Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 5, 2014

The Tones and Symbols of Our Direction Forward! Pay Attention!!!

burning musical symbols

Holy shift batman!!  I find it impossible that we had such a major energetic shift moving from February to March that we would have yet another intense one moving from the 3rd to the 4th of March, but my good god, we did!!  I kinda wish I hadn’t wondered what the “concentrated” energies that spirit kept saying were coming, felt like, just my dear lord, it was all I could do to hold on to my hat during each connection yesterday.  And of course, the language of light changed drastically too.  I think I can liken it to finally getting out of grade school and moving into high school and nothing is the same as it was and truly, with every reading, struggle to understand what I am seeing, I felt incredibly under prepared!

Even with that thought, spirit is reminding me of exactly how they teach and how we, as a human species learn the best:  OJT – On the Job Training.  Well just pooh!

One of the main themes of yesterdays connections is how to use your personal GPS system, and god forbid anyone’s was like another’s, not even close.  Can y’all just do me a huge favor and be like each other, even for a little while!! lol  My job would be easy for once!!

However, I am hearing that there are some key points from yesterdays chaos, I mean readings, that will benefit you (us) or the looking/understanding.  One of my precious men on the field, a virgin on my field no less, had so many layers to his reading I actually missed a really huge point to what I was seeing and hearing.  The first thing I had seen was what reminded me of a 5 piece marching band, aligned single file behind each other, I never interpreted the energy of 5… chaos and change.  I could only see and hear the first two of his band… two representing duality.  The fact that I could only connect to two of his five band members shows that he is still very much in the fullness of the 5 energy.  The first thing I connected to was actually the number two element in his band, again focusing on the energy of duality itself, and hearing the difference between the real and the illusion.  This came in the form of a large symbol being clapped together.  All I could hear was the reverberation of this sound of this symbol and the golden short waves of energy moving into his present and very near future from it.  His team kept insisting that he has the innate ability to take the sound waves he is hearing and “see” them as his direction forward.  Not for a moment did I even connect the energy of symbols of a band with actual symbols like: %%$#$&# (<—- a poor example, but an example none the less.)  And even with this explanation I keep hearing the word(s) symmetry and symmetric… the feeling is you are getting half of the symbol in your “knowing,” your vision and linking into that same pattern on earth is key.  Yeah… easy for spirit to say!!!

However, this kinda puts the next phase of his band member into a deeper understanding.  In the first position (one being new beginnings) was a bass drum player.  He would take that big ole thingie and hit the present to near future side of his drum and stream of thick, multi-colored energy flowed from the bass sound.  The colors were really deep and rich black, red and blue.  The next thing I know, this color created a T-bone on his forward path, the intersection of importance.

What I did understand, and this is going out to everyone who has had ringing in their ears and intense tones as well.  The ear drum, the deep base sound is our first heads up something important is underway.  The next part would affect the cochlea (think of the tones of a symbol being smashed together) is where the frequency patterns, the navigation system itself is housed.  Transferring the sounds into symbols and following the energy forward to the symmetric meeting point in your walk forward.  It was also expressed that the feeling of vertigo may accompany this energy/communication system, at least for the start of recognition.

This really takes what spirit had said to me several weeks ago… we see what we are programmed to see.  Meaning, we see the road before us, the landscape around us, but we do not alter ourselves to see what is embedded in the very air we constantly move thru.  The patterns and symbols are there!!

It really is amazing what we can miss, speaking souly for myself here.  I want to take this understanding and put into a real situation, my own.  For three days now I have been needing to go to the store, but let me tell you, when I am done with my day of readings, I am totally and completely cooked and end up retreating deep within myself.  I Am my own recharging unit lol.  But after sharing yesterdays sharing, I moved on that inner prompting to get to the store.  I went to the closest store near me, the Family Dollar, got the few supplies I needed and headed to my car.  I choose to park my car in the extended parking lot, the walk would do my body good.  When I came out there was a truck parked next to my car… I could feel the energy of someone sitting in that truck.  When I made it to my car and plopped my bags on the hood to open the car door, that is the moment he decided to get out of his truck.  I closed my door and waved for him to finish getting out of his truck… and my heart did a little dance.  In police uniform, this man could have been Jorge with short hair!!  I cannot believe how flustered I got!!  Geez I am so out of practice with flirting.  He made conversation, mentioned what a nice day it was, I smiled, agreed then turned my back to him to put my stuff in the car.  He started to walk away, I got in the drivers seat, before I even got my door closed, he was returning to his truck, smiling and said he forgot his money… I was a ridiculous fluster of energy and smiled, just said, ya need to have that… and then I drove away.  Damm!!!!!!

As I was driving back home, my poor little heart was a beating like crazy.  I really thing that bass drum landed in my heart…   I seriously hope I get a do over on that wonderful magnetic note!!  At least he is a local police man…. maybe it is time to speed up a little (smile.)

On a completely different note, I awoke this morning to the image of the Starling, now with a white under belly flying all over the place until I woke up.  I think this violet starling is my new inner alarm clock!!  Beautiful… but now to understand it more deeply.  ……a Jorge in the flesh??????  We will see…. (blushed smile.)

Ohhhhh… and with my man in the energy of 5… the remaining three (action and communication) will light up once he fully connects with the first two.

On that note, my day begins.  There is (always) so much more to share… thank god for tomorrows!!

((((HUGZ)))) of flirtatious drum beats in everyone’s heart!!

Lisa Gawlas








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  3. Hi Lisa ! Good luck with your flirt ! Just smile !
    From Cecilia


  4. wait….the remaining three: action, communication and ….. ???

    (big smile!)


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  6. Hi Li li! I think its so funny that I saw that picture that reminded me of Jorge and sent it to you yesterday! Zinnngggg! Love the synchronicities! Also absolutely feeling the ringing in the ears and over the past two days for the first time pretty much ever a bit of vertigo as if my head was filled with air and as I tried to focus on the wall paper pattern above my head it wouldn’t stop moving slightly in a circular motion! Since I kind of knew what it was I stayed in my heart space and things seem to have integrated a bit…Also seeing a lot more symbols and geometric patterns within the quanta at night and on my own inner screen…so wicked cool!!!! Big hugs! 🙂 Alex


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