Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 24, 2014

Your Expanding DNA and Enhanced Frequencies.

Evolving DNA - expanding - 4 strands

They say that experience is your best teacher, well, I am truly learning so much thru this ongoing experience within my body.  When I had this lung/vocal chords thing back in February, it helped me to really understand/see/experience the incoming energy known as adamantine particles, how it is setting up within our lungs and how to purposefully use it to change/enhance our inner and outer worlds of created matter.   The breath and the voice are absolute partners.

I suppose my precious body does have mercy on this crazy girl, cuz my March’s lesson was gentle.  I still got a bit of a cough, but nothing like it has been, or is now.  A tiny pause for the cause I suppose lol.  But this go round, holy cow!!  I find the lessons and deeper understandings thru this process of change incredible.

I know a good many of us really felt, deep inside, the avalanche of energy that came in on Easter Day.  The embedding of deep pure love that was adhere to our own DNA molecules made for a crazy ride that day.  Intense feelings of absolute love, weeping eyes, excited energy, wanting to sing out loud while hugging everything in your path!!  It was an amazing day!!

But just like stepping into a cold swimming pool, eventually the body adjusts to the energy and it just becomes a part of you and you no longer notice the intensity it first was.  That is, until someone turns on the wave maker!!  For me, yesterday the wave maker was turned on full force.

When I woke up (btw, the last 3 nights have been very peaceful in my sleeping world) my brain felt like it was going thru the taffy maker again.  Incredible moments of clarity then sudden bouts of brain fog.  I decided to skip writing a blog, simply because I couldn’t hold the clarity longer than two sentences.  But I set my heart on the readings of the day.  My body feels wonderful, my voice, still changing, but I can work around that!!  Or so I thought.

My first connection was an ongoing ET session.  I could feel the energy of the ET’s coming in as my precious lady shared her adventures thru the week.  Fortunately, she did most of the talking and I did a lot of very excited listening!  But I noticed, when I did talk, it was a struggle.  I had to reach deeper for air to make my voice audible, which usually came with bouts of coughing.  Now, I have been talking to my son every day, and even tho I am very croaky, my ability to speak has not been that hard.  So, at first I just wrote it off to being the first time in the day of using my vocal chords, they need more practice.

Then I went to do an email, someone who also is going thru the ET connection course and the moment I started to type, I got into such a coughing spell I couldn’t even type.  I put it off for later.

Then came my second appointment of the day, a reading.  I was excited.  I was getting images thru the ET connection, so I had hope that I was going to be able to function as usual.  Nope!!  The connection itself started this darn coughing, when I leaned into the field to see what we were going to see, the coughing went thru the roof!!  Hey!!!!  …But I did get an image out there in the field.  A corn field no less.  The image I had seen for my lovely lady was a corn field, tons of very tall, very green stocks of corn in the front half of her reading field.  The immediate moment area was a glowing yellow-white, it felt so pure, so pristine and then suddenly, all these corn stocks.

My inability to breathe normal and not cough left me unable to hold the connection at all.  I could not understand what it meant to her, the more I tried, the more I coughed.  Strange.  We agreed to reschedule!

When we disconnected, my body went back to normal.  No coughing, no nothing… and then it started to reveal itself.  The cornfield!!  This was more of a global message to all of us.  And I started to really understand why my coughing increases during “connections.”   Like I said, this coughing and having to reach deeper for breath to make my voice audible does not happen when I am just talking to my son or someone else, causally.

As I sat there and pondered, I could see the energy that was released on Easter day and now it was expanding.  Kind of like it came in so concentrated and when we add our own pure state of energy to it, it expands, releases more of itself into our body systems, we release it thru our breath and it immediately changes the air in and around us.  True heart connections is the catalyst.  Being in that place of spirit, purposely, focused, together.  Notice the “together” part.  For this energy to expand and do whatever it is going to do, it is the deep soul connections and sharings that is the activator.

You can look at it very much like mixing two separate elements and they suddenly bind together to create a new element that vibrates at a faster, fuller rate of speed.  As I was being shown this, I kept hearing a crazy quote from the bible (I think it is from the bible anywayz lol) “when two or more are gathered in my name…”  So this binding is not just two people who love each other talking or sharing, it really is the focused connection of heart expansion, direct soul connection with purpose, that brings the two elements into new expression.

Then I was shown the corn stocks from the glimpse of my lady’s field and so much started to make sense.

Think about the phases that corn (or anything really) goes thru in its life cycle.  There is a point in the field where the cork stocks are ready, they are mature enough in their growth to have the next phase of their DNA activate and start to grow from the stocks itself.  We know these DNA strands as the ears of corn themselves, the full potential of the seed that was once planted.  They get activated by cross-pollination, and in our own way, we do too!!

What we do not see with the corn stocks (or ourselves for that matter) is what is happening inside the plant itself as the ears of corn start to emerge.  It is a complete “BREAK-THRU,” pushing its way from inside out, changing the very dynamic of the stocks.  More energy is consumed for this precious growth phase.

And again I watched as I saw this energy that is expanding around us, coming into and flowing out of us like waves of an ocean, changing the very DNA within our bodies.  Speeding up the frequencies within our biological space starting at the very expression of Life… the breath itself.

Think about how profound this all is, you (we) are the activator and the activated all at the same time.  Speaking your truth, standing in your power, not wavering to others expectations and biases… this is your fertile ground changing itself into the fruits of your labor!!

Think about that, YOU are the fruit of life!!  It will also be your responsibility to share the fruits of your heart with those who need it, which produces more fruit, not only for you, but for others too.

The time of sitting still, keeping your mouth closed, is over!!  The waters of life must move up and thru you, otherwise, you end up with root rot!!  (of course, staying in the analogy of corn stocks here lol.)

You will also notice this energy may hit you in very different pockets of your body than those around you.  Pay close attention to where this energy is vibrating the most, because that is a huge clue where your fruit is going to be accessed from.  For me, it would be my very voice itself as you know, my vocal chords are running to catch up with this new frequency.

I sat one more time yesterday trying to respond to emails, and just couldn’t.  The coughing was more than I could endure (I will catch up today.)  I pretty much stood away from any form of outward expression, save a little note of insight on facebook.  But my last appointment for the day was our beloved Esther.  I figured since she will be doing most of the talking, I would be safe at least keeping her session for the day (I rescheduled all the other readings on my calendar.)  WELL!!  Was I in for an even deeper learning curve!!

About 2-3 minutes before she called me, I went into a massive coughing frenzy and pretty much stayed in that place all the while she was sharing her amazing, ongoing connections with her friends from the skies.  It got so bad, I lost every semblance of audibility I had within me.  The moment  she stopped sharing her adventures and agreed to reschedule and we just talked (I whispered lol) casual, my coughing stopped on a dime!!

I so completely realized that our ET connections are embedding such a high and unique frequency into your very biology, your voice, your entire energy system and it is changing everything.  No wonder why they have been coming out of the wood work since March.  We are primed for this infusion, this expansion of pure energy, out of this world frequencies that will make the fruits of our labors like nothing earth has ever known before!!

I must reiterate one more time, something I learned so profoundly from the onslaught of ET’s into my consciousness… we enhance each other by purposely being together and expanding our hearts together.  This a crucial point of our evolution.  We have spent decades, hell, lifetimes, on a deep inner soulo journey and now it is time to gather and play together.

On that note, enjoy the hell out of your moments!  Remember your body is changing, your growing the fruits of your DNA, sooth, but please don’t stop the process.

((((HUGZ)))) of great adventures to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Need a little help fully connecting to your star family?  I have a new package available designed just for that experience! Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out:  But please know… you do not need me to connect, you can do it yourself, practice, practice, practice!! 








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  2. Hi Li li! Sending you tons of love and soothing energy! As a student of biology I was always amazed at how many different bodies we each inhabited during our life time. There is not a single cell in your body now that was with you at birth, except the ancient strands of DNA…Would one even consider fighting the change from infant to toddler, or heck, No I don’t want to grow boobs and a butt and be able to have a baby..LOL…of course those transitions were difficult and emotional and so too is this light triggered, soul triggered transformation–and more so because we literally have not a clue as to what the end result will be, but we do know on a heart level that it will be GOOD…

    Support the process, allow the process, rest, lots of water, lots of laughing and hugs, even if its by yourself…self love is so key here–and let it ride! Hugs! alex


  3. Bless you for this post! At the end of my rope b/c of yet another round of horrible coughing and snorking this week…I asked for a sign, not just any sign, but a big SIGN, something that would give me hope, something that would tell me what the heck is going on in my body and what is the purpose of all this c**** Just before sleep, I clicked on your blog. Oh, thank you thank you thank you.


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