Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 18, 2014

No Title, Just a Sharing! <3 And a Happy Return to Pisces <3 (wink)


I wasn’t going to write a sharing this morning, but obviously, I had a change of heart, thanx to a video on my facebook wall by my son.  Less the video, more my son, both equally exquisite and opened a door of so much understanding within me…. instantly!  (By the way, the single “fish” representing Pisces here is purposeful. (smile)

On the 16th, just before my last scheduled appointment of the day, I felt it.  My throat started hurting, swelling, creating a minor cough.  All I could feel inside of myself is… NOT AGAIN!!

Sure enough, two out of the three antenna’s I use during our connections, down and out.  I could see for her, but the feeling and the hearing was nowhere to be found, even tho, the three connections I had just before her went on without a hitch.  As the day progressed or maybe it felt more like digressed, the pickiness in my throat picked up, as did the cough.  Once night fell, sleep was once again going to become a stranger as the cough reflex in my throat soared to new heights.

Forget the physical exhaustion that comes with all this, the emotional exhaustion is even more intense, especially this time around.  I was not surprised at all when I went do my first reading yesterday, my voice was straddling inaudible again.  I keep freakin coughing it out of my throat!!  Couple that with the tremendous tired i was feeling from lack of sleep, readings were just not going to happen.  But I must stay again, sometimes the conversations are as invaluable as the readings themselves.

I have fully came to a realization, I traded in my monthly cycle for whatever this is!!  My last menstrual cycle was in September of last year, just before I went to my fathers. October started this crazy, and I am just going to say, very unpleasant journey of wheez/cough/voicelessness every month when my cycle should be showing up, right around the full moon or new moon.

So I googled menopause and wheez.  I was really surprised to find that it really isn’t all that uncommon for women who enter menopause to develop what they call asthma and they say it due to the hormone changes.  …Can I please have my cycle back??  With that, at least ya just stick a plug in it and it’s like it doesn’t exist (I am one of the lucky ones who never had cramps of PMS, just flow lol.)

In several of my conversations yesterday, I mentioned this discovery, and it seems, it happened to them too.  Hmmmmm!!

Again, like the day before, just before my last appointment, holy flipping shit batman, that scratch in my throat went into overdrive, the coughing triggered an intense gag/puke reflex.  This event lasted an entire 20 minutes, which left me only 10 minutes to pull myself together before I called her.  Like the last lady of yesterday, they both have hit my reschedule zone consistently for the last couple months.  (Something I didn’t fully put together until this morning.)  I will get back to this.  (smile)

I was in a massive state of choice yesterday, a choice that never really looked that massive before. lol  I had planned on going out in to the big wide world to do very much needed grocery shopping.  I have not done this, shit, probably since September.  Life has been quite unscheduled since then.

I was down to my last roll of toilet paper, last few squirts of dish soap and laundry detergent, and just about everything else.  Even tho I was getting totally winded walking from my couch to my kitchen (a 15 foot stroll) and walmart is much much larger, that pesky bigger voice said “just do it.”  So I did.

But, not before having a conversation with my son.  He and I (and so very many others too) have been not only going thru a whole life resurrection, but equally a very intense financial Resurrection too.  He and I sharing our cell phone plan together and over the years, we have helped the other pick up the financial slack whenever it was needed to get the bill paid.  We had $50 past due, which was on him to pay.  I called him and told him I will pay that $50 and even tho he assured me he has it and will get it paid, I knew it was tighter financially in his world than mine at the moment.  Even after hanging up with him, that feeling just sat there in my heart.  So I sent him a text message that asked “are you sure, I can do this, I have had an abundant week.”

Somethings, once received, start opening bits and peaces of you that you didn’t even know existed (and no, that is not one of my untended typos there.)  His reply was simply:   “How about for once you keep your abundance.”  This is not the first time he wouldn’t let me help him out financially, but it is that string of words, the energy, the entire vibration he released into my heart that had a whole freakin heart/body affect.

I have said this in so many readings…  I tend to ramble when attempting to understand new imagery in readings because some words, when strung together in just the right way, open up new visuals/higher understandings, while other words, nuttin.  Man oh man did my son prove this point on soooo many levels within me.

My heart felt just like what a trampoline must feel like when you have a happy child just a jumping up and down on it, feels like.  A reverberation of feelings I never felt before, nor can I put them into words today.  But my eyes started leaking from the intensity of it all.

I braved the big wide world and went grocery shopping.  I barely got on the road and my team started a talking.  Just looking at the road and the beautiful red rock landscape that is the Jemez, I hear my team say something like, this is all you have been programmed to see, yet there is so much more than your eyes are seeing.

Hey!!!  What the hell you talking about!  I know I can see beyond this, but, if I am driving, ummm…. well, I prefer to do it distracted.  lol  But even that, as my kick ass team (my team that loves to kick me in the ass) said, even that is your old programming running.  Well, just shit!!

Using all the energy I could muster, I seen what I never seen before, at least for a moment.  The air itself is soooo pregnant with, well, stuff.  The molecules that have the energy, the patterns, the codecs, to set our dreams into Life, all just floating around waiting for us to “see.”  (and then use.)

Getting to this point, it was OK to just kinda bump into these things in our air, but not now.  Not Here.  We are fully responsible for not only creating, but truly seeing what we are creating with.  “How can you teach others what you do not know yourSelf?”  Good question, I am not sure I want to be the answer (spoken for many of us, not just the single me Here lol.)

I was too exhausted looking at all the new things, well, new to me, that were always there in the air.  I was collecting energy for my jaunt around walmart.  So my team switched its focus, tempered it down we can say.  I was now seeing what was REALLY happening inside of me. What I can only say closely resembles a tune of blue-white light energy, consistently streaming in from the right side of my throat (and since Oct, it is my right glands that ever swell and hurt.)  The pickiness I feel just under my larynx is the infusion, changing the stream of energy coming thru my vocal chords.  The occasional inability to breath is the blow back into my lungs, which are crucial in creating audibility of the energy.

I strolled around walmart for close to two hours (I was out of a LOT of stuff!!  lol) and I noticed something… while i was walking and just putting stuff in my buggy, there was no inability to breathe, when I stopped for longer than a minute or so, I could feel the tightness in my chest and my lungs wanting to gasp for air.  Shit, I didn’t even think to bring my inhaler!!  Once I started moving again, I was good.  Then I hit the check out line, holy shit!  Cough central for me and funny looks from the folks in line.  I was in line for about 10 minutes waiting my turn.

I also went over budget.  I went over by $50!  Had my son accepted my offer, I would have been putting items back.  But he seen, what I couldn’t.

I also really understand why the night time appears to kick my ass occasionally now.  I completely stop for the.  No readings, conversations, processing, nothing.  It allows my body to do what it needs to do for this full on biological change out we see as ascension, and with it, it removes my voice until I am fully thru my own change, a bit at a time.

Men-o-pause!  What I learned in massage school about the science of medicine.  They connect two things via an “o” or an “a” well, my man is connected to my pause!! lol  Change of Life.  Puberty.  Thank god my puberty is not coming into the adolescence stage, but the fully empowered creator stage… the full on infusion of Divine Men-sculine (smile) with the Divine Feminine that is my body.

There are words people say, that seem to lay in us like bookmarks, waiting for the day we go back and hear it again with new ears.  The day my dad was diagnosed with cancer, October 2nd, 2013, my brother said to me “you are getting the best of part of dad.”  As my dad was undressing from his human suit, he was already starting to infuse me with his (vastly unused) Divine Masculine energy, while I shared with him, the dreamer, the energy that see’s beyond the veil, the Divine Feminine within me to allow his transition to be less scary and more exciting.  We really shared the best part of each other, with each other.  He and I both entered the pause points in our evolution of Self, together.  He went to the other side to Live the dream and I stayed here to create it on this side!!

Just like you and I do each and every day!  We are facilitating change within each other faster than ever before.  Every now and again, we gotta take a pause for the cause.  Dammit!! lol

Now, to come back to my two ladies, situated as the last connection of my two days.  Both are in immense change in their personal lives.  Both have the element of moving out of their literal environment to another.  Both have been a part of my field of Life for at least the last year if not the last two.  So it shouldn’t surprise me (but still does lol) that I took a big gulp of their change energy into me before we actually connected, processing and refining the airwaves of us all so the living voice of change can be heard and felt thru us all.

(Hey, who signed me up for this!!??  lol)

This really takes what my son cracked open in me, to a whole other level of understanding, for all of us!!  “How about for once you keep your abundance.”  Of course, he was talking about money… money that came from YOU to me.  Sharing anything and everything I have to everyone is just what I do, it is as automatic as breathing.  Just like that energy of the $50, I would have been a little short of having what I needed to sustain my day to day life.

Well, when we are connecting in the field, we are exchanging a true and genuine energy form together.  Every now and again (for me, it is becoming a monthly cycle, sometimes, even more than that) we gotta keep a little bit for ourselves so we can sustain our day to day evolution of Self.

Like my ride into the big wide world yesterday…. we are so focused on our “destination,” we do not see what is right in front of us, and unless we do, our (True) destination gets further away, because we miss what is right in front of us that will get us there.

My Pisces birthday boy (February 24th) of a son posted a video on my wall today.  It was the first thing I had seen after fetching my coffee and sitting down to my computer.  I watched the video only because of the passion from my son’s lead up to why he shared it (I am going to share it with you):

Tyrese has always been one of my favorite artist out there… But now he is definitely one of my favorite people out there….

I have always claimed (and it stands true) that “The Secret” played a HUGE role in changing my train of thought, approach to life and my life itself. If you can read the book or watch the documentary and can apply it to everything In life besides money (like attracting negativity or positivity), your life will most certainly change. Your outlook will do a complete 180. And since your thoughts are your reality, your life will also do a 180.

I found this incredibly relevant in my life on a few levels with a couple people and believe in my heart that I woke up an hour and a half early this morning just so I could see this. 

This just put me to peace with a huge person conflict in my life. And Its nothing I didn’t already know. I just needed a reminder because sometimes the pace of life and events can fog your belief systems…

Take 5 minutes and check it out and if you enjoy what he has to say, research The Secret and the Power of Tongue.

Here is the video.  I have no idea who this man Tyrese is, but I have fallen in love this morning!!:

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Post by Tyrese Gibson. (I don’t think I can make his facebook video visible in this sharing.  But just click on his name, it opens to his facebook then scroll down til you see his video that says “BE CAREFUL” or just look on my facebook.  

Talk about the Divine masculine finding his Divine Feminine voice in our world Now.

If synchronicity isn’t alive and well in our lives, I instantly got an email in my in box celebrating and explaining the energy of our Pisces Birthdays:


If you’re Pisces or you have Pisces rising, here is your horoscope from Stephanie Azaria for the week of February 17, 2014:

The Sun enters your sign on Tuesday and promptly energizes you in ways you aren’t quite used to. All week long the Sun approaches Neptune, and that meeting on Sunday will define in no uncertain terms the lay of the land for your entire year ahead. Neptune can be foggy, and he certainly has produced plenty of that for you these last few years. But when the Sun comes around, the fog clears and for you that means sudden crystal clarity about who you are and what you’re meant to do now that you’ve defined your Self. The next chapter is all about believing in your Self, and allowing everything you find within you to be seen by all. This may take some time but what is time, really?

In the new consciousness, time is space. In the old paradigm, it’s fear. Your choice.

***This guidance column was written by Stephanie Azaria for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.

And then this precious pisces lady said something on my facebook sharing that just opened yet another avalache today (Thanx Kristen lol)  ” Thx Lisa! Happy bday to Chris and all the fishies!!!”

Follow Me by Uncle Kracker.  This song, way back in my emergance of wiping sleep outta my eyes started playing one night from under my pillow.  I was trying to go to sleep for the night and instaed, I heard in full audibility (something that I was not familiar with yet then) the opening lyrics of the song (music and all)

You don’t know how you met me, you don’t know why
You can’t turn around and say good-bye
All you know is when I’m with you I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea

You should have seen me searching for that radio under my pillow, under my bed, looking in out the window to my backyard seeing if there was a party happening I was missing (My landlord lived in the garage in the back yard.)

When I finally feel asleep, I had the most profound and vivid dream.  Sananda and my mentor Mark showed up in my dream with a skelaton (no flesh, no body, just bones) nailed to a cross.  They told me that each rib had a parable associated with it and proceeded to tell me exactly what each rib meant.  The, on the pedestal the cross and that skeleton was set upon, had some writing on it, in aramaic, and again, Sananda told me eactly what it meant.  Obviously this dream experience was so real, I can recall every details (except those freakin words) 13 years later.

I woke up from that dream, every word crystal clear in my memory.  I was too lazy to go to my computer or get a pen and paper and since I could remember every single word said, i was sure it would be there when my real day started.  Not even close.

But that dream, Sananda and “Follow Me” became fused in my energy field, to this day.

I am going to close this sharing by sharing this song with you.  Instead of listening with your ears and hearing a song about cheating and sex, listen with the new programming of your heart.  A song being sung to your by your Divine Counterpart (for me, it would be the Divine masculine… not a person, but the fullness of who YOU are and parts forgotten but arriving Now.)  We really are still married to the old programming, but lets all cheat together, with all the fishies that swim in our Sea!!  (A shout out to you Crysaliss)

With a humbled heart and in a silent whisper… I freakin LOVE you all soul much!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  4. Yeah baby Li li! I love that song and very happy to see the message about Pisces and Neptune and the Sun! Been a bit on the blue side, storm after storm here–16 all total with 55 inches of snow in a month…and two windows dripping from ice melt…and as I shoveled yet another storm’s snow off my driveway, feeling a bit of a pity party, the sun broke out BIG and sent shots of gold through the landscape and I heard in my head Sunshine…then I remembered I ran out of vitamin d3 over a month ago and with all the cold had not been out for a walk in the sun! I used to get the winter blues and treated it with d3 and sunshine! So off I went to the vitamin store–some d3 and one of the most beautiful sunsets i have EVER seen, wish I had a camera! Feeling much better…but self care, self love is so important just as paying yourself first is important and I am glad that your beautiful pisces sun helped you to see that! Big hugs and talk tomorrow if you are up to it! Alex


  5. 1:05 ET, ME in pause (wink) – that means a little older this body of mine than yours dear Lisa – is celebrating her birthday, baptised with the water of the sea. Yours truly, Pisces moon in Scorpio. Sun at 2.22 degrees. Thank you for your good wishes and yes my life IS changing for the better this year. Happy birthday to your dear son Lisa!


    • 1:05 AM that is, Feb. 21.


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