Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 20, 2014

High frequency Upgrades Underway!

high frequency energy

I am finally pulling myself together after a horrific night (from the human perspective) attempting to breathe and sleep at the same time.  These last few days in my biology (and I am seeing, in so many of yours as well) has been chaotic at best, unpleasant at worst and nothing seems consistent at all.  At least in what we would call “symptoms.”

I fell into a coma like sleep about 2pm yesterday and pretty much been in and out of that kind of sleep until 5am this morning.  I would awake simply because I couldn’t breath, but at least this time, without that pesky cough.  I suppose I should be thankful for that at least.

Before my decent into coma land, I kept feeling this change out of energy, first like the most wonderful warm liquid that was poured from my head and ran down thru my entire body, followed my an electrical intensity that as close as I can explain felt like anxiety in the muscle structure.  Then my left bicep just started feeling, I don’t know, intense.  Kinda what you feel after a good power lifting session.  NOT that I have power lifted anything, but that kind of feeling.  I would massage it and I could feel the energy distribute thru the muscle, only to collect again and ping.

Left side, physical life.  Bicep itself is the muscle that allows you the movement of something, such as opening a bottle, picking up an object.  In the analogy of the left arm being what your (soul) reach for in life, the biceps give you the strength to pull it towards you.  Obviously, this is being energized on me.  I am hoping it is a Jorge that I will be reaching and pulling towards me!!  Here’s hoping!


The night itself, played hell on my body.  I was switching between my couch and my bed, trying to find that place I could actually sleep peacefully.  Never happened.  I awoke at least every hour gasping for breath.  I noticed, each re-positioning of my body in bed created a different sensation or flow of that anxiety like energy thru various muscles.  Obviously my diaphragm getting the brunt of this… whatever.  Blah! (half ass smile)

Not to mention, the last two days, food of any kind has become, tasteless.  Even chocolate!!  What the hell????  My body has not really rocked a hungry sensation since this weird and crazy energy started.

So as I pull my worn out, mental mush of a body together this morning and do my very very best to stay out of old programming (thoughts like… what the hell is wrong with me) a light bulb burst on in my field of (sketchy at best) vision!!

I did a reading with a wonderful lady the other day, it was kinda strange given all the other readings.  But now, I see her vision right smack in my face of understanding.  Let me share!

I am not sure if I even mentioned this very important aspect of what is happening yet, but, our west field magnetosphere, now known as the Cathedral of creation, has started contracting inward towards what I would call your center (that place where your inner world and outer world connect.)  So as I am seeing her west field condense even more, suddenly her entire field was lifted about 5 feet in the air.  Spirit said everything in her life, people, furniture, EVERYTHING was going to be going thru an intense frequency upgrade.  Other than this intense radiant light, I couldn’t see what the heck that even meant, nor did spirit reveal it in any way either.  Pesky spirit!! lol

Well!!  As I am sitting here this morning, trying to get out of my own head with worries that maybe, well… maybe something is wrong, I am seeing her visual bright and clear and NOW I get it!  Hind sight is always 20/20 lol.

In the realm of frequency, to be lifted 5 feet up is HUGE!  As I see it again this morning, clearer with more details added, I realize we are all going thru this.  Eden/Shambhala’s frequency upgrading to a new heightened frequency.  Since Eden/Shambhala can only exist thru the human heart, of course we are ALL being upgraded and for a change, at the same time (more or less.)

As this visual holds itself in my face, I can see the pinging energy particles from the sun, and other places from the outer universe pinging the cathedral of creation, all the individual ones as well as the outer collective one too.  Even the energy or web like substance I see as the “cathedral of creation” is changing.  The gold becoming more liquid like, the patterns changing.  The light, holy shit the intensity of the light field…  semi-blinding.  Instantly I hear it is the frequency that i am seeing via the light.  All of Eden is going thru this.  More energy coming online.

And that pesky sun of ours, it is truly relentless.  The first thing I did was check this morning and of course: ANOTHER CME IMPACT: For the second time in 24 hours, a CME has hit Earth’s magnetic field. The impact on Feb. 20th at ~0300 UT re-energized a subsiding geomagnetic storm…

I also want to include spaceweathers explanation of the event from the 17th:

‘RADIOACTIVE’ ERUPTION: On Feb. 17th at approximately 04:50 UT, a magnetic filament erupted from the sun’s western limb…. 

Because of its location on the sun’s western limb, the eruption did not send a CME toward Earth. However, there was an effect on our planet: Shortwave radio loudspeakers roared with static, an event called a Type II radio burst.

Here’s how it works: The explosion sent shock waves rippling through the sun’s atmosphere. Those shock waves, in turn, triggered plasma instabilities in the solar corona that emit strong radio emissions. The static-y “roar” of the explosion was picked up by solar observatories and ham radio stations across the dayside of our planet. 

We, the humans here trying to find our footing on Eden, are the receptors of this incoming energy.  It is enhancing the electrical currents within us, and since our soul itself is the true electrical current, more of our Self is coming online in our biology and that thing we call our brain.

We are so not doing this all by ourselves.  As I laid in bed last night, flopping around like a fish, trying to find that one position that will allow me to breathe normally enough to find sleep again, I could not take my eyes off my upper windows.  Let me give you a snapshot of my windows from my bed position:


At night-time, the stars just flood those upper windows.  Beautiful really.  But last night, there was something more happening.  Ya know that feeling you get when you feel someone watching you, I kept getting that over and over again.  I finally connected with the bright star that was in my far left upper window and I knew instantly, my Pleiadian friends have returned and are doing what I have not felt them do in over a decade… helping with the energy infusion.  Thanx??

From the ringing in our ears, to the anxiety in our body structure, to the numbness, wheezing, voicelessness, every flipping thing, is due to more of our Soul coming online in us.

With this understanding, I am also seeing/hearing we are soon entering the gateway to March.  I see it like a canopy or tunnel… but the pesky universe is, at the moment, holding the light of March out of my field of vision.  Oops, correction, adjusting me to hold the energy of march in my field of vision.

I so want the party… getting dressed for it is exhausting!!

((((HUGZ)))) to everyone!! In-Joy!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Hi Lisa, I and my sister have been having the same symptoms you are, but we both have asthma. I don’t like taking meds or anything, and I know all this discomfort is necessary clearing, and I don’t dwell on what I don’t want to attract in my life.. But I’ve had to use my inhalers regularly during this clearing process, so I can breathe and do what I have to do and sleep. You’ve had a major viral infection recently that could have gone into your heart and/or lungs, and is causing the shortness of breath. I truly believe that Spirit would not hold it against us for seeking medical help with these ascension symptoms, especially if it could mean serious damage to our bodies. I’m sending love and healing energy to you, but please see a doctor.


  2. I have been experiencing waking up in the middle of the night with energy just pouring into me making sleep impossible…..sometimes I can actually see the energy in the air as wavering heat like movements….sometimes I have to get up because it is so intense…..I have a copper pyramid my husband made me for Christmas and it is set it up in front of my second story window where I can look out up into the trees and the stars beyond and meditate….sometimes the energy is hovering in the air…we are indeed in an intense time……My name is Carol….The left side of my face has been numb since Saturday and my right hand is partially numb and tingles…We are being rewired……


    • Good to hear, Carol. I have been seeing the energy in the air as well. It started a while back as vibrations that eventually grew to swirling but it was only when I was outside. A few months ago the swirling grew to spiraling, and I started seeing it inside at the ceiling. Most recently, I’ve been seeing it on at ground level too! What a blessing to witness all this craziness!


  3. Hi Claire (((HUGZ)))

    I have been to the docs many times in the last month and a half and let me assure you, I slept with my abuteral inhaler last evening (most every evening these nights lol.) I am not anti-medicine at all, quite the opposite. I really do like breathing and abuteral really helps with that desire… puff puff!! From the divine source all things come!!

    However, I also have a CT scan scheduled for monday as part of my cancer journey, one year follow up gig, so they will be really peeking into my insides to make sure the two current x rays are true… clear as a bell!!

    I love ya and (((HUGGING)))) you and your sister as we move thru this intensity!! ❤


    • Oh good! It’s probably just the energy slamming you, but it never hurts to be sure! And maybe they can give you something more effective that lasts longer, so you can continue to function and do what you love. Love and blessings!


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  6. I cannot believe I’ve just read this. I too recently have gone through the exact same thing, all of your symptoms directly related to mine. The electrical currents throughout my body coupled with severe muscle pain however frightened me and I ended up in hospital only to find after zillions of tests that they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. It is so heartwarming to read what was happening to me and that I am not alone with this.


  7. big hugs to you Li li and all our rag tag band of light warriors! I have been very much affected by the incoming energies especially the solar stuff–I feel it start as the anxiety in my solar plexus and then spread out and sometimes with muscles spasms as well..Sleep is a crap shoot with me and occasionally I just take a unisom so I can get to sleep..when I do get to sleep I am sometimes out for 10 hours straight! Also that morse code like stuff in the ears…mostly the right side…but DEFINITELY feeling like over the past two or three days that everything went up a BIG notch…so thanks to the lovely soul on the field who gave you the heads up on this–we understand when its perfect for us to! Hugs and feel better! Alex


  8. Oh my gosh, right there with you! I have NEVER in my life had problems breathing, asthma or allergies of any kind, but the last few weeks, I would wake in the night choking because I literally could not breathe & it’s even been hard to breathe by day (yet I can find almost no drainage to blow out of my nose – weird!). Breathe Right strips at night have helped but only moderately. Also the migraines getting worse, and with you on having trouble sleeping – the flashing images in my head are part of it, but physically also having trouble getting comfortable. At times, will wake up feeling extremely physically light, then others like I can barely stand for being so heavy. Oh, the adjustments! lolz Thanks as always for sharing – it’s good to know we’re not going thru this alone!! Blessings to you! – Snow


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