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The Fruits of Your labor, Vital Veggie’s and ET’s… Oh My!!

Kristen Gilje Tree of Life

There are so many things I want to talk about today, but alas, I woke up late again.  I really have got to stop these afternoon naps, but my eye lids demand otherwise!!  Anyway, I hope I can get out all the very relevant information from yesterdays connections.

There are three that are hanging in my field of vision to share, starting with one of the craziest openings I have ever seen.  This large tree was growing mostly in the field I call March, it’s trunk and root system solid, thick, old.  The front half of this tree was leaning into April, fruits galore on the branches.  There were lemons and oranges and apples and even blueberries (which really grow on bushes.)  It took me not only until the end of the reading to fully understand the significant of the abundant fruit in my ladies reading, but even more understanding came thru as I sat and processed the days seriously new imagery!  So, simply to save time, I am going to combine the understandings of her connection with the lady right after her… which was represented by a garden growing green vegetables.  I think the field is hungry!! lol

The “fruits of our labor,” the many aspects of ourselves that we have seeded, grown and used getting to here are as important as they ever have been.  We are being asked to pick the fruits of our labors, mix them together to create even greater skills, new flavors of our abilities.

There was a piece of information that came thru my precious lady’s reading, that just seemed to hang with me.  That pesky lemon.  There is a phrase we have that is going to get more and more relevant as we move forward: “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  Dammit.  I really really hoped arriving here in Eden, Shambhala, heaven on earth, that any aspects of challenges would be a thing of the past.  Ohhh hell no.  As my team explained in my afterglow pondering, we learn the best thru the challenges that come up.  We become the most creative when there is a perceived obstacle in our way, or a desire that seems elusive to attain.  Equally, be clear as well, the challenges we will face are not there because of bad karma, blockages within our energy field, but to souly serve as a catalyst for growth and mixing up our fruits in ways we never would have before.

Besides the use of our ripened fruit, then we have the slowness of growing some veggies.  My next lady’s energy showed up with her April experiences ribboned off, held back a bit.  I seen like a ribbon cutting ceremony, but the ribbon has not been cut yet.  Instead, there was this 2 foot wedge of energy between what I call my lady’s center path and where the ribbon holding all the experiences that will be released, was.  As I looked closer at that wedge of energy I realized it was a garden and it was growing green vegetables, cabbages, broccoli and stuff.  What her team said, was she was growing the vital vitamins to move her forward, but until they are ripe, she was at bay.   Sure enough, she had told me that her dog just broke it’s front left paw, so she has to take time off to be home with her poochie friend to help him restore his energy, while she too, is growing hers.  A full realignment of iron rich blood and energy for the moment that ribbon cutting ceremony happens.  Trust me, it will happen.

So for those who feel their life suddenly got more still than active, know that is as purposeful to you as the opposite is for others.  The growth of anything in the new earth, fully alive now, will be adding more than we can even realize to our full energy systems.

If fruits and vegetables weren’t strange enough in the day of connections, I had two lady’s readings completely, and I do mean completely hijacked by their ET connections.  My first hijacked connection came right after my veggie lady.  I just put her phone number into the computer to dial, and as soon as I got up to move to my reading chair, I had this huge…. wait…. HUGE ET head hovering in front of me in my darn kitchen.  What the hell?



Looked just like that, green, big eyes, more real than plastic looking and about 2 feet from top to bottom.  But there wasn’t just one, there were three all side by side of each other.  However, only one was clear and talking.  He did say he does not look like the image I am seeing, but it was the easiest way for me to understand that he is not human.  Yup, worked well.

Even as I tried to crank my antenna out into the field, this pesky guy retracted it and brought my energy right back to his presence and communication!!  Hey!!!!  Well, seems my lovely lady was introduced in her last connection to this guy and she had not yet reached out to connect, so he reached in!  To the point of handing her a bright red phone to call with.  It reminded me of the phone we see in the white house, that “emergency” phone.

He stated, just like the last ET of the day stated, they are important allies in this new adventure we are in and can and will help us with things that will show up in our field of life as we move forward and sideways.  The soul contract has come up to engage in each others energy, understandings and assistance forward.  Let me tell ya, they are not as subtle or even patient as our spirit guides!!

My lady also said that since our last connection, she had a huge burst of light come into her bedroom and then movement/noise in the corner of her room.  Mr green face there, just smiled.  They are not taking no for an answer.

Like I said, there is so much more I can share, but, my day begins in a few moments and so I must end here.

Ohhh and just to let you know, the most I did with my tree man, was find out he is an inter-dimensional being.  By the time my day was done, I was between processing the day and sleeping.  I will put balance back into my day… soon.  lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with fruits and veggies and some ET’s even!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Doing something different, a new package for April that is done over 5 sessions called: Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out:  






  1. Wow! I would have totally freaked out. I’ve been connecting with spirit frequently this past year… I hope nothing like that happens to me.


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  3. Hi Li li, oh those lemons, I have been looking at them much more differently lately after having a conversation with my two wild and wonderful daughters. My oldest is a sculpture major and she said how she adores challenges and difficult times because she KNOWS that she will step up and that she will feel amazing afterwards, feel powerful and knowing she learned something. That she is grateful for all the tough times…

    This helped me to expand and explain to my husband how all the challenges in our lives have been there to create MORE Love, power, self esteem etc instead of feeling the opposite…the way to access this different alignment is to release victim mentality and imagine oneself as a powerful creative being…what pops in my head really strongly right now is a questing video game and how those tiny figures overcome loads of obstacles with the help of their big friend with its hands on the computer play set! LOL

    I love how our dear green galactic friend was so persistent! ET phone home!

    big hugs! 🙂 Alex

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  5. Can’t believe I found you again Lisa. I used to read you at but then you disappeared. Universe worked to put you in my field of view. Then I read this post and I am chuckling as a bought a ninja blender couple weeks ago and can’t get enough, green veggie smoothies and fruit smoothies. I recognized your vibrational frequency in two or three sentences, then saw your name and it was confirmed. Thanks for your service. Isis One


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