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“Fractal Antenna’s” Coming Online and The ET Technology Insertions.

human fractal antenna

I think March should really be dubbed the month ET’s phoned earth!  In my 11+ years of reading, never has their presence been so present in readings as it is in March.   Did you ever wonder how it is that they know how to speak your language?  I never once thought about it, at least not until this crazy month, because I am having the hardest time translating what they are attempting to communicate.  Well, now I get it!!

It is not that any ET in any given universe knows how to speak any given language here on earth, it is the telepathic connection that stats the translation system.  For many of us that have arrived on this new earth, we have had an ET friend (and most likely like me, we blocked out of our memory as we aged) that started connecting in childhood.  There are many tho, that had to wait until this time, when the frequency of our body and the earth we now walk upon was high enough for transmission.

The way I was shown how this translation system works, vaguely I am sure, a stream of energy coming from your ET source, as it makes it was thru our earth atmosphere towards your biological energy signature, a loop happens in the stream, within that loop is where their language is translated to yours for understanding.  But there is also so much more than language happening during the connections.  They are releasing very particular energy patterns to you, I am seeing this over and over again in readings, I can see the energy, but cannot seem to tell you what it really means to you.  What has been said over and over to me in my frustration, is because that energy is not for me.  It has no resonance in my energy field, it is there for presentation to whomever I am reading for and for them to connect, absorb and use.

Our celestial connections have become so important now that they have even added an area to the field of light, to the platform I read and interpret from, to hold their energy.  Just outside the area I call the outer created life, is the celestial connection.  When visuals or energy shows up from that area, I know it has to do with other Beings beyond earth.  And it seems, I am learning multiple languages on the fly… thanx for that!! lol

Yesterday was a very odd day in the land of Light.  All of the energy that was presented yesterday came from the celestial realm of the field.  All of them had everything to do with the release of “fractal energy.”  Two that formed a spiral (one vertical and one that was horizontal) and one that formed an elongated slinky looking thing running along his center path.

When I looked up the word “fractal” “yesterday, the first site I came to used it in reference to measuring a coastline and what really caught my heart in their examples was “where the infinite and finite merge.”  But this morning, looking for that same website, I cannot find it but I found some other things that even more align with yesterdays energies:

Wikipedia talking about Fractal Antenna’s:

fractal antenna is an antenna that uses a fractalself-similar design to maximize the length, or increase the perimeter (on inside sections or the outer structure), of material that can receive or transmit electromagnetic radiation within a given total surface area or volume.

Such fractal antennas are also referred to as multilevel and space filling curves, but the key aspect lies in their repetition of a motif over two or more scale sizes,[1] or “iterations”. For this reason, fractal antennas are very compact, multiband or wideband, and have useful applications in cellular telephone and microwave communications. (My add… or connecting with ET’s)

A fractal antenna’s response differs markedly from traditional antenna designs, in that it is capable of operating with good-to-excellent performance at many different frequencies simultaneously. Normally standard antennas have to be “cut” for the frequency for which they are to be used—and thus the standard antennas only work well at that frequency.

This makes the fractal antenna an excellent design for wideband and multiband applications. In addition the fractal nature of the antenna shrinks its size, without the use of any components, such as inductors or capacitors.

From yet another website about “How Stuff Works” they say:  …

Today, antennae in cell phones use such fractals as the Menger Sponge, the box fractal and space-filling fractals as a way to maximize receptive power in a minimum amount of space


While we don’t have time to go into all the uses fractals have for us today, a few other examples include biology, medicine, modeling watersheds, geophysics, and meteorology with cloud formation and air flows.

I reference this second site because of my first reading and what was shared thru him.  His spiral, his unfolding fractal energy was done in dots of light, soft white and soft pink.  The dots of light were information centers that he needed to absorb, assimilate and translate for use.  As his spiral came around the one side closest to his present moment, a gadget was dropped in.  To me it looked like a shiny gold remote control thingie, but his celestial friends insisted it was not a remote control.  What I was seeing was a “technology drop” that will become clear as he connects with them.  Something that will become a thing to use in our lives… but like most things, gotta start with the blue prints and go from there.

I realized as the day progressed, our friends from the stars are no just here to have casual conversations, nor to assist us in getting over our human selves, but to assist our role in the evolution of humanity itself.

Our job, if we want to be on the leading edge of change, is to work our butts off making contact and utilizing that connection for what we are capable of creating and doing.

Staying with the light dots of energy that was presented to my virgin man on the field yesterday morning, they gave him homework and of course by doing that, they used my own body to give him the example of how to work this energy.  So later in the day as I was processing everyone’s connections, something happened.  My energy changed, sped up (I was sluggish all day yesterday) and this brilliant moment of clear understanding happened.  I knew it came from one of his pink light dots and I was absolutely sure I would not forget the clarity that was presented, so silly me did not write it down.  I am wagging my own finger at not doing that, because as soon as the release was done… I went right back to the slow motion energy field I woke up with and as the hours passed, so did the clarity of whatever came thru.  So, please learn from my silly laziness… write  things down!!!!!  lol

With at this man, his spiral unfolded on the ground itself, relating to the use of magnetic energy for the earth thingies that will come available.

In contrast to him was my second reading, my lovely lady, her spiral was gold and spread out to hook into the equinox energy (where his spread out to his center path) and her fractal was not laid on the ground but instead arose from the ground to about 3-5 feet high (again, going in scale to my vision.)  It was only later in the day that I realized her technology is already within her spiritual abilities.  Very much like me, I have no desire to invent anything on earth, but I do use the spiritual attributes within me to assist in those who will.

What I found really, really, really interesting with her is what I had seen thru her as her golden spiral fractal thingie connected with the start of the Equinox on the 17th.  Her center path formed a water like energy field that was about mid-calf deep and then, as if seeing a wave break in the water (ya know that frothy stuff) seemed to divide one day to the next, cuz on the 18th, the watery energy was even deeper, about up to her knee’s, again that frothy area, and on the 19th, up to her thighs.  I could not see the equinox itself to save my life.  However, we did get to understand the release of energy from this fractal in her every day life, and the absorption of this energy as she slept (represented by the frothy area.)  All of this released by her friends from the stars.

I have decided there are wayyyyy to many ET’s out there for me to hone in on everyone’s origin, I just don’t speak their language… yet.

I will have to save my slinky guy and that understanding for tomorrow.  This daylight savings time, losing and hour of my morning, is kicking my morning in the arse.  My day of readings begins and I must close here.

Take this day and start using those antenna’s…. ohhhhh…. using them outside is better and clearer than using them inside.  More on this tomorrow, I gotta fly…

(((((HUGZ)))) of never-ending fractal’s to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Lisa, I am having a spiritual emergency can you tell me anything I can do? I am very uncomfortable and just want god to come and take me out of this misery…I have been having kundalini experiences for over 20 years…went on antidepressants for most of that time been off for several years and so not want to go back to that….Please tell me what to do I need help…



    • Carol, sending you tremendous love and light. I know that Lisa reads these messages but not until the end of the day usually. I would suggest you find her on facebook and message her there as she responds more readily to those messages. I would also share with you that many many many of our bodies are feeling anxiety and energy rushing symptoms that we have had issues with in the past. I used to have panic disorder many years ago and some of the “symptoms” of the new energy “resemble” some of those feelings. I have done my best to know that my body is in order and to treat it as kindly as I can treat it and to remain in my heart center and calm. Two products I use that really assist in keeping an even keel are motherwort tincture which is a calming herb but also a tonic for the heart center…just two droppers full in a cup of water assist in the calming…or you can use Calms Forte by hylands that really helps to center–one homeopathic pill for the daytime and three at night–very gentle…very loving…and helps tremendously…huge hugs to you! alex


  3. Hi Li li, So much interesting stuff going on! I really jumped when I read about the technology drop because there are many things we have in this world that are other worldly technology and we need more of those things! LOL

    It’s also interesting that I feel no true connection to galactics in an overpowering way, as if i have been here for a long time, but my daughters do–should I stick my antennae out there anyway and see what comes back? I do tend to think Pleadian if anything and at a very ancient level….anyway, I simply am very excited to interact and communicate with these super cool and rocking beings! Whoot! Much love! Alex


  4. So excellent, thank you!


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