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There is so much that is so very different, exciting, enhanced, interactively alive within these times we are now planted within.  I have really noticed for myself, that as rough as January has been within my biology, my antenna’s never went off-line.  That is new.  I have gone in and out of the void more times than I can count over the last 14 years, meaning zero connectivity while upgrading.  But not now.  But with that difference, the field itself has become interactive like never before.

Reading up until this year, it has been an energy exchange of me and you and our team, the field itself was there more as a background to understand the unfolding energy/visuals of you.

On February 5th, when I went to do my readings, at first I was really puzzled.  In the deep west field, where everything has been emerging from since we started 2014, there was that huge gaping hole in what looked like a filmy substance, what the field called the veil.  In the center of this hole, the field itself place a huge boulder, but not just any kind of boulder, a rock that is very much a part of the landscape here.  Red rocks with slivers of quartz that sparkle in the sunlight.

The first two connections on the 5th, were exactly the same.  I could see this gaping hole with a huge red, sparkly boulder purposely put in the hole so I could not see thru it.  Hey!!  That’s not nice!!  However, I could feel this massive energy moving about behind the scene and I never before felt more purposely blocked from seeing than I did on that day.

At first I thought, why not just unplug my antenna so I cannot see anything, this is more like tease not only to me, but for the most patient souls on the earth waiting to finally get their reading.  We rescheduled, this is not what I call a reading!  I still had one more on my agenda for the day, an incredible soul who has allowed me the pure gift of following her own evolution into the most amazing places within her expanding life.  About 15 minutes before our connection was due to take place, I started seeing her, but not like the first two.

As this path does, it will take you to the brink of radical choice.  I had already known she entered this place as 2013 closed itself out.  So when I “previewed” her rolling this huge boulder around and around the immediate backyard, I knew, she choose to stay where she was and not go any further (at least for now.)  So when our appointment time came, I was only semi-surprised that I could do a full reading with her.

She has the new earth right there in front of her, the very thing she had worked so hard to get to and instead of being that thing of joy and celebration, it has become a huge boulder in front of her, slowing the energy of everything down.  Even her voice had changed, thru all the craziness that has been these last two years, not only for her, for all of us, her voice always reflected joy, excitement, but now, it is monotone.  Flat.

The obligation we feel inside of ourselves to the others in our lives can become the biggest weight we ever pushed around.  As I got to witness, it slows the energy of everything, wayyyyy down.  That pesky free will, it can still be a bugger.  We can still be at the doorway to heaven and turn around and not go thru it.  Dammit!

But i have a sneaky feeling, her team ain’t gonna let it just go that way.

When I was done with my day, I fully realized that the field put me in a sort of safety time out.  Something huge was brewing behind the boulder in the deep west that if I took it directly into myself, I would be flat-out again.  I so had enough of flat-out to last a lifetime!!

I woke up really late (8am) yesterday morning (hence no sharing) and the first thing I had to do, is reschedule the first two folks upon my schedule.  I need coffee first and foremost to be anywhere near efficient.  Thank god they were flexible enough to be flipped onto the back-end of my day instead of the beginning.  But even that, as the day would end up showing, was needed.  A tiny little rearranging of the puzzle pieces upon the days illumination of itSelf.

That rock/boulder, still very much there, but changed.  It is now a thick energy substance.  Alive.  My first connection upon this precious day, a man that was instrumental to kicking me in the heart on the 26th (the day my voice left) is now first on my agenda.  Interesting now that I see it, the last time I connected to him he was 3rd on the day, two women before him.  Yesterday, my over sleeping changed him from third after two women to first.  Hmmmmm.  I can so see the bigger reason now!

Three streams of energy were coming from behind this huge hole with this changing boulder energy in it.  Orange (sense of Self) to the right, green (magnetic heart resonance) in the center, yellow (soul Self) on the left.  These streams of colored energy came up and over the place where the boulder was and is now starting to cross the river itself and will emerge in the center field.  If you will, the center field is your absolute center.  It is where your biology and creation meets within you.  What I really understood thru his reading was, we are now pouring ourselves into our full container/body with all the changes we have gone thru this year.  I equally started to really understand the significance of the layout of the field too.

Thru the entirety of this year, everything seems to be unfolding at the deep west, directly at the mesa itself.  The generator of Life itself.  If we can look at this in two ways… the deep west is where we started to make choices to allow and Become the pure essence of our true self, spirit in human form.  Even that has been a process thru January and as we allowed the fullness of our soul expression to be the compass of our life, to allow new voice, new action, radical release of the old, we sort of went into a quantum soup one more time that started in earnest on February 5th.  And now, we are coming together within ourselves, within the full landscape of our lives, a true hybrid.

As these three energies pour into his new container called his body, there will be zero separation of the energies.  A biological Being whose sense of Self within the world is so infused with the living soul within biology that the out pouring of its creation thru the heart is instantaneous.

What was stated thru each connection yesterday that this is a three-day process that started on February 5th, which means it should culminate this evening or tomorrow morning (the 8th).

My next connection gave us even more to get excited about.  There she was, ripping the rock energy itself in two, zooming out to be seen.  Over and over again I kept hearing the words “breakthrough.”  And I really started to understand.

In the landscape of the field I read from, the river itself is the dividing point.  The deep west represents all you have done to get yourself to the true and pure divine human soul that you were always meant to be.  We can almost look at it as the dressing room before we hit the full stage of life.  Our choices, actions, and presence of pure JOY is what allows the breakthrough of the veil… from ready, set… go!!

Again, we have the total reverse energy in this.  Getting to Here, we had to let go of all the old stuff, relationships, thoughts, actions… now, we must OWN who we are now.  Live Fully.  Radically in many cases.  With it, we are bringing with us all the energy of Heaven and all that goes with that.

Geez, I hope I am making this understandable.  It is so vividly clear when I see it thru you, putting it all into words… geez louise!!

Two things stayed with me all day yesterday and even into this morning.  First, a song by the doors called: Break on thru to the other side.  Lyrics:

You know the day destroys the night 
Night divides the day 
Tried to run 
Tried to hide 
Break on through to the other side 
Break on through to the other side 
Break on through to the other side, yeah 

We chased our pleasures here 
Dug our treasures there 
But can you still recall 
The time we cried 
Break on through to the other side 
Break on through to the other side 

And then I was overwhelming held in the energy of the Rune that represents Breakthrough:





Dagaz is the last Rune belonging to the Cycle of Initiation.  Drawing Dagaz often signals a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation in attitude, a 180-degree turn.  For some, the transition is so radical that they are no longer able to live the ordinary life in the ordinary way.

Because the timing is right, the outcome is assured although not, from the present vantage point, predictable.  In each life there comes at least one moment which, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever.  Rely, therefore on radical trust, even though the moment may call for one’s self to leap empty-handed into the void.  With this Rune the Warrior Nature reveals itself.

When I seen the symbol for the Rune, I about popped out of my skin.  If you took one section and placed it at the deep west, and then that center, connecting place over the river as our choice to Live out loud in our new Self expanded and empowered, then the other half is what we have broken thru to, our created lives in matter.

As the day and the connections progressed, I also started to understand a wee bit more.  We will be christening ourselves in this Holy vessel of ours with the energy of Shambha-lini.  An energy system that is whole and complete within itself.

Kundalini is our inner, vital life force.  Shambha-lini is the skin/vessel to give it all full life.  Our divine masculine and divine feminine married together as one.  One living energy.  Creator energy.

What I am starting to understand and see thru you with this whole Shambha-lini thing, is going to take a sharing dedicated to itself.  There is so much coming thru with all of this, I need another day or two to put it all into words and understandings.

But I gotta leave you with something that, very much like the energy of “breakthrough” is at the forefront of my mind/vision.  I have seen in a couple of readings now, the energy of a persons divine counterpart, not incarnated on earth, that thru whatever we are going to be doing, will allow the energy system of our lives to embody that expression in flesh and bones.

Well, my last lovely lady of the day yesterday, her counterpart was sooooo different.  Instead of being a vast energy system, he was made of earth.  Soil.  He was coming out of the ground in her near future aspect, made of soil.  I could see his head, chest and arms reaching upwards and I could smell him too.  Musky.  Amazing fresh soil.

I so wish I could draw, so you could see it exactly as I did/do too.  What I did understand, and this makes so much sense now… Our beloved mother is not A sexual at all. nor does she produce life without the divine male.  Embedded deep within her heart, are some of you, your divine masculine aspects.

It is going to be interesting to see how we pull all of this into our lives… Now.

On that note… my day begins!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) filled with the muskiness of Life and the sounds of Shambha-lini pinging your vessel!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I am very excited and hope I will see you there!





















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  2. Hey Li li! The idea has been spinning in my head for quite some time about replication, manifestation, creating out of the quanta all that is needed in an instant, why not create with the divine counterpart flesh and bone? SO awesome for those who have been feeling that separation and that desire for divine union with another–this so wicked rocks! Big hugs and looking forward to hearing you on sunday on the show! Whoot! Love Alex


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