Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 14, 2014

The Frequency of Prayer and A LOVE Avalanche.


I remember two prayers and only two prayers that I had done on my path to Here.  The first one, looking back, could almost seem like a random event because it only happened one single time via meditation.  I don’t even think I was a whole year into this wild journey called my awakening when I literally went to the beach to do my meditation, (since I only lived a mile away from the beach, on occasion I would go there instead of creating a beach in my meditation world,) and way up near the sun stood good ol’ St. Francis of Assisi.  He said that his job that day was to show me how to access the akashic records.  I must have learned fast, because he never showed up again.  Once I got home from the beach, I researched more about who he was.  Of course I heard of him, but knew nothing about who he was.  When I found that one prayer that he is associated with “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace,”  I started to say that line over and over and over again (not the rest of the prayer, just that one line.)  Other than a real desire to be in greater service, I cannot tell you why only that line hit my heart, but it did.

The second time and last time was when I was doing a Rune reading on myself while I was on the mountainside in Vermont, about a year or so after my St. Francis thing.  It was three simple lines of invocation on that Rune explanation page (from the book explaining each rune’s meaning.)  “I will to will Thy Will.”  To me, it sounded like a riddle, but the same energy that caught my heart desire from the St. Francis prayer, also, captivated my heart on that day (I had seen many other times prior to that day.)

I learned that prayer is not just a bunch of words we string together to produce an effect, but the transformation of the feeling into truth.  With both prayers I said them repeatedly day in and day out until I went to “say” the words and instead, I was emerged in feeling and I became the feeling itself.  I never did either prayer after that “feeling.”  In truth, neither of those prayers had any real meaning in my world, until I felt them as truth in my heart.

What I am so realizing today is that both prayers were given to me, the human bumbling around on earth, in the dark, if owned, would release me from the dark itself.  Also, in owning the energy, the truth of each, I would be willingly giving up my free will aspect of my own ego.  Tricky tricky spirit!! lol

So why is this important to share today?

We pray.  We want.  Most times tho, the words we express do not match the frequency we put out in desire.  Equally, our lives do not quite meet that desired expression.  Not to mention, everything within us is a process of Living a Life untainted by the illusion and self centeredness (small s there.)

On that note let me share with you the who prayer of St. Francis:

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.
That last line seems out of place in relationship to the whole prayer, if we were to take it literally.  The death of the old, of the self centeredness that we once were.  Once we truly live an energy, any aspect of the lines of the above prayer, we die to the old and are reborn again as a living expression of (whatever.)  Not literal death, but sometimes, it sure as hell can feel like it.  Eternal life, pure energy, pure feeling without the remnants of duality.
Of course, what we do for others, we do also for ourselves.  Equally, if we do not ever fully embody that energy, it is a potential yet to manifest, words yet to take on full expressive feeling.
Now, in contrast (I cannot believe I am going to go here) there is a prayer out there, that I have heard from quite a few people I connect with in my days, that really doesn’t sit will in my field of understanding.  Maybe if I had heard it 10 years ago, when I felt responsible for everything on earth, I could have owned it, and with it, weakening my own energy field unknowingly.
Somethings that were so valuable and needed hundreds or thousands of years ago, should really be updated to fit today’s energy’s/evolution.  The prayer, in english says:  “I am sorry.”  “Please forgive me.”  “Thank You.”  “I love you”
I think about how many people on my massage table over the 7 years I did massage would fall into deep sobs and sometimes despair as we touched that place within that held that sorrow, that pain.  I never even thought to say I am sorry, cuz this was my intention.  Let’s celebrate the uncomfortableness now showing itself in you and walk together to understand it and free it.
Often times too, just in conversation we can piss people off.  Something we said hit that place that really needed to be hit, shaken up, exposed and to be in true service to that other, if they are willing, to walk them thru their core emotion.  “Where there is darkness, let me sow Light.”  Don’t feel bad or feel the need to apologize (take responsibility for how anyone chooses to feel, unless of course, you were just trying to be mean and cruel) celebrate right there in front of them, the fact that something that was once deep in the darkness of their Being is now coming to Light.
I (we) are not here to tip toe thru the garden of anyone’s life, nor take responsibility for what anyone chooses to carry within them.  Otherwise we are really avoiding our Self and the landmines needed to be exposed within ourselves.  And it is perfectly OK to say “this is as far as we can go together.”
Well!!  That surely was not how I expected today’s sharing to start! lol  But obviously, important enough from my teams perspective to weave into this next part.
Sometime last year I started to see the energetic’s of this year, namely, today.  Valentines Day.  February 14th, 2014.  The glimpses I had gotten thru various readings was like an avalanche starting to form and would find it’s release on this very day.  A true love avalanche.  From what the field had said over and over again, on this single day of the year, most of the worlds focus is on Love.
I also understood that this first quarter, January, February and March was going to be like none ever experienced in this version of earth.  What my team repeatedly referred to as the most intense orientation period we have ever experienced.
Everything we have ever thought, done, desired (from our core) was going to be released to us, avalanche style, thru this portal called today.  (Of course, I didn’t know that until right now.)
On any given day, I take in more bits of information than I know what to do with.  Some get placed in the background of my consciousness as I run to keep up with every new day.  But even with that, I hear my team say that too, is on purpose.  Until these last few weeks, I never even realizes how “regulated” my sharings are.  I get so excited with incoming information/understanding that I just want to share it all with You, but this year, I have not been able to do that.  Half due to time constraints, the other half due to my teams constraints.
Two very prominent examples, that I now am starting to realize, go hand in hand with each other, is the use of our sensual energy, and an exercise that came thru twice in the last week or two on how to ramp up partners during intercourse.  When I went to write about it, my team simply said no.  Not everyone’s partners are ready for such an infusion and not every partner is the persons “frequency” partner, even tho many would firmly say otherwise right now.  Alrighty then… Divine Will, not mine (speaking of my team.)
I also have an ongoing working model, again thanx to the information released thru various connections, of how to pull in our Divine Counterpart.  An emerging understanding if you will.  I was actually going to share what I am starting to understand yesterday, but again, I have been reigned in.  My team simply stating I do not have enough information within me to share accurately.  Silly me assumed that thru the connections of the day, the rest of the story would be presented.  Not even!!
With my first connection, I had a pesky feeling my team pulled my window shades down so i could not see.  Dammit!!  I was actually really surprised to hear my voice once again straddling puberty with cracks and moments of inaudibility.  I felt great!!  I slept well!!  What the hell??
Some days tho, it really is about the conversation we wouldn’t have had if we did the reading.  My one precious lady, the first one given the sexual energy exercise for her partner, really helped me to understand a lot!  I may not be able to “see” but I sure as hell can hear!!  Thank god for that!
One of the conversations was asking about the “event” that many seem to be writing about right now.  Hell I seen that happening back in 2001, shortly after 911… and I really thought it was happening then.  Instead, as time proved, it was a slow release (remember those time released capsules I talked about last week?)  And now, another huge dose is incoming.
With the last conversation/reschedule of the day, my team started to say we are now in an “Event Horizon.”  Huh?  What event horizon and help me remember what an event horizon is!  God ol’ wikipedia brought it all back to me:   “In layman’s terms, it is defined as “the point of no return” i.e. the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible. ” 
Then I realized it was all about the black hole!!  Now the entire day priors connections made sense!!
Last year the energy of the black hole starting come thru, the emergence.  I cannot believe I instantly found the time frame and blog that started talking about that (click here if you want read it) June, 2013.
Well, here we are, thru the eye of the needle.
Every one of the connections on the 12th reflected a similar pattern.  A sky like black substance forming.  Spirit started calling it the “cathedral of creation.”
It looked very much like the substance we see when we look at the night sky, forming itself over the entire field of each person.  It was constantly down about 1/3 of the way from the top of the Mesa, connected to the deep west, starting (no one’s was completed) to the far east and again, not round at all, but drawn in towards center from left to right (north and south.)
Most of the connections of that day, had the incoming energy at the top of their “cathedral.”  From what I am understanding it is pulling in their heart desires thru their upper atmosphere of soul and is now available just under the magnetosphere.  Energy coming to life thru each person and their desires.
The fourth lady of the day, her energy was coming up from the ground moving in a super large wave into her center field.  From our conversation, what she had been desiring for so long is finally making its way into her created world (Income that incorporates her passion and love.)
My last lady of the day, man oh man, it really does take me a long moment to fully understand many things.  The pure essence of her fully embodied future self was coming in from the right or future, all I could see was these amazing curly cues of brilliant white strands of energy, what we came to understand as fully functioning 12 strand DNA.
I could see her biological self sitting in the shadows of the east field (new life) in complete surrender to the incoming energy.  Her new container still taking form.
This very brave previous lady just finished a 3 day ayahuasca and frog slime cleansing/opening.
So, I now understand the sky like substance, it is the emergence fully thru the black hole, the eye of the needle.  And now that there is enough people who have fully surrendered to their mundane life, allows for the 3 day Event Horizon to be what it was meant to be (still have no real idea what that is yet.)
The way I understand it, day 1 was yesterday the 13th, the opening.  Today is day 2, the 14th, the release.  Tomorrow is day 3, the 15th, the solidifying.
The only thing I understand for sure, we have passed the mid-way point of orientation and we have done extraordinarily well in fitting into our new human clothes.
Now to see what it means to us from this moment forward… exciting!!
(Added note:  The energy/prayer of what you put out is zooming right back to you for expression in your created world.  Live every moment in Celbration, even when it feels like hell!)
On that note, Happy Lovers Day to everyone!!  Make sure you celebrate you, the most important LOVE of your LIFE!!
((((HUGZ)))) of chocolate and roses to ALL.  I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. As I understand it, “I am sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank You.” “I love you” has more than one application, based on differing views. At the simplest, there is the story of Dr. Hu Len using it—it’s called the “ho’ oponopono technique” —to change the energy of the psychiatric hospital where he worked, by not even interacting with others. He was simply “clearing” what came up for him by using the mantra. Because it’s not about the other people. It’s about what’s reflected about You in the other people. So you clear for yourself, and you clear for all…because as you clear your own vibration it advances the collective.


    • Hi Cheyrl (((HUGZ)))

      I am so sorry for not making clear in my sharing that I was talking about anyone who is on the new earth and not still going thru their processes in the old earth.

      I am not saying it is not valid, again, depending where anyone is in their process… but in the new earth, Eden, Shambhala… where everything and even our biology is pure and clear… well, what you end up (re) creating is more reasons to forgive which is a real need on the old earth.

      Again, sorry to be confusing ❤ Happy Valentine's Day!! ((((HUGZ)))


  3. Dear Li li, very interesting that one of my favorite songs as a kid when I still went to church was the prayer of st. francis….what a gentle, powerful energy! I too have always felt dissonant to the prayer you described but did understand the concept explained to me by another practitioner of disconnecting with love the energetic ties we create that did not serve love…So I say, I forgive you, I forgive myself, I cut the cord and I release with love…I used this prayer a lot during my cleansing period, my dredging up period, but as the energy has shifted and all the layers are free flowing the need or desire for that prayer vanishes…I feel forgiveness is a completely different energy from sorrow or apology and I do know that all are responsible for their own path and experiences, including me…

    Very excited about the black whole…LOL the depth of creation! Whoot! Happy Love love to you too! 🙂 Alex


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