Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 8, 2014

Our Multi-Dimensional Self’s Arriving…


How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go today??

That crazy boulder, held in the place of the gaping hole of the “veil’ had changed again yesterday.  A living black energy.  OMG, I am not sure how I didn’t get this yesterday.  We (thanx to NASA) have seen the front side of a black hole in space, but never the other side of it.  Well, we are on the other side of it now.  One of the theories I have seen out there about what black holes might do, is take the energy from one universe to create another one.


As I remember now, last year there was a series of time where the emphasis within our connections was forming a black hole.  I suppose we can celebrate “mission accomplished!!”

So here we are, drawing the energy out of the pure unlimited potential of the ALL.  That energy stream, I now fully realize, is what the Guardians are calling Shambha-lini.  (I am getting so excited.  I LOVE understandings!!)

Now, let me put that on pause for now, and fast forward to my brand new man on the field of Light yesterday.  He was the last connection of the day and a good thing too, he left my head spinning!

First of all, he showed up on an energy wire above what I would call his center field, his biological creation of life itself.  But he wasn’t no ordinary creature at all.  Not even human.  At first, the only thing I could see was his very odd-looking feet.  My visual position was as if I was on the ground beneath his energy looking up.  His feet, were large and even formed maybe like an elephant foot.

elephant feet

To make a strange vision even stranger, in between his toes that didn’t look like (human) toes, were these thick whispy puffs that looked like clouds.  Then out of my mouth flies the words “you are not of this earth.”  Thank god I attract people where that statement does not send them running.  For this precious man, it was quite the opposite, he had felt that all his life.

Then it got really strange.  As we were talking about what this could mean to him, suddenly, everything shifted to ground level, thru his center field of creation.  He really was a bizarre looking creature, not presenting his human form at all.  Instead, if we mixed up a kangaroo body with elephant feet and a rabbit sort of head, that is what his form looked like.  No hair, instead this weird kind of skin, pale pink and sorta rough to the touch.  With all my heart, I wish I had the ability to draw beyond stick figures.  I will never ever forget this image… ever.  Sadly, your stuck with my words and your incredible imagination.

As I was watching his “true form” walk around the ground itself, he was releasing an energy, kinda looked like maybe his version of sweat, but with an energetic kick to it, into the ground itself.  What was stated as “fertilizing the earth herself with this pure energy.”  An energy that is from a world, a universe that presently is unknown to us.  His team tried several times to bring the name of this universe down thru my mouth, I barely speak english, forget a language that is out of this world (smile.)  

What I really found interesting as well, and actually, quite exciting, is as I tried to place my field of vision in front of his crazy, other worldly body, I couldn’t.  I could not see in front of him in anyway.  What I understood in that pesky, semi-frustrating moment was my antenna didn’t vibrate that high yet.

Let me tell ya, I spent the entirety of the day yesterday processing the greater revelations thru not only his reading, but the culmination of all of you that got us to this insane moment in time…. errr….. new earth landscape.  Eden.  Shambhala.

After we disconnected, I thought about one of the only real and clear memories I have from childhood.  I was about 6-7 years old, laying on the grass in the back yard, looking up into the night sky, crying.  Crying to my people “out there” that they dropped me off on the wrong planet and they need to come get me now!!  Mostly, I chalked that up to the musings of a child hating her life.  This morning, however, I realize so much more.

We have talked about “walk-ins,” especially in an adult consciousness.  But what if, in childhood, there was an “add-in.”  The biology we needed to have to live in this expression of biological life, sprinkled with the wisdom, the knowing of heaven on earth.  Of an ascended earth and her people.  True living star seeds growing up in a world of matter foreign to their system.

Like a time released capsule in our blood, awaiting the frequency to fully release itself into ourselves.  That time is Now.

Thru each breath we release, we are increasing the frequency of our earth.  Allowing for the fullness of Who We Are to live large on this planet, in love and co-creation.  But like all aspects of earth, it is a process.  A timed release process.  This is why I could not see in front of this man, we are still releasing ourselves into fullness.

In my day of deep inner ponderings, I thought about Jorge, because the one thing I felt absolutely sure of, seeing this man and the understandings unfolding around it all, and how Jorge is gonna just get some flesh and blood on his massive energy field, there is something revealing itself here.

And that Shambha-lini thing.  I realize now it is the pure essence of the unlimited universe, the other side of the veil if you will, streaming into us.  Not earth, not the air…. US.  Our pure essence igniting within and being released thru each breath, with out.

Pulling ourselves thru the black hole of creation re-creating itself.

I have said this before, I gotta say it again today.  There is not enough time in my day to keep up with all that I am understanding and my ability to share outwards.  By the time my reading day is done, I am so deep inside of myself processing… and processing, even my private communications (emails) have gone deep into the arrears.  I start conversations then wander off into processing zones within myself and for all of that, i so apologize.  I wish there was more than one body called me here, just to keep up with myself.  LOL

On that note, my day of readings begin soon.  I want to leave you with an exercise from my book “Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self” about seeing your multi-dimensional self’s.  But go further in this exercise… fully connect with that aspect in consciousness!!

Until tomorrow….

There are equally alternate worlds co-existing with us at the same time… at higher vibrations (higher than the third dimension that we vibrate within) so that we cannot see them when we just use our five senses.
I want you to see your multi-dimensional Self. Our soul energy is massive. We think that we are only experiencing one life. We have lives in many dimensions… .we are just aware of our earth life with our five senses. The mirror will help you to see your other selves. This might be a little scary at first… because we are not used to seeing anything but our human form. Just trust and allow this without judging or worrying. Try to do this with a child-like curiosity.
Go to a mirror where the lighting is very dim… not dark… but not bright either. Preferably have a solid background behind you such as a white wall with no other distractions such as furniture or anything that may be in the mirror with you. Stand or sit in front of the mirror and allow your vision to relax. Try not to blink. (This may take some practice because the moment you think that you will not blink, you want to blink.). Do not look at your eyes, instead focus on another area of your face like your forehead. Do this as long as you can without blinking.
This is also a good way to start to see your aura. Only focus above your head and it is okay to blink, just not too often. The key is to allow your eyes to relax so that you are not fixated on an image… but allow whatever else is in the mirror to appear for you.
This helps to blend your inner sight with your physical sight.
((((((HUGZ))))) filled with orgasmic energy… creation re-creating with purpose!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Not walk-in, “add-in”…pretty accurate! A fine wine needs time to age to perfection 🙂 A few weeks ago, I asked Spirit who Jesus’s guru was. “Arcturus” was the reply. Nice. Now what does that mean? Lol. So, I went to researching and found a scientific paper that mentioned that the light from Arcturus takes 36.7 years to reach earth…


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  4. Hey Bebe Li li! Your message about the man not of this earth really rings for me, not specifically for my Being but for my youngest daughter as even as a young child she would say to me that she didn’t like to be in that tiny little body and as she grew there would be sleepy time comments about how strange being in a human body was for her! I am certain there are many add-ons in this world just waiting for the right moment to unfold! I grabbed the download of your radio show and will relaxx and listen to its deliciousness when I have some ME time 🙂 Big hugs~ Alex


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