Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 1, 2014

Shipped High In Transmission. Holy Shit!! (smile)

holy bird shit!

This morning, as I prepare to continue the insights that have been flooding me in my spiritually imposed silence, I am filled with memories of my massage practice, the evolution of it all, including myself and witnessing how incredibly the physical body can and will change.  Once I really became proficient with using energy, really listening to the cells of the body and how they communicated to me so I could translate to whomever was on my table a sentence started to repeat itself time after time.  “Even tho we are doing all this energy work now, and indeed it is all happening now, your body is going to experience all of this over time, days, weeks, because for the human, it is a process and could not handle being done all at one time.”   It proved to be true time after time.

There had been many an occasion the body on my table would forewarn the consciousness of their host that it was going to appear ill, sometimes fever, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes stomach yuck and that this is a good thing, not to be stopped, its how the body is designed to work most efficiently.

Kinda like the snake, it sheds it skin several times a year.  As it does, its eyes cloud over, it’s vision becomes limited until the skin slides off its face.  We too, the human family, go thru similar processes over our lifetimes.  However, we are so conditioned by mass belief that when the body stops working as it always had, then something must be wrong, we must stop the process instead of honor it, which leaves the body in a suspended act of change and will take up its process again at another time, usually more intense than before and sometimes even, just get stuck in the process.

For so many years we have heard something along the lines of “reaching critical mass” so ascension can happen in full.  Critical mass was one half of one percent of the earths population had to become “Living Luminaries” (spirits words, not mine, smile.)  But not as a concept, not as speakers of words, but truly LIVING bodies and expressions of Light.  (Just as a side note, one half of one percent of earths population is only 35 million people.  That would include babies and kids already walking the light, cutting way back on the number of “adults” needed for critical mass. smile)  Imagine that number being LIFE changing!!  YOU are that critical to the whole of the story of the ongoing evolution!!

For any one body to get to that point, the skin had to shed over and over and over thru their lifetime.  Even the emergence of that new form would eventually have to take to shedding even that skin.  Each time a single human allowed for their full process, the earth shed that part of her too.

But even when the earth sheds her skin, we as a human group get scared, we rush to stop the process.  We really are funny creatures.  What we don’t fully understand we assume must be bad.  Mass belief at its fullest.

In 2011 we started to exceed critical mass.  The changes in our bodies, upon our earth and out in the vast solar system of the skies, cannot be stopped. WILL not be stopped.

So now, let’s pick back up with my chicken soup sharing and the ongoing story of Life that has come from it all.

As the story of chicken soup digested in my gut, I went outside to feed the birds their afternoon fare.  I no sooner stepped out into the back yard when suddenly this energy enveloped me and took me on a journey of understanding.

This past June (2013) I decided to take my car and go on an extended road trip to spend time with my father in Pennsylvania.  What I had found so odd back then, but really understand now… was the actions of the Guardians, whom, since the moment I moved here to the Jemez, never really left the top of the Mesa except to bind with their human incarnate (You.)  But as I was preparing to get everything ready, suddenly I had seen a bunch of the twirl and swirl and jump in my car… what the hell??  Surely, if they wanted to go to PA, they didn’t need me to take them there.  But, they did, they needed all of us.

Ascension.  Raising the full vibration of the entire universe.  Earth, biological life, the sun itself.  It can only happen via the human consciousness and our actions.

As I was remembering their jumping into my car last June, their energy went thru my lungs in a way that was so real in that moment I don’t know how I missed that last year.  Maybe because I was too close to the unfolding story to see it in its entirety and detail.  I Am not now!!

A deeper understanding unfolded.

The Guardians have been here since the inception of time.  WE have been here, the pureness that is us.  The part that remembers and has lived heaven on earth.  Pure spirit waiting for the open human host to live again.

They first called themselves “the keepers of Shambhala” when I first met them (months before I even moved to the Jemez.)  I personally didn’t like them calling themselves the keepers of anything, so they appeased me by changing the word to Guardian.  I was good with that. lol

Our connections together, the exercises they put out over the year 2012, bonded you and them together in living biology.  So many did the inner work it took to house their amazing consciousness within your own.  By virtue of our connections (both the ones who invested in “readings” as well as the ones investing in the sharings, doing any of the exercises that came thru, started to breathe new life into the crack between the old world and what would become the new world.

In June of last year, together, we went to the densest place I know, N.E. Pennsylvania, my physical birth place, and opened up more than I ever could have imagined we did.  We gathered daily to do readings and instead, we opened funnels of energy.  Kinda strange at the time, but you were all in it with me, with us, living the weirdness with child like wonder and wondering what it might all mean on the bigger scope of things.

Had I really understood for even a moment, what we were doing together, I would have never done it.  My father was the human host to it all.  Again, everything must come thru the human incarnate, the changes, the accelerations… all of it.

I love my father, but man oh man was he a cruel one with his voice.  Mean, demeaning, judgmental, and consumed with taking the power out of anyone who was near him… except me.  Guilt ya know.  But then again, I was not there seeking the love of my father, I just wanted to understand that part of my DNA.  Boy, did I understand me thru him!!  But yet, thru it all, he gave his greatest sacrifice to humanity by being the living vessel in which this heavenly energy could take up residence on earth thru a human.  His whole body was already prepared for it.  He had a benign lung tumor for 2 years.  When I was going to do energy work on him, his team said that was not his path.  I was surprised, but obedient.

Opening those funnels of pure higher light in his front yard and back yard (over the creek in his back yard too, transporting it thru the water system) allowed his benign tumor to grow and change.  The very breath of life in an old energy body turned quickly to cancer.  The death of the old air ways as the new was infused and truly accelerated the growth of that tumor.

You and I can look at that as bad instead of the greatest blessing to humanity.  I know I actually did, until this week.

We can kinda look at this as fracking on the highest level of Life.  Together, we opened a whole new energy system in the living world of density.  New air coming thru the human lungs.  As my father transmuted the pain of the old energy system within his consciousness, my own lungs started changing, hacking, accelerating when I went back in October.

This has always been a team sport.  US Together.

As my father took with him the shell of the old world upon his release from physical life, we (you and I) took up the mantel of breathing new life into a new world.  But truly, it is hard to see when you are not looking and not really understanding. (Speaking souly of myself here.)

Our eyes and our minds are programmed to see what it thinks it knows.  Be it our landscape, our bodies, our lives in general.

If, as spirit had said, we are now the living meditation, then the landscape around us must be that too.  Metaphors and symbolism’s thru the changing reality we are now in, must not only be seen, but equally understood or we will just keep recreating what we had always known.  Pesky mind!! lol

Bird shit was my first clue, took me a while to really understand it too.  Let’s talk about holy shit, one of my favorite expressions.  SHIT came from the acronym Ship High In Transit back in the day when chicken shit (remember the soup) was transported via ships for fertilizer elsewhere.

For two years, I have feed the birds and all the critters of the back yard and not once, not ever did bird shit happen in the back yard.  Not until last month.  Bird shit is now everywhere.  What the hell??

Pure fertilizer for our new world, shipped high in transit (smile) for our ongoing growth in this new world.  Holy Shit!!! (big grin)  If the return of the bird tribes are Here, and WE ARE, they gotta shit somewhere noticeable!! lol  …For the ongoing story to be fully understood.

But, I am ahead of myself a little bit.  During Christ-mass, I got stranded in Virginia.  Funny really.  It had to be there, my transmuting of the shit within me.  My son, the very first true expression of unconditional love that was presented in my life, especially in a male body, in his own way, my closest living divine counterpart going thru the changes of biology/consciousness and heart too.

My shit turned pure white.  Very much like the bird shit in the back yard now lol.  A full release of all that got me (and my son, he went thru it too) to Here.  Gotta start in the bowels or the rest of the body will be confused.

Even the imprint of that bird on the door window… pure white stuff.

My greatest blessing has always been YOU.  As I am going thru the greatest and most intense transmutation of my entire life, there you are, loving me thru it all.  You are my Vitamin C.  Pure love in as old love goes out.

And then I came home to the Jemez January 9th and the elephant descended upon my chest at exactly midnight.  Crushing my ability to breathe.  At least, in the old ways I have done to that point.  Of course, like I said, it is easy for me to see it all now… in hindsight and with the loving hand of the Guardians and this changed landscape I live within.

The last time I had a crystal clear view of Jorge, that divine counterpart that is my masculine energy/consciousness, was sometime last year and he came down the side of the Mesa riding on an elephant.  He traveled to the back yard and I had not seen him since, well, that in that crystal clear way anywayz.

Midnight.  Our closest connection to zero point in our living meditation of life.  The elephant that birthed itself to the Mesa January 15th, 2013 from the massive release of itself now descended in fullness of its energy and expression into my heart field.  Giving me new breath to assimilate into my Being.  But first, had to hack up all the old, for it no longer serves the higher good as it once did.

And god knows, I hacked!!

Not even a week after I was done hacking up new air, the heart itself started to hurt within me and started during a reading.

Now that I had purged the bowels, hacked up the old air and lining of my lungs, of course the pure energy of spirit was billowing into my solar plexus via the stomach and igniting the new frequencies of the activated heart to withstand expression in this new holy land of ours.

Let’s deal with that for a week and of course, all I want to do is get back to work!!  The moment I tried, my voice was gone.  Just… gone.  And remains that way to this moment.

But, on that most holy day of attempting to read, two women and one man, I really got a fuller understanding of what is happening.  My first two readings, both beautiful ladies, in order to get audible I had to draw my breath from the depths of my lungs.  But when my man was present, I could feel myself pulling from my heart.

I have said this for years now, when we are together, beyond reading, we are changing everything.  The air, the land, each other… everything.  YOU changed me (and continue to.)

Two lungs now fully activated, not only in my body, but in the co-creative world of Eden.  A new living magnetic force, heart force of life emerging.

With that, our very voice must change too.  Our soul expression, untainted by previous bias or misconceptions.  Pure living love manifesting.

I find it interesting in my week without an audible voice, that incoming air or food or whatever goes down just fine, nothing hurts or is even in discomfort.  It is what tries to come out that creates discomfort.  Air.  Period.

larynx  (lăr′ĭngks)

Plural larynges (lə-rĭn′jēz) or larynxes

The upper part of the trachea in most vertebrate animals, containing the vocal cords. The walls of the larynx are made of cartilage. Sound is produced by air passing through the larynx on the way to the lungs, causing the walls of the larynx to vibrate. The pitch of the sound that is produced can be altered by the pull of muscles, which changes the tension of the vocal cords.

My larynx is assimilating the new airspace of our Life.  The pure creative forces mingling together in our new soul of chicken soup.  A process I cannot speed up (dammit.)

Two days ago, I really tried.  I went down to the river, having tried everything else I can think of, and I breathed in the air, the energy of Life, of the Guardians, of anything that would restore my ability to talk out loud again.  lol

The first thing I noticed as I went to the river….



This was my gift to life prayer a couple of weeks ago, that flower on the left side I planted in the earth.  Orange, to represent the womb of creation.  I did have a yellow daisy to the right, after prayers, I took the yellow daisy and tossed it in the river.

As the other flowers in my vase of love wilted, I took them all and in a prayerful way, tossed them into the river, save one.  There was a blood-red daisy that didn’t wilt.  I kept it in the vase on my table.  The flower in these pictures, on the right, is a red flower.  My mind scrambled.  I didn’t remember putting that single flower there.  Maybe I did and just forgot.  I didn’t.  It was still in the vase on my table when I went back to the house.  But yet, there is one, kinda hugging the gift in the ground.  Blood red, new earth, new life.  But how did it get there?  Bigger question is, how is it staying there?  We have been having serious high winds, the orange flower was planted in the ground, the red one, obviously just laying there.

It wasn’t until I came home and uploaded the pictures I took did I notice something else.  See that first picture, in between the two flower heads… there is a lead spinning in the wind that was blowing when I took the picture.  The second picture shows the leaf in stillness.

The night my father transitioned, I watched a spinning leaf from his front porch.  The winds he was a part of, the way he would express himself to me from that moment forward (winds and leaves.)

The unmistakable return of our ancestors.

As I sat on the river’s edge, breathing in… two old friends showed up.  Archangel Michael and Sananda.  Just wow!!  They brought my attention to the sky, amazing clouds in the sky.  A story revealing itself.

In several of the readings this past month, I could see the form of a witch working with the elements in the upper atmosphere.  The witches were my clients I was connected to.  So to say i was so surprised to capture the very thing I had seen in previous connections now forever on my camera lens:


The appearance on the left side is very telling… physical life.  The masters of the elements, of pure co-creation with, are emerging.  YAY!!

And then it turned incredibly personal, pret near dropped me to my knee’s.  It is hard to see in this image I am going to share:


In that pocket of light with the energy of blue coming in, inside of it was an amazing rainbow of colors.  My camera obviously not able to pick them up, but my eyeballs did. And suddenly, intensely really, I remembered the last time I seen that very thing in the sky.

February 4th, 2001.  The last time I committed suicide.  Funny to even say that sentence like that, but, it is the only true way to say it, now that I understand even more.

For as much as we talk about multidimensional worlds, parallel realities, it is really hard to see and understand it as a true and real concept.  On that day in 2001, one aspect of me that was living in a parallel reality died.  Thru an agreement thru my higherSelf and the one who was attempting to escape life in another reality at the same time, infused the consciousness of both aspects into one body.  Which I now understand why some of my memories contradict those who hold the shared experience of the memories.

In the very next picture captured, you can see the image of a body coming thru the clouds as if making a dive towards earth:


I couldn’t take the revelations any longer.  I went back into the house, eyes pouring tears of understanding.  I had just posted on my facebook the energy of the chicken (still thinking about chicken soup)


Fertility energies have started to come to fruition. Over the next 21 days, chicken will teach the balance of being stubborn and outgoing. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Chicken demonstrate that sameness is not always good. It is time for something new. Keep watch for the number 12 as it a sign post from Chicken. Chicken gives the power to fly short distances with bursts of energy. She lends enthusiasm, helps discover new growths as well as balancing patience with effort and rewards. She shows how to utilize your current resources and helps you discover potentials where you least expect it.

That 21 days hit home inside of me, like it held a key of something.  My mind scrambled… until I thought about what I had shared back on January 14th.  I now consider myself having 3 birthdays.  My physical (8/15/1962) one into the fishbowl of my life, my spiritual one (11/11/2000) that allowed me the greater expanse of life outside the fishbowl and into the house of spirit and now this one 1/13/2014.)  When I woke up yesterday, everything felt different.

21 days from January 14th is February 4th.

If that wasn’t enough… as I was occupying my lower mind with the TV show “Criminal Minds” and digesting everything that has been revealed to me over my 13 year journey to this very moment in time… I heard my name , Lisa, on the TV and what was said was…. toooooo synchronistic to be ignored.   Paraphrasing of course:  ‘Lisa, you have been a divine experiment that went incredibly well.’

What are the chances of that???  lol

On that note, I am going leave you there, at least until tomorrow-ish.  However, I do want to leave you with a thought to ponder, a very real and important thought that will be the center piece of my next sharing/revelations.

Taking a line from the movie “The Freedom Writers” and the teacher tells her class, you all get an A to start with (instead of having to work for an A in her class) and your job now is to keep that A.

Everyone has entrance into the energy of Shambhala (at least that is reading this with understanding and knowing within) Your job now, is to stay there.

But thats tomorrows story!!

Holy heaven batman!!!

I love you all so much.  (((HUGZ)))) filled with Holy Shit, Holy Smoke and HOLY US!!!!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. You started 13 year ago on this journey, so am I. And I am carrying an aspect within me which always wanted to die and go home – this aspect knows how real love feels like.


  3. Upon page load & reading the title of this post, I thought to myself “Ya know, I Love Lisa more than just about any other person on this planet.”
    Being part of you, thru this blog and your sharings, has enriched my life in immeasurable ways. YOU are a priceless gift, a true treasure, mi amor. Thank you for Being ❤️


  4. Hey Li li! do you remember doing Macrame when you were younger? This sharing is SO like that, weaving together so many different sychronicities into a beautiful braided chain of understanding!

    That is the key isn’t it, to be present to all the symbols, experiences and synchronicities that are the guideposts along the way!

    Sending you love and big hugs for all you are and all you do! Love Alex


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