Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 16, 2014

Joy: The Fuel of Creation Unleashed!! And a personal ET story too!!


Well here we are, day one with a whole new enhanced energy system thanx to the release of that amazing eclipse yesterday.  Could you feel the pure joy raining down all around?  The day prior to this eclipse, I got the pure privileged of seeing the energies embed in your bodies, your minds, your hearts expanding what is already there within you, setting the stage to raise the frequency bar within each and every person.  Thru three of the connections, the same exact message came thru: the energy will be fully embedded and ready for use by late afternoon yesterday.  There were not kidding!

Just because I seen the intense work being done prior to yesterday, you would think I would have been prepared to be in the same energy enhancement, meaning, being down psychicly yesterday, but hell no, not until my first three attempts at connection.  My hearing and feeling within the connections was off line and my vision was barely seeing shadows.  But yet, there was one thing so incredibly present thru all the connections… joy coming from each person.  It made me realize something as well, when a person is in a state of true joy, embedded within that emotion is the energy of gratitude, I could feel it, I could hear it in the words we exchanged and it got me so excited.  I may have been down, but I do understand what is happening.  That joy is the fuel of creation.

Being in the land of duality, we do have choice that often time, we are not even very conscious that we are making.  What comes in as joy we can turn into sadness or misery.  We may be seeing many people amplifying their sadness within, reminding themselves how miserable their life is.  Of course, because that is the dualistic fuel of this precious plane, of course they will create a lot more to be sad and miserable about.  Word of advice, if you cannot help them see their own joy, just get out of their way and allow them the creation they are focused on having.  You have better ways to spend your fuel…. creating more joy not only for yourself, but those you come in contact with that are focused on their happiness.

In between my 3rd and 4th appointment yesterday, kinda bummed that I have another day of incapacitated abilities, but also knowing and appreciating why, I went over by my reading chair and for once, I wanted to see what was happening with me.  In that moment, I got the clearest, craziest vision.  My hair suddenly turned into what looked like really fat dread locks made of multi colored threads (not hair at all.)  These dread locks were wrapped around my head like a bun and layered upwards cone-shaped.  At the end of the cone were each individual strands of locks that were pulled straight up into the sky.  I had to giggle at how ridiculous this looked.  But I also realized that those individual locks were my antenna’s… I have grown a lot over the years!!  I watched my team plug and unplug the ends of my locks into different outlets.  This was cool!!

So I thought about my next lady on my schedule, hoping I could see for her too, sure enough, the moment I thought about her, I could see what was happening with her… her heart center was being enlarged and deep inside her core center of her heart I could see this large black ball of energy and I knew she was being amped up in that place primary.  A magnetic enhancement to the umpth degree.  When it was time to do the reading with her, the imagery presented again, sadly tho I was still fractured in my abilities.  My feeling and hearing was still down, until I asked one question… why am I seeing the work being down in her heart as black.  I loved this reply:  What is being done is in such a quantum state of energy and if they showed me exactly what was being done, I have no frame of reference for it and would miss interpret it.  They would rather you see a little bit and not the full thing than having anything be misconstrued.  Knowing the magnetic chambers of your heart is amping up… indeed, is enough to get excited about!!

My next lady showed up so funny and it really shows that without my hearing and feeling centers engaged in the reading, it is just a nice picture without a whole lot of meaning.  She showed up jumping a golden jump rope.  Her face stiffly facing forward, her rope jumping was steady, never going faster, never going slower.  She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt while jumping rope.  I had no flipping clue what the hell that could mean to her.  So we just talked…

As we were talking, her vision steady in my back yard, suddenly her clothes started to change from actual material to a fuzzy dirty white energy that still looked like shorts and a t-shirt.  I told her about the change as it was happening, still having no clue and no hearing to tell her what the hell it means!!  We continued talking and plotting our adventure together next month in Sedona.  Joy was just oozing out of both of us… even with this half ass reading (said with love there.)

Suddenly this energy stream started to come in from above her and slowly adding color to her energy clothes and then my hearing started to kick in… I get this now!  Talk about a complete wardrobe change.  New energy clothes to enhance the new adventure before her.  She was showing up in shorts and a t-shirt to amplify the energy of play, of being causal in all she does.  We tend to take ourselves so seriously that we forget to have incredible fun as we expand our sense of Self and all the abilities and wisdom that comes with that.  This is the time to play, have fun, grow yourself like a child would.

And then finally, that crazy, consistent jump roping with the golden rope became clear.  Creating a brand new, magnetically enhanced (hence the gold rope) energy field around the body.  The jump roping was to symbolize the entirety of this energy bubble (that we all have) encompassing her under her feet as well as over her head and all around her.  I was so excited to finally understand her evolving image that I coulda just peed my pants!!

Now, let me just state again, even with all this new fancy energy threaded thru you and around you, it is still up to you to use it.  Go beyond what you have ever done before.

One new thing I am going to do, is start yet one more new blog.  There is so much understanding coming around our amazing friends from the stars that I could fill the pages here with only that.  The thought of this new ET centered blog crossed my mind the other day, but when I had my second ET session yesterday with an amazing soul named Esther, it became locked and loaded in my heart to do.  Her experiences are amazing.  I realized, we need a place to get all these connections out there in a place that may just ignite others desires to meet with their star family head on.

There are a vast amount of family out there, planets and systems we do not even know about… but are coming to Light now as you reach out and connect.  I will create this new blog over today or tomorrow and give you the link in my next sharing.

This whole adventure is opening my mind in such amazing ways.  Not to mention solidifying the notion that we really need to start to come together to amplify our abilities together.  In the back of my mind, I am working out the details of how to best do that… when it is clear, I will let you know and we will start to organize it.

I did ask Esther if she would document her experiences with her friends from the stars so I could share with all of you, and bless her heart, she started that adventure too.  Last night she emailed me the details up and thru our first session together, so I am going to tease you with her sharing here and the rest of her amazing, profound adventure will be on our new blog.

In the meantime, Esther inspired me as well, to put the Meditation exercise to meet with your family in the stars on my website for everyone to enjoy.  You will find it towards the bottom of the page here:

This is so exciting!!  YOU are so freakin exciting!!  I love you so much and honor you with all my heart and soul.  Thank you for giving me the pure privilege of being a part of your journey!!!

Lisa Gawlas

First let me give Esther a HUGE (((HUG))) of thanx and super loving gratitude for taking the time to share with all of us.  Here is the details of Esther’s life enhancing, dare I even say, life changing (beginning) journey with her star family:

To All Who May Be Interested,

This is a synopsis of my experiences while taking Lisa’s “Meet your friendly ET” class. To start off with, I will say that I have believed for a while that there is no way that our planet is the only one with life on it. I am not an ET buff by any stretch of the imagination. I have not researched other people’s experiences and have not spent any time learning what is out there on the Internet about any specific people/culture/planet. The only personal experience I have had for the past two years is when I am outside at night; I look up at the stars and ask if anyone wants to say hi. I will be immediately drawn to one or more stars that then begin to move as no star or airplane can. Just little squiggles or zig zags or a little back and forth. Nothing crazy. Just a little, “Well Hello There” moment. When Lisa decided to start her “I’ll help you connect class”, she was nervous about stepping out of her comfort zone. So I decided to step with her. It is definitely out of my comfort zone too. Including this sharing with you. But there is no stopping now!

The first class I had with Lisa, her “antenna” was down and so we rescheduled. But she gave me a meditation to work with until our next meeting. On the meditation note, I am not a quiet your mind meditator. Never worked for me. What works for me are focused visuals and just following what happens. Also just so you know, meditating is not something I do everyday. As a matter of fact, for the last nine months I have not done any meditation except for an occasional “checking out how my energy is doing” moment here and there.

The meditation Lisa had me do was quite simple. I checked into the energy of the Earth. Which to me feels like the love of a mother for her child. It fills my heart with a gentle full pressure. (I hold this feeling close to me because I am going to compare it to any other planet I end up at.) I get on an elevator and push the FRIENDS button. The first planet I was taken to was a red planet with one white cloudy section. Just like Mars I think. As soon as that thought is out I see a representation of the Earth side by side with this planet and Earth is much smaller. Soooooo Not Mars! I try to get down to the planet but its not happening. I’m just floating in orbit. So I try to tap into its energy, just like I did with the Earth. I get a deep resonating hum of a sound; it is deep and masculine feeling. I get a quick flash of an underground city in the upper right hand side of the planet (from my point of view). I get to the ground but it is very hard to focus on anything let alone the individual who is there to greet me. I feel that it is a male but can’t make out much of appearance or even name when I attempt communication. Everything is quite unclear. His name sounds short and there are perhaps two consonant sounds being said at the same time. So its very overlapping sounding to my English speaking ears. I try to go to the city but it’s a no go.

I ended the trip there and kept getting into the elevator for the next couple of nights. I went to few more planets. One was a small jade colored gaseous planet. Another I have no frame of reference for. It looked like an ice world but wasn’t. It was more like white scales or plates that kind of overlapped. Very interesting but I don’t know how to explain it. I didn’t see or meet anyone on these worlds. There were one or two more places but they are escaping me at the moment. I have learned to write things down! The final time I went was the day before I was to meet Lisa again. This time when I went to get on the elevator it was a pink see-thru chair with a seat belt. Hmmm Kinky! I strapped myself in and away I went. I was taken to a planet that I couldn’t see clearly at all. Just that there was a pearly green sheen to it or it’s atmosphere. I reached out for it’s energy and it felt very staccato vibratory. I could feel it in my body like a hyper Morse code message. It got me down to the planet but I couldn’t see anything really at all. There was a female there though! I couldn’t focus on her to see her clearly. I don’t know if it was my idea or hers, but I focused just on her hand and that became clearer. I could see that she had v-shaped finger nails. They were not claws but just pointy v-shaped nails. That’s where I left that meditation trip.

The next day as I was detailing my homework experiences to Lisa, a large silver spaceship hovered over her driveway. This yellow spiral funnel like energy came down out of the bottom of it and then three individuals appeared for her to see. She learned that the spiral energy was how they lowered their vibration so that she could see them. There were two male and one female. The males were indistinct, more of an energy shape than a human image. The female looked like a very blond beautiful human female. But she told Lisa that she was not. She was presenting as such to make it easier for Lisa to see. Lisa had me focus my energy out to her driveway and try to communicate directly with them. The female’s name that came to me was “Gloria”. Which yes I’m sure is not really her name. Lisa said it fit her energy. I asked what planet she was from. Lisa, who could see her, said that she was presenting a planetary system in her hands. I could see it vaguely. Mainly that there was something very large in the center of it. Gloria then stepped to the side and a swirly energy appeared. Before Lisa could tell me what to do I jumped into it. It took me straight to black space with distant stars. Lisa told me to explore a bit but I didn’t see anywhere to go until I turned around. Right behind me was a giant red orange star like thing. I think it was/is a sun but the surface seemed solid, maybe a little crystal like. Weird and Awesome. Clearly it is that large object that I saw in the center of her planetary system. So I go looking through the system that surrounds it and I am pulled to that same planet from the night before. I still can’t make it out at all. So instead of trying to force visualization, I go to the night side and plop down there. It seems rather barren. But like I said, I can’t see much. I know Gloria is behind me. Lisa tells me to picture her home, that Gloria wants to meet me there when we have our ET dates. I see a flash of a jade colored building but can’t get myself to travel there. Lisa is great at assuring me that it is going to take a while to get my vibration to the point where I can see everything clearly. In the meantime, each trip I take it will get easier and easier. Baby steps.

Back to Lisa’s driveway I go. The males are getting impatient. They are clear that they are not human. This is repeated more than once to Lisa. She also understands that they are from the red planet that I went to on my first trip. They call their planet or system “The Zone”. She says that they feel very Spock-like, very serious and not showing much emotion. They want me to bring them humor. All righty then. Not expecting that. I thought this was serious work. What a relief that I should not be serious! I walk up to them and take their hands so we are in a circle. Gloria is standing off to the side. She is helping facilitate this meeting according to Lisa. She is sort of smoothing energetic edges. I can’t hear anything from the two males but I am getting a large amount of light flashes behind my actual physical eyelids (back at my home). I told Lisa at the time that it was somewhat rhythmic and Morse code like. But it didn’t translate into anything for me. As Lisa and I keep talking, this flashing goes on for some time. I start getting tiny facial and arm muscle ticks. Very weird and not scary at all, it is more like an electrical overload. Lisa then gives me the homework to start focusing on Gloria and the guys from the Zone and not go off visiting other worlds at this time.

And the adventures continue…Esther










  1. Wow Lisa, thanks for sharing her adventure and the meditation! I gave two sessions recently and both people were contacted, so I passed on your meditation right away. 😀 Thank you so much! It seems contact is happening all over the place right now … my people have enough humour already though, they don’t need me to teach them. *lol* For myself, I usually just channel; the few times I went to the Pleiades I couldn’t see much and I felt a bit stupid just sitting there in the dark talking to someone I couldn’t see. Maybe I should try more often. 🙂

    BTW, I found an image on Wiki that has the relative sizes of stars and planets. Some of them are reddish colored, so maybe you can use that to ask them where they are from the next time around …

    Lots of luv,


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  3. Dear Li li and Esther, All I can say is WICKED COOL! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! Very interesting and exciting! I send my blessings for a wonderful expansion of contact and the birth of your new blog Li li! 🙂 Hugs! alex


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  5. Lisa and Esther, WOWZUHS!!!! That is just incredible! Thank-you both for sharing this. I can’t wait to try the meditation and read the accompanying new blog. I can never see anything out of the ordinary when I look up in the sky (which is often) and I long for benevolent contact. It looks like I have a lot of work to do but I’ll change that “work” to “play” instead. ;]


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