Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 22, 2014

Biological Changes As The Soul Binds to Our Biology!

soul body

Phew baby!!  It has been both a rough and wild in this here body the last several days, talk about duality!!  I have never felt so damn good and so damn bad all at the same time!!  One thing is for sure, I learned so much about the new body needs thru it all.   Our bodies are going to be the main focus for today, from this crazy first person perspective.  And a great thanx to my own personal body for sharing a much larger understanding than I have ever had before.

I hit menopause the same time this precious world of our did too, October of last year.  Menopause, a change of life.  At that time, all I could think of was; thank god no more periods!!  I have bled for 40 years, I have sooooo looked forward to this change in venue in my body for a long time.  I just didn’t realize that I had to take responsibility for the changes within my body and learn to live anew as well, but I will get to that in a moment.

Women do much more than produce an egg to give life.  They (we) are the emotional filters of this planet.  The emotional filters of life itself.   With that in mind, we were also designed to release the life seed and discordant emotions thru our uterus once a month, a replenishing on all levels of Being, for ourselves and the world around us.

So when we are gifted that precious time of menopause, it is usually our time to pass the torch, take the rest of our lives off from this responsibility (that we didn’t even know we had) and take a new approach to life.   The hormones in our bodies change to equal a slower stroll thru life.  A stroll where we are being asked to stop and smell the roses.  For most women tho, myself especially, this stroll without any life changes on my part, came with some very serious weight gain.  A very surprising element, because just last year, before life herself went into menopause, we got the message that it is now time to give back all the light cells (AKA fat) that so many of us accumulated along this very long path to Here.  I expected it to just get up and go by itself.

Damn responsibility.

From October thru April, I watched my waist bloom.  I no longer fit in my clothes, dammit.  The more weight I gained, the less energy I had to even more.  Hey!!  What the hell.  I have done nothing different than I have done for the last several years, I should not be in full body bloom here!!  I gained 10 pounds this year alone, my back hurt just doing dishes.  It got to the point I had to give myself a pep talk just to muster the energy to take a shower.

Couple this weight gain now with replacing my monthly period with monthly asthma-like attacks.  With now 7 months in my rear view mirror, I see an absolute connection to the last time I had a period (Sept of last year) to the time I started coughing (October of last year.)  When my period is due, the full moon time, my body now starts to clear the emotional energy I take in every single day by what I have chosen to do (readings, constant sharing, etc.,) thru a release in the lungs.  So I no longer bleed, I wheeze!  Let me tell you, I would take bleeding any day lol.  I no longer create life with my uterus, but with the very air you and I breathe together.  That would make you my mate, at least for 15-60 minutes a day lol.  I suppose, that would make me a slut!! lol  Ohhhh some things just never change (big toothy grin.)

It wasn’t like my body wasn’t showing me exactly what was happening, I just never bothered to listen to why such a sudden change happened.  For the last decade, life, thru readings, meditations and inner expression consistently said over and over, weight gain is necessary when you are using so much light energy.  The fat cells act like a storage for electricity to be used when needed.  Maybe I just didn’t want to hear, when the field kept saying last year, it is now time to release the weight and use it within your own world of creation.  Truly, I just expected it to go of itself.  NOT!! lol

Because “the world” is so far away (an hours drive one way) I do my grocery shopping one month at a time.  April 6th, I went and did my usual chocolate and comfort food shopping.

I woke up on April 9th and my whole body had one focus and one focus only.  Change.  When I woke up that morning, my whole body kept placing the word “Atkins diet” in my mind, over and over and over again, like it was obsessed!! lol  When I opened the Atkins website and seen their HUGE sign that said LOOSE 15 pounds in 2 weeks, I was sold right then and there.  As I looked over the food allowed in what they call the induction phase, I was happy, all my fav’s: meat, eggs, cheese, and tons of veggies.  I am in!!  Sadly tho, I don’t buy a whole lot of fresh veggies because they just don’t keep for very long.  But if I am going to stick to this diet, I gotta have a wide variety.  Back into the world I went.  Freakin $40 worth of veggies in tow, I started to drive out of the walmart parking lot when my head was suddenly turned to a single car (among so many) in the parking lot with a front license plate that simply read: “BATMAN”  I had to laugh so hard!   I get that message loud and clear!

My body was so freakin happy.  Not the Lisa part, but fully the body as a whole.  I worried just a bit… no more coffee.  I have drunk a full pot of coffee every morning for the last 25 years (with cream and sugar of course.)  I was sure I would jones big time for a while at least.  But, I now fully realize (because my body told me so lol) that it needed this change of diet.  I have had zero cravings for anything.  And the first 10 days, I lost 11 wonderful pounds.  Just in those 10 little days, my back completely stopped hurting, my vital energy has returned to more than I have had in many years and I am already growing back into my clothes I have not worn in a year!!  So even tho, weight wise I only really lost what I put on this year, fat wise, I lost more than that.  And I can see and feel how it is recycling itself back to my outer and inner world.  I am loving this!!

But of course, then we get the monthly cycle of wheezing on the evening of the 16th.  Now what I thought was strange about this crazy new releasing cycle that is a part of my life, it only happens at night-time.  It last for 5-7 days (just like my period did) and then stops and fast as it started until the next month.  I cough all night long and blow my darn vocal chords completely out.  Every month except last month, it spirals into a full-blown asthma-like attack that requires a trip to the ER, because god forbid that should happen when the local clinic is open.  Did I mention the closest hospital is an hour drive!!  Grrrrrrrr!  I drove myself to the ER on Saturday, got my breathing treatment, came home and simply passed out from pure exhaustion.  Whatever it takes, I had a great nights sleep!!

ADDED NOTE:  I cannot believe I forgot to add this very important tid-bit.  The reason why this clearing happens to me at night is due to the lunar pull.  The moon is very much a part of my monthly cycles and when she is out in full, she is pulling from me the excess emotions and energy, my body releases it thru coughing.

When I woke up, which happened to be Easter morning, my body must have spent the entire night showing and explaining so much to me, to the point that when I woke up, I was so clear about what is happening and why.  Couple that with the intense avalanche of pure radiant love that was just falling from the skies all day long on Easter… holy shit what a day!!

In its own way, the entire world has gone thru menopause.  Change of LIFE on all levels.  All last year, spirit kept saying, what worked for us before, will no longer work in this new energy field.  Silly me, I just thought it meant energy stuff.  Of course, EVERYTHING is energy stuff.

The new energy coming into the earth since January 2014 is changing everything and every human from the inside out.  The body does have a grand design to be a part of this new energy and MUST process and filter the way it was designed to.  To the outside eyes and the way it was “before” it looks more like it is breaking down at points.  Suddenly there is a large amount of people getting things like stomach flu’s, sinus crud, coughing, it runs the gamut depending on where the energy is building and changing the most within each individual body.  This is a time to celebrate yourself and be gentle.  Of course, our first reaction is to try and stop the process because we are so conditioned to think something is “wrong” when it is actually incredibly right.

On this amazing Easter day, I watched from the inside out as the energy moves into our (my) body, it is so much more than air that we take in.  There is such an amazing quantum field of stuff that we take in.  When we are in resonance with this field, it starts to increase the vibratory rate within the cells of our body, usually (but not always) one location at a time.  This Easter love was all about heart, lungs and throat/voice.  The pure loving Self expression of what we think of as our soul fussing more deeply with the body.  On that note, may I highly suggest anyone who still thinks of their soul as something outside of themselves, to really feel the presence in YOU as YOU.  You are one (or at the very least, becoming more and more one,) not two separate beings kicking about.  This also allows a much fuller “mind meld” if you will.  No longer having to access something outside of yourself, but deep within yourself.

Another thing that is happening in force is the updraft of the pure earth energy, the Eden styled earth.  It is moving up thru the feet and what I call the major root chakra (cuz there are chakras at the arch of each foot too.)  This is causing vibrations like crazy, some comfortable, some feeling sexual, some just overload and down right unpleasant!

Then there is the release of the higher atmosphere coming in thru the crown.  Intense dizziness, headaches, vertigo like symptoms… all a perfect part of the plan of CHANGE.

Remember, in ever other lifetime before this one, we opted to physical die and then come into a new body with all these enhanced changes.  Now we are doing it while still incarnate, wide awake and no Novocaine!!  lol  It is going to have unpleasant (from the biological experience) unpleasant moments, with added heights of incredible moments.  Bob and weave, but please do not stop the process.  Do whatever you can to sooth the symptoms, but don’t throw in the towel when you are soooooo close to absolute change.  Besides, these unpleasant side effects have increased value in our spiritual abilities binding within our bodies and we are gearing up to use them more and more now.

Let me just share a lesson I learned in this cycle of mine this month.  When my body goes down to fulfill the change ongoing, it affects a lot of people.  I have 5-6 readings/ET sessions every single day.  It breaks my heart more than you will ever know to say those words “I have to reschedule” because I know you, like me, look so forward to the experience and exchange.  So Friday, I gave in and asked for energy to be sent at 8pm, when I go to sleep.  I just wanted a full nights sleep so I could read the next day.  I can whisper readings, but without sleep, I am useless.

I do surround myself with the most powerful people on this planet, and ones who are so ready and willing to serve.  Energy came raining in as I laid down to sleep, and fell fast asleep without even the first cough.  That is… until 2 am hit.  It must have backed everything up inside of me… because holy shit batman, my cough and my lungs hurt more than ever and did not subside with the light of day.  This usually always subsides when I wake up.  That caused my trip to the ER.  But what an amazing, invaluable learning lesson.

So, I changed my plan a bit.  This monthly cycle is vital to my own ongoing growth and acceleration, so I changed the environment a wee bit.  Invested in an air purifier, the desert gets really dusty and I live in an oasis where bugs find their way in and leave their remnants and natures sexual release of pollen and of course I smoke to beat the band… so I changed the air quality yesterday and invested in a vaporizer as well, just to add moisture and some eucalyptus oil into it, and I slept like a happy, content baby all night long.  When I woke up, I had some coughing to do, but so unlike the previous nights.  I am one very happy camper!!!

So with all that said, it is time to change your approach to your own life, depending of course, where you want to go with it.  If you are perfectly content with where you are now, then no worries.  But if you want to start to use the light body that is binding fully to the biology, when your body sends you a signal to do something different… do it!!  Don’t let your own biases and previous understandings hold you back!!

Now, on a completely different note, thru my down time, I have gotten so much inspiration for the Soul Gym, thanx in large part to so many ET sessions.  It is amazing what we can and NEED to do together to expand and bring out the resting codes of spiritual expansion within us.  Sitting idle in the midst of our-self’s is not going to cut it any longer.  So there will be a small $5 a month membership fee just to help me pay for the extra’s.

For the 25 people who just endured rescheduling these last few days, I told you I would find a way to make it up to you and when the Soul Gym opens, you all have a free pass for the first month.  You will just have to email me so I can give to you (when the gym opens, not now, I will get confused and forget!! lol)

Anyway, I am so ready to whisper readings today.  I pray my voice holds out.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for being so incredibly kind, compassionate and in my world all the time!!

The great, is about to get a whole lot greater!!  Are YOU ready???


Lisa Gawlas

















  1. Hi Lisa,

    what if your body is telling you through the coughing that it wants you to quit smoking? Have you thought of that? My husband also smokes and he has had a severe cough for the last week or two.

    BTW, there is a MAJOR celestial alignment going exact tomorrow (April 23/24) – here’s some info on it (there’s more on the web if you google “cardinal grand cross april 2014). According to DL Zeta, this alignment is coded with huge cosmic frequencies which we will be busy decoding for the rest of this year:

    Have a great time! 🙂


    • Not even a little bit Zarah, my body is actually very ok with my smoking and I do not cough while smoking, only while sleep or trying to talk thru stressed out vocal chords.

      Me and my body have a really good agreement that does not live inside the box of society bias.. Thank GOD!! ❤

      So agreed to about not only the cross thingie but the eclipse sandwhich too… we are really being revved up for the greater, living super large Life/Experience. YAY!!

      Love ya!! ((((HUGZ))))


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  4. Tremendous hugs to you Li li on your journey of change. I know as a fellow smoker and also sinus issue person that the humidifier and air purifier really help tremendously–as does the nasal saline lavage. I will also mention that drinking throat coat tea or tea with fenugreek in it (tastes yucky alone) along with LOCAL honey really supports the throat and lungs during these cleansing periods.

    I would also say that I feel maybe seeing this pattern as something that has occurred but can change into something different might be a good thing. There are other ways to clear the energy residue from your body and I do them every single day to help keep my field clear of excess. That said, I picture myself as a mesh screen where energy enters freely and then whatever needs to be released can flow out just as freely so there are less bottlenecks. It works for me pretty well and I would suggest maybe trying it to see if it helps. I know you are totally loving and of service to this whole process and allowing it and big kudos to you girl for all you go through. I would simply love it if you had lovely sleep, a perky voice and a silent chest at the next full moon! 🙂

    Excited for the return of the soul gym! What fun we have had there! I miss everyone on the chats! 🙂 big hugs! Alex


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