Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 19, 2014

Light Quakes, Wormholes and The Equinox.


These days are becoming so energetically unpredictable.  For a few hours (especially at night) I feel like I am being thrashed about in the breaking waves of a shore line, and then have bouts of such crystal clarity that I swear I can see and understand forever, until the lapping waves come crashing in again.  The evening of the 16th going into the 17th played hell on my body.  As evening descended, I swear my entire rib cage and up thru my neck got caught in a vise that just kept squeezing tighter.  As the night wore on, the coughing started again, the ability to breathe was leaving town and all I could say is… not again!!  At least I didn’t have the lung congestion this time around.  Everything was between my sinuses and my throat.  The next day, I was just worthless and energetically depleted.  By late afternoon, this feeling enveloped me.  The only way I can describe it would be to call it the utter silence/stillness.   No thoughts swirling about my head, no chatter from my team, even the body went to absolute stillness… no congestion, no coughing, no nothing.  It really was the most amazing feeling, pure and absolute peace inside and out.  I cannot tell you how long it lasted, 10 minutes, 15… 30?  I don’t know, but my good god it was great while it lasted!!

Sometime after that, I could see what was happening to my energy system.  From the place just above the high heart area and just below the throat, my energy fabric was being threaded onto the invisible loom of the equinox, taking with it first and foremost, my breath.  But with that (eventually) came the understanding of why.

I hope, that by sharing what I understand with me and this profound expansion over the equinox, it will help you understand more of what you got yourself into as well.

Our breath is automatic.  We (normally) don’t even think about breathing, we just do it, thanx to our brain stem.  It is what we do with our breathe that changes everything.  For me personally, especially over these last two years, I use my breath to breathing in you, then exhale (just about) every morning.  My expanding ability to “see” has happened because you show up every single day and allow me to take you in, process you, and breathe you back out to the greater All, every single day.  You are my passion as well as my soul expression… enhanced.  So, in the grid work of my new field of life, soul blue prints, the first layer that is being weaved is the expansion of my breath.  The ability to see and communicate beyond what we have done to date.

Yesterday, what that means to us started to become apparent.  During my morning, mostly on that crazy holy toilet, I started to see these openings.  They looked like someone took really large cookie cutters and started cutting out holes in the sky or the veil itself.  Thru these holes I could feel an energy flow down into my world.  Each hole had a different energy feel to it, and eventually realized these openings were to other star systems, other life forms whose frequency and communication systems I am completely unfamiliar with.

At least now I so understand the dream that wasn’t a dream from a week ago, where I had these Beings surrounding me, then shrunk to about a half inch and plopped into my throat and started doing some crazy work in there, not to mention the 12 star-ships that were lined up next to each other and blocked my vision from beyond that moment.

Ohhh I can hear the clickity click of the cogs of understanding aligning.

As I was sitting here yesterday morning, wanting to write a blog but going nowhere fast, I had this overwhelming desire to go to the cnn website.  I did, and found a headline that said: “Big Bang Breakthru Announced; Gravitational Waves Detected.”   Of course, I opened it immediately!!

I have said before, March itself felt like a massive earthquake with aftershocks that continue every day.  So when I got to these paragraphs, I knew that is exactly what has and continues to happen.  Here is an excerpt from that story:

What are gravitational waves?

Scientists believe that in the fabric of space-time, there are tiny ripples called quantum fluctuations. If you could look at space-time on the smallest scale possible, you would, in theory, see them, even today. Unfortunately, no microscope is capable of seeing something that small.   (My Note: Unless we use the already installed microscope of our spiritual vision.)

Such fluctuations also existed at the beginning of the universe. Inflation blew them up much larger, launching gravitational waves that we now see imprinted on the cosmic microwave background. “These gravitational waves are an aftershock of the Big Bang,” he said. The BICEP2 study is the first to image them directly.

I personally do not subscribe to the “Big Bang” theory, but I sure do love the information our scientists harness from trying to prove they are right!  Shortly after this article validated my own earthquake, excuse me, the Lightquake theory, the information started to pour into my consciousness.  I could see the ripples thru the fabric of time and space, of the veil itself.  With the ripples of light came an intense releasing of pure love energy.  I seen it like a rainstorm, intense, and everywhere.

For those of us who have allowed the biological change out that started in earnest this past January thru now, this pure love rain will trigger many dormant abilities within us, and equally expand what we have already been using to date.  Our life paths are going to take on twists and turns we cannot even fathom at this moment.  Interplanetary connections are going to come to fruition, not just in a telepathic/meditation way, but boots on the ground ways.

For those who still have old energy around their love state (conditions, expectations, judgement, etc) this is going to be a radically intense time for them.  We will see an upswing in sudden deaths, mental crisis’ and health conditions (sickness) running wild.

Ahhhhh… the land of duality!!

In this very moment we are crossing over to the other side of intensity.  In my attempts at reading yesterday, we are all in lock down as we move thru the greatest wormhole of our collective lives.

The first connection of the day produced a HUGE red X just in front of the magnetic pole I see as the equinox.  This X was located at the upper portion of the equinox and I knew right then and there, we were not going to be able to “see” anything until we have crossed over.  What I didn’t anticipate was how different everyone’s energy was going to be thru the day.  This lady had the X at the top, showing the flow of her new life plan (soul blue print) at the upper area of her consciousness.  Meaning, what is going to come on-line for her first, will be an expansion in her higher minds ability to see and hear and stuff.  I didn’t get any of this information during our sessions, it was only in the processing of the rest of the day did things become clear.

My second lady had three much smaller X’s, all in red, at the ground level and moving upwards on the magnetic pole.  Showing her a sudden path change harnessed by the use of more magnetic energy from earth.

My third lady befuddled me, mostly cuz I was expecting to see more X’s somewhere.  Instead, I got half a vision (the direct point of the equinox and beyond was invisible to my vision.)  She had 5 stretched out coils of golden energy (again, looking like stretched out slinkys) all mish-mashed together.  Well, four of them were mish-mashed together and there was one that will mix into them as we get on the other side.  The only thing I could get from that for her was 4 is a completion of an earth cycle (we are knee deep into that big time) one of course is new beginnings and bring the two together you produce five, chaos and change.  (Chaos always precedes change.)

Last but far from least, my beautiful lady made me laugh out loud… there she was, head to waist over the equinox energy, making that part of her completely invisible to my eyes, leaving me with waist to feet visible.  She looked like she was wearing clothes 2 sizes to big for her and her pants were about to fall off as she moved deeper into the wormhole.  And without seeing at all, I could see her new Light body… so very different from what was poking out for me to see.

The image of her clothes being to big, shows the releasing of the old clothes, the old identities, the old everything.  Moving into the new light body is a state of illumination… no clothes to hide behind or shield us from exposure.

With all of this came the feeling of incredible responsibility on our ends.  Sharing, expressing, expanding… not in secret, but out loud in every way.

I am going to close this sharing with a quote that is coming in from spirit:  “We are the centrifuge of creation.”

((((((HUGZ)))))) of love and honor to All!!

Lisa Gawlas









  1. Lisa I have thought a lot about the biological changes you have been having and just recently experienced some of my own. My left knee is swollen, no real pain, but just swollen. I am befuddled and have no idea what it is other than some sort of energetic stuff going on. Thoughts on what this could be?


    • Hi Iserf13 (smile, hugz)

      Left side, physical life aspect. Swelling, a new emotional field of change requiring flexibility (represented by the knee)… all preparing your for your sudden need to be flexable as life changes course for you ❤

      I am glad it doesn't hurt, that makes it so much easier!!

      Love ya!! (((HUGZ))))


      • Thank you Lisa. I can feel some changes coming. And it’s funny I have been stretching my leg/knee trying to release the stiffness a bit so it becomes more comfortable and flexible. 🙂 Thank you so much for the insight!!


    • Very interesting. I just had a dream last night that I tore a ligament in my right knee with pain and swelling and woke to read lisa’s comments explaining that exact thing. My right side must mean changes internally? Very cool. Much love!


  2. Hi Lisa, you said you do not ‘subscribe’ to the big bang, does that mean you don’t believe it? From my understanding both the big bang happened as well as the creation of man. The big bang was actually God exploding into consciousness and creating everything. The creation of man was then taking that to the next level and manifesting it into reality.


    • Hi Heidi ((((HUGZ)))

      Agreed, I do not believe it, I was shown something very very different in a series of meditations back in 2004. To long of a story to share here and really, it doesn’t matter. But let me do say “man” aka human, is far from the first biological creations, its actually one of the last (at least in our current scenario’s.)

      Big (((HUGZ))) to you,


  3. I agree with you about the humans and other biological creations. I was just trying to keep it simple and along with the storyline of what the majority of people ‘know’. I would love to hear the story sometime… maybe you can do a blog about it one day. I was actually taken back to the time of the big bang and heard and felt the explosion myself. Not sure what you experienced, but it would be nice to see if they coincide at all. Either way, I guess what I learned about that experience is nothing is black and white. Like duality or two sides of a coin, there is more than one explanation and more than just one ‘truth’ out there. If we are co-creators….. doesn’t that technically make everything true?


    • The multiverses are threaded with amazing sounds, from melodies to explosions, to reverberations and if you seek a particular frequency, you will connect to it. If you feel you and many others “know” something, it will continue to reveal itself like that to you.

      You can ask many a christian out there, that if what they know is true, and of course the answer is yes…

      until one day… you believe nothing, you know nothing and even when you think you know something, you realize it is barely the tip of the iceberg and will change from what you thought you knew…

      The less we know, the more we are given.

      I have written about those experiences and placed them somewhere in cycberspace… I will see if I can find them again…

      So much love to you Heidi wrapped in (((HUGZ))) ❤


  4. Agreed! Thanks Lisa, would love to read them! 😊


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  6. Hey Li li! You spin my head round baby right round…that centrifuge action…I gotta confirm the gravitational wave thingie and the quakes because each day I have been experiencing pretty intense waves incoming especially effecting from the solar plexus UP for me right around the time I get ready to cook dinner its like I drank 10 cups of coffee and I simply relax into it, allow it to come in and accept it and then it flows through and I integrate it as the night moves on–of course this means I don’t sleep til 4am ! LOL

    Huge hugs to you Blessed Vernal Equniox and I had to giggle you know we have another eclipse sandwich in April! one lunar and one solar…wonder if its a different flavor than last year! Hopefully talk to you tomorrow! Love Alex


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  10. Hi Lisa, I’m still on a timeout from FB, so thought I would comment here. I mentioned to you about my dream of getting together last Sun. around noonish. Energetically I sense we did that outside of time. Sat. afternoon I had my version of complete silence and stillness. Mon. you did your version. Split it down the middle in linear time, and you have Sun. at noonish. LOL. Seriously, the experience was something I’ve never had before. It’s not something you can explain in words. Because we both had this happen, I’m guessing others will do it too. Thanks for sharing. ((HUGS))


  11. Malay flight 370- any co-incidental wormhole mischief? C.C.,Accra-Ghana


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