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From Kundalini to Shambha-lini: The Universal Dreamer Lives.

divine counterparts

Ya know, I feel like I have 5 Olympic size swimming pools of understandings that I am just not going to be able to catch up on to share.  Grumble, grumble!  (smile)  But, as always, spirit is always in charge/flow of what I share, I just do my best to keep up with the digestion of it all!!

I want to back up just wee bit before we come into our Now moment and all that goes with it.  Last year as I started to be able to see the energetic frequency of 2014 (way up in the air in the deep west of readings) this quarter we are in now was telling the story of its unfoldment to us as we looked.

January.  A very maroonish color in it’s entirety.  Violet mixed with red.  Ascended mastery fused into the new earth biology, or simply stated, soul source fused into biology as one energy.  As we were able to see towards the end of January into February, a new energy was added, always from the bottom moving upwards to the top, thru the persons core energy I was connected to.  A very light blue stream of energy now at the core of the maroon.

February.  Maroon with a living stream of light (infused) blue moving up the center.  The new communication center of biology.  The pure essence of gaia mixed together with the pure essence of human consciousness, an evolved human consciousness where duality is not longer pinging upon the brain, moving ever upward and outward for expression.

What I could not see and what spirit would not show us was how this quarter was going to play out for us, well, not to the degree it has anywayz.  I knew we would again be undergoing a biological change on every level, but I am always waiting for the dance music of change to happen, not another freakin operation room where all your damn insides are being cut out and rearranged and fine tuned as they are reassembled back into y/our guts.

So many of us went down for the count thru January.  Many many out there with lung gunk, voice, gunk, bowel gunk, muscle aches/spasms.  It looked more like we were falling apart than becoming Divine!!  Present company (felt) especially.  Mt home base seemed to blow the hell up (speaking of my body.)

Even as I type (vent) that, I remember spirit explaining that I see the Light of change thru You and I understand the biological change thru my own body (dammit.)  The two are so woven together that if we missed one aspect of the understanding, we missed the better part of the story.

One aspect of my craziness of January that I didn’t share, simply because, first it caught me so off guard plus, I didn’t understand it at all, and I don’t share anything I don’t have some handle of understanding on.

Somewhere in the middle of January I was sitting here at the computer, I think talking on facebook, hacking up my lungs, still trying to breathe and this crazy energy started to hit my groins.  OMG!!  What the hell is that?  This is so inappropriate given my lack of breatheablity here.  All I could think of/remember was when my first wave of kundalini hit me wayyyy back in 2001, but this was feeling different.  Maybe cuz I was so, well, in the midst of holy change that the energy itself was in contrast with my upper body.

But like a pesky child sitting at a piano plucking a string, they don’t care that their parent doesn’t really feel like playing…

I ran a bath and grabbed a new instrument of… well… ummm… mastery!!  lol

Shortly after I came back home from my fathers transition, I cannot even remember what all the readings were expressing, but there were these couple days the energy of “the rabbit” started to play out in my own world.  Not just your outdoor bunny rabbits… but, as my team kinda stated to lure my purchase, “an external vibrational tool to help with the assimilation of frequencies in the coming days.  The Rabbit (wink, blush.)

Understanding and obedience can be quite conflicting.  But, I am obedient, so I ordered me a rabbit.  And on that day last month, me gasping for air, my root chakra vibrating to kingdom come and a noisy little rabbit went to the holy waters of experiment.  I couldn’t harness my breathe which I connect to my root vibration so we spilled the vibration cup of frequency all over the water.

I assumed I failed, cuz nutting seemed to go in my core, just spread out in the water.  My team assured me that was exactly what needed to happen.  The energy went into the water and the water went back to the land.


I officially know what lab rats feel like.

It also sent my weary body deeper into the depths of weariness and a week later, my voice went with the damn water (and remains there yet today.)

When your whole being is feeling slammed dunked, it is so easy to forget all the incoming information about what I can now see is really happening.

As January turned the corner into February, my whole body became alive.  OMG how alive.  After my sharing of the day, I put on my Pandora radio set to the oldies, and this stream of energy filled me from my feet to my head.  We danced.  We cleaned.   We attempted to belt out songs that were playing and all that came out was puffs of air.  Who cares!  I finally feel vitally ALIVE!!  But not only that, someone took my two left feet and corrected it.  I watched myself dance like I had rhythm in me.  I usually only have rhythm with a 6 pack under my belt.  I was popping dance moves that I never did before.  Kewl beans!!  I am surely not alone inside myself and man oh man it felt sooooo good.

Altho I couldn’t utter a sound out of my voice box, trying didn’t hurt at all.  I am loving February 1st.

I was prompted to go down to the river and change out the crystal that I planted in the soil last month.  I was so glad to get that message, I missed my crystal.  (smile.)

Many years ago, my youngest daughter bought me a large (about 11 inch) golden healer to use in my massage therapy.  That golden healer went under my massage table to assisit with the frequencies were were working with (with whomever was on the table.)  Shortly after moving to Albuquerque and setting up my massage room, that crystal broke in half while sitting on the floor under my table.  Freaky deeky.

When my father blew into my life last year and I was told the condition of his health, I mailed him half of my golden healer to assist with his health, I kept the other half here.  On the first, as my team asked me to change out the crystal, I was brought to my golden healer to replace it with.  Allowing the healing energy that has been stored up within that crystal to infuse the earth and rain down on what I will call the old earth.

While I was down at the river, having a Holy Smoke with the Guardians, I asked about Jorge.  Kinda getting demanding in my old age too.  I really really want some flesh and bones upon the energy of Jorge.  I was assured the time is closer at hand than I realize.  Kewl beans!!

I had also hoped that going to the river, breathing in the new air, the new energy, would bring my voice back. I didn’t.  Dammit.  But, I got a whole other dose of that crazy, pinging root chakra energy.

Whatever this energy is, is not kundalini energy.  It is not coming from within me, but trying to merge into me from the ground itself.  So, I danced my way right into the bath tub, rabbit in hand.  I can breathe again so this has gotta work out better than the last time.

Before I even started anything, my team explained to me this was all about raising my full frequency to match the external vibration pinging the shit outta me (not only the earth energy, but that pesky rabbit one too.)  Altho I used a tool called a rabbit (cuz I do not have the ability to vibrate that high and fast and remain constant) it was explained that it was to match the frequency / vibration of Jorge.

Hey, I am game.  After the hellish month of January, it is kinda nice to have something fun to work with.

The moment I turned my raskily rabbit on to full blast (grin) there was my Jorge!!  Holy cow, it seems to have been ages since I seen his face as real as real can get in a bath tub, so nicely positioned at my root ckarka (blush.)  Sooooo beautiful.  And then it started…. OMG!

I cannot believe I am going to share this, but have to for the totality of the experience I am now only understanding.  When he opened his mouth, his tongue turned into a pure white living energy.  Like nothing I had ever seen, felt, experienced before.  As that energy connected to me, suddenly I heard (literally) a series of tones that sounded like it was coming from my front door.  Yikes!!  I turned my buzzing rabbit off, sat up for a moment, listening… nothing.

Back to bliss…  and the tones started again, this time staying in my bath waters.  5 very distinct tones, not making any kind of music really… kinda reminds me of the tones from the movie Close Encounters, but different.

So there I am, now taking these tones, mixing it with the white energy flowing into me from that beautiful Jorge face and trying like hell to stay in control of my body.

Ohhh, another important part of this crazy moment.  The crystal that I had buried in January out by the river, my tool of choice up until the rabbit made its way into my world, was on my heart chakra.  My job was to (is to) get that co-mingled energy vibration (mine and Jorge’s) up thru me and into the crystal itself.  Ya, that’s gonna take some skill.  I barely moved the energy an inch into me… but hey, at least it made it in, when I lost my footing and well, ya know how those things end.  Great convulsions of bliss still very much in the root chakra.

So of course, I had to ask my team…what the hell is that??  Their reply: Shambha-lini.

Alrighty then!

It really wasn’t until yesterday, in my one and only, holy freaking wow reading connection, did the fuller understanding take place.  This man, a virgin upon my reading field, yet someone who was near and dear to my heart, I was not about to reschedule him again and sent him an early morning email explaining, I still have no voice… but lets try.  I gotta love a great adventurist.  He was in!!

I should have known there was a bigger connection, a vast and amazing series of “key codes” (<—spirits use of words there) that was about to set my soul on fire, harnessed with amazing understanding too.  I had actually seen him the evening before, a cocoon of watery blue/white/clear energy suspended in the deep west field against the mesa, releasing himSelf to the ground of the new earth.  Holy waters for sure!!

I knew, even without a voice, I had to connect to him.  And we connected.  For the first time in all years of reading, I completely lost track of time. Thirty minutes turned into two hours… a blink of amazing energy exchange.  He obviously a very good listener, I was barely audible and he never missed a beat.  Gotta love that in a man!!

I do want to leave the fullness of my understanding within him, for us, to its own sharing.  It is too big and too important not to.  For today, lets suffice it to say, he left me reeling in my own incredible expandedness for 5 hours after our connection.   The greatest drug I have ever taken was the two hours I spent with him.  I pray it was as good for him as it was/is for me!! lol

After I got some semblance of purposeful movement back within my body, I had this deep desire to go back to that forum that started it all for me way back in 2000.

We have talked many times about aspects of our future self meeting us in this (whenever “this” is) timeline to leave us messages and understandings as we move forward.  Kinda like parallel universes, understandable in concept, hard to weave into our true reality on the bigger landscape of knowing what the hell that really means to us.

Doncha know, two clicks of my mouse brought me to exactly that moment of connection.  It really is amazing how much we forget along the way.  I am so grateful that I have shared every spiritual moment of my awakening somewhere I could find it again.

March 2001, within the greatest incubator of my awakening, on a forum called Spirit Board (found it after my Ouija Board experience) and lived there, grew there for 2 years.  I am going to leave you the link to the entire sharing on that thread, if you are interested in the whole conversation from that time.  (Just click here)

As I was contemplating Kundalini and now the new Shambha-lini and something that came from my mans connection, something I didn’t realize until I went into the bath to try and pull myself together.

We got to here by moving our energy outwards, thinking along the lines of a pebble tossed into water and the ripples move outward.  This is very much what our kundalini integration does.  Moves outwards, affects and changes everything, just like the river in yesterdays sharing.

True kundalini, the kind that remains forever changed in vibration, can only be done by the person itself.  No activation from an outside source will ever make it permanent as an expression.  Only YOU can and must.

Just before my own kundalini activation from my petri dish of a bath tub, I had these series of meditations and understandings that mean more today than it did 13 years ago.  Of course, back then, i was only 4 months old… a baby!!

Here is the experience (edited) from March 2001:

As I closed my eyes and breathe in the white light, I could feel my body go heavy, almost like lead, in the quickest second, I could almost see my body laying in the bathwater, as if I was viewing it from a foot above. This startled me, and the feeling left as quick as it came (I do want to ad, that I don’t think I “seen” my body, as much as I “sensed” it, I hope that makes sense). When the feelings of that experience subsided, I asked myself ‘what was that”. The yellow that I see started to swirl, and as it swirled a face developed, but not like yours or mine. In a luminescent glow (with every feature in tact) it resembled the alien in the movie “Mission to Mars”. Again, my pictures come in from the top of my minds eye and float downward until they disappear. The floating of this image was unusually slow, almost as if on purpose, so I could “see” the image. As the image faded, I could hear my self (a long embedded reaction) did I really see what I saw, the image came thru one more time… the question ceased. 

I almost always ask “what do I need to know today”, as I asked this this morning (after the above vision), I had two faces appear, in profile form and again in the yellow light. They were on either side of my minds eye, floating towards each other. The faces were faceless, except the lips were pronounced (almost on purpose). As they floated nearer… a kiss… and they faded, just as fast as they faded, two hearts appeared, again, on either side of my minds eye. Not the kind of hearts we draw on paper, but as the ones within our body, both beating, both floating nearer each other until they beat as one.

Masculine and feminine, body and soul, one love.  The true energy of kundalini integrated forever more.

Most of us had some sort of heart connection with another (but surely, not everyone) that was a true catalyst for our full on kundalini integration.  For me, it was that beautiful man named Marc whom I placed sky high on the spiritual pedestal.  And yet, I was sure that where ever my journey was taking me, he had to come along.  But he didn’t.  Nor was he ever meant to.  Of course, it took me 12 years and a malignant melanoma to really and fully realize that!!

Thru a series of meditations I had in the beginning of 2013, my beloved Marc came into my meditations with Jorge.  Floored and confused me, until I understood (vaguely at best) that he was there to pass the scepter of my ongoing journey to Jorge.  Until yesterday, I was really clueless what that could even mean.

In that ongoing conversation from 2001, this really hit home yesterday:

As I read the opening story of the 11:11 the first thing is talked about was 
Standing on the Equator one can see two spirals, one originating in the North, the other originating in the South, spiraling ever closer together. It is the eternal dance of the One Heart. As the two become the One, the Second Gate is opened… From the core of the One Heart, the Lotus of True Love finally blossoms… This is the completion of the Legend of Isis & Osiris. And the scepter passes from North to South.

Well I couldn’t ask for more validation from my meditation!! It went on to talk about TRUE LOVE / PURE LOVE and this is what really hit me: 
It is an all encompassing state of pure Love. While this can be experienced with another person, it is the love, not merely the relationship, that is true. 

Now, as we embarked on January, the lotus flower became a living symbol in some of the readings.  Passing the scepter… from the catalyst that got us to here, to what will become the outcome.

If i wasn’t already knee deep in my holy freakin shitness with these revelations from 13 years ago… this one smacked me right across the heart field:

I also came across a picture of the “being” I seen in meditation, I almost feel off of my chair! It is the cover of a book called “One Star”. (Added note:  I looked and looked for this book called “One Star” yesterday and cannot find a trace of it withing google.  Other than this sharing, I have no real memory of it either.)  It was identical to the “being” I seen, right down to the purple background that I always see in meditation. So of course, I had to read the story (I am only at chapter 2).   As I read, another wave of validation came to knock me off my chair!!  For those of you who remember, my newest guide identified himself as “Dream Weaver”.  I knew it was not his name, but he kept playing the “Dream Weaver” song for me, so that is now how I refer to him. What I will post is the mission of the One Star:

Vector One is a collection of ancient universal beings whose mission is the creation and evolution of planetary bodies, solar systems, and universes. 

Vector Two is a collection of extremely creative and imaginative beings whose task is the creation of varied species on the planetary bodies.The 

Vector Three is a combination of beings whose mission is to create many different levels and avenues of experience within the planetary body and for the species that live upon it. 

Vector Four is the realm of the dreamers or Dream Weavers. We are the Dream Weavers and dream all of creation. All the plans for creation come from Vector Four and We dream the creation that is being manifested in the other three vectors. 

We are Vector Four, the collective essence of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER, The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons. 

And so, with all this and all that… a new vital energy emerges.  Shambha-lini.  The wholeness of the Universal Dreamer.  The in-breathe of the expanded ripple of time and experience.

I am going to pause there for today.  Somethings need marinating, and this so does even for me again this day.

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with Shambha-lini tones and vibrations for everyone to breathe in, if you dare! (wink)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  A beautiful soul just brought to my attention a link that contains the author and internet housed “One Star” expression.  Click here to go there.



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  3. Ah darling Li li I absolutely LOVE your honesty and truthful expression of all your life experiences! I have to tell you that I too have been experiencing intense and wonderful interactions with the sacred sexual! Like mind blowing and part of the process is to draw up all this energy and then fill the body with it and then share it outwards–that has been the process for me and on a number of occasions, yes, starting in January and very very strongly there is no saying no lol! As I have much experience with tantric movement of energy the usual pathways are very well worn but this energy…holy moly shambalini!!!!! Every part of my being and energy flies right open and I am in bliss for what seems like eternity and I don’t just mean sexual bliss i mean heart and soul bliss…very much feeling as if the divine is experiencing the body for what may be their first time and they are simply blowing their own minds! LOL So awesome and glad I can help the higher levels out!

    The rest of your sharings about your initial meditations makes me smile…back then you were learning and you probably didn’t trust the truth coming out of you as much as you should have, looking to others for affirmation–but from day one…all truth, all beautiful…looking back at that is confirmation and like all of us, you should know your gift is simply beautiful and true!

    Can’t wait to read about your new man on the field–he is absolutely amazing! 🙂 hugs! Alex


  4. Hello Lisa,

    The 5 tones… I have heard them, twice, once in 2009 and the second time last fall (different tones). It was at night, for both, and I was awoken by the sounds. I sleep with silicone ear plugs. I woke up and listened to them for a few seconds and they stopped. Tones like Close Encounter. And also in 2009 I saw in a dream a friendly E.T. I actually met with one and that is all I remember, being face to face with him (I guess it’s a he). I made a drawing, it is somewhere and I need to get my scanner to work if you want to see it.
    That’s it. Now I need to find out what a rabbit is… (French speaking person here 😉 ). Anyways, thank you, it so rang a bell, those 5 tones of yours…
    Shambha-lini! ^ ^


  5. Very interesting experiences, Sarah. I, for one, would love to see your drawing.

    A rabbit = un lapin


    • Hello Debbie! 🙂

      Well, I guess I have to look for the drawing and fix my scanner! 😉

      Thank you for the translation – lol – of course I know a rabbit is “un lapin”. But in this case it is a “tool” isn’t it? The kind of tool we buy in sex shops maybe? I have never bought anything from a sex shop and I know for a fact that the words used to define things in English vary from French.

      And by the way, Debbie, or Lisa, or anyone, if you get to know what what I call “galactic notes” are and why I/we hear them, it would help me understand what I am going through.

      So, dear Debbie, please be patient and I will post a link to my “alien” fellow. If not I will draw another one directly on my computer.

      Namaste everyone.


      • Why make complicated when it can be so easy! 😀

        Took a photograph and put it on my website under Events (there are no events, just this picture).

        Thank you!


      • HaHa! Sorry. It had been a few days since I read this particular blog entry and had forgotten about the ‘rabbit’. I think that was just Lisa’s term she coined for this particular sharing but I could be wrong.

        Thanks for posting your drawing. Modern technology can make our lives so much easier. 🙂 I find things like this so interesting.

        From the shape of the head, the larger eyes, small nose, no visible mouth and the skin colour you describe, it sounds like he may have been what they call ‘a grey’ but I’m no expert on the different species that have been reported. I know there are tall greys and short greys reported. The clothing is interesting. It looks like it may have been a uniform of some kind. It’s great you were able to recall your dream with such visual detail. It obviously had quite an impact on you. You’re very good at drawing too! Thank you for sharing your experience.


  6. Admiring the dedication you put into your site and detailed information you provide.
    It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t
    the same outdated rehashed information. Great read! I’ve saved
    your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.


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