Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 16, 2014

Expanding Into Our MultiDimensional Consciousnesses and Creating From There!

multidimensional beings

It is kinda interesting to pass thru a moment and really see the bigger event that has happened.  Of course, I am speaking of this “event horizon” from the 13th thru the 15th of February.  I suppose when my team talks about a “love event” I anticipated it will show up with strong elements of love, or at least what I know of love, thru it.  I am realizing quite strongly now, LOVE itself, is the carrier of any given thing in creation.  This event horizon, or opening on the 14th, is all about bringing more of our Self into our consciousness.  What we would consider our multidimensional Self’s.

Let’s be clear on what this even means to us.  In truth, since the moment any one of us have awakened to a greater reality, we opened ourselves to the potential of using more of our multidimensional consciousness right from the start.  Potential.  Pesky word really.  What I really mean to say is, the energy, the wisdom is there, our job has always been to find it and use it.

Before we could assimilate the more complex aspects of our multidimensional Self’s right now, we had to assimilate the basics.  Love, gratitude, dedication to Self, and so on.  To truly become Self Aware and application in the energy field of unconditional love.

Most of our “guides” are multidimensional aspects of our Self’s, showing up to help us with whatever we need at the moment.  Expanding our sense of Self and helping us out of the illusion called life on earth.

Keep in mind, we are also teaching those other aspects of our self’s too.  As we apply their guidance, their energy, the tools that may have given us along the way, we are teaching them how to continue to help us thru our profound evolution here on earth.  Nothing is ever a one way street.

I spent the first year of my journey in the bathtub with a bunch of Pleiadians.  My first contact and most consistent contact was with a male named Franklyn who was very adamant that I spelled his name with a y in it. (smile)  He never showed up as a body, except once, when I asked him if I could see what he looked like.  I was shocked to see he looked a lot like Dick Van Dike in his younger years.  Just not what I was picturing. lol

His most purposeful role with me was to teach me how to live in full unconditional love and without judgement, a massive task within itself.  As I got a bit clearer in that vibration, he started introducing friends.  Anorah.  I learned she was a living aspect of my soul incarnate on the Pleiades.  Her job there was/is as a BioChemical Engineer. What I never really understood back then, hell even thru now, well, not as clearly as I do this morning, was the last time I had seen her, somewhere before I moved to Vermont, she said that we will be relaying information to each other to expand the processes underway (or something to that affect.)

What I did understand about her, (and some part of me) was her role, her job on the Pleiades was understanding the chemical processes of biology both on the Pleiades as well as here on earth and helped accelerate or maybe enliven the matrix of chemicals that allow and facilitate evolution, what we look at as ascension.  As I am seeing quite clearly today, it all starts and ends with the energy field of any given thing and becomes complicated by the diversity of consciousness.  Emphasis on the human consciousness.

Looking back now, I am no longer surprised that I started to kick off this crazy journey doing “readings,” close to two years after my last conscious contact with anyone from the Pleiades.  Once I became proficient at reading and understanding the energy field of any given human, I moved on to massage, really tapping into the communication system of the DNA and every cell in the body.

There was one male energy who was so very present back in my Pleiadian days (smile) that I never really understood his role in my bathtub (meditations.)  His name was/is Alfronzu and he is a “Commadear” (sp?) of a beamship (what we would refer to as a captain.)   He had even taken me aboard his ship a few times back then (2001.)  But unlike my connection with Franklyn or Anorah, other than being quite strict, almost humorless, until this morning and my connection with Bill and my man after him on the 14th, I had no idea why he showed up back then.  (He knows the make up of his beamship inside and out and works vlosely with Anorah as well as Frankyn.)

Now, let me put that on pause and go over some of the things I understand from yesterdays connections.  I had this beautiful young lady show up for her first ever reading, a virgin beyond virgins.  Her mom gifted one of her packaged sessions to her daughter.  Her daughter only ever read one of my blogs, so she wasn’t familiar with the language I use or even the way I see or the reasons why I see like I do (I am so not your usual psychic!! lol)

She came in gliding across her field from deep west heading to center, but it is the way she looked and felt that took my breath away.  Stunning.  She had this golden aura to her, and this dress that looked like it was part of her skin as opposed to something she was “wearing.”  Even her dress, a summer dress just above the knee and sleeveless had this living energy of gold in it.  Once I caught my breath again, I fully connected to the energy signature of her presentation on her field of light.  Pleiadian!!  This was her pleiadian aspect moving into her core center, her living biology as a human.

It is only this morning do I fully realize exactly what happened in our connection yesterday.  Sometimes, we can be so long in the tooth, we forget many things.  For me, I had forgotten how intimately connected I am to the energy signatures, the vibrations naturally emitted from our friends within the Pleiadian star system.  Just like humans have a signature that anyone else in the multiverse can see and feel as “human” so does every Being thru out the stars and beyond.  What I realize today, this is the main reason none of my friends from the Pleiades came dressed in form, their secondary job was to teach me to recognize their energy signature.

They look just like us, without that awareness of energy signature, we would think they are human!

But now, I can even take this one step further.  That “living” dress she had on.  I fully realize today, there is so much more to that “BioChemical Engineer I know as Anorah than meet my eye for the last 13 years.

Hang on one more time!!  lol  I am on a roll here!!

My next lady on the field, fried me.  Only, I didn’t realize it until much later in the day.  I had connected to her earlier in February and back then I had seen 5 of her multidimensional aspects coming together, but they showed themselves as circles starting to merge into each other.  When I seen her yesterday, I just cracked up.  There she was, this massive form made of thready black energy straddling the top center of her cathedral of creation.  I know the significance of the black thready stuff, the deep unknown, I eventually understood the body like image I was seeing “it has all merged together and has taken form.”   But just like the day prior, I could only see about 10 feet above the creation dome thingie, which kind cut her off visually at the waist.  But I needed to understand what this meant to her, so I kept rambling on that I need to see more.  An upper outline started to form and I could see her upper body as an energetic outline pouring liquid energy down thru her center core.

From that image, I did understand her multidimensional selves have come together in form, tangible consciousness that is now being poured (slowly) into her human vessel.

This 15 minute session wiped me out!!  What I didn’t realize until later in the day was why.  In my desire to serve her more fully, I stretched the frequency of my antenna’s to do so.  Here, I just thought her team was filling in the blanks.

When I say, you are taking me to levels I didn’t even know I could reach, it is not an understatement, nor pumping sunshine up your skirts (or kilts…smile) it is an absolute true statement.  And trust me when I say, I cannot reach those levels unless YOU are already vibrating there!!

But, if stretching my antenna wasn’t enough, in our conversation about accessing and using the multidimensional energies/wisdom’s/abilities coming in and how will we know.  Then it hit me like a lightning bolt right between the eyes!!  My morning headache, I mean expansion with Bill Willard (Ballard), the floating iPad thingie, the spaceship in our connection, seeing the elements on what must have been a living screen moving around until one caught my frequency to “see.”  Even my next man with “seeing” the frequency of math.

Sometimes, I wanna just kick myself in the ass (with love of course!!)  FREE pesky WILL.  For 3-4 years now good ol’ Archangel Michael has been doing his best to open up the consciousness within me that does understand science and all I do is have a melt down and run.  Even when that crazy guy Einstein showed up and insisted I was incarnate with him and understand more than I am willing to accept, well, I kicked him to the curb too.

I realize now, it is not “earth science” they have been trying to help me remember, more Pleiadian or other worlds of science.

I spent the rest of my day yesterday listening to tones in my ears.  The ringing louder than it ever was before and then very particular tones thru the ringing, switching ears thru out the day, until I passed out so hard into sleep.  I musta went back to visit my friends on the Pleiades, cuz I woke up crystal clear and with a change of heart this morning.

Now let me tie this all together.  Everything that is made, created within the Pleiades (more than likely every place except earth at the moment) is done thru the BioChemical engineering.  Living energy in the chemical make up of creation itself.  We think our “technology” is advanced now… shit, it is like kindergartners playing with worn out toys that clutter the earth when we are thru with them!!

Switching our focus to living chemicals, elements that are already here on earth, combining them in such a way we are not killing them to create our desires, but really using their frequencies to accelerate our creations.  Kinda like what we did with the frequencies of quartz crystals.

Even the numbers, the very specific mathematical combinations of elements has a living frequency and once it is hit, we know the combination because we can see it and hear it.

These abilities are pouring into us and it really is up to us to get out of our comfort zone and play with them.  Stretch beyond what we think we know, what we think we are capable of.

It’s funny, many hold the same or very similar visions (myself included) and really think we are just going to arrive there… nope.  It must come thru us and we need to get out of our own way.

I also now understand the importance of my man from the other day, the interplanetary diplomat I spoke of.  He needs to recognize the energy signatures of the diplomats that will one day show up in his world.  It’s so much more than recognizing a frequency, but equally, being a living part of it as well, so he, we, can harness the ongoing wisdom they will bring.

We really do bring out the very best in each other, don’t we!!??  Thank you for always being there to shove me out of my comfort zone!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of massive expansion to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Is it possible for you to read for a deaf person? If so how much do you charge? I am going through some very powerful things now and it is uncomfortable…Yesterday my whole left side went numb. Just like I had Novocaine…it lasted for a few hours then some of the feeling came back but I am still numb around the nose and eye, forehead…. my left hand is still tingling like it is asleep…. I am living on social security and it is very tight…thank you, Carol



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  4. Hi Li li, I have to giggle at your thoughts about math and science and being right brained because I was always right brained and creative but the biological part of science came easy for me and I always did well in it–chemistry not so much and math boooo…..I think we have access to all levels of learning through the akash and it is only US that puts road blocks in the way! Big hugs! 🙂 Me


  5. Hello Lisa,

    Just curious… Have you ever read a fully incarnated archangel? Or any other “known” light being, like Lady Nada? If so, did you see or feel something different? As you said, one has to vibrate at that vibration themselves in order for you to sense it. Anyhow, if you have an answer, it could be helpful.
    Thank you.


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