Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 4, 2014

Our Enhanced GPS System is Installed and Ready For Navigation.

spiritual navigation

Things are finally starting to get so exciting.  Altho, after the slammed out biology ooze that has been January and February, anything that isn’t that would feel exciting!!  However, it really is so much more than that.  Remember back in the day when you finally put down the peddle power of your bicycle to pick up the keys to a car, when less of your energy got you further and faster than any bike could?  Well, we have arrived in such a fashion too, but with a lot more bells and whistles to us, to our ability to navigate in ways that are just way too exciting (at least for me!!! lol)

The first thing I want to talk about today is the whole act of “grounding.”  We have been programmed to ground and ground and ground.  I remember my first year of meditation doing exactly that just after gulping in gallons of light, and really, I had no idea why except everyone around me said it was important to do, so i did.  Until one time I was ground and the ground itself opened up and swallowed me in, down to the heart of Gaia I went sliding.  It opened a great new adventure and connection in my meditative world, but it was also the last time I did any kind of grounding.  It just felt natural to end it there.  But again, until yesterday, I really had no idea what the real purpose was to the whole act of grounding.

The majority of us “woke up” thru the super dense field of life, or living on earth.  We can liken our place to being stuck in the thick clay beds on earth.  Our root chakra being choked out, unable to move or even grow freely and so we took up the task of bring light down into us and flowing it deep into the ground of our lives, loosening the soil (so to speak) for our own expansion, growth, ability to move beyond that locked in dense frequency.  The more we became unstuck in that frequency pattern, the more fluid we became in our travels and our natural spiritual abilities.

Eventually there were so many people streaming light into the earth that the soil, the frequency that kept the masses locked into place for eons, changed, loosened, freed many people from their (perceived) restrictions.  Together we learned to navigate thru our desires, to points of interests others had told us about and even those seemingly random adventures that just seemed to happen.

What came thru one of the readings yesterday, as he was talking about grounding… was what we did in the old world allowed for the mass transplant into the new world.  Very much like loosening the soil so all the plants in that weed infested (no offence to any weeds by the way) can just be picked up and placed into the new garden, Eden.  Well, here we are, in our new form, on a landscape unlike the one we just transplanted from.  Gaia herself is now doing the grounding, pulling our root chakra into the heart of her center, aligning us with our crystal bed of energy.  She and all the entities aligned with earth are hooking up our navigation system, our out of this world inner GPS system.  Please do not interfere.  If you feel you have landed in the garden of Eden, there is no more grounding that needs to be done by you, it actually messes up the work underway.  Allow yourself to feel the buoyancy, the expanded freedom of your energy body in this new world.  It is really important for what we are about to do.

Another thing that was shown, was the laying of the magnetic tracks upon earth.  Last week we had seen the energy from the pores of the skin connecting to various frequency lines that permeated the air waves.  Now, those connections have been laid just under the surface of the earth.  It kind of reminds me of those self navigating cars that travel along magnetic strips in the roads.

In these navigation strips are embedded points of connection.  A place where your magnetic field is connecting with another’s magnetic field and you end up in the same place at the same time together.  I have said so many times I wish there was a way I could show you what I see in a reading, seems like the Japanese dancers have been looking into our readings and created a whole dance out of the amazing things I see.  I really love the fact that this video closes with star alignment and then says Pleiades.  Ohhh the wisdom in this amazing video!!  Here is their video and I will be referencing placements in it, to give you the visuals I get:

If you go to 20 seconds into the video, those lines and points of light, are exactly how I see the navigational field forward.  The understandings that came thru some of the readings was those connecting points will feel like you are being pulled somewhere.  Example, lets say you are driving to work then suddenly all you can think about is taking a left turn and getting a coffee.  Follow that thread!!  Because that is an activation point pulling you there.

Keep in mind too, that often times, it is the connection itself that is important, not the event.  Meaning, lets say you go to the coffee-house and it seems like no big deal.  However, it really was a big deal.  The moment we move into someones else’s energy field, there is a sharing already happening.  A merger of energy, a releasing of needed information on the energetic level.

Between now and May 2015, these connections are more important than we realize and for the most part, will be asking for radical trust in doing what you feel so prompted to do.

Getting to this point in our evolution has been a deeply inward journey.  Very soul-o indeed.  The game changed the moment we were (willingly) transplanted to this incredible garden I am calling Eden.  It is physically interactive and the code exchanges will happen primarily in the actually connection with another, even if it is in passing.   If you go to 50 seconds into the video, the exchange is very much like that.  A mutual trigger that can only be had by the encounter, by being near the energy field of that person.  And do not worry if you have no idea who that person is, your magnetic field and theirs do, and you will be drawn to the same place for the exchange, even without a word ever spoken.

These encounters will open higher understandings, sudden epiphanies and open up the next magnetic point of interaction as you move further into the field of life.

The one thing that is becoming very prominent over the readings this month, this is not longer a game of solitude and requires movement outwards in what I call your outer life field.  No more just sitting at home (dammit lol, that is what I do best!! lol)

But lets also move the game beyond what we think of time.  I have been seeing (with some people) the layers and ripples of what we call time, what we think of as well as dimensions.   If you move to 3 minutes, 14 seconds into the video, that is exactly how I am seeing the timelines (except not around anyone’s body, just out there for access, if you desire.)

The more we align with the magnetic points of connection on earth, the higher the frequency we will unlock, and the connections start to open the portals of our star friends for connection.  Not as an energetic thing, but a real fleshy thing.

Radical trust is the key word for these exciting times.

As important as our forward movement is, so is the need to take a pause for the cause to allow the energy to form into creation.  The way I had seen it was like doing the conga… one, two, three…. kick (pause.)  This kick and pause allows the energy you just connected to to be released.  Again, you can look at it like 1 minute and 44 seconds into the video.  It (the kick) creates a burst of energy around you, then in the pause point allows the enhanced sacred geometry that is now you to create form in your life field.  Your hearts desire made manifest.

Now lets be very clear too, on this whole hearts desire thing.  Not only is our soul desire absolutely needed in manifesting/experiencing in our lives, but equally (as stated yesterday thru our connections) the human desire is equally important and will manifest.  So please don’t kick your mundane desires to the curb, charge them up and create them!!

Take time to play, follow the music of your soul song singing to you, embedded within the ground you dance upon.  Let the joy and fluid movement of your desires become manifest!!

You are the beating drum of my heartbeats and I love your soul song so much as it is mixed into mine every day.

((((HUGZ)))) of new steps, new connections, new life unfolding at our feet!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I want to leave you with this song that has been stuck in my head since my connection yesterday about the one, two three, kick-pause.  The Conga.  Lets be our own flash mob and create the song of joy, of Life together!!!!!














  1. I am very aware of those encounters happening all the time! 🙂


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  3. Such synchronicity rippling through this for me today! Thank you!!


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  5. I must thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this site.
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  8. Hey Li li! Been in a kind of glinda bubble here, like the old tradition of confinement right before pregnancy LOL offline and living here in the now, and integrating all this new stuff, but very much feel all that you are saying here and I have to giggle because the other day I went into target to get catfood on a whim, not the place I usually go and ran into a woman I know but hadnt seen in years who is moving and we had a short chat that was so filled with support for her journey and a friendly smile–they didn’t have the cat food so I picked up some other stuff but when I got to the counter, I realized I didn’t want to wait and so I left…getting nothing but the obviously needed interactive connection–whoot! 🙂 Loving you! Alex


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