Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 25, 2014

The Root System of the new Tree of Life: Truth ~ Wisdom ~ Spontaneity.

energy of life

Wow, who put more accelerant down!!??  By my second reading yesterday my brains felt like tinsel on a Christmas tree on a windy day, not to mention weirdly dizzy, kinda like the dizzy was deep inside my head (no doubt emerging from the pineal gland itself) and breathed itself outwards, then collapsed back into itself.  Just an ongoing weird feeling thru the day until my last connection of the day, when all that dizziness from the day seemed to wad itself up and got wedged in the middle of my heart chakra.  Ouchies even!!

Thru it all tho, I am noticing a contrast happening in each day, with every connection.  I do want to start with my first lady the day before yesterday (on the 23rd.)  Her entire energy field unfolded very much like the image I used in my sharing that morning:


That was not my original art I was going to use, actually there were two images prior to that one I was settling on and something deep inside of me became very unsettled and started looking again.  When I had seen this above image, it caught my breath and heart at the same time and so of course, I used it.  However, I was still surprised when it became the very tapestry of my first lady’s field of light.  Thank god the wisdom of understanding came with the presentation of her light field too.

That image upper center, kinda looks like an emerging tree, sorta.  Well for her, it is.  The new tree of life.  An energy system starting to root itself within the new soil of life.  She was part of this tree of life.  As her team explained, this vital tree of life has three main attributes housed within it:

Truth ~ Wisdom ~ Spontaneity.

Spontaneity??  That seems so bizarre really.  But then again, nothing seems to be coming in and fitting like the old world landscape we just finished up.  But then again, I suppose it does make sense.  New truth applied spontaneously (without thought or planning) becomes wisdom.

The loops directly above the two branches (representing physical and emotional life) are representing the emergence/downloads of our star wisdom.  Of the work we have done in other universes, thru their individual and collective ascension gig and are bringing it in for use here in Eden.

The 23rd, most connections revealed what they are bringing into the ground level of Eden, yesterday, in contrast, is what most are doing to assist and tweak the upper atmosphere of life in this new world.  Hence, the acceleration deeply felt within my head yesterday.

I have no choice to keep this story short, I woke up late and soon my day of readings begin again.  But let’s be sure we realize we are planting the divine wisdom, the energy, the very atmosphere in this “biosphere” of life emerging.  (spirits word there… biosphere.)

What I am really noticing (but not yet fully understanding the use there of) is the mastery of You.  Some have mastery within the use of the elements of earth (wind, fire, etc,) some have mastery of the elements within the period table, some the grounding of the tree of life, rooting into the new landscape.  Just to be clear, rooting is not the same as anchoring.  Roots spread out and grow, anchors (not needed or of much use in this new land) just sit in one place.  It will be so difficult to fully use the energy of “spontaneity” if one is anchored anywhere.  There are others who are master creators in the divine blueprint of life, using sacred geometry in the upper atmosphere.  With this came the analogy of rain.  Before we see and experience rain it is first pure energy in a cloud in the upper atmosphere.  When all elements are just right, the energy is released and as it moves into earth’s lower atmosphere, we see and experience it as rain.  Something of this nature is happening now as well.

Then my last connection of yesterday, something else presented itself, within my body.  She showed up about 3 inches tall, heading out of the east field moving towards center field in her landscape.  Her image was blockish and completely in gray-scale.  Suddenly as I was looking at her and trying to figure out what the heck this all meant to her, this massive air bubble lodged itself into the center of my heart chakra.  I could barely breathe it was so uncomfortable.  This is not the first time my body took on the energy experience of what was happening in someones reading, but this is the first time it felt like this and actually was seriously uncomfortable.  

I eventually understood it all in relationship to an astronaut.  They have this suit that allows them to breathe pure oxygen in while they work in outer space.  Well, in a way, she has this same thing happening within her.  Only the oxygen is being pumped in directly from the center of the sun into her solar plexus.  I could see this energy like golden bubbles of champagne.  It then moves up the core (within and around the spine itself) and moves out of the heart center as creative energy.

What I realized as well, the heart and the breath itself are completely linked in companionship (along with the solar plexus too.)  When I focused my vision on my own stomach and helped move the incoming bubbles upwards, literal burps happened.  It wasn’t until I finished my connection with her and laid down to help ease what was happening in my chest did a light bulb go on.  The understanding that the air itself is coming thru the central sun, into various humans as they digest, assimilate and release the new air to life.

The question on most people’s heart is, what do I do with this, how do I use it to create for myself?  I don’t know and no one is telling us… yet.

But I do get this analogy to leave you with.  When I get a new crystal in my hand, I do nothing with it other than hold it, feel it, experience it in its own fullness and in relationship to my own energy system.  Sometimes it is days or weeks, even months before we journey and work together.  How can we create if we do not fully recognize ourselves in this new landscape.

On that note, my day begins.  Enjoy the fullness of deep Self discovery in every moment.  I love you!!


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  2. “acceleration” IS the Word of the week, fo sho! It’s come up in several different situations now, my latest synchronistic trigger word :). The other one is ‘fascination’…


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  4. Hey Li li, do hope your heart bubble has dissipated and you are feeling better…so many new things to learn as this all expands, not only learning the landscape and getting familiar with the new roles but also how we all interact as well!

    I am also giggling because I was explaining manifesting to someone the other day and used the analogy of the cloud representing the collective consciousness and we get to choose the energy we send into the cloud and the rain that comes down to water manifestations over and over can either make something grow if we focus on it, or it can dehydrate it if we choose to move on from tending that manifestation…releasing it with love back to be recycled.

    i also am very excited about your explanation of rooting versus anchoring–I certainly spent a lot of time in my life “grounding” into the energy of the earth because I was so ethereal energetically but I always saw my groundings as being roots growing down into and connecting to the earth…I feel myself rooting into the new earth and it is so absolutely magnificent!

    Big hugs! 🙂 Alex


  5. When I saw that image you used yesterday, that tree of light, the art was so beautiful that I immediately transfered it to the “lock” screen on my phone. I love seeing it every time I pick up my phone. So it shouldn’t have surprised me to see you bring it up today. Do you know who the artist is? I love the idea of creating art with the projection of light!


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