.  The moment I finished eating lunch my eyes became like lead weights.  I closed them for a minute…. 4 hours later I woke up!  You would think that after waking up at 6:30 pm from a 4 hour power nap, I would be awake all night.  Nope.  Went to sleep by 10 pm and slept another 8 hours!    I did awake yesterday with some serious brain fog that lingers into today.

But if I can put this whole amazing, intense process together in an analogy… The equinox itself released a massive wave energy, each day that wave rolled forward picking up more and more particle energy, super enhanced by the lunar eclipse as well as the grand cardinal cross.

(All the above I wrote yesterday, then just completely fell apart, so am picking up where I left off today.)

The integration process of this highly charged, highly volatile energy has been a slow process (at least in my world as I have been completely disconnected for the last week plus.  Feels like an eternity!! lol)

This energy is only best when used.  Used by the emotional frequencies when too, has increased within our physical spectrum’s (both, for better and for worse in some folks.)  Let me give you some very real examples of experiencing this energy to its max.

As most of you know, my lungs and throat have been on a whirlwind of change that happens every month around my “cycle” time.  A cycle that ended for me last September.  In one of my sharings, and deep in my heart, I said i want to go back to bleeding, this wheezing is not good for me and the work I do.  Four days ago, my wheezing, the coughing, all stopped, and the bleeding began.  I am back to sleeping fully at night, no cough, no wheez and just enough regular cycle to keep things clearing out within me.  HEAVEN!!!  Even my voice is pretty much fully restored as my lungs and throat got a complete rest of the uproar of clearing.  Phew!!

Beyond witnessing the amazing change in my own body, at my hearts desire, something happened between my son and I, that I really didn’t even notice until I was talking to a precious soul who was supposed to get a reading and instead, we shared, she shared, some invaluable insight that turned on so many light bulbs of understanding and illuminated a real experience that happened just a few hours prior.

My son had called me at 5 am in my morning, and his voice was so nervous.  He had a question to ask me, I assumed he needed some money.  He has recently been reinvesting in his own life, his business and when that happens, money runs out fast.  But instead, it was more like seeking permission to do something he really wanted to do, attend a (rare to the area) concert, of which, two scalped tickets cost $160.  My son, like me, is self-employed (a contractor) and with the jobs he had lined up and the bills and payroll in front of him, spending a $160 on a “not needed” concert seemed irresponsible in his view.  Yet, my son does live and breathe this path of understanding, so he just called to talk to me about it all.  I told him to go for it.  I could hear the passion of desire in his voice as he talked about the sold out concert and even told him, in the course of my life I had let a good many bills go so we could enjoy things that suddenly came up that we didn’t plan for, but enjoyed the hell out of and I wouldn’t go back and change it one bit.    He gave himself permission to invest in this concert.

30 minutes later, he called me all bubbly with joy, within 10 minutes of us hanging up, he landed a small job to do for $800 AND got an email from some ticket holders to get the tickets at $120 instead of $160.  The universe MORE than provided for his hearts desire the moment he gave himself permission to indulge in his joy!!

But more than that, my precious client really opened my eyes to the bigger picture, the much bigger event that really, spirit has been talking about for the last couple of months.  Combined energy.  His breath of creation combined with my breath of creation made the magnetic field of attraction stronger than one breath of frequency by itself.

It brings me back to that little quote I mentioned in one of my previous blogs “When two or more are gathered in my name…”  What is “my” name??  Love, Joy, Excitement!  The true and real essence of our creator, of the Presence of All life.  When we are in that place within ourselves, we are the most powerful creator Beings matter has ever known.  And to think, we are just at the tip of the iceberg of using and understanding that fullness!!

Now to take this a little further again… I cannot remember it if was yesterday or the day before yesterday (time is such blur) as I attempted to do readings and once again got a blank screen, which is just really pissing me off now.  I decided, maybe it is not this intense energy and perhaps, my diet.  Coffee is a crucial part of my ummmm… jump start in the mornings, of course, I take my coffee with cream and sugar and decided, for a moment, to reintroduce coffee (with my sugar in it) back into my system.  My team was not having any of that, the moment I attempted to connect again, I got a visual and an understanding, even with the understanding that what I was seeing thru my lovely lady, was a planetary thing for those who worked their asses off to reach higher states of vibrations.

What I had seen was this huge braided rope of energy dangling down from the sky, what spirit revealed as from the other side of the veil.  Each energy rope was as thick as my fist, in my field of vision, that’s huge!!  One energy rope was blue, one red, one violet, braided and dangling in the center field in which I read from (directly in center space of creation.)

Keep in mind, I interpret things loosely, giving meaning to the things I see in a broad stroke.  Red, the energy of the fully charged new earth, blue, the energy of the vital energy of Soul expression (breath) and violet, the energy of the ascended master in biology (us.)  There is much more deeper meanings to the color spectrum shown, but we do not have to understand it to appreciate and use it (per spirit.)

Very much like our DNA, there is a massive change happening.  A merging of the trinity field of energy into one whole expression of vital energy.  I could see, where the braided energy connected with each other, changes taking place.  Like molecules moving and merging together to create a brand new alloyed energy that is no longer separate, but binds together as one whole energy.  This is happening within our DNA structure as well as the very air around us in our created field of life.

It also is very much like having your own personal genie in a bottle.  You must rub the energy with your emotional field to set it in motion.  Please do not mistake that to mean, visualize, or mantra-ize anything.  Without the vital and core emotional connection to the desire, the genie remains in the bottle.  The genie gets stronger when there are two aligned to the emotional desire (like my son’s experience.)

So, if you have deep emotional desire, connect with those who can feel your energy, your joy and passion and talk with them about it.  Do not get near the ones who think your crazy, or irresponsible or anything that would talk you out of your joy and desire.

Now, with all that said, I feel absolutely revitalized this morning.  The brain fog is completely gone.  I have taken up coffee (with sweet n low instead of sugar) and there is a party in my head!!  lol  Ohhh the little things, ya know!!

What I woke up hearing this morning is that the red carpet has been laid down in front of us as we move into the fullness of May.  I will have the Soul Gym launched by May 1st, so we can gather together and work the amazing abilities now available to us thru the soul merged with body and mind.  WE ARE ONE!

I love you and miss you sooooooooo much!!  But I AM back and feel stronger and clearer than ever before!!  For all those who have endured the immense rescheduling that has taken place in this last week, THANK YOU from the full breadth of my soul, we will connect more powerfully than ever before!!

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of magic and excitement to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  3. Hi Li li, I have to giggle at your wish to change things up with your cycle because I set a similar message and intention in one of your last postings for things to change so that next cycle you can sleep easy and speak fully and then you set the intention too–the two of us combined and it made you bleed and your voice cleared up and you know what? I am bleeding at the same time but this cycle the cramps were almost non-existent as I set the intention last month to kind of flow through it all in a nice fashion! Whoot!

    I love the story of your son! I too have always done the same thing with my kids and family, joy comes way before other stuff and things that flow so well and fill our hearts with excitement bring more of the same! I love how source finds a way to give us the abundance and support we need for these wonderful unexpected joy fests!

    Huge hugs…very much rocking and rolling here with excitement and expectation for more wonders to unfold for us all! glad you are feeling better and glad you are back on the coffee–it’s actually VERY good for you! 🙂

    love, Alex


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