Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 28, 2014

March Brings the Light of the “Golden Age” to Life thru You.

golden life energy

The close of February sure has been an interesting one.  I think, in these last two days, we have really gotten an up close and personal view of what co-creation really means.  The energy released thru the connections on the 25th and 26th fried me.  Both days, it took me most of the afternoon just to even out from all the intense energy flowing around the field.  Looking back at it, everything sped up super fast for those two days as we settle into the new higher frequency today and yesterday.  I think we can call the 25th and 26th the spin cycle, but very much the opposite of the washer, instead of being drained of all our moisture, we were being infused with the added ingredients deep into our cellular structure.

The first connection on the 26th, at first confused me, which is easily done these days!! lol  When I cranked my antenna out into her field, there was her magnetosphere, intensely condensed in visual size and moving all over the back yard!!  What the heck??  I have seen the magnetosphere (that energy field around your life stage) expand and/or contract but never slink around the earth itself.  But once I understood what was happening, I REALLY understood what was happening.

Inside the core of Gaia there is a crystal bed that houses all of your personal earth memories.  An energy source direct from the heart of Gaia and what I seen with my first lady on Wednesday was the direct alignment with this crystal bed.  For so many this movement and alignment has really been felt in our lower chakras, our lower bodies.

For the last several days, my lower back has not been very pleasant to live with, especially if I did anything that didn’t involve sitting.  The other day I was standing doing my dishes and I swear it felt like my entire torso was collapsing into my legs.  The pressure I felt was intense and actually uncomfortable and for a fleeting moment, worried me.  This morning however, I really see the larger picture thanx to all of you who showed up on the field to give us all a deeper and richer understanding of what is really happening.  I thank you more than you will ever fully realize for your service to all of us!!

When we become aligned with that energy source deep in gaia, our crystal bed, there is a strong pull within the biological energy into the core of the earth as we are infused with that full-scale energy.  Now keep in mind, this highly active personal energy field carries in it every past life and equally every future life we have ever lived on planet earth… every version of planet earth.  Every ounce of our earths mastery, memories, and vital wisdom for what we have gotten ourselves into, will assimilate as a knowing every time we need to know something.  There is so much more to this direct connection that of course our pesky field is keeping from us, ohhh those spiritual secret keepers lol.

The connection after my hyperactive lady (smile) was the view of a lady whose magnetosphere (cathedral of creation) was placed towards the west side of her outer field and this golden pipeline that was Y-shaped connected to it.  The split of the Y was at the Mesa itself, AKA the nuclear reactor.  What I understood was all the past, future and off planet lives were now coming thru what spirit called a nuclear reactor, the sources of changing all energy into a usable form in our physical lives.  It was being streamed into very molecule of our lives thru the single pipe connected at the west side of the magnetosphere, charging up not only our bodies, but every molecule of air we breathe.

Many are now experiences glances of light, glimpses of other Beings and spirits around them, shapes and energies floating about the air, this is all your energy and many of your physical aspects from other timelines as well as other planes of existence, showing up in your heightened biological field of life.  And this is only the beginning!!

The remaining three connections from Wednesday showed us the infusion of various (looked like blobs to me) packets of energy, intelligence, abilities soon to come online.  It kind of reminds me of the car wash, everyone went thru the car wash and now everyone is getting their own unique wax coat to shine forward with.  The field has been very very strict on what I am able to see and understand with this incoming energy that is uniquely personal to you.  Just enough to know what is happening, but not enough to know how on earth you are going to use this.  Even as I type that semi-grumbling line, I hear spirit say that I would take away the experience coming up for you by revealing too much.  We learn quickest thru our own experience and unexpected events.  Not to mention that pesky phrase called “free will.”  Not even the other side of the veil knows what we will do or not do with our fully loaded bodies of heaven.

After two super intense days of energy releasing from all the connections, I tip-toed into yesterday.  I couldn’t take one more day of being fried again.  I knew my reading schedule was light due to some folks needing to reschedule their time, so I took the day for myself.  3 readings… I can handle that!!  I decided to wait and see what the day provided before I gave another update on what was happening in our collective world.  I am really glad I did and even understood my deep desire to tip toe into yesterday.

My first lady of the day arrived with joy.  I cracked out my crazy antenna and wished instantly I didn’t ask for a more gentle kind of day in the field of readings.  I didn’t get a damn thing!!  Nuttin.  So we turned to conversation.  The moment I took my vision from the field and put it back in my kitchen, I seen her.  This big rocket shape of black energy, cocoon like energy that happened to be rocket shaped.  I got excited again.  I can see!!  I was just looking in the wrong place.

What became so excited it what I seen thru her and her spiritual team.  I watched as her team seemed to pick up one golden strand of energy at a time and stretch it out to the energy that is March and connect each strand to a very particular wave frequency in what looked like thin air to me.  There were hundred upon hundreds of these strands of gold they were working with.

It is only this morning that I understand the bigger picture of what is happening.  These golden strands of energy are coming out of the pores of our skin (because of her cocoon, I could not see that yesterday) each one a very particular frequency and purpose.  If we were able to see exactly what the air around us looked like, we would see wave patterns of many frequencies.  Trillions of them.  What our spiritual team has been doing is taking our new elixir of energy and plugging it into the air waves of energy of like vibration as we get ready to move into March.

One of the readings I had done the other day, that I could not understand the use of the word “preening” with what was happening to her energy field, now makes perfect sense.  So many of our old frequency lines in our bodies had to be completely removed by our team (we humans can be hard pressed to just let some things go) and for many, this has been creating waves of sadness, tears, release of that which can not move forward with your pimped out energy field.  You do not have to understand exactly what or whom is being released, just honor the process.  Again, if I can remind you not to “energetically clear,” because you will inadvertently clear the new connections too.  Your spiritual team got ya covered on this!!  Trust them.  You really don’t want to move into March zipping and zapping (smile.)

I tried with everything I know to “see” thru the doorway of March, which really was more like a super large archway, and they had my entire vision on a white out thru the entire day.  Grrrrrrr.

My next guy on my agenda, my beloved architect, before our time even came and of course, while i was on that holy toilet, I seen him.  It was as if his team unzipped his black cocoon that surrounded his biology and OMG the light frequency that beamed out from him.  Holy cow batman!!  The radiant white light that would have been his head (I could not see his actual biological form in any way) was licking forward towards the energy of March.  the intense blue just below his white head, extraordinary, taking up most of his chest area.  The rest of him pretty much still zipped up in that cocoon.

We are moving forward in highly evolved Light Bodies.  Thru him, I understand even more, today.  The light energy I was able to see from him was already in a forward motion, as if it knew where to go and when.  This is our movement now.  Trust the flow of your light field, the magnetic waves of movement and attraction will take you exactly to where you best experience is.

What is funny with my man, as I told him what had happened he had said he was working on his residual fears, moving into them and merging his light field into them, thereby eliminating them and he felt like he is ready to break open.  That is exactly what his team showed him.  Showed us too.

Our light bodies are highly intelligent and knowing. It is our full on mastery infused in our biology.  Allow yourself to move into places and experiences you wouldn’t even “think” of going!!

As I processed the enormity of these two connections and pondered what tomorrow (today now) could possibly hold for us, I kept seeing this white-yellow-gold energy, kind of like a latch or connector that was C shaped (very much like this, only in the color/energy spectrum I just stated.)


I understood it was connecting our present moment to the energy field called March.  But other than seeing it, I didn’t fully understand it, at least for a few more hours until I had my final connection for the day.

My last precious lady of the day, man oh man, what a glimpse of understanding she gifted to us.  She lives in Holland, so it was late in her day, 9 pm by the time we got done.  From previous experience when we have had major shifts, those living on the forward curve of time really shows us the evolution at hand.  So I was counting the hours to connect with her.

No wonder I could not see out in the field earlier in the day.  The entire field of life shifted and changed, most especially that thing I call the magnetosphere (and spirit called the cathedral of creation) it no longer looks like that spider web creation with big gaps holding sacred geometry in each strand of the webbing, nope now it looks like a highly charged grid of energy.

Kind of like this, only the golden lines were much much tighter together.  I could not see thru it, but even as I choose this image to share, I hear my team saying if you look at the inside, that would be your biology/body and all that comes from it (thoughts, feelings, etc.) and truly affects the outer grid with amplification.


Then as I was getting all kinds of excited seeing how much her magnetosphere changed and knowing we have absorbed the sacred geometry that has been present all of February, into our biology and brain wave frequencies, suddenly two “windows” flung open at the top.  One on the left (west) side, one on the right (east) side.  I could feel the outflow of energy, especially in that first window on the left/west.  I did understand this was her higher frequencies, her higher mind, energy and all that goes with it flowing out to set the energetic course forward as she readies her whole life for the energy that I call March (which, again, has less to do with a month and more to do with a brand new, highly charged landscape of pure creator energy.)

As the energy of the left window flows out, it will bring to life, bring the frequencies potential online to the east window, new beginnings.  New connections, relationships, opportunities of all kinds.  What I did not see, but yet, knew was happening soon, was the actual doorway opening.  Again, I could not see beyond an “white out” but was allowed to “feel” the energy of the first several days of March.  It felt like a massive wobble… I could feel the wobble, energetically and physically.

Today serves as the energy of that connector, that C thingie.  I have no idea what it means to us yet, but here we are, February 28th.  The gap time has got to finish today as we swing into March at the midnight hour.  A zero point in all collective timelines.  Hmmmmmm!!??

I do want to come back to the one thing I shared in the opening.  Co-Creation with the earth, the sun, the air.  No longer the arrogance of the small human, but true and fully empowered spiritual Beings alive in Biology, aligned and Living as Conscious Light with Earth and beyond!

Ya know, with all this golden energy, it really give truth to Living in the Golden Age!

The one thing I am sure of, Life is about to get really interesting!!!  I must say again, THANK YOU for allowing ALL of us to understand more by your desire to understand yourSelf.  We are ALL grateful to you!!

Big (((HUGZ))) and lots of joyful wobbles as we move into an Aliveness beyond our wildest imaginations!!

Lisa Gawlas











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  5. Hello Lisa A brief suggestion if I may.  Just slow all this down for yourself.  Like when you were a child.  A simple swing ride, a swim in the ocean or a lake or pond? A bike ride, dolls…. go over old memorabilia and remember who you were at your purest energy as a child.  It is the return to innocence and the loving gentle spirit of the Lamb is the gift. New light is here for sure, and heavenly beings are on their way here, that is a peaceful loving light to enfold you all.  Be kind to the inner child inside of you, bake some cookies.  I think you will be relieved and have an entirely new perspective on all of this in a few days. So much so you will never let go of a simple pure focus again.  I love you and I care. Patricia


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