Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 12, 2014

Opening Christmas Presents (Presence) PLUS The Orgasm(s) of Creation!

orgasm releasing

There are days, especially these last two, where that thin facade, the energetic existence of my biological life just wants to say to the universe “keep your energetic tentacles off my biology!!”  But yet, the core within just keeps saying “thank you, can I have another!”  Ohhh talk about dualistic conflict lol.  The day before yesterday I started to feel it as the connections went on.  I think the only way I can describe it is, energy bloat that surrounded my entire human form.  Once my day of connections concluded, I swear someone pressed the “accelerate bloated feeling around human” button.  I became useless.  My brain function was minimal at best and my body, forget it, it felt like i had a 100 pound gel coat on.  But at least it happened AFTER the day of connections and not before!!

Then the day gave way to night.  Geez, what is it about the night-time?  Those gel bubbles started to break open and seep into my biology.  A sporadic cough started happening thru the night, might as well sprinkle in some wheez while they are at it, and lets not forget to mention peeing every hour on the hour!  I finally decided to get up at 3 am, maybe i can catch up on some of the things I have yet to share.  Doncha know I heard my team loud and clear say “you’re not writing anything.”  Huh?  Silly me just assumed they meant at that time, so I went back to sleep until 5 am.  Nope, they pretty much meant, period!

I was going to write about sex, what I am starting to understand, the exercises coming thru some of the readings… my mind was scrambled eggs. I decided to play catch-up on some emails.  Even that was weird, at least to me.  The more I wanted to share outwards, the more I could feel my entire energy field pull back, retract back into me.  I think I got thru 2 or 3 then slam down I went.  Like something bigger than me took my pesky little typing fingers and pulled all of me back deep into me.  Hey!!!

I shouldn’t have been completely surprised when my first reading rolled around and I opened my mouth to say hello, and my voice shifted into the crackiness of puberty again, plus it made my throat scratch/hurt to talk.   So, as I started my day of rescheduling, I straddled gratitude (at least I have been able to read for 9 consecutive days without being put down again) with bitching.  But the bitching really became a wonderful eye opener!

Of course, my bitching was souly around having to reschedule…. again.  With beautiful frustration I was venting to my lady on the phone that I wish my team would just give me a few dates of when I needed to be down so I can add them into my calendar BEFORE HAND.  Immediately I heard their reply.  They cannot do that because they do not know what each and every connection and my own ability to process/see/understand is going to produce and when.

Ohhh, I have a great analogy coming thru, it is as important for you to understand as it is me.  Think of Christmas morning, you have all these beautiful presents wrapped up, waiting to be seen and used.  Our job is to unwrap the presents, give them life, expression.  Granted, what was in the wrapping was already there, so you are not creating what is in the wrapping, just exposing it.  Bringing into the light of day.

The moment each present is unwrapped, it changes everything.  Especially the biological creations (ummm lol, me and you) exposing what was not fully seen/understood a moment prior.  But (ohhh this is just so exciting) the magic really happens when the person, the one who is that extraordinary present (presence) upon our field of life, connects, assimilates and becomes that new energy.  We are All altered, for the better, because of that moment of exchange.

No wonder every day feels like Christmas to me, except those days I gotta reschedule.  Then I feel like I missed something lol (I am such a spiritual snoop or an addict, or both!!  lol.)

However, there is even more to this crazy, ongoing story of ours.  What I was too bloated to see/understand yesterday, is vividly clear today.

That wonderful radio show, held and hosted by Laura Coy-Ezekiel called Exploring Energy  became a catalyst for my own release of creation energies because of the ones calling in seeking their own creation.  This really brings home the point of “what you do for others, you also do for yourself.”  We talked about using the orgasmic energy to release the seeds of your desire outwards into the world, so they may bring back your desire.  In sharing the exercise/example, and having done this myself so many times in my past, it was easy for me to recreate the visual within my sharing and actually see it released.  For me, my only desire was to catch up in my financial world.  I have been running a month behind and I just want to get to even again.

Something released itself let me tell ya, between the 9th (the day of the radio show) and the 10th, the financial flow back into my world just astonished me.  Between new appointments and extraordinary generosity, I Am now fully caught up with my financial world (thank You so very very much.)  Just holy shit batman!!  I think yesterday must have been the after burn, when you just sit back and enjoy a cigarette (or a pack lol) and just fully expand with gratitude and joy as a single energy pack, in the silence of yourSelf.

(Processing as I type here.)  Maybe that is what that bloated feeling was… the expanded magnetic molecules of heart desire… attracting.   Let me tell you, after that 2 hour, incredible radio show, my whole body was in a state of pure buzz.  My crown was crackling like a firecracker, then down to my solar plexus and ending in my heart… none of which I could say felt pleasant, but I felt it all night long!!

But even this gives way to something I didn’t understand and more than likely, why I was ummmm, shut down on sharing yesterday.  Kundalini, man, in my world, it took soooooo much practice integrating that holy heaven sexual/sensual energy into mySelf.  Even after the 3 month span of fully integrating it into my container called a body and chakra system, it took even more years of practice using it with purpose.  Harnessing the pure energy from within and releasing it outwards in orgasm without tainting it with my ego thoughts and exceptions.

(For those who have yet to put their Kundalini energy into their own hands (giggle) of integration and expansion, I have an exercise for you, click here.)

So, now we have Shambha-lini.  Altho I have not done much work with that, save what I had already shared, this has got to be the fire that instantly lights an already well laid fuse.

In the art of manifesting, Shambha-lini sure will take a lot of the work out of the process, for as long as you/we completely cleared and infused the energy of Kundalini within the quickly expanding vessel called our body.

With all that said, as all the readings (I had 5) on the 10th showed me (and took me til today to fully understand) we are going to have rolling “black outs” as well as days of pure “white outs” as well.  If we can look at this entire process as a play on a stage, the curtain must close to get ready for Act II or Act III and so on.  Then the flood lights of the new stage….  Your new dress and part in the play itself.

I sit here in awe, thinking, if Shambha-lini is that powerful and I have only brought it into my root chakra an inch… imagine what we are all capable of once it is fully infused and integrated into our whole life system.

We are getting so exciting!!  I love you all soul very very much.  Thank you for your ongoing Presence in my heart!  And thank you for allowing me to recognize more of mySelf thru You!!

((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))))) of orgasmic bliss creations to ALL!!  Holy Smokes!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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  6. Hi Li li..trying to catch up after having spent much time dealing with menial tasks..buried under many feet of snow and things are certainly being shook up here…reminder to me to go with the flow and get out of the mentality that I know how I create my life LOL all the tools and presents aren’t unwrapped yet and the energy and stage is changing constantly! Have been having fun with fantasizing about all these things being done instantly like I dream of Jeannie style! Do love the Shambalini stuff though girl…you know I am working with THAT gives a whole new definition to the term sex magik! Big hugs and love! Alex


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