Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 23, 2014

Down The Rabbit Hole – Where the Unfathomable Becomes A Strange Reality.

rabbit holes

To allow for the unfathomable really seems like an oxymoron.  Unfathomable:  incapable of being fully explored or understood.  (taken from  I also think that the incapability comes from our rational mind, it always has an excuse as to why the extraordinary is really the ordinary, at least my mind does!

My day on the 21st was going to be filled with irrational experiences, some I didn’t even notice until afterwards.  Thank god for camera’s to capture the moments!!

In-between two appointments, I decided to take myself down to the river, something I just don’t do while I am still reading.  But the desire to go there was too strong to ignore, so I grabbed my cameras and headed down to the river.  As I was sitting on my little stoop absorbing the energy of the mesa, my eyes caught sight of something very unfamiliar near the top left side of the mesa:

an opening 3.21.14

Considering we had already had a part of the Mesa release itself back in January 2013, that dark spot must have been another release of the Mesa.  From where I was sitting, I could see the depth of the opening in that area.  I got up and looked from different angles and it never changed it appearance.  I aligned myself with that opening so my camera could take a direct line shot:

an opening

I was kind of excited, something new to explore and set my intention to hike up the mesa to have a closer look.  By the time I came back to the house, I had such an intense headache in my left temple, I decided to wait a day or so to acclimate to the new energy before I got up close and personal with it.  I also looked thru my previous pictures of the mesa just to be sure that opening wasn’t there before… it wasn’t:

After my day of readings was finished, I went to the store across the street to get some milk.  The sky was amazing, so incredibly filled with dark clouds and yet, a center opening where the sunlight was pouring out creating the most amazing colors in the clouds that weren’t black, a play of light that just took my breath away.  I grabbed my camera and took a few photos as I made my way back home.  As I looked at the images of each picture, I realized each one represented something from 3 separate readings that day and if I am not mistaken, even in the order I had read for each person.  

My first reading was talking about the winds of change blowing into my lady’s life and that she needed to let go and go with the flow of change coming in.  My first cloud picture:

winds of change


My second reading had my lady in the stance of diving off the top of her magnetic pole energy into the unknown of her new life path.  Here is the second cloud picture:

sky diving

Last but far from least, my last reading of the day had these three loops of energy, kinda reminded me of a 3 leaf clover or maybe the suit of clubs forming itself from the magnetic pole over my lady’s entire created life field.  My third picture:

love in the sky

The unfathomable!!  The artist in the sky seemed to reflect back 3 out of 4 readings in its imagery.  One I would say could be a fluke, a coincidence, but THREE? Not only that, they are seeing in the lightscape that I see in, these were all images from readings!

As I was percolating on all that,  the sky turned a brilliant red and i went down to the river to take unobstructed pictures (no tree’s) and I was shocked, I mean really shocked to see that the opening I had captured earlier in the day, was no longer.  It was right back to the way I had always seen it before:

closed by evening

What the hell??  That is not even possible!!!  Of course, in comes the rational mind… it had to be a shadow that was captured earlier.  Maybe.  Ya almost have to resign to the fact it had to be an amazing shadow because nothing else makes (rational) sense.  Unfathomable:  incapable of being fully explored or understood.

This alone, I might have retreated to the fact this could have been a shadow, a shadow that never changed its form or depth no matter the angle it was seen from.  A shadow that I have never ever seen before and I have sat at the river more times than I can count at many various times of the day and never seen that phase on the mesa.  But when I take into account the images in the clouds representing 3 images from readings…. something very odd is afoot.

So a friend and myself hiked up the mesa yesterday.  Ouchies!!  My poor out of shape body was struggling to achieve its goal… getting to that area.  I had intended to do a meditation once I got there, but by the time I got to that point, it was all I could do to breath and keep my balance on my noodle like two legs.  I took several pictures while I was sitting there panting:



a tiny opening


There was a tiny opening in that formation, the second picture is shot directly into the tiny opening, but that is not what I had seen the day prior, at least not to that small scale as the pictures above show.

Back down the Mesa we went.  Let me tell you, that hike is close to a 1000 feet up and nearly a 90 degree angle.  Coming down, the play of gravity makes it more difficult than getting up there.  I almost feel 3-4 different times, each time, I swear someone caught me and stood me back up.  I kept saying thank you and then suddenly this conversation happened.  I knew it was my Pleiadian buddies and I simply told them, I hope you do not land on this mesa and have to walk down it, you will get hurt!!  They pretty much giggled at me and assured me their technology allows for having to hoof it down loose rock to get where they want to go.  And they showed me some of their technology…

The first thing they showed me was like this huge round platform that allowed them to descend from their ship parked up in the sky to the ground level.  This platform was made of something like matter as well as antimatter, meaning they can make it materialize and dematerialize as needed.  Kewl beans… I need one of them now please!!

They also showed me something that reminded me of star trek and the beam me up scotty portal thing.  They referred to it as an atom-izer.  Thru what looked to me like an intense beam of light, they could change the atoms of anything from form to non-form for relocation purposes.

But more than the technology I could see was the feeling, the knowing that they will show up one day in person, safely and without having to “land.”

By the time I got home, I hurt in places I forgot existed in my body and pure exhaustion set in.  My night time was filled with flipping science.  I kept waking up to seeing this symbol that looked sorta like our atomic energy symbol, but with a lot more ellipticals… 8 in all.

Ya know, as I googled the image for our atomic symbol:

atomic energy


I had seen something like this in his reading.  Instead of ellipticals, those dots, which looked like stars to me, where on a spiral of energy that was set up between his celestial friends and his actual life field.  It was even stated he will be bringing in very important information/technology from his relationship with three star systems.

But, back to my attempt at sleeping last evening.  The first elliptical I was shown had writing in it, for the life of me, I have no idea what it said, but it felt like whatever the writing was, created the elliptical relationship as did each one after that.  Again, there was 8.

I think it is very unfair that I spent every ounce of energy I had in me hiking to the sky, and then my entire rest period that should have equaled sleep, was spent on a science project I cannot understand.  Not fair!! lol

Someone want to take up the slack on the science???  Please!! (smile)

Until tomorrow… play in the unfathomable!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with mind blowing experiences to all!!

Lisa Gawlas













  1. Hi Lisa, I found your reference to the atomizer interesting. A few days ago I heard the word “anatomic.” Google related it to the physical structure of an organism. My team replied, “It is the relationship between our anatomy and the atom – what we can do with that, will take us places we have not explored before.” As you said, the unfathomable is our new reality. Thanks for sharing. ❤


  2. […] / link to original article […]


  3. Great post, Lisa. The photos gave me chills! It’s all so mysterious and wonderful at the same time. I like that magical feeling.


  4. Dear Li li, hope you are feeling better today and your body did get a chance to rest, even if you were in physics class! I love how nature plays tricks on us, changes things up. I went out today to collect a double pointed crystal that I had planted in the ground and marked on the equinox…i looked for it in the ground and had to really travel quite a ways to find it–it really did seem to have moved!

    As for the science what comes through for me in my scientific mind is the fact that to create any atom there are different particles all moving on their own orbital (elliptical) and each carrying its own energy signature with its own potential and that combined creates the atom. Remove any one of those electrons or orbits and the atom changes to something else….could this atom possibly represent how we all combine and bring in our own energies to create something new, something more? and without each and every one of us connecting on the field the outcome would be different?

    Just a thought…:) hugs snuggle bunny! alex


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